Thursday, August 16, 2012

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This Celebration of Bliss

In less than a week’s time, we’ll arrive at Aug. 21, 2012, just four short months (and passing more swiftly each day, apparently), 120 days, from the date popularly agreed-upon as the day of our shift to a higher vibration.

I personally am withdrawing more and more energy and attention from anything that holds me to this Third Dimension, with its separative and dualistic ways of perceiving, valuing and doing.

Previously if a person wanted to ascend from one dimension to another, the “initiate” had to pass through many tests and trials.

If you read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi, (1) you’ll watch the young Jesus pass through a series of rigorous initiations before being accepted as a master. If you read St. Germain’s The Most Holy Trinosophia, (2) you’ll be offered a glimpse of the trials St. Germain needed to pass through to become the same.

While they practised rigorous disciplines that taxed mind, body and spirit, we’re asked simply to withdraw our attention and desires from Third Dimensionality, practice the divine qualities to the best of our abilities, and open to the light and love flooding the planet. Not a bad bargain, all things considered.  How much easier could things be made to be?

And all of this is assisted by the wonderful solvent qualities of the superb energies that we’re all simmering in, loosening our bonds and causing us to forget everything that we’ve suffered in this vale of tears.  Perhaps you’re like me and you feel that there’s nothing to do but just enjoy these vibrations. Previously I would have leapt up and began planning a trip to Disney World or the cottage country or Kovalam Beach in India.

But simmering in this love and bliss, I’m complete.  There’s no need to go anywhere or do anything. All that I seek is right here, right now. What kind of a job is this? “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to simmer in bliss and just enjoy yourself, with more to come, getting better and better.” This is no hardship. This is a cushy assignment.

The prize goes to the one who loves the most, shares it with the most people, and multiplies it within themselves to the greatest degree. Gold medals for everyone.  Everyone wins in this endeavor. Step up to the constantly-expanding podium.

Somehow I don’t think I can just fall asleep this evening and wake up on Dec. 21. Somehow I think there may be a few things to do. But in this last wee while of this interregnum, of the calm before the love storm, I bless my lucky stars for having been allowed to come here and be a part of it all. Thank you for all that has occurred so far. Let’s pump the love out there and see that everyone who possibly can is included in this celebration of bliss that approaches us with the speed of a divine messenger.
by Steve Beckow


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