Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Tremendous Preparations Have Been Taking Place

All in the spiritual realms are watching with fascination and excitement as humanity moves ever nearer to awakening.

Your collective unconscious is stirring, claiming you all for its own, identifying the oneness that you had forgotten and bringing it to your awareness. This can be seen where many previously clearly differentiated groups with similar aims are now joining together, having realized that joined, they are far more powerful and effective than when they work alone. When you truly work together as one, as more and more are doing, miracles occur.

The miracles occurring all over the world at present are a direct result of this integration and harmonization of intent and purpose. Humanity seriously desires peace, safety, and abundance for all, and over the last few decades many organizations and charities have been formed to help make this happen.

At first, it often seemed that they were causing profuse difficulties and problems for each other by reason of the fact that there were so many of them with similar aims but conflicting practices, some of which encouraged the use of forceful or violent means in order to achieve them.

As humanity has grown in wisdom and maturity over the last few decades, largely due to the loving intentions for humanity and the planet that the Light-holders are expressing, and strongly assisted by the enormous ease with which information can now be shared and communicated worldwide, these groups are learning to work together – something that up until very recently had seemed counter-intuitive – and are beginning to reap the rewards of harmonious, as opposed to reluctant, cooperation.

All of humanity is well aware that you cannot continue to wage endless wars, destroy the indigenous peoples’ tribal lands, and turn Earth into a toxic wasteland, and then expect to have an attractive and habitable environment for future generations – your children and your children’s children.

Although the mainstream media pay little attention to the many very successful and creative solutions that are being put into effect across the world to deal with these problematic issues, the alternate press is sparkling with life and information which is raising hopes and inspiring people everywhere to become personally involved. A most wonderfully restorative energy of healing is embracing humanity and the planet.

Almost everywhere, people are insisting that the vast conglomerates and multinational corporations, which have caused so much damage and unnecessary suffering in their quest for inordinate power and wealth, be called to account for their activities, made legally responsible for cleaning up the toxicity they have caused to land and water, and be charged with paying compensation to those whose lands they have illegally and dishonestly confiscated and turned into poisonous and uninhabitable wastelands.

A major turning-point has now been reached in humanity’s evolution, and Earth’s future looks increasingly enticing as you prepare to make it a place of beauty and benevolent kind-heartedness, where generosity and thoughtfulness guide your social behaviors and interactions as you move into a New Age of stunning brilliance and amazing creativity.

Tremendous preparations have also been taking place, mostly unbeknownst to you, that will ensure that the amazing progress you have been making in your personal spiritual quests continues unabated. The field of divine Love enveloping the planet is bringing Light to the darkest and most neglected places, so that nowhere is there anyone who does not have access to it. Darkness is just the absence of Light, and now there truly is nowhere on the planet that is without Light. God’s Will is for Light to bathe your beautiful planet in a shimmering gown of the most brilliant and iridescent colors, and as that is also your collective will, it will be done.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

[Note from John Smallman: The next Jesus message will be posted on Sunday August 19, 2012]

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