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Hold Onto Your Faith
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ August 28 – September 03, 2012
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! It is a blessing to be back conversing through this vessel once again. Her absence was necessary and now it is necessary to be back continuing our conversations with all of you.
You know me well, I AM El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray. I come today to speak to all of you, children of God in regards of faith. The importance of FAITH in both good and bad times is tremendous. It is too easy to be hopeful and with faith when everything is going your way. It when you are challenged that your Faith in God, in yourself and in ALL you believe to be true gets put to the test. Perseverance is learned by maintaining your faith through all situations, especially the hard times dear ones.
I know it is hard for some of you to put your FULL faith in God and in His word. It is your Free Will, your CHOICE to follow His WORD that is of LOVE. Your faith in God will help strengthen your own faith in yourself. You see and know this to be the truth dear ones. How many times do I see and hear many people blaming God for their misfortune? The answer is too many. God does not take you by the hand and walk you into each given situation. God will direct you through His gentle encouragements, but it is YOU dear ones who must decide which way to go, and what to do. This is FREE WILL, your gift to choose your path based on the subtle messages provided to you. Stop blaming God for the choices you have made when you lost your faith in Him and in yourself. Stop blaming period. Get up dear children from whatever err you have made and look back. Hindsight is always much more perfect once you have weathered the storm. But the storm has plentiful lessons to be learned. Look back and see how things could have been handled differently by making different choices. You cannot turn back the clock and redo what was done, but you can take those lessons into the present and work on building the future with the knowledge you have gained from every experience. Your faith will be restored of yourself and of God.
God, dear ones will never abandon. His love lives forever. Through the hardest of times, it is evident that this fact becomes ignored. “If God loves me, why then must I suffer so much?” or “God must be angry with me if I must go through so many difficulties”. I hear these and more. Lessons get repeated dear ones, not to be mean or cause any further grief but for you to learn to break the cycles of a particular toxic path. Speak to God when you are uncertain. He will answer. His answers will come through your heart dear ones. He will sit with you, comfort you and most definitely He will LOVE you. You may not be able to see Him, but He is ALIVE in your heart.
Dear ones, God’s beautiful children when you are faced with adversity, do not give up on yourself and DO NOT give up on God or His love. Even while facing the worst adversity, there is so much to be grateful for. Look at all the positives you have in your life instead of what you do not have – YET.
All comes in time dear ones. Continue your Faith knowing God will always provide you with His comfort and guidance. Trust in His love knowing He and the Universe will always make sure you have just what you need. His giving may not always seem timely to many of you, that is only because patience has not been mastered. Part of your spiritual development dear ones, is mastering patience. And not just patience of the world around you, but patience of yourself. In every situation that is filled with grief, there are also many wonderful gifts given. Look with a keen eye and see the beauty that is there. Beauty of a situation isn’t only for when times are good and light. There is beauty in the dark times as well. It just takes a little more effort to see this and sometimes it takes another person to help you see this. Seeking help from another is not at a sign of weakness. It is courageous to ask another for a little guidance when your eyes cannot see. Memories are created from your trials and tribulations and these memories are not of the times you cried or screamed, but of the joy you met when you finally overcame the situation; the feeling you felt when got over the hardest part and new victory was right there in front of. The inner laughter, the smile, the sudden exhale, a shudder of relief; this is self-satisfaction of working through the hard times with Faith in yourself and in God. And dear ones God shares those memories with you. He has lived all your experiences beside you. Never once think He has not. Believe dear ones in God’s love. It is a perfect love that is never-ending.
Nothing you have done has ever been wrong in God’s eyes. It is not God who judges you dear ones. It is yourself that decides how well you have done. Sometimes, don’t you think you may be just a little too hard on yourself? Faith has never left you. She waits patiently for you to notice her. She joins you every waking day and often comes with Hope as you begin your day. They are a part of all of you. Remember dear ones there is so much available to you that will help heal you through the roughest of times.
When obstacles present themselves and test your faith remain upbeat, find something that will make you laugh. Get outside into the fresh air, even if it is raining – bask in the healing from the Earth. Believe dear ones in yourself and in God’s love. Find a way to distract yourself from over-reacting or over-worrying. Reading is one way; find a book you can lose yourself in, meditate, and discover something new to do and learn. There are always going to be ‘things’ you cannot control and this is hard for some to accept. What does goes on in your daily life, be it of personal or spiritual effect is in YOUR control. Remember dear ones, in the end of all situations the Universe and God working together unfolds all as it should be. Try not to allow yourself to become distracted from what ‘other people’ say. Trust your own beliefs, yourself and God.
The little hiccups and bumps along your journey are not to be feared but embraced and met with rejoice. They do not have the power to take your faith or hope unless you allow it to happen. Your journey is yours, your choices is yours. You are responsible for the choices you make. As you make those choices, regardless of what they are; have faith that God is working with you, guiding you and loving you until you reach each and every outcome. You are not alone on your journey as you can see. You have God on your side, and He is a most excellent ally to have. Believe in His LIGHT and in His LOVE and you will come out of every dark moment jubilantly radiant.
Have faith, live in Faith, and BELIEVE dear ones in yourself and in God. I AM a pretty good ally also dear ones [[ light chuckle ]]. Whenever you feel you cannot move another step, know you can invoke my guidance with the purity of your loving heart. I will not say no to you. My love is as endless as time and I will devote myself to your need of me until your need has been filled.
I look forward to speaking to you in a few days through your divine sister. Blessings of love flow freely from me unto you. I wrap you within a gentle and calming Forget-Me-Not blue. Beautiful children, remember how deeply you are loved and cherished. Let these words warm your heart, body and soul.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya 
through Julie Miller

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