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Thank you Metatron and James!
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Greetings Dear Ones!
I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace each of you in a field of unconditional love, a field of coherency and nurturing.

MASTERS, as humans in duality you have become so filtered from your true identity that you no longer recognize your creatorship. Truly your are immortal beings of the Divine. Your are nonphysical. That you term the auric field is much closer to your actual essence than the biological clothing you temporarily wear.

In kind the sub-conscious MIND, not the ego-brain, is your greater identity. But Masters, know that you are in physical reality to master the lessons of physical duality world. To learn your creatorship, and maintenance of the non-physical energy termed the aura is the base, the cornerstone of optimal physical existence that allows for forward progress on your path.

An optimal aura can have at its beckoning, an inexhaustible force of energy. That energy is a projection of and from the Divine Self, the Integral Self that you can and will , in time, learn to express physically. That energy held in storage in Mer-Ka-Na is first passed into an intact Auric Field. When it carries that energy, it is the very essence of creatorship. It is the magic stardust of Merlin's wand. It is the petrol, the gas in the creation tank. So know that the tank must not have leaks in order to take you very far in the physical reality in which you dwell.

Your Senses Are Projectors Not Receivers
All of your senses, all of your chakric centers are mechanisms of mental creation, thought-particle- accelerators that create , indeed that form all that you sense around you.

The fact is your senses are not developed to enable awareness of a pre- existing material world, but rather to actually create it. Indeed everything you sense is a manifestation of your individual and group ' thought construction'.

The core problem humanity has in comprehending this great Truth is due to the fact that you believe the amazing imagery and sounds you physically sense pre-exist in a 3d world whether you sense them or not. They do not. Your chakras and senses not only interpret what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear, they are the very creation tools you utilize in creating and manifesting them into material expression.

Taking & Holding Your Power
And while it is a complex process, that we will not further detail in this channel, we tell you that thought energy, creation energy is converted and fed into the Crysto-Electric Field (CEF) , or Human Aura and held there for utilization. It is uniquely the empowering fuel for physical manifestation.But it must be 'held', it must be contained for flow.

So we say again, while the subconscious mind is the entry of creative thought energy expression into your conscious mind, the energy to drive manifestation in the material world is etherically , semi- physicality contained within the capacitor of the Auric field. It contains the appropriate frequencies of 'power' , that is used to drive your will.

The CEF is a Capacitor of Divine Energy & Power
An optimal CEF, intact and correctly circuited can have an infinite, renewable , powerful source & force of creative energy. That energy is a projection of and from the Divine Self, the Integral Self that you can and will, in time, learn to express physically. There are maintenance regulations. You must learn how to bring the energy in, as well as correctly contain & utilize it.You must learn what works and what doesn't.
This topic has been addressed previously in our channels to you, and this is a subject that can occupy much additional discussion. It is contained within the 'Metatronic Keys'. However the channel wishes this specific aspect of the message to apply to Auric Maintenance, with focus on Air Travel.

Air Travel
Air travel is an ingrained aspect of most of your lives. At some point almost all of you will travel by airplane to another destination. And we tell you that such travel depletes the aura far more than is currently understood.

Indeed, extended frequent air travel can shorten one's very longevity and cut short life span, especially for those in mid to later years. Pan continental and trans ocean flights by the very measure of their copious distance and requisite time in flight time are exponentially more degenerative to the human auric field than short flights of 3 hours or less. Virtually everyone aboard a 9-10 hour international air flight will exit the plane at their destination with varying degrees of irregular or ruptured auric function. Long distance flights traveling latitudinal in eastbound vectors are the most detrimental. Longitudinal flights that cross the equator are also depleting in a secondary or additional way that disrupts energy spin.

Understand that all flights as such take an undeniable toll on the energy field, by shorting the internal Auric circuitry and rupturing the Auric ovid sheath. You humans call it jetlag. Such a benign term is a gross understatement, for the condition is far more than simple fatigue from time zone change.

Now, one of the key the underlying factors that is the root of the issue is that most commercial planes fly at altitudes of 35,000 feet, in the stratosphere, and effectively outside the regulatory pulse of the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is the planet's 'heartbeat', it is an anionic charge released by the earth that combines with the cationic charges released from the stratosphere to form an electro-magno capacitor around the planet from ground level to about 30,000 feet. This capacitor forms a background resonance that plays a key role in regulating vital organ& glandular rhythms in the human body. Airplanes flying at 35,000 to 38,000 feet, as most do, are outside this regulatory range and the metallic fuselage of the aircraft further deflects most remaining integration.

The result is a distortion of the physical rhythms. Your NASA agencies and space station agencies are aware of this issue, as it has created chronic physical issues with the astronauts. They have experimented with placing magnetic generators in the stations and shuttles.

Your medical personnel that have studied jet fatigue are aware that flights can and do force the heart to work harder, and that longer range flights enlarge the heart temporarily. The pilots and flight attendants who fly daily absolutely stress their bodies and auric fields to the extent that chronic diseases result and 'aging' is acutely accelerated.

There have been internal studies of the abbreviated life expectancy of airline flight workers, but these are for the most part kept from the public. They are indeed aware that hypobaric hypoxia caused by pressurization of the aircraft alters rhythmicity after long flights, independently of the number of time zones crossed, and significantly reduces human hormone levels.

This issue is somewhat exacerbated by the rather cramped conditions of sitting in close quarter seating for extended periods in which rest is difficult, circulation is impaired and the body ingests less oxygen, resulting in a fatigue of its own. The extremely dry air in the pressurized cabin as well as the pressurization itself is detrimental. Airplane cabins have less pressure than that of the earth surface. Cycles are interrupted, and indeed most of you recognize that it is difficult to rest the body after long flights, anxiety & insomnia occur as but two of many side effects of the auric circuitry interruption.

Now let us be clear, flights of under 3-4 hours are not as detrimental as the 8-12 hour variety, and recovery is much faster. So other important factors include the time in the flight, the frequency of flights taken and the age and physical health of the individual human. Yet all flights, as we have emphasized are detrimental to varying levels. Radiation is greatly increased in higher altitudes.

Equatorial Crossing
Long flights of latitudinal crossings invoke greater fatigue to the body physical due to time-zone change. This in addition to all of the other factors mentioned. Yet longitudinal flights that cross from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere (and vice-versa) require another frequently adjustment to the auric energy. The resonate energy below the equator will in unforced & unmagnetized scenarios, naturally rotate clockwise, and counter-clockwise above it. Thus when one flies from below the equator to destinations above it, and vice-versa, the individual's Auric circuitry will be adversely affected for a period of time.

Question to Metatron: Many people have jobs that require flights. What can be done to minimize the detrimental effects?

AAMetatron: The effects, again, are exacerbated according to the frequency of flights and length of flights. Other factors are the general health and age of the person flying. So in all cases, try to minimize regularity and frequency when possible. Maintain the health in all activity. When you know you will fly you can stabilize the field somewhat by wearing copper or gold on both wrists, and by employing certain gemstones as rings and pendant to help hold the field intact. After the flight, take salt mineral baths and avoid sleep aids. Hydrate the body as much as possible during and after the flights.

Question to AA Metatron: How does one recognize auric bleeding?

AAMetatron: First by understanding certain conditions that can create energetic imbalances and auric energetic diffusion. Those we have listed in the above discourse... The human Aura has certain built in defences. Just as your skin has 3 levels of sheathing, so to speak, your auric fields have twelve layers on the earth dimensions. The outer 3 levels are where most of the energetic diffusion takes place from electromagnetic waves; microwaves can affect you on much deeper levels.
Micro waved food reverses the molecular polarity of the food substance being heated. This is a recognized fact within some of your mainstream academia. When this is taken in the body, circuitry within the digestive system and bowels are affected, both in the physical and energetic bodies.
Now, the precondition recognition is essential, first by knowing within what situations auric interference from opposing energy fields can occur. Sensory indications can be quite subtle. The first sensory indicators are emotional lows, a sense of being tired and out of sorts. Humans rarely connect this to Auric energy loss, because it occurs quite commonly due to the fact that most homes contain interfering fields, and the stress of life within families, jobs and daily life have their stressful aspects. Aspects that are indeed in part due to energy loss from the taut hectic pace, worsened by lack of exercise and healthy diet.

Question to AA Metatron: What can be done to strengthen & solidify the Human Crysto-Electric Field?

AAMetatron: There are many things that can strengthen the field. But first, try to eliminate the root source of auric short circuitry and diffusion. Stop using microwaves for food. If it is a case of being obliged to spend hours in front of a computer, as many of you do, there are steps that can be taken to neutralize the bombardment.

Now, exercises to strengthen the auric field are numerous. Some of these are conventional methods, others are not.
* Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. (Tai Chi, Yoga or Walking)
* Increase water consumption, and magnetize water
* Detoxify, through saunas, colonic irrigation, massage therapy
* Use salt baths & mineral baths, and thermal natural springs
* Utilize the Tesla Violet Ray Therapy
* Use of magnetics on the soles of the feet & wrist ( <3500 Gsse)
* Wear specific combinations of gemstones
* Wear noble metal around the neck and on both wrists
* Healthy diet
* Avoid excesses of alcohol
* Elimination / minimize toxins, tobacco and certain prescription drugs
* Take cleansers weekly such as raw garlic, ginger and cider vinegar
* Work with Phi cut Vogel crystals, in auric sealing
* Smudge, sage the field
* Utilize pure sonic frequency through crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & tuning forks

Now, in addition to this, be aware of your emotional state. If you are suffering from lethargy, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety, it will certainly serve you to take the steps listed above, but other actions will likely be required. Many of you have chosen certain life lessons that involve removal of obstacles by overcoming 'contractual set-ups'. These set-up life lessons are in essence opportunities, gifts if you will, to allow you to move forward. If they were easy, you would not necessarily learn. Simply changing your outlook to 'positive thinking' when you are dealing with a life lesson that leaves you in a state of lethargic depression is not enough. A 'Pollyanna' outlook will not resolve the core issue; nevertheless, an intact auric field will assist in overcoming these issues, and in certain cases the auric field will not be whole until these chronic issues are resolved. One provokes the other and vice versa.

While some of you may be somewhat 'karma free', most of you still have learning to walk through & issues to clear. The current time is a gestalt to allow you to achieve these lessons and to confront and remove remaining energy-viral obstructions. Auric maintenance underpins all.

Question to Metatron: Can you advise if the 'neutralizing chips' that are available to eliminate detrimental effects from monitors and computers are functionally valid?

AAMetatron: Except for the individual's degree of 'belief', they are currently of very little assistance beyond the 'placebo effect'. At the present the 'bio-chip' technology is not of a sufficient advancement to be truly effective in its own merit. The most beneficial means to deflect these fields is 5-fold, the first point being applicable in all conditions of field strengthening to negate interference:
1) The wearing of gemstones is far more helpful than the current neutralizing chips. A single refractive gem of 2 carats or more worn on one hand and a double refractive gem on the other helps deflect the fields. Examples of single refractive gems are diamond, garnet and spinel. Double refractive are aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, topaz or any of the quartz varieties such as amethyst, peridot & citrine. In reference to the double refractive, a carat size of 4 or greater is better. Combine this with noble metals on each wrist, gold, palladium or platinum is best. Silver, copper, brass, titanium and carbon steel will assist if the more noble metals are not affordable. Wear a chain around the neck with a stabilizing pendant, such as lapis lazuli, malachite or azurite. Through this process you have a greater ability to increase your field and deflect opposing ones you see. Clear gems are great producers of higher dimensional light waves, and amplify ones field and help hold it intact.
Do not wear beryl (emerald, morganite, alexandrite, aquamarine) and corundum (ruby & sapphire) at the same time.
2) Try to maintain a distance from the screens. For computer monitors this is difficult, for televisions, four to five meters is recommended.
3) Placement of ionic generators, such as halite salt blocks & air filters are beneficial in restoring the anion to cation ratio in rooms that contain computers, microwaves and televisions.
4) Utilize the Tesla coil violet ray and light beam applications with noble gases to balance the field and correct reverse polarity conditions, and assist in sealing the field from auric bleeding
5) An effective neutraliser of the effects of a computer is the placement of an iron nickel meteorite on one periphery of the screen, with a block of malachite on the other. Each of these should be at least one pound in weight. Three to five pounds is optimal.

Masters, your responsibilities increase in 2012. There are more opportunities of mastery in the expansion ongoing. It is quite beyond you in duality to comprehend the vast myriad complexity and dimension of the geo-crysto-electrical nature of creative energy as it exists. Each thought you have, each instinct and impulse you have is different from any other. Each is succinctly composed of a differentiated intensity and frequency of impulse.

Everything you sense is a thought. Every thought is a snowflake, a totally unique geometric pulse translated into crystalline electrics and pulsed from Creation into Mind into physicality through a manifold of dimensional corridors.

Every particulate, every nuance of your experience is gathered together in specific bands of crystal-light intensity, each totally unique. Human, the summation of all that you are exists in one infinitesimal band , one spectrum of divine intensity. So you see how difficult this is to comprehend?

So what we ask you to grasp and accept, is that each process is requisite, and the maintenance of your CEF - Auric Field is more important than you may realize.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!"
And so it is...And It Is SO!
by James Tyberonn

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