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Wes Annac: The Pleiadian High Council – Mothership Interactions and Cleansing of Pollution

17000 years of UFO sightings

As you have begun to hear much about the technology you will be given and the technology onboard our ships as well, it is necessary to explain the abilities of some of these technologies that you have not quite yet heard of fully. For example, we are speaking to you in this very manner [channeled] through this scribe, through a technological device of the Light which transmits our energies to our scribe in a manner that sees such energies united and matched in harmonic frequency, even if only temporarily.

We are speaking to you right now through the soul known by many as SanJAsKa, and this soul is in turn navigating and operating our technology which is itself experiencing a funneling-through of our energies and communications down to our scribe on Earth and the various other scribes from our Council(s) who speak routinely with humanity.

Dear SanJAsKa is not always the soul who is operating this technology but due to the extreme expertise and experience of this soul in navigating our communication-based technology and due to this soul’s closeness with our scribe, we have felt it appropriate to allow this soul to Represent us as well as our Council of Nine whenever speaking to you all through this specific scribe.

No matter the operator of our communications technology, it is very advanced technology that is meant to see our energies reached by any scribe who wishes to pick up on such energies, in a way that while acting in accordance with the freewill of the scribe and all who will absorb the communications given through such a scribe, will allow our energies to come through in a pure manner despite many of the egotistical limits of many souls who wish to pick up on our energies but who are still working through dense energies and heart sets in themselves.

We will always and forever act in accordance with your growth and with the overall growth of humanity whenever delivering communications telepathically and [whenever utilizing] our technologies or performing any other types of help for your world that will make us known in any way, but we have seen the opportunity to communicate through scribes as one that must be utilized due to said freewill and due to the fact that were we to openly make ourselves known on your television in undeniable ways, there would and will be many who would not react positively to the news of our existence.

Either way, our existence is to be disclosed fully on your world and we are to make ourselves known as we begin to share our ships and the many technologies accompanying our ships and accompanying our very presence on your world, and you can rest assured that the collective fear that may be garnered in the immediate period ahead will only be temporary as it is explained that we have been communicating to and through humanity for every year throughout your recorded history, and well beyond.

In your most recent decades leading up to your collective ascension, we have been speaking through willing hosts and scribes by utilizing our technology and our telepathic abilities which become open and available to every soul upon entering the realms of the fifth dimension.

The technology that we use to communicate with humanity is only necessary in that it helps our energies to be delivered to your world in much more pure forms that will not be filtered through veils of the third and fourth dimensions, as such veils would not be resonating with and matching our energies in the clear and pure ways that would see a pure communication delivered.

We are able to and quite routinely do, deliver our energies and impressions to humanity and to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, but our technology sees this energy able to be delivered in a more timely and pure manner than would otherwise be available as the lower realms blocking your perceptions of the fifth dimension have not yet been worked-through and transmuted in a way that would see our communications and energies given in the purity that they are, without such energies being meshed through the denser energies and distorted to quite a degree.

Of course, dear souls, the purity of our communications and energies are still acting in accordance with the growth of each and every scribe bringing us through, and this is why you will see many messages just beginning to pick up in purity from many sources who have just begun to open up to and practice the ability of channeling.

You will see as well, many souls who have been along the path of channeling for quite a while and as such, have acted in accordance with their own growth and ongoing process of seeing them much better-able to bring through the pure energies of Source as well as the energies of any ascended being who one wishes to become open to receiving impressions and energies from.

The technology aboard our ships helps us to perform many of the tasks that we have directly in front of us to help to cleanse your world of the pollution that has been fed for so very long, and we utilize specific types of technology to help us to perform such cleansing work.

One such device which we are using quite routinely in your skies at this time, is a device that allows us to utilize the energies given by you dear Lightworkers and Light holders, expand upon the purity of such energies and funnel these energies which are healing-based by nature, through our devices and as we match the resonance of such energy with our own energies for the purposes of matching your collective and individual efforts of sending out this energy; we funnel your and our energy through this device and this device in turn radiates such energies out to your skies and oceans while converting much of the energy into the healing nature that it is at its core while retaining other types of higher dimensional properties.

This [healing] energy is sent out to your skies, oceans and grounds and it does very much to transmute the energies behind the pollution, seeing this pollution cleared on a very effective level. We are stationed around the most damaging of pollution-giving places upon your world at this point, and continually performing this process.

There are many of us who ‘dabble’ so to speak in sending this energy out through our technology in the specific manner of cleansing your pollution and there are as well, now entire factions of each race of the Galactic Federation who are, with every bit of themselves and at all ‘times’, performing this act of receiving the energies of the Lightworker collective, matching such energies and funneling them out through our technology for the ultimate purposes of healing the pollution in your skies, oceans and on your ground.

As you dear souls know, there are quite a many pollution-centers being bred on your world at this time and this is why our presence in so very many different places on your world has been needed, for quite a long time.

A truth that we tend not to express except when necessary as we do not wish for our Federation to seem as ‘saviors’ of the Earth collective, is that were we not long-stationed in your skies helping to perform this pollution-cleansing work with the increasing help of the Lightworker collective and the energies that you give, your world would have long been on a fast track to [pollution-based] destruction.

We say this not to put anyone in fear as we have long Mastered the act of healing the worst of this pollution while still allowing your freewill to see this pollution hurting Gaia to a certain degree, but it is indeed so that our advanced methods of healing this pollution which have been discovered [the methods] many times by humanity but purposefully kept back under the guise of ‘national security’; this is healing that has been routine and needed for many years of your time on Gaia’s surface, because the dark souls on your world have taken to the most damaging and polluting methods of hurting your Earth that could possibly be taken to, while as well getting you dear unknowing souls to feed this pollution by fashioning it into pollution that nearly produces your everyday lives.

This pollution has Created and ran much of your worlds societies for a very long time and as such, have become ingrained into the minds and hearts of humanity as normal and correct ways of producing your everyday needs and fueling your travels. Much of humanity has long forgotten about your ability to harness energy within the Earth’s atmosphere that many are not even aware exists due to its physical invisibility, but this energy is here and it is ready to be utilized.

While we wish not to disclose our physical location, we are speaking to you from a Pleiadian Mothership which is cloaked in your skies.

We are near many major pollution centers as we are able to travel all around your world effortlessly in our ships and as such, are finding ourselves routinely in different places and never limit ourselves to one area, unless we are showing ourselves to individuals within that area or performing the routine cleansing work that needs to be performed.

Many dear souls have been hovering over such major pollution centers from their cloaked starships for as long as a decade of your time, funneling advanced healing energies through and helping to cleanse the worst of this pollution so as not to see Gaia forced to release the negative and dense energies behind such pollution in ways that have been predicted by other channeled sources, but that are not to come to fruition.

We speak of course of catastrophes being delivered to the surface of the Earth for the ultimate purposes of healing collective density. As you have been told, this is not going to happen as we are again, using our technologies to mitigate the worst of disasters that the collective density has indeed called for, and you as a collective on your world are to utilize your own inherent unity and clean up your world in the ways that have been needed, seeing along with the assistance of our technologies, this pollution and collective density cleaned up in a manner that will not call for natural disasters and such.

We inform you of our technology in an effort to prepare you for all that you are to hear in the immediate period ahead, as even the mere realization of free energy and the devices which run off of free energy will be a startling and perception-shattering realization for all of humanity to behold.

While the awakening Lightworker collective have long been preparing yourselves for the issuance of disclosure and the resulting giving of advanced technologies such as what we have been disclosing here, you are to find that every aspect of your modern Lives are both covered and expanded upon, with technology that is not in any way harmful to yourselves, your dear Earth, or the space around your dear Earth.

Your dark were indeed given seemingly-advanced technologies from negative interests within the Grey race, but such technologies were mostly stimulation and war-based and are still ancient in the face of the many technologies that we will have to share with you and that you will find a supreme Universal upliftment from.

All of our technology utilizes the free energy available in the atmosphere and sky of any world and in your definition of ‘space’, and one of the most interesting aspects of our technology which we have noted as so in the minds and hearts of many, has been the cloaking device(s) in which we utilize so as to keep ourselves hidden from the general perceptions of many unawakened souls who may fear seeing our star or Motherships in your skies.

We say that everything is energy as has been discussed numerous times, and this includes us and our Starships and Motherships as well.

The difference between you on Earth, us existing within the skies of Earth at this point and our starships, is that we and our ships are at present knowingly existing in a purity of consciousness that sees us not only able to know and understand this energy, but that sees us as well able to bend, shape and work with this energy in much more pure and alchemical ways than many of you are able to at present, due to your temporarily-limited perceptions and constraints which you are now breaking through with a might that has not been seen on many other lower dimensional planets.

A facet of this ability to mend and shape the energy that we have come to know as transparent and able to be worked with, has been that of cloaking ourselves and our ships in your skies.

We say that at present, many of you are beginning to now understand the natural Universal Law of Attraction and the truth that anything and everything you give out will be sent back to you, for you to experience. As you are beginning to realize this we happily note many of you working with this energy to bring forth in your Lives that which you desire to have happen to you.

You are now beginning to perform the energetic alchemy that is seeing you become the Masters in which you, we and all others within the higher realms are, and you are just beginning to learn to work with this energy in the same manner that we are working with our technology, in much purer and more understood forms on our end of course, to perform many tasks such as cloaking ourselves and our ships.

We and our ships and you as well behind your beautiful bodies and suits, are transparent energy that can choose to take any form, color or style that it wishes to. This is why it has been expressed tremendously that you are all to find a remarkable and wonderful ability to change your bodies and transform, making yourselves look however you wish within the higher realms.

Some of you may choose to take the form of a fifth dimensional Crystalline human, and others will choose to detach from a body structure and become the pure energy of Source, which you will then be able to change and mold as you like. We say that you will be able to do this with your Crystalline bodies as well, as your pure Source energy will be felt, known and understood on the same fifth dimensional levels as you will understand such things as pure energy in the fifth dimension, and you will be able to mold and change your fifth dimensional Crystalline body just as much as you will your energetic body.

Our star and Motherships are a form of this energy as well and as they are consciousness which makes choices and decisions and even helps to give us advice with many issues on Earth; as our ships are such consciousness they are able to willingly choose as well to change their shape and take a different form.

If we respectfully and Lovingly ask them to perform the task of making themselves invisible in the skies of Earth, than they happily perform such a task and we use the cloaked feature while cloaking ourselves and our energetic or body-temples as well, to station ourselves in any given area of your skies and perform various facets of energy work, such as healing your sky of pollutants and funneling our energies down to a dear Earth scribe who wishes to bring through a communication.

The specific place in which we now exist within our Mothership and indeed dear souls, we have changed positions since this communication has begun, is near a dear Earth scribe who has wished to bring through the impressions and energies of a dear individual soul existing with our Council.

We display our movements and what we are doing in this current moment as well as the fact that we are indeed able to give more than one communication to any given scribe at any given time, to give you dear souls a glimpse of our every-moment activities and of some of the work we are performing for your world and for the Creator at this time.

Our moment-by-moment endeavors in assisting your world include holding routine meetings; amongst ourselves, amongst different factions of the Galactic Federation and amongst the Galactic Federation as a whole. Such meetings wherein the entire Galactic Federation is convening amongst each other is generally known as a Galactic Federation General Council Meeting, if one wishes to label such meetings with your third dimensional words and terms.

We are also taking routine guidance and energy from the dear Ascended Masters, and communicating with numerous souls who are stationed all throughout different realms of your world, ultimately to assist in your and Her evolution to purer states of consciousness.

While there are many dear incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds who are existing on your world and in your specific third dimensional realms at this point, there have been an infinite plethora of ascended souls who have funneled themselves down from higher realms to exist in different realms on your world than those of the third and fourth, in an effort to assist with the energy movements occurring throughout all of dear Gaia’s realms and to do so by funneling such energies through themselves to Create and help many other realms of dear Gaia to ascend.

We have shared many of our technologies during our recent visitations [to various Earthly societies], though we have not yet fully disclosed and given all of the technology that we have aboard our Motherships and starships and this is because the collective freewill energy of any given civilization as well as which specific cycles they found themselves possibly graduating from, would determine the purity of technology and insight we were able to give them to help their civilizations to evolve.

Our Divine technology is a reflection of the Divinity of all who exist within the Galactic Federation.

It is indeed true that many souls upon evolving from the realms of the fifth dimension no longer find a use or need for higher dimensional technology, as such souls no longer wish to funnel aspects of themselves to Create such technology and instead take to Creating many more things that humanity and many souls within the fifth dimension well, would not quite be able to yet understand or fathom.

We are quite fond of this technology in which we are to be giving you, as while working with us and being an aspect of our own Divine consciousness, this technology helps us to perform so very many things, notably for you and your world, that we would not quite be able to perform otherwise.

We have at this time only the opportunity to begin to inform you of such technologies and we will let the announcements do the talking and our presence do the walking, to show you the very true and pure reality of these technologies, of our utilization of them and of the benefit they are to have for your world.

We say that this technology, while not being the only facet of your ascension into higher realms, will assist you as a collective in uniting and cleansing your world in the ways that you have always been meant to directly before ascending. You are to find a unity, harmony and collective understanding of each other and of your world and this, dear souls, is the future that we have all been striving to see, and it is fast becoming reality.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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