Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank you Christ and John!


God loves everything He creates


We in the spiritual realms are observing with joy your increasingly powerful intent to awaken.  You yourselves have to make and hold that intent, and whereas in times past you were unable or unwilling to do so and allowed yourselves to be distracted from that vitally important task, now that intent is being held powerfully and constantly by sufficient numbers of you to bring you forward to the moment for your awakening.  And your ongoing communications with others holding this same intent are further strengthening your collective will and bringing it more and more into alignment with God’s.

If it is your intent to awaken, then you most certainly will.  As you go about your daily lives focus on that knowledge – you do have it and know it! – because by doing so you express, extend, and share with everyone the loving encouragement that will make it happen.  Your individual energy fields glow with the light of your love for all of humanity and that softens and dissolves any unloving energies with which you come in contact, anywhere and anytime.

Right now the dissolution and dissipation of energies that are unloving are proceeding apace, as you release the judgments and resentments that have dogged your daily conscious awareness for as long as you can recall, because when the unloving meets the loving it becomes drawn in, integrated with it, and transformed.  You truly have no idea how effectively the power of your loving attitudes and behaviors utterly and completely changes the world!

Focus on being loving – always!  It is difficult, especially when you feel attacked, but the divine energies flooding the planet are providing you with the strength and encouragement you need to do this.  And, as you well know, that is why you chose to be experiencing life in the illusion at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution.  That process of evolution is moving forward very smoothly indeed, even though, as you look at mainstream news reports it appears that political, economic, and religious issues that need resolving are actually intensifying.

The divine plan, unfolding to assist you in your awakening and bring you Home, is perfect.  It could not be otherwise.  However, in the illusion, where your abilities to perceive and understand it are minimal, it frequently seems that there is no plan, that there is no god, that humanity is doomed to unending suffering and catastrophe, as politicians and corporate leaders look after one another and totally disregard the untold suffering of humankind.

But, as you well know, that perception is but a very convincing but quite unreal aspect of the illusion in which it seems you are inexorably embroiled, and you need to release that belief and remind yourselves constantly that you are divinely loved in every moment by our most glorious Father, and that nothing can happen that will in any way prevent you from awakening into His perfect, divine Reality.

To pay undue attention to the unreal world around you is extremely distracting, although you also find it irresistibly enticing and therefore very difficult to ignore. Remind yourselves constantly of your divine destiny – to awaken into the Presence of your infinitely loving Father – and focus on that one and only Reality. It is your destination — the place you have been seeking since the moment of your apparent separation into individual beings at war with one another while seemingly totally alone and abandoned by God.

But that is just your fearful perception.  You – well, the vast majority of humans – believe that you are unworthy sinners as you desperately attempt to be appealing to “God” – or whatever other name you choose to use to call upon your ever-loving Father, the Source of All That Is – by mitigating your apparent sins by offering Him inordinate amounts of appeasement, while at the same time pointing to others who have, in your opinion, been far more displeasing to Him than you.  This need, this intense desire, to convince yourselves that others are far more unworthy of redemption than you, is one of the most devastating beliefs in which you have invested.  It is a fear-based illusion of enormous power that drives your egoic agendas to attempt to direct the wrath of God towards others, of whom you disapprove, while attempting to demonstrate to Him that you are doing everything in your power to please Him, and that you are therefore worthy of His mercy.

God is not wrathful!  God loves everything that He creates.  Nothing exists that He did not create.  Those wishing to awaken into their eternal Home — the unconditional and indiscriminately accepting Presence of God our omnipotent Father — have no option but to release the prejudiced and unloving judgments that they have made of their brothers and sisters.  These are but futile attempts to hide or escape from their own sense of unworthiness — a sense that is completely invalid because they are divine beings, created in Love out of Love by God their infinitely loving Father.

There is only Love – infinite Love – from which all life was created.  And life is eternal.  Death is an illusion that terrifies all who believe in it.  So, let go of your belief in it, and forgive those whom you wish to see dead!  All who live are beings of infinite value created by God.  To attempt to discard or devalue any living being is to attempt to judge God and find Him wanting!  You are alive, therefore you were created in love by God, and consequently your existence is eternal.  You can choose to experience pain and suffer interminably in the illusion, or you can chose to awaken into the splendor of God’s Presence.  Eventually all will choose the latter option, but why not make that choice now and end your suffering?

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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