Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Company of Heaven: Your Inner-Sun has never Shone Brighter

Thank you Company of Heaven, Hathors, SanJAsKa, Pleiadian Councils, Saan, Arcturian Councils, and Wes!

Speaking for the Company of Heaven:
The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,
SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils, and
Saan and the Arcturian Councils

We are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes, speaking delightfully for the Company of Heaven. There are a few different collectives who wish to come through and speak at this time, and we’ll keep our message short enough to accommodate each collective who wishes to speak.

Humanity continues to greet purer energies, and the resulting understandings you’re accessing are becoming purer as well. Humanity is coming to understand the necessity to come together despite what you’ve perceived to be your differences, and the level of unity and Love is growing on your planet in every moment.

In the very real energetic sense, the level of Love is growing on your planet as more souls are able to access and feel this Love and subsequently radiate it to all around them. Of course, the level of Love on your dear planet has always been strong, and by “level” we mean the quotient of humans feeding into the energies of the higher dimensions.

The number of souls responding to the pure energies you’re being given is growing exponentially in this moment, dear souls, and we encourage each of you to continue to build upon the collective awakening taking place as much as possible.

We continue to encourage your establishment of widespread unity, harmony and prosperity amongst every soul and for every person on your Earth to benefit from, because with your quest to help your planet enter into a new paradigm, you’re doing just that.

You’re helping every soul on your dear evolving planet become aware of the need to uproot the powers that were as they’ve been referred to, as you subsequently unlock various important understandings about their actions and about your history that have been hidden from you.

Only the Beginning
The cover-ups that have taken place in your society are being exposed little by little, and the disclosures concerning the American NSA and the spy agencies of various other countries are only the beginning of the outpouring of information concerning the cabal’s activities and their surveillance against citizens especially.

All of this exposure is coming about as a result of the heightened energies you continue to assimilate, and as we’ve explained our roles in funneling these energies down for you to absorb and radiate many times, we can simply say that we continue to decrease the distorted nature of the energies we’re delightfully sending on down for you to absorb.

We’re decreasing the distorted nature of the energies being sent to Create and sustain your reality, and they’re quite obviously increasing in purity because of this. As the distorted nature of the energies you’re absorbing and Creating your reality with decreases, so are you able to gain deeper collective and individual glimpses into yourselves and the reality you’ve been tasked with helping uplift.

Your roles are more important than we could express, dear souls, and those of you who feel more inclined to step up to the plate and begin using your voices than ever are encouraged continually and unendingly from the higher dimensions.

Humanity is coming to rediscover the existence of the spiritual realms and your individual ability to access such realms.

One of the most liberating aspects of one’s discovery of the spiritual realms is discovering the spiritual ability you each possess, and when fully aware and knowledgeable of this ability we can anticipate many of you happily stepping up to the plate and using what you’ve remembered for the good of your planet.

As our scribe has pointed out, there is indeed much needing done in the physical to bring your heavenly reality about. Impoverished countries whose citizens have long been ready to embrace a new paradigm at the soul level are ready to be assisted by the rest of your populace, and indeed, they’ve always been meant to be assisted as humanity has been meant to come together and help those amongst you who are in need.

Though others in countries far away from one’s perception may not seem to be “amongst” you, we can assure you that you’re all much closer with each other than you’ve yet begun to realize.

As we turn this temple over to dear SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils, we express that your growing ability will continue to lead an ever-growing number of individuals to begin pioneering real and widespread change. The time for positive action has begun, dear souls, and you’ll continue to be supported by us and so many others.

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadians Speak
With so much brimming Love and joy, I am SanJAsKa speaking for the Pleiadian High Council and Council of Nine, as well as the Company of Heaven overall.

The rule of the many has been kept in place by the instated separation you as a society have unwittingly allowed to keep fed.

Many pioneers and revolutionaries of your past have attempted successfully and unsuccessfully to communicate this message to humanity, and needless to say, there are a few core issues keeping your populace back that drive the complex rabbit hole of corruption and tyranny your planet currently experiences.

Understanding that a few important core issues drive all of the injustice you experience on the Earth can see humanity work together to untwist the energetic and mental knots that have been holding you back.

When the rising energies mentioned by the dear Hathors begin making themselves known in earnest, all of humanity will feel a lightening of the collective vibration and the resulting drive for peace will be quite strong.

We can anticipate waves of individuals who’ve been fighting wars or fighting in any other manner to lay down their arms and embrace peace toward their fellow humans, because this’ll be the effect the rising energies already permeating your minds and hearts will have upon your planet.

Yes, our existence and presence on and around your world is an important subject and will be learned about en masse, but in this moment we ask for you to focus on helping lighten the collective vibration so that the heightened energies coming through can make these intended effects much sooner.

As you each continue on in your missions of helping lighten the collective vibration, so do the pure energies gain more and more footing in the collective frame of perception and influence. What your populace feeds into and accepts determines the reality you experience and the vibration you manifest, and this is why your continual efforts in helping raise the planetary vibration are more crucial than we could communicate.

Energetic Imprints and Humanity’s Oneness
Seek everything that delights you and fills you with a good vibration, dearest souls. This advice will likely continue to be repeated by many in the spiritual realms, because everything that puts you on a good vibration does just that and sees your good energy spread to more people than you’d perhaps expect.

We ask for you to imagine your pure energy flowing out miles away from you in all directions, uplifting everybody around you, even if only in small ways.

Every person you’re blessed with encountering is touched by your energy, and likewise. It’s been mentioned before that every soul on your Earth and throughout Creation leaves an energetic imprint upon one another, and you’re each connected via an impenetrable yet gentle wave of conscious Logos energy.

You’re each inexplicably connected with each other, and we couldn’t express the necessity for your populace to find and establish widespread unity enough.

We ask for you each to see how bright your future is and how able you are in this and every moment to bring your future about.

You’re being looked upon with Love from the higher dimensions, and the perceptions you’re finding yourselves able to unlock now will pave the way for your widespread understanding of the fact that your reality is Created and sustained with the pure energy of Love.

Love is much more than humans have been programmed to believe. You’ve been taught to give your energy to limited perceptions of Love that don’t allow for pure and uninhibited understandings of it, and our goal in communicating with humanity is to help you break the limitation and see beyond every bit of programming that’s taught you to feed it.

You’re infinite beings with unlimited potential to Create every bit of change you’ve heard of; from us in the higher dimensions and from many of those on your Earth who’ve been activated ahead of time to assist in the evolution taking place.

“Advanced” Understandings
If you look around your collective, you’ll see that various individuals have incarnated on your Earth to help bring about real and lasting change. You’ve all made your ways to Earth for the purpose of uplifting Her and Her collective, and if you can get active in motivating and encouraging others to do the same, the level of consciousness will grow immensely.

Yes, dear souls, there are still plenty of people on your world who are closed off to the ideas of change that have been presented and discussed so much.

There are some who are comfortable in your old paradigm of separation and difficulty, but the number of souls interested in real and lasting change is growing and it’s for this reason that we ask you not to worry about the non-desire in some to embrace a new paradigm.
You’re each growing and learning in your own ways, and everyone will open up to the realms of spirit in their own time and in ways that’ll be unique for them.

Your entire world will come to understand that the planets beyond your Earth are much more brimming with Life than you’ve been led to believe, and the necessity to treat each other with the same Love and respect you desire and deserve to be treated with will be understood as your planetary vibration continues to lighten and advanced understandings are bred in your populace.

When we say “advanced” we mean simply that these understandings will help initiate you into a new way of thinking, Living and being. Your collective will be led to understand that you simply cannot run your Earth if you’re kept divided, and the necessity to band together and cleanse your Earth of the pollution that’s been manifested and fed will be grasped by every person who’ll come to find themselves activated and aware.

We wish to address those of you who feel less than enthused in this moment, as the intensified energies you’re absorbing are leading many of you to need to acclimate and take the necessary resting periods that see your temples absorb these energies in easier ways.

We note the drive to be a part of your new paradigm in every moment and it’s needed and appreciated, but we simply remind you to treat yourselves and your temples with Love and respect and listen to the signs your temples may give you.

Blessing Food and Water
Feed your dear temples the Light-filled foods they’re calling out for, and bless every bit of water you consume because water is a very helpful and changeable compound for the human body.

The majority of people on your Earth don’t yet understand their ability to bring the vibration of the food and water they consume into a purer frequency, and in your day and age it’s necessary to bless everything you consume and if at all possible, avoid processed and genetically modified foods.

These foods have been designed to hurt your temples and keep you trapped in a lower vibrational spectrum that sees your health able to be easily influenced and manipulated, and as we turn this temple over to the dear Arcturians, we remind you that you have full control of your experience and don’t have to be subjected to the will or agenda of another.

What we mean is that you don’t have to allow yourselves to be subjects of your cabal’s societal experiments, and trust dear souls, there have been many. You have the full “power” if you wish to use that term, and it’s with the Love of the Creator in our hearts that we ask you to begin utilizing it while allowing yourselves the necessary resting periods if requested by your dear temples.

Saan and the Arcturians Speak
With joy over the continual progress being made by the awakening humanity, I am Saan speaking for the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation and for the Company of Heaven overall.

We in the Galactic Federation root ourselves so to speak in our motherships and starships much of the time, but make no mistake, we are energy beings who arrange the environment around us to match that fact.

It’s indeed true that we don’t spend all of our time on ships, and while we do appreciate and happily utilize the advanced technology we’ve long understood how to work with Creation to build, as we continue to evolve so will we orient more toward environments of pure energy and less toward technological environments.

Much of the technology humanity currently utilizes is loaded with distorted frequencies that can indeed do damage to your temples, and just as the Pleiadians have recommended blessing your food and water, we recommend affirming a layer of energetic protection around your computers.

We wouldn’t recommend putting too much energy into this layering, because your energy is strong and can affect the technology around you in ways you might see as negative if not properly utilized.

Simply make an affirmation that Source be with you and help you to bless the devices you utilize every day in ways that see their destructive frequencies less so for you and your families. You deserve to utilize technology that emanates helpful and beneficial frequencies rather than destructive and harmful ones, and in due time such technology will be at your fingertips.

Myriad individuals and organizations on your planet are coming to understand free energy and are working diligently to bring its technology to the world, and the first free energy device you see, whether it’s intent is small or big, will be the tip of the iceberg in regards to complete disclosure of this technology.

Patents and production will swiftly follow, and we can potentially predict free energy technology being widely understood by the time we make open contact with your planet.

Growth and Evolution are Common throughout the Universe
Of course, it’ll be understood that such technology and plenty of other technology you wouldn’t perhaps expect possess Galactic origins, and it’ll be understood that the manner in which your society functions and evolves in general is actually quite common throughout the Universe.

Musical instruments are common on nearly any lower-dimensional planet, as is the eventual understanding of astronomy, mathematics, science and art. There are some factors of the Earthly experience that are unique to your planet, but much of what you’ve built and understood has been built and understood by countless others on countless other planets.

Souls who’ve evolved from these planets have visited Earth numerous times and helped sew what were, at the times, advanced understandings that you enjoy today.

This is the nature of service to others in regards to helping a lower-dimensional planet to ascend. We in the higher dimensions do what we can and work within the distorted laws we’re allotted when working with lower-dimensional planets or civilizations, to help you gain greater insights into the ways you can build a society and prosper as a civilization.

When our presence is widely accepted on your world we’ll be able to help you understand what will have already become quite understood by this time: the need to help others.

This has been mentioned throughout the duration of this communication, and while helping others may sound simple, it’s very important to your collective ascension. Even beyond your ascension, it’s important to your widespread understanding that you are One Creator who’s been split and divided into various different personalities and individual identities.

No Stubborn Toes
We’ll use an example to communicate what we wish to: If one of you dear souls accidently stubs your toe and finds the pain to be particularly excruciating, you’ll notice that you may have difficulty walking on that foot. You may need to put pressure on the other foot to “make up” for the pressure you’re unable to put on your hurt toe, but we ask for you to imagine if the individual toes on your other foot refused to be a part of this act.

Imagine if they simply refused to help balance out the pain by taking more pressure, because they perceived themselves as different from your hurt toe. Some may find this a silly example, but it does justice to what we wish to communicate and that is that you can’t remain divided and run a healthy Earth.

Your toes, feet, legs and every part of your human body work together to see to it that you can exist on the Earth, and likewise, humans are meant to work together and see that the Earth survives and Her collective is able to enter the higher dimensions as you’re rightly meant to.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we say that your inner-sun has never shone brighter and the opportunity is now yours to reap the benefits of your opening and expanding hearts.

Continue to enlighten yourselves in every sense, dearest souls, and know that we, the Pleiadians, the Hathors and all of us comprising the Company of Heaven are with you and assist everywhere and in every moment we can.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils, SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils and the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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