Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spiritual Evolution by Wes Annac

Thank you Wes and all your Guides!


Spiritual Evolution

The basis of many spiritual websites, books, teachings and insights is that humanity and the Earth are undergoing a collective evolution from the realms of the third dimension we’ve perceived for longer than millennia, to those of the fifth dimension. (1)
The general belief is held that through a gradual process with a series of rapid evolutionary “leaps”, humanity has been and will continue to experience shifts in our individual and collective states of consciousness. It’s believed that this evolution usually comes about individually, rather than collectively, and that the Earth’s situation is unique because of the collective evolution or “ascension” as it’s referred to, we’re experiencing.
This is unique because it’s been said that very few civilizations choose to experience ascension in a collective manner, and rather, evolve individually and help the rest of their world to evolve until an evolutionary “boiling point” is reached.
Our society is believed to be experiencing a collective physical and spiritual evolution into the realms of full consciousness, and while plenty of people have awakened already and are working to awaken the rest of the populace, our ascension will come about in different and unique manners that set it apart from past ascensions of other planets.
The belief that we’re evolving into the fifth dimension has been expanded to include ideals that we experience individual growth and learning along the course of our Lives, which help us to steadily reach greater understandings and lighten and refine our personal vibration so we can better reach full consciousness.
Lessons and growth are believed to be experienced along the course of our lives, which see us gain greater glimpses into different ways of living and being and deeper states of consciousness and understanding.
It’s believed that as we shed our “shadow selves” or those parts of ourselves we’d label “dark” or of a lower nature, we transmute the mechanisms that drove them and assimilate greater energy from the spiritual realms.
The belief that we’re entering deeper and purer states of consciousness where metaphysical wonders and blissful vibrations are constantly prevalent forms many of the ideals expressed by spiritually-inclined individuals or groups.
Everything that’ll be discussed in this section is ultimately derived from the belief of the existence of blissful and heavenly realms of metaphysical consciousness, as well as the belief that we can access those realms and perform myriad roles for the ascension of the Earth.
As our consciousness continues to grow, we’ll come to discover the higher realms in much more intricate ways and we’ll find ourselves actively involved in working from such realms on helping others find the rising consciousness we have.

Geopolitical Awareness can Proceed Enlightenment

I’ll admit to being guilty of speaking from my own experience here, but my experience seems very similar to those of others who became aware of the illusory nature of our reality as it stands at present, before they gained spiritual awareness or found themselves actively involved in humanity’s spiritual evolution.
A lot of people who become aware of the realms of spirit and the need to enact a new paradigm first become awakened to the actions of tyranny and corruption.
They become aware that corruption exists and tyranny is being enforced in full swing on our planet, and in learning this, their previous perception of a reality filled with governments who care and food that would never be tainted because “why would the companies do that?”, is shattered and replaced with an entirely new understanding.
Some become fearful when initially learning of the existence of tyranny on the massive level it’s being enforced, and could potentially end up thinking that their reality is one rife with corruption; one they should “watch their backs” in.
For some, stumbling upon spiritual material that helps them to understand the existence heavenly realms beyond our conscious understanding and that the “prison planet” we Live on isn’t all there is, really helps them after awakening to tyranny.
The fact that the Company of Heaven is actively monitoring the affairs of the Earth and seeing to it that the collective doesn’t experience a disastrous fate we’re not intended to experience, really helps some of those who’ve learned about the cabals’ actions to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Individual and Collective Spiritual Evolution

Humanity is believed to be undergoing a collective evolution into the fifth dimension, which essentially means that we humans are evolving along with every other facet of consciousness on Earth.
It’s believed that our collective spiritual evolution is being driven by a growing understanding of the metaphysical realms of consciousness and of how this Earth is meant to be treated. Despite the collective ascension occurring currently, it’s been said that individuals have ascended from this Earth numerous times in the past and that individual ascension can be attained ahead of the collective. (2)
Despite the fact that this evolutionary event is “set in stone” in so many respects, it’s still believed that we, the humanity experiencing it, must make active efforts to bring it about and to bring about any positive change on our world we wish to see.
It’s believed that humanity must become actively involved in our evolution to attain it, and that a certain criteria of awakened souls who understand ascension and are willing to ascend must be reached before our collective evolution can be attained.
A growing number of awakening souls have been working actively to help raise the collective vibration and awaken the planet to attain our ascension, but ultimately, the whole world must know about ascension for it to be attained in the proper manner.
In regards to this, it’s believed that the rising collective vibration will herald exposure of much of what’s been hidden from humanity concerning the spiritual realms and the ascension being discussed. It’s believed that exposure of the actions of those in power who’ve crafted an entire hollow reality around our minds in an effort to create a slave society will be a natural result of the rising collective vibration.
The activities of humanity’s oppressors cannot go unaccounted for, and the general belief in regards to our spiritual evolution is that in one form or another, ultimate exposure of those activities will naturally come about. Beyond this belief, it’s important for us to work toward exposing the “cabals” as they’ve been termed and to help in the endeavor to free humanity from their grasp.
We can find an unhindered spiritual revolution within, and upon doing so, we can spread it to the entire collective around us. As personal enlightenment grows, natural exposure to and understanding of the actions of humanity’s oppressors comes about and that too can be spread.
As it stands currently, an ever-growing number of people on our world understand that things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be in plenty of respects. We’re coming to understand that instated division of the classes has been manufactured purposefully, and that the few have largely kept themselves ahead by keeping the many back.
We’ll discuss this subject much more in The Powers that Were, but for now, it’s important to understand the role geopolitical exposure can play in one’s spiritual awakening.

Science and Religion have Misunderstood Heaven

The general belief in many spiritual circles is that the higher dimensions are the heavenly realms that have been largely misinterpreted in most religions and not allotted to exist by most science.
It’s believed that as we grow in perception and bring about the aforementioned exposure of any lower-inclined aspects of our individual or collective Selves that can’t survive in the higher dimensions because of the vibrational difference, we grow into literally-heavenly perceptions.
Any serious meditator will tell you that one can feel the most blissful vibrations and feelings when reaching deeper states of consciousness, and it’s believed that those vibrations will be amplified and constant when we ascend back into the higher dimensions.
It’s believed that our vibration will loosen and refine as aspects of our DNA containing greater codes for our physical and spiritual evolution are brought online, and the result will be a complete unhindered perception of heaven.
Imagine being literally unlimited in what you’re able to do, feel and enjoy, and the dense and unchangeable physicality of your current reality being replaced with pure and fluid reality-creation, driven entirely by you. Imagine being able to create whatever you wish at the very moment you wish it, with reality-creating energy that’s much purer in frequency than the slow-moving energy we use to slowly but surely create the experiences we have here in the third dimension.
Imagine the sheer mental, emotional and spiritual liberation that can come about from finding oneself able to do, feel and experience absolutely everything one wishes to, in a heavenly setting.
Imagine the pain of the past having completely left you, and the “garden of Eden” being in full swing for everyone to enjoy. The great thing about this garden is that you can eat whatever fruit from whatever tree you want. Gaining as much knowledge as possible is encouraged!

Religious Control and Scientific Limitation

The dogma and clear control of the people on the part of most mainstream religions have exposed them as being run by the aforementioned Powers that Were, but that’s not to say that positive reform or change couldn’t potentially be introduced in those religions.
However, followers of many of them have condemned, killed and fought wars for years in the name of an oppressive god imagined up by individuals in positions of influence in their time who didn’t want the public to awaken to the reality of our existence as spiritual beings.
Because of this control and because religion won’t make allowance for scientific understandings about the reality around us that don’t directly correlate with what they follow, most science has condemned spirituality as a whole and has preferred to look at our existence through a purely physical lens.
The scientific paradigm that exists today embodies the “seeing is believing” mindset, and largely hasn’t made allowance for the existence of the spiritual realms because such realms haven’t been physically studied. It’s generally believed in most scientific circles that what can be studied in the physical is all that can exist, and this belief excludes and sometimes mocks the existence of spirit in any form.
Both science and religion have done large injustices to our understanding of the realms of spirit – as religion misinforms us about heaven and our Creator (Source) and science is quick to proclaim heaven can’t possibly exist because it hasn’t been physically seen.
Despite this, there are a plethora of individuals working diligently to merge humanity’s understanding of science and spirit in ways that allow for the existence of spirit as well as greater scientific understandings of it. Scientists who’d mock the existence of the spiritual realms today will find themselves vastly interested in the new paradigm of merged science and spirituality that’s being brought about and expanded upon as you read this.
People who’ll be very valuable to the expansion of humanity’s scientific and spiritual understanding will become open to these topics in sensible and levelheaded ways, and they too will contribute much to the field.
Ultimately, all of humanity will open up to the spiritual realms in the ways that best work for each of us, and humanity as a whole will find ourselves progressing with startling rapidity when we can come to believe in the spiritual realms and work from there to know as much as we can about them.

Focusing on Ascension & Informing the Collective

It’s important for humanity to become informed of the existence of the spiritual realms and of our impending collective evolution into them, because despite the timetable our ascension is on, I must reiterate that we all need to understand and be focused on it to bring it into manifestation.
Much Lightwork is being done to expand upon the progress being made in the awakening humanity, but our ultimate goal is to do whatever we can to inform the collective and make them aware of the truths of our existence.
All of the distortions placed in our view of understanding the higher dimensions and our power as Creators will give way to a collective understanding of everything we’ve remained closed-off to, and a scientific understanding of the spiritual realms will see us able to perceive of things we wouldn’t have thought possible.
A misunderstanding on the part of most religions is that heaven is a place we go to when we die if we followed their particular dogma. In many spiritual circles, even the basic idea that we go to heaven when we die has been replaced with the idea that we steadily grow into heaven throughout various Lives we take on the Earth.
It’s believed that we shed our bodies and enter metaphysical planes upon death, which have been referred to as the planes of Nirvana. We can meet with departed Loved ones in these planes, chat with a familiar deity or celestial entity, and find ourselves temporarily infinite in our metaphysical ability before we take our next incarnation. (3)
It’s believed that if we still have learning to do, we plan out our next Earthly Lives from Nirvana before incarnating into them.
It’s generally believed that we, in accordance with our higher selves, script the major events that’ll come about in our Lives while making allowance for the actions we’ll take in every moment.
The Earth’s ascension is unique in that it’s a collective ascension, and ordinarily, one will experience as many Lives as are needed before ascending. Depending on where one’s at when completing their lower-dimensional Life path work, one can ascend directly from the physical surface or from the etheric realms of the afterlife.
It’s believed that growth is much slower in the astral realms than on the surface-Earth, however, which is why incarnating directly on the Earth’s surface and experiencing the rapid growth accompanying this world is the preferred method of ascending for many.
A problem with the spiritual understanding of most religions is that they haven’t incorporated the idea that we grow into perceiving heaven throughout a steady progression of Lives and experiences, rather than “earning” admission into it upon death.
The only way we “earn” a perception of heaven is by growing into it in the ways that best suit us, and we’re never judged along our paths. If this was a certain time period, I could be killed by a religious institution for even speaking in favor of these ideals, because I’d be seen as going against the church.
Perhaps religion’s un-allowance for beliefs that aren’t their own is the biggest issue at hand, but refusing to embrace scientific and expanded spiritual ideals about our reality and heaven sees most religions continue to keep their pupils held back from real understandings of heaven and our Creator.
This will ultimately change as humanity grows into greater understandings of the spiritual realms, but it’s taken a lot of time to get to the point we’re at in regards to understanding spirituality in an undistorted manner.

Initiating Collective Evolution & Expanding our Perception

If humanity wishes to bring our collective evolution forth, it’ll be imperative that we come together on a massive scale. It’s more important than I could express for humanity to see beyond our perceived differences and unite to raise the collective vibration, and if I have to, I’ll campaign for the next hundred years to see us do just that.
This rounds back to the importance of each of us throwing as much of ourselves as possible into our spiritual evolution and into awakening the public, because an unawakened public just can’t understand the importance of coming together.
As it stands in this moment, our populace is largely divided and most people don’t speak up about it.
Some prefer it to be this way because they see themselves as different from others for various reasons. We’re all constructed of the same energy of consciousness, but our divided collective still doesn’t understand this and can’t bring our planetary vibration to resonate with the higher realms until we do.
The division and conquering of man has been purposeful and intended to hold us back from understanding ourselves and the reality of our existence, in my opinion.
I’ll continue to reiterate the importance of coming together and seeing beyond our perceived differences in the realest senses imaginable, because the level of Love and warmth we can show each other helps determine where we’re headed as a species.
Along with coming together and uniting on a massive level, it’ll be important for us to deepen our understanding of the spiritual realms as much as possible. We’ll be assisted with this by the undistorted science we’ll be given in the time ahead concerning these realms, and I can foresee humanity actively absorbing as much ascension-related material as possible when learning about it.
It’ll be important for us to do so, in my view. Just as the planetary vibration and how we treat each other are important to where we’re headed as a species, so is our understanding in every moment, which largely drives our perception.

Practice your Newfound Abilities

Just how much we understand, know and can feel about the spiritual realms will determine the progress we make in growing back toward them, and in regards to gaining metaphysical perception, I can say that practice makes perfect.
Practice the newfound abilities you discover, and understand that you’re not meant to perfect them instantly. Understanding that you’re a Divine being who’s coming to practice and understand your links to the higher dimensions can help you deepen your metaphysical perception immensely over a steady period of time.
Depending on the specifics of your Life path, a few short months could see you beginning to grasp many aspects of energy work and metaphysical perception, and you can take the understanding you gain and work to uplift the collective.
We each have the ability to help our collective understand the spiritual realms and the importance of disconnecting from physical distraction and connecting within to gain full-on perception of these realms. Upon deepening our level of interest and activity with the spiritual realms, we’ll perceive of them in greater ways and help the collective to do the same.
It’s been said that when our populace is opened up to the existence of the spiritual realms and the souls in them, Lightwork and other forms of interaction with the higher dimensions will be practiced actively, openly and with interest by every person.
It’s believed that we’ll all open up to our unique roles as we come to find the existence of realms beyond our conscious understanding we couldn’t of imagined, and the number of Lightworkers on this world will be in the billions.
Despite any great-sounding prediction or idea, for our world to reach the point of everyone knowing about and working with the spiritual realms, we who’ve opened up to them must work to deepen our metaphysical perception as much as possible while subsequently doing what we can to inform the collective (without overwhelming them, might I add).
It’s important to remember if attempting to “enlighten” those around you, that some simply don’t want to hear or attempt to respond to ideas that are of a paradigm far outside of their comfort zone. Some aren’t yet comfortable hearing some of the most paradigm-shattering ideals we awakening souls tend to bring to the table, and are more comfortable discussing matters related more to the physical world.
Even still, it’s been said that the entire collective must be opened up before we can gain a full-on perception of the higher dimensions, and for our ascension to come about, we must remain diligent in our efforts to spread awareness and help as many people as possible find enlightenment.
Our abilities, which we’re going to get into discussing soon, are much more extensive than we’ve come to understand.
While much of what’s expressed on this or other spirituality-oriented websites could be seen as strange, when understanding the sheer difference between the higher dimensions and the realm we exist in one will understand why the beliefs of the awakening public are so far outside of the established paradigm of thinking.
We do indeed believe wholeheartedly in what we express, as we’ve come to uncover hidden aspects of our reality and of the equally-hidden realms of full consciousness that have opened us up to paradigm-shattering truths and perceptions that we seek to spread to as many as possible.

Consciousness/Matter/Love Drive Existence

An aspect of gaining a true perception of the spiritual realms is understanding that consciousness is the driving force of existence. Ultimately, consciousness is energy and energy comprises our reality and all others beyond it.
EnergyFanatics.com discusses the Creation of our reality very well (but be warned – this snippet is a bit dense).
“When we look at frequency and vibration from the perspective of the external Creation, frequency and vibration have their differences. Frequency is the cyclic pattern of scalar waves that flash on and off. The frequency rate is determined by how fast energy units (partiki) contract and expand. (…) Partiki is made of units of conscious energy that act like the template upon which consciousness enters manifestation.
The process when energy contracts toward the neutral point is known as vibration. The process when energy expands away from the neutral point is known as oscillation. The combination of vibration and oscillation is what determines the frequency rate (cyclic pattern of scalar waves) of all things. Scalar waves are standing waves that flash on and off. This process creates energy patterns that are processed by our consciousness and DNA to create our external reality. The on and off energy pattern is very simple but yet it has infinite potential. This is the mysterious and amazing power of the intelligence of Creation.” (4)
The belief in many spiritual circles is that our reality is less dense and solid and more energy-based and changeable and that we, as the energy of consciousness, have Created our realities and continue to Create the experiences we have in every moment.
This belief is interlinked with the idea of humans as energy workers who sustain active links to the spiritual realms even when we don’t realize it, and the basis behind this belief is that we’re both constructed of and work with the energy around us that we’ve been taught to believe is solid, to Create and sustain our reality.
It’s believed that while we decide as individuals what’s going to happen in our Lives based on the choices we make, our Life paths are generally scripted in realms beyond our conscious understanding by our oversoul-consciousness who seeks to help us evolve back into the spiritual realms.
This oversoul-consciousness has been referred to as the “higher self” (5)
It’s believed that the general purpose of our existence is to learn lessons and come to rediscover ourselves as the conscious Creators of our reality, and an important key to understanding this is understanding that consciousness is everywhere and is the driving force of our reality and so many others.

Everything is Consciousness

Everything around you is constructed of conscious energy. Put quite simply, everything is consciousness.
Specifically, it’s believed that the conscious energy creating our reality is what humans have come to know as Love.
Obviously, Love has been misunderstood and dwindled on our world with romantic and emotional associations that can’t be fathomed on a scientific level, but the idea behind many spiritual beliefs is that the energy Creating our realities and the realms beyond our conscious understanding is of pure Love.
It’s believed that we grow into greater perceptions of exactly what Love is as our limited perceptions give way to expanded understandings of every facet of our existence, and we come to see Love as the driving energetic force behind our reality.
The simplest way to put it would be to say that Love is everything, and conscious co-Creation with focused intent sees us decide our destiny and the immediate experiences we’re going to have. Growing to understand that Love is everything and that we’re constructed of and can work with very changeable energy to Create our reality and eventually evolve, we’ll find ourselves uninhibited in the amount of good we can do for the planet.
Understanding that we’re not simply “meat puppets” capable of no greater perception or ability beyond the physical paradigm we’ve been convinced is the only one in existence, we can find ourselves working fruitfully for humanity on various facets of the establishing of our new paradigm and our evolution into the fifth dimension.
We can do so much to assist humanity’s spiritual evolution upon opening ourselves up to the basic idea that Love is the driving force behind our existence and that we, as this energy, are unlimited in Creating our realities and growing into greater perceptions of ourselves as it.
An ever-growing number of people in an ever-growing number of spiritual circles have opened up to this idea, and fruitful works for the higher dimensions and the evolution of humanity have resulted as we’ve all tapped in to the motivation that results from opening up to a paradigm far outside of one’s understanding and coming to see just how distorted our current paradigm is.
Even the idea that consciousness is much more than an individual’s perception brought about solely by the brain helps one to break many of the instated physical-paradigm barriers that have held us back from greater, undistorted perceptions.
One can’t believe in one’s own ability to anchor purer energy from the higher dimensions if one doesn’t know or can’t believe that such dimensions even exist.
The collective ultimately needs to be awakened to the existence of the higher dimensions, and it’s been suggested that many of those in power have known about the spiritual realms throughout the ages and have attempted to keep humanity unaware of the perceptions we can gain and the truths we can discover.

Meditation and Astral Travel

Speaking from my own experience again – one of the biggest things that opened me up to perceptions greater than I’d ever expected is meditation. Meditation is the standard and almost-stereotypical recommendation amongst usually every spiritual circle, and this is because meditation provides us with a direct and uninhibited spiritual connection, depending on how deep we can get.
How deep into a greater spiritual perception we can get when meditating depends on how much experience we’ve had meditating, which goes back to the importance of practice and understanding that you’re not meant to be perfect at it instantly.
To be honest, meditation could challenge you in the beginning and the biggest problem any new meditator has is getting to a place beyond the constant, unending chatter of the mind.
This obstacle deters many potential new meditators who could really make something out of their ability and the connection they can find, and I, like many others, experienced this initial difficulty when first attempting to meditate.
Having also experienced incredible deepened perceptions upon understanding what I’m about to share, which is the standard advice in regards to this hurdle, I can say that the result is well worth getting past the initial difficulty.
The biggest problem many new meditators have with going beyond their thoughts is that they perceive themselves as having to “defeat” the chatter or silence it. To attempt to silence the chatter is only to bring forth intention, which brings forth one’s mind and defeats the purpose of reaching a deeper state of consciousness.
The idea of meditation is to exist with the mind in a detached way and come to a place of complete stillness and neutrality, but the initial problem with trying to do so is the constant chatter in your mind grabbing at your attention. To try to silence that chatter or mentally move away from it is to bring your mental consciousness forth directly and impend a connection.
Worry not, because your objective isn’t to silence that chatter at all. From a completely detached, neutral and nearly unconscious perspective, your objective is to let that stream of thoughts come in and pass through, holding zero attachment to them.
We allow ourselves to be attached to those thoughts when we try to get away from them, but allowing them to flow through with zero attachment sees us begin to Master the art of laying the ego-driven mental self to rest and finding greater states of consciousness.
If you’re one who finds difficulty silencing mental chatter, make an effort to meditate and allow your thought-stream to flow in and out of your perception with ease. After so long of doing this, you’ll find yourselves so detached from your thought-stream and so plugged-in to the purer energies that you’ll eventually no longer notice it.
Replacing your thought-stream will be swirling energies and pure frequencies of sound that will help adjust your physical body to the purer perceptions and realities we’re evolving into. You’ll be able to perceive of and work with the purer energy of the higher dimensions in very bold and unprecedented ways, and your physical health could even improve as a result.
Meditation is right to be recommended by as many spiritual seekers as possible, because it’s one of our uninhibited links to the higher dimensions. It’s simply that we must detach from our mental stream that runs constantly like a script in our head and find the deeper states of consciousness that bring us back to an unfiltered place of perception.
There are various different ways we can seek the higher dimensions, but meditation will help skyrocket us toward greater perceptions.
Upon utilizing meditation to open up to the higher dimensions, you can become aware of your ability to perceive of and exist in various etheric or “astral” landscapes. I should point out before taking this discussion any further that for me, these realms aren’t yet directly physically seen; I use visualization and receive impressions of the etheric landscapes I choose to create and travel in.
Visualization and utilizing our perceived “imagination” is key to opening up to etheric travel. We can understand the existence of brimming etheric landscapes beyond our understanding that we can interact with and perform Lightwork from, and visualization will see us create specific places and elements to exist in or under.
We can visualize literally any landscape and find our ability to create limitless. The importance of astral travel and visualization specifically couldn’t be expressed enough in my opinion, and one can find incredible liberation when playing around with one’s visualization and etheric creation abilities.
In my view, astral travel is important to our developing spiritual perception because, in a similar manner to meditation, it exposes us to spirit in specific ways. Visualization helps us to understand our unlimited ability to create in the etheric realms, and we’ll come to understand our ability to create in our physical realm as we understand visualization more.
A belief driving the “visualization for etheric travel” idea is that what we’ve perceived as our imagination producing illusory thoughts is actually our very real connection with and interpretation of our inner-held spiritual realms.
This belief makes allowance for the existence of the spiritual realms and expands upon that allowance by claiming us to be connected constantly with those realms and able to maintain active connections with and creations in them.
It’s believed that we’re able to visualize or imagine specific settings, landscapes, people and things, and experience a real and active creation of them in the etheric realms as we do so.

An Etheric Visualization-based Exercise

I’d like to offer an example of an etheric “exercise” led by nothing more than visualization. Because of the extent to which we’re attempting to perceive of the spiritual realms, light meditation is recommended as you visualize the things and places I’m about to describe.
You’re encouraged to allow yourselves to believe that what you’re about to imagine is very real, because in doing so, you can strengthen your perception of it. We’re essentially daydreaming, but it’s believed that the creation we daydream up is very real and we can do and be anything we wish in the realm we’re creating it in.
I’d like for you to imagine a beautiful spinning ball of transparent Light and color. Visualize the specific colors of this ball, and watch as it spins in a specific and very fast-paced pattern.
Feel it’s loose and pure vibration emanating over to you as you visualize it spinning and floating happily and rapidly in your imaginary space. Feel joy over the existence of this beautiful transparent ball of Light, and offer it your good and happy energies.
Visualize and watch a great light emanate from this spinning ball that spreads to every facet of your visual confine. Watch as this calm and colorful light permeates every facet of your visual space, and open up to a warm and lovely feeling that encompasses you and opens up your heart.
Now, for a more specific visualization.
Visualize yourself standing in a gravely driveway, holding a basketball next to a tall hoop. It doesn’t matter what the setting around you looks like, and I’ll leave that aspect of the visualization up to you. For now, focus on the driveway, the basketball and the hoop.
Specifically, notice the vibrant orange color of the basketball and the hundreds of tiny, hard bumps you can feel as you touch it. Toss the ball up in the air a few times, and feel the hardthud! on your etheric hands as you catch it.
Or, if you want, you can imagine your hands being transparent and the ball falling right through them and bouncing. Your ability to imagine and do anything in these realms is uninhibited, and I can’t express that enough.
Holding the basketball again, visualize as you direct it with your mind to the hoop.
In a Jedi type of way, you “will” the basketball out of your hands and gently into the hoop. The basketball goes through the hoop and bounces over to you, and as it does so the gravity around it seems to disappear and it starts bouncing slower and higher up with each bounce, as if it were bouncing on the moon.
Visualize your basketball slowly bouncing high up in the air as if its gravity has disappeared, and visualize yourselves floating high up in the air to retrieve it. What does the landscape around you look like from up here?
I could lead this exercise and introduce new elements all day, and the point of it and any visualization-based exercise is to help you become aware of our power and ability to use something we’ve perceived not to be real (our imagination) to interact with very real realms we maintain constant links with.
We’re meant to reconnect with the spiritual realms, and visualization is a perfect way to practice astral travel in an uninhibited and free setting. Upon practicing this ability as much as possible, you’ll find yourselves able to receive impressions and maintain very clear and constant visuals of the landscapes you choose to experience.
Amidst practicing these types of activities, remember the importance of having faith that what you’re doing is real. Believe in yourself, your abilities and the deeper glimpses into the very real spiritual realms you’re gaining, because we create our reality with our thoughts.
We empower what we choose to believe in or have faith in the existence of, and as such, utilizing faith and belief when practicing etheric visualization will see you able to solidify the experiences you’ll have.
It’s important to maintain faith in what we’re doing and to understand that it actually is real, because plenty of people could choose to laugh off or discredit much of what’s discussed in many spiritual circles because they don’t yet have the understanding of the reality of it all.
If you allow your faith in what you’re doing to wane, your reality will manifest accordingly and you’ll find yourself less able to perceive of the higher dimensions and the metaphysical work you can perform. However, approaching your work with enthusiasm and an open-minded understanding of the reality of what you’re doing can see you move mountains.

Karma, the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction

Manifestation is a widely discussed aspect of spirituality, and you’ll find material concerning the Law of Attraction, karma and the Golden Rule on practically any spiritual website or forum. A lot of different understandings have been bred about these aspects of our existence, and I’d like to shed my personal light by offering my understanding.
From my experience, it seems that karma, the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule are all essentially the same thing.
Karma naturally gives back to you what you give out, even if it takes years of our physical time for it to do so. The Law of Attraction sees you manifest based on your thoughts, feelings and the general vibration you’re on, which sees you getting back what you give out to the world and the Universe.
The Golden Rule, which everybody knows, is to treat others how you wish to be treated and includes the idea that you’ll then receive the same treatment back (though that’s not why you do it). If you look at the driving philosophy behind each of these rules/laws, you see that they’re the same law driving our existence.
Upon employing the aforementioned faith and knowing that what you’ve come to discover is real, you’ll meet the reality of karma/the Law of Attraction/the Golden rule. You’ll be able to notice when you’re experiencing events in your Life that are clear manifestations of what you’ve given out or sewn for yourself, and the perfect and interconnected nature of our existence will become clear.

Karma Doesn’t Judge

Karma isn’t a law that seeks to punish us for what we’ve done wrong, nor is it one that judges us in any way. Karma quite literally gives back to us exactly what we’ve sewn for ourselves to experience, and does so in a completely neutral and non-judgmental way.
If you’re one who feels yourself to be on karma’s “bad side” because of things you’ve done or said and the resulting karmic reaction you experienced, know that you’re never judged and are, in fact, loved endlessly as you continue to learn and grow.
Karma doesn’t seek to hurt or punish us, but if we sew circumstances unto ourselves that could see us hurt because of our actions than we aren’t denied the valuable learning experience that could result.
A toddler who’s learning to walk will fall down a few times before getting it just right. When learning to talk, they’ll seem to spout nonsense and scrambled-up words we label as dribble, but they’re learning and growing into their ability to speak and walk and must be allotted room to make mistakes.
So it is with us humans, and as we grow into higher states of consciousness and greet greater understandings of ourselves, so do we experience growing pains at times based on the individual and collective karma we’ve manifested for ourselves.
Ultimately, we’ll come to find that our existence is perfect and that the three laws/rules we’ve believed in, which are one law in reality, are realer than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

Growing into Alignment with Divine Will

As we ascend we lighten our vibration to resonate with that of the fifth dimension, and amidst increasingly resonating with that vibration we’ll find ourselves growing into alignment with Divine will.
This can be a touchy subject for some people, because the idea of stepping away from the ordained freewill we’ve been blessed with on the Earth could herald beliefs that we’ll somehow be controlled in the higher dimensions.
When stepping into our greater perceptions, we’ll step out of alignment with the lower-oriented actions, thoughts and feelings we’ve fed into in the lower dimensions and we subsequently lose the potential and desire to think or do such things.
We could still do or think those lower-oriented things if we wanted to manually lower our vibration to resonate with the dense realms we could act upon them in, but in the higher dimensions we step out of alignment with our lower freewill (the will or desire to hurt others) and into alignment with the Divine will of our higher self (the will to spread Love, peace and harmony to as many as possible).
It should be noted that our higher self is the oversoul of the consciousness we exist in on the Earth, and that we’re extensions of this oversoul. Our higher self isn’t some outward Creator entity for us to give our energy to, and rather, our higher self is us in a more evolved form.
As such, stepping into alignment with the Divine will of our higher self is comparable to accepting a diploma and wearing a special hat at a graduation. It’s simply a representation of the fact that we’ve reached newer strides in our pursuit of higher consciousness and doesn’t inhibit or restrict our actual will in any way.
We’ve been allotted the freewill experiment on the Earth, and we’ve been allowed to hurt ourselves, each other and the world around us in the name of experiencing absolutely everything we sew. Humanity is now being called upon to seek spirit and our own Divine will in greater ways than we ever have, and the result could be a complete laying-down of violence and the perceived need to hurt another.
We’ll step into the greatest potentials we could never imagine, and we’ll help build a world that reflects the harmony and joy we’ll each feel within. We can help bring this future about in this moment by seeking within, with the question of what we can do to step into our greater Divine will in this and every moment.

Vasanas and Catalytic Learning

For this section of Spiritual Evolution, I’d like to discuss the catalytic lessons we experience as we grow into greater perceptions, and the surfacing we undergo as well.
“Vasana” is a term that describes latent reactive tendencies that are derived from unresolved or unsurfaced pain or trauma accumulated early in one’s Life.
Vasanas have been called “sleeping volcanos” and rightly so, because they can bring a person far off balance over an issue that’s ultimately related to pain or trauma suffered and buried away deep within. When we bury hurt or trauma underneath our surface, it doesn’t actually go away.
Instead, it remains underneath our surface, slowly and silently ravaging our emotions and our outlook on Life until it can be surfaced. This can come about in the form of experiencing a circumstance or set of circumstances which, even if only a little, remind one of the trauma they sustained and buried.
Because we don’t want to face those latent and buried issues, we tend to react in a volatile manner toward those around us or whomever we feel was “responsible” for bringing the issue up or had a hand to play in its rise.
We tend to focus only on the outward issue that caused a negative reaction, because we still don’t want to surface and work through those dormant yet very active issues that live within us. We can never get away from surfacing any bit of pain held within, because as we ascend it’ll continue to be pushed up to the surface in the form of the sleeping volcano that is a vasana.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Steve Beckow over at The Golden Age of Gaia has been, more or less, a pioneer of this term and understanding what it means. He’s also written plentiful articles on helping deal with vasanas and surfacing/working through what drives them, and I’ll direct you to a section of The Golden Age of Gaia dedicated to this issue. (6)
We can surface and work through any bit of dormant pain or trauma we’ve sustained, and it helps to have so many conscious writers working through their personal ascension processes in the public domain.
The lessons we experience in our lives related to potential vasanas or to any aspect of our growth, are always catalytic and are meant to help us gain greater understandings and knowledge about our existence.
Yes, we can certainly experience some difficult and enthusiasm-shattering lessons as we exist on this Earth, but everything we go through is ultimately necessary if we wish to gain greater understandings.
We’re obviously never left alone by the Company of Heaven to fend for ourselves, and rather, even the difficult things we experience are carefully crafted and planned-out before we experience them. We can take solace in the fact that the difficult and painful lessons we experience are catalytically necessary for us to grow into purely blissful perceptions and states of consciousness.
The states of consciousness of the higher dimensions, we’ve been told, feel more blissful and heavenly than anything we’ve yet experienced. We’ve been told that the bliss and splendor of a higher-dimensional experience goes far beyond any we’ve yet felt, and it helps to know that we’re growing back toward realms where pain or difficulty of any kind can’t and don’t exist.
Growing into greater perceptions of the reality around us and peeling the illusion away from our eyes, minds and hearts helps us become aware of the fact that life is meant to be blissful and harmonious in every single moment, and upon awakening one comes to learn that the lifestyle humanity has lived and the culture we’ve fed into are and have always been illusory.
Our culture has seen us experience and feed into illusion and distortion on a massive level, and upon becoming open to the existence of the spiritual realms and one’s own existence as a spiritual being who can attain full consciousness beyond and from the Earth, we begin to understand just how much illusion has and continues to be fed on this planet.
As we’ll get into discussing in The Company of Heaven, there are entire planets and Federations filled with evolved beings of full consciousness who seek to help humanity find our perception of the spiritual realms again, and their societies don’t feed into the instated illusion and the separation that’s played upon in our culture.
In due time, we’ll come to model the Earth after many of the harmoniously-run fifth-dimensional planets we’ll come to learn exist and boast plentiful ascended humans and societies. We’ll establish unity and prosperity on a widespread level by recognizing that there are no differences between us as people of respective races, nations and belief systems, and we’ll be able to collectively greet the fifth dimension.
So much wonder and joy awaits us, and the difficulty and the catalysts we experience along the way of growing back into our greater bliss-filled perceptions will never be felt again when we reach the fifth-dimensional realms we’ve heard so much about.

Service to Others and Service to Self

An aspect of growing into purer states of consciousness often discussed in many spiritual circles is discovering the ideal of service to others.
Service to others is essentially what the name suggests: making the conscious choice to serve others around you in any way you can. It’s been said that serving others becomes a natural drive when we reach higher states of consciousness, but what exactly are we doing when we serve others?
Suffice to say, we don’t grow into an immense desire to serve somebody in the physical sense, though our service might require physical work. Rather, it’s been said that upon growing into higher states of consciousness the desire is gained to help as many people as possible find the beauty and splendor one begins to tap back into.
We make the choice to serve others in the spiritual sense, and the wanderers, Lightworkers, starseeds, etc. incarnate right now have come to the Earth as a part of a conscious and driven decision to serve humanity and specifically, to help humanity grow back into higher states of consciousness.
Myriad higher-dimensional beings are viewing our Earth and the events playing-out here, and genuinely assisting in our collective evolution in any way they can. This is because they feel this strong drive, and it’s a drive we’ll feel as well upon reaching the states of consciousness they exist in.
As we evolve on the Earth, our desire to serve and assist others begins to grow. It’s important when deciding to devote your existence to serving others, to know that service to self can still exist and is itself important to be employed in balanced moderation.
Despite what you may have heard, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to serve yourself in some senses because it’s an overall aspect of loving yourself. We’re meant to celebrate ourselves and our existence, rather than solely devote ourselves to others without considering our needs and balanced-out wants.
Recognize the elements of your personal existence you’d like to change, and show yourself the Love you may have devoted yourself to showing others. Ultimately, a Life of spiritual service is what we’re growing into, and we’re coming to recognize that we’re no different from those around us and as such, should treat and be treated with the same loving respect as anyone else (which takes us back to the Golden Rule).
We’re meant to help as many people become aware as possible when awakening, but if I can quote Ziggy Marley, “I can’t make you happy, unless I am”. (7)
Recognize the necessity of serving yourself and helping yourself to feel the same way you’d like to help others feel, and balance your physical wants into wants that don’t consume you or see you focusing on yourself more than others.

Elements of Ascension Still Unknown

The Spiritual Evolution section of The Aquarius Paradigm wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the fact that the most brazen and paradigm-shattering aspects of our evolution are still in their beginning stages, and there are aspects of this process that me and anyone else who writes about ascension still don’t know about.
The most brazen aspects of our ascension have been hinted at by the Company of Heaven in the channeled communications they’ve been giving to humanity, but we still don’t have the biggest grasp on some of the more awesome aspects of our ascension that we haven’t yet reached.
My feeling is that humanity will be opened up to the existence of the spiritual realms in very brazen ways after the exposure of the Powers that Were, who we’ll discuss in the section named after them, helps break the illusion that’s been carefully crafted around our minds and hearts.
Aspects of our ascension that’ll leave us in awe cannot yet be fathomed by me and most of those who write about this subject, but nevertheless, it’s believed that all of humanity will open up to and experience these events.
Even beyond the brazen energetic events we’re going to experience, there are likely still aspects of our ascension regarding our personal growth and exposure/transmutation any latently-held dense energy that I couldn’t describe out.
Our minds and hearts will be opened up sufficiently by the time such events reach us, and in the meantime, you’re encouraged to seek within and learn as much about yourselves and your personal ascension processes as much as possible.


In concluding the Spiritual Evolution section, I recognize that I’ve likely only been able to cover a small portion of such evolution. What’s written here certainly isn’t all that’s known regarding ascension, and you’re encouraged to check out the myriad other spiritual blogs devoted to helping humanity evolve.
You’ll learn more about our spiritual evolution by seeking information and energy within than by looking toward or reading any outward source, but there’s a flourishing community of awakening souls working diligently to give their slant on ascension and help inform as many people as possible about the existence of the higher dimensions.
Our existence as spiritual beings and the fact that life is meant to be enjoyed and prosperity is meant to be shared with all are among the most important truths and ideals for people to open up to, in my opinion.
There are thousands of people pioneering bringing our ascension energies through and doing everything they can to awaken the collective, and if assisting humanity in becoming aware of our evolution interests you, you’re encouraged to do your part in every way you can.
There are so many ways you can get active in this moment to bring forth knowledge of ascension and the higher dimensions. You can start a blog; make videos; make music; the list could go on forever.
We’re being asked to find what best suits us in serving humanity so that we can get to work on fulfilling the roles many of us have incarnated here to fulfill, and overall, humanity’s spiritual evolution can only be brought about with the active work and effort of every citizen.
Sure, it’s anticipated that plenty of people won’t choose to come together or accept each other at first, but it’s believed that the rising planetary energies could help those who’d otherwise remain closed off to the idea of unity and harmony, to open up to it.
Even those we wouldn’t expect to respond to our ascension energies or find any type of awakening could perhaps respond exponentially and find themselves at the forefront of helping establish widespread peace, harmony and prosperity, and it’s believed and hoped that we’ll all be able to ascend.
Certainly, the desire on the part of the Company of Heaven is for every person on our world to ascend, and even they recognize that it could be difficult and that there’ll be a lot of informing work to do to open humanity up to concepts that have seemed like mere fantasy for so long.
Overall, getting humanity over the hump of the instated “fiction” mindset that’s employed when presented with ideals that seem too far outside of our physical paradigm to possibly be real will be a big aspect of bringing our collective into the Light.
We’ve had barriers put up around our ability to discern what is and isn’t reality, and we’ve been led to believe only in a dense and artificial reality with no allowance for the existence of realms beyond our conscious understanding that can’t be physically studied or proven through the narrow and at times un-allowing lens of mainstream science.
Despite this, humanity’s spiritual evolution is on a full course to manifesting and it’s time to help make the rest of the world aware.
by Wes Annac


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