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A Rainbow Collective by Steve Beckow

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A Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective 22The angels through Tazjima told us months ago: “It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities.” (1) And they promised:
“As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.” (2)
I keep hearing more and more about new areas of work with the galactics and meeting more and more lightworkers.
It isn’t that we’ll stress being lightworkers less and less in the times ahead and join the general population. It’s more, as Archangel Michael says, that more and more people will join the lightworker community.
Archangel Michael: We are in this sacred partnership. Are we in partnership with every being on the planet? Yes. But it is difficult when you are in a partnership and the other person does not realize it. So we are working with those who realize we are in partnership. And so that is why we are having these conversations.
So, does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.
Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?
AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (3)
As we lightworkers meet and come together, how are we to approach things and what are we to do? Let’s look at that, starting generally and working our way out to specifics.
The Divine Mother reminds us: “You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility … is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.” (4)
Archangel Michael put it this way:
“You are emissaries. You are wayshowers, you are pathfinders, you are regridders, and reweavers.
“If leadership — and I use this in the communal sense of the word — does not have a clear sense of direction, of mission and purpose, how do you lead? How?” (5)
We’re a rainbow collective, White Cloud tells us.
“The rainbow of light workers now embodied on the planet is very colorful indeed. You are from so many different worlds, dimensions, galaxies and universes. Some of you have never existed in form before; (6) it is a challenge just to walk around and be relatively ‘normal.’
“Others of you have spent many lifetimes on the planet and are well versed in dealing with its heavy energies that are, fortunately, becoming “lighter” every day. Each one of you is unique and the only one who can do what you came here for, your mission. It is for you to discover what that mission is and as many channeled beings have said before, you may be doing your mission by simply being here.” (7)
The Mother tells us to prepare ourselves for collaboration by releasing all turmoil and pain.
“This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.
“If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that.” (8)
She explains that being a wayshower doesn’t have to involve a public role. It can simply involve sharing energetically:
“How you are acting as the wayshower is exactly what I have asked you to do. It is to receive and then send.
“This is the request and the partnership. So your clarity will grow. But I am asking you to send it, not just to be in a public forum speaking of it, not to go to your place of work where they will fire you because they think you are insane, and speak of it, but to energetically share it, hold it, be it. And people will follow you because their heart is yearning for more. ..
“So, be the way-shower in your room. Then step out into the living room, perhaps, and share the energy with your children. You do not need to say a word. Then walk down the street and look at everybody you meet, in the eye, and smile.” (9)
The ascended master Lanto also encourages us to lead the way in sending and receiving love.
“We realise that the Era of Love may be a new experience, a time to exist in the love of the Creator without fear, judgment, suffering or pain, because it is a new experience it seems therefore unknown.
“Uncertainty and unfamiliar energies can cause suffering and confusion. This is why you have been selected as a pioneer of the Era of the Love to move yourself, reality, perspective and all that you recognise yourself to be into the center core of love to experience the abundance of the Creator’s love, thereby demonstrating to others the purpose of this era and the joys that can be experienced.” (10)
I’ve said before that I don’t think we’re here to have incredible enlightenment experiences, even though we lightworkers are higher-dimensional beings. We’re here to go up with the rest of the populace slowly, acting as the leaven in the loaf. And the Pleiadians and Arcturians through Wes Annac seem to suggest that here as well:
“Your ultimate goal is and has always been to help your populace awaken, and when a certain percentage of your public is able to find enlightenment and collective ascension results, you’ll be able to take a breath of fresh higher-dimensional air knowing that you did much for your planetary and collective evolution.” (11)
As we choose personal expansion, we comfort others and influence them as well, the master Hilarion says.
“As the roles of many of you expand, so will aspects of one’s role that could be seen as older or outdated begin to fall away. You’re meant to embrace personal expansion, and as you do, you’re meant to lead yourselves to what resonates with you the most and what you feel the most comfortable doing for your Earth’s ascension.
“Be unswerving in your peaceful intentions and treat others with the greatest kindest and respect. Remember how it was for you during your awakening and how powerful the energies are that must be assimilated and fully integrated.
“This is what your brothers and sisters, all your loved ones are now experiencing and they need your patience, support and encouragement. They need your peaceful calm and your confidence that all is well. They need to know that the process that they are going through is one that everyone on Earth must go through and that they will make it through.
“This is what you have been training for as you struggled mightily to overcome the temptations of duality of this plane of existence. You have made the grade, you have graduated, and now it is time to use your wisdom and experience to make a difference in the lives and challenges of the people around you. By the Light that you are, they shall know you and seek you out. Be ready to serve the Divine in any way that you are called during these times.” (12)
White Cloud through Tazjima tells us that we’re where we need to be and doing what we need to do.
“Each of you has a reason for being where you now find yourself, whether living in relationship, having a big extended family or living alone, without family. You are where you need to be, or you would be actively changing… or will be soon changing location/work/circumstance when the inner desire overpowers any lingering fear your human ego may still retain in regards to making changes in your life.” (13)
As our light body expands and our physical body is able to hold more light and still function with integrity, we’ll be able to do more, White Cloud says. And different generations have different missions.
“For some of the older lightworkers, the constant downloads and upgrades of light and codes has become an exhausting process, for they have spent literally decades and years dealing with using their physical bodies as transformers, stepping down the light so it could be successfully anchored here. The next generations have different missions and inner agendas. Seek within what drives your interest, what brings you joy, what excites and delights and you will discover what your mission might be.” (14)
He reviews the specific kinds of missions we might find ourselves drawn to.
“As a light worker, you can choose to join the picket lines, the protests, the political process or you can choose to do your light work and engage in re-building and reconnecting your light body and rebuilding the planet by doing positive and regenerative activities like gardening, building community, sharing stories, blogging and writing, doing creative activities, healing and educating the newly awakened.
“Many of the light workers are meant to teach the ones who come with questions and they will come, first in their hundreds and then thousands and then millions. By preparing yourself as best you can, by transmuting your own ‘stuff,’ discovering your inner teacher, you are preparing yourself to meet those who do not have your background in spirituality, at least in this life time…
There are always scouts and wayshowers who must find the way forward and those who carve out the path behind them. Then the wagon parties of emigrants arrive and create a road and cities of light and gardens and wonders galore. The forests are replanted, the mountains, streams and valleys cleansed of all pollution.
“It will happen; it is happening. Dream the dream and go forward on your own path; you will be followed. You will be honored for what you do and what you are – the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.” (15)
So there are suggestions on what our lightwork is in general and what specific paths we follow. Any path we choose to follow, the Divine Mother says, is what she wants for us.
It isn’t the case that we’re necessarily waiting for anything. It isn’t the case that we’re doing nothing now. And it isn’t the case that what we’ll do in the future will necessarily be unrelated to what we’re doing now or have done. We’re already launched and simply expanding in our role and our outreach.  And each fresh download of energy brings us more and more out of our shells and into the roles that we’ve chosen.
by Steve Beckow


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