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Be CONTENT to Live in the MOMENT: Message from Elohim Cyclopea ...Excellent article --do enjoy it!! :^D

Thank you Elohim Cyclopea and Julie!

We hear often by many that there is a desire to live life more consciously. For the most part dear ones, this kind of realization is due to the sudden understanding that control over one’s life can be fleeting and create the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much information and distractions. Living a life more consciously is not a superficial life choice, there are many wondrous benefits to living life more consciously that have great and empowering effects to both your heart and soul, and just as importantly the ability to touch others in a positive manner by the mere energy you emit. 
What does living consciously mean to you? Living life more consciously metaphorically is understood that you have brought yourself out of a deep slumber, where the unconscious dream you were having is realized that a fraction of your actions were dictated by outside circumstances, habits and mannerisms were based on what others were doing or asking of you, not by your own control and conscious choices. When you step forward, embracing a more conscious lifestyle you will begin to question your own negative behaviours, you will see where improvement is required within your actions and habits that will produce more favourable and positive ones as a result of your heart-felt efforts. You will be rewarded dear ones within a short time span with the incredible feeling of having control in areas of your life that were once out-of-control and creating unnecessary havoc. 
Living in a more conscious and aware state is very empowering dear ones and you will come to realize just how motivational these changes to your overall life are and you will continue bringing in similar positive changes that will continue to enhance your current lifestyle and way of living that illustrates and demonstrates the goodness of your nature and how in-tune you are with not only yourself but with ALL there is on a deep and profound level – a level that is beyond normal human perception because in truth total awareness has no time or dimension, total awareness is ALL and EVERYTHING. 
When you begin living your life more consciously, each step, each thought, each feeling and each word is created more thoughtfully and deliberately. Your decisions are done without doubt or the nagging feeling that comes from your subconscious that something will go wrong. You know without a doubt where you are going even if your direction are not completely clear because you have developed an innate trust with yourself and with the powers and energies that are working within you and all around you. Every day you know more of your life purpose and you calmly accept this information and learn to make positive use of what you have learned to bring more happiness into your life without the distressing reminders of past events or the pressure of worrying about the future – you are content living in this MOMENT, loving every minute of it. 
In order to embrace living your life more consciously it is essential dear ones to understand any and all of your negative barriers and learn what it is that has been preventing you from moving forward, and why making certain choices was so hard. It is important to your journey to fully understand and to identify the sources in your life that encourage negative energy and to learn ways and methods to dissolve these sources of negativity and bring peace of mind and calm to settle throughout your whole and entire body, inside and out. When you begin to learn the root causes to any negative behaviour or ways of being you will come to realize much of what brings you down is not just the people in your life, but certain images you may view from various media sources. By learning what is harming you, you also realize how to disarm yourself from its influences and by doing so you also come to the realization of what makes you feel good, who and what inspires you and empowers you. By learning what is harmful you also learn what is good for you – heart and soul. And what is good for you is able to influence you to make decisions that are deliberate and sure. 
Additionally, it is vital to your journey to be able to recognize the barriers that are clearly in front of you preventing you from accomplishing your desire to live life more consciously. Understand dear ones that any barrier is your block and inability to reaching any goal you have set out to reach. A barrier could be choosing to read a magazine that doesn’t stimulate the mind or watch television instead of making more assertive choices that produce productive results for the greater of good in your home. Remember, the first step to living your life more consciously is always the hardest but each step you take you are overcoming negative influences and working at reducing any hindering barriers. 
There are different paths you have the ability of choosing and each day your path will take slightly different angles and turns but for the most part your journey consists of an easy path that has the least amount of resistance or a path that is filled with obstacles. More often than not, what we observe are many dear souls choosing the easier path, very few people consciously choose the direction that has more problems. Understand dear ones that whenever you have chosen a direction that has the least problems or resistance; it was done due to other factors having a huge play. Making a choice that doesn’t give you any resistance does not require a lot of major decision making skills or processing, there is little being evaluated in regards to what is needed to be done nor is there a lot of thinking ahead to possible challenges that could arise and create blockages and prevent you from reaching your desired goal. Whenever you find yourself with an option of choosing the easier path to one with more challenging possibilities remember; the easiest choice isn’t always the most conscious choice. It is important to know which path will fulfill you the most, when you do commit to your choice completely and see each step through. 
The world which you live dear ones is fast and exceptionally modern. It is obvious that you are surrounded by many pressures and distractions all the time. Many of your outside pressures that you are confronted with on a daily basis are created out of false purposes, some that dictate how you should live, eat, dress, etc. Society at large has been under the influence of social media and its subtle messages for a very long time and they do have an impact on how you have chosen to live. In addition they can also add negativity to your lifestyle. 
Choosing to live a life more consciously demonstrates in huge volumes that you are clearly independent of false meanings, attempts to be programmed or influenced that would have encouraged you to indulge in a more flamboyant and material way of living. You understand that accumulating things is not the root of your happiness. Raising your consciousness and understanding who you are is the actual discovery of what happiness is for you and it cannot be found from anything or anyone else but yourself. Furthermore, happiness dear ones cannot be increased or enhanced with material things. Buying the latest gadget may bring you a certain amount of pleasure, but when the novelty wears off you become bored and looking for newer ways to find happiness and pleasure. Understand dear ones, it is the independence of being able to make conscious decisions that will provide you with the inner knowing that what you are about to do is for the benefit of you and those that are likely to be affected by your choice. 
As you move forward, living your life more consciously you realize what is truly important and which areas you are willing to invest a little more time fine-tuning. Living more consciously is a positive way of life and of being. It encourages you to focus on what is important and what you are willing to let go. You may find yourself doing activities that fulfill you that you never considered before. When you are making you happy, you are bringing yourself closer to achieving any goals you have been working towards. 
As you learn to let go of certain concepts and old ways of being and eliminate certain temptations that came from outside influences you will soon realize you have cleared more time that was once busy. Boredom will cross your path dear ones and when it does understand you have reached a great pinnacle on your journey. Where you have entertained yourself out of habit is now space to increase more productive activities that help keep you on track positively and maintain your focus. When boredom is reached, take this time to reflect on how far you have come. 
It is extremely important that you question any choices that were made unconsciously and learn through reflection of the habits that were created out of such choices. Don’t give into guilt, accept the choices you have made and forgive yourself with love and compassion and carry one by making fresh new conscious choices that will produce a happier and peaceful life. Don’t lose your focus on what is important, spend more time in areas and things that are meaningful and purposeful that have the highest good and will produce the best outcome for your life. This is your journey dear ones, it is up you to take control of each step and discover delight in each waking turn and movement. 
I AM Elohim Cyclopea 
through Julie Miller

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