Friday, October 25, 2013

Walk Your Journey with God by El Morya thru Julie MIller

Thank you El Morya and Julie!

It is wonderful to see an increase of appreciation of the importance of living within the Will of God, in all actions and words, thoughts and feelings. Learning and understanding what it means to work within your Free Will, given to each of you by God gives you the power of making better decisions and learning from the ones that led to disastrous outcomes. There are many reasons why there are more dear souls learning to live and be an active part of God’s Will and one is for the ability to achieve peace of mind, and a steady flow of calmness that permeates the whole body as well as enjoying living in agreement with His Presence that provides a prevailing satisfaction in every inch of your life.
Those that truly love God’s Cherished Son will easily without surprise be willing to follow God’s direction by living through His Will. Each day you are faced with emotional challenges that can easily create obscurity, preventing you from understanding God’s directions that He has purposely shared with you. It does take great effort dear ones to understand what God’s Will is within any specific circumstance you may be facing.
There have been during past times many misinterpretations on what God’s Word was, or what His Will was all about. Understand dear ones, God does speak to you; He comes to you often through your dreams, and any visions you undergo. Some predictions that have been shared over the years also hold God’s words to His children. His relationship with each of you is deep, loving and exceptionally profound. When you are following his direction through His Will that he illustrates for you, through silent communication and inner knowing, you begin to create a relationship with God that will continue to grow and become the rock that will keep you motivated upon the journey you have embarked.
There is a great importance dear ones to understand all the knowledge you will gain by following God’s Will, will be met through direct experiences, learning how to choose which path or option to take that is of the highest good each time. It also essential to share your experiences with others which will help to dissolve any doubt or mistakes you may have made along the way. The more you learn of the relationship Beloved Jesus had with his Glorious Father, the more you will come to understand awareness, love and inner knowing is more than what is within your flesh covered body. You will come to realize each decision you make is best made when there is wisdom, love and power involved each time in trust that God is right there dear ones encouraging you to step forward, trusting where your path is leading you.
We encourage you to make effort to understand God’s Will and his purpose for each of you. And the first step to understand God’s Will is to understand the divine nature of God Himself. God wants you to know Him, to understand what his Will is all about and where you fit in. There are many concepts that will try to dissuade you with other ideas, but your heart dear ones will lead you back to the Light and Love of God.
Many of you know in long passed centuries there have many who came forward willingly guiding the people of that time through God’s Will. Each person that shared God’s Will and His Word shared in their own unique way and through their own demonstrations the people understood to love God was to walk humbly with God and bask in His mercy and unconditional love and protection. Even though the times of the Ancient Days are long passed, there is much to learn by their example that can be applied within your modern era. It would be an eye opening experience if you would once in a while step back and honestly and truthfully look at yourself, see yourself, see how you react, share, talk, think and feel; look at the many ways you demonstrate your own Free Will under the direction of God. Determine if your actions truly show His Divine Presence and be honest dear ones with what you observe. Any wrongness you may find is there for you to learn from, to make better. All that you need dear ones to bring forth a great abundance of joy and happiness into your life is right there in front of you. Use what you have been given and walk your journey with God through His Beloved Son, Jesus.
As you go throughout your day, take a look at nature as she blossoms, maybe she is preparing for Winter; as you see the beauty that is there each day, you will also recognize God’s handiwork in each living creature, blade of grass, rock, insect, person and so forth. He has made no mistake with the creations that are before you. In His eyes, there is no such thing as ugly – because each Creation holds precious beauty that can be seen when one truly sees through their heart. God’s true nature dear ones is also His Word. This sacred side of God is Love. He has more than enough love for each person, each creature and each living organism as His love has no bottom. He is committed to always being there showing you your truth when you are willing to take your blinders off, He will walk beside you showing you the world through His eyes under the direction of His Will which becomes your Will when you accept God completely into your heart.
Many of you know He lives within your heart, but knowing does not mean you have accepted Him. When you consciously accept God as being an important aspect of your life each day you wake, you demonstrate His actions through you. The moment you allow God to work through you, He will help you to alleviate any guilt you may have over the false identity you created before you become One with His Divine and Sacred Presence. If you allow Him, God will heal you through the Brilliance of His light and endlessness of His Love. Following God’s Will requires great commitment and dedication to always step forward without any fears or doubts, in full trust and faith in His direction.
A great reward awaits you when you completely commit to receiving God’s Love through the directions He has for you and by surrendering all your cares and concerns to Him. A fantastic journey is your reward and it begins the first time you begin working through His Will. He will share His Kingdom with you and teach you about beauty and learn how see each step of your journey with wonderment, love and compassion.
Understand dear ones, God’s Will is also your ability to propel yourself into action under the influence of God’s Love which will guide you to great experiences that will provide you with essential knowledge that will feed your wisdom. You will be able to recognize the fullness of each opportunity presented and see with peace and calm the nature of God’s Love and Will in Action through the choices you make. As you manoeuvre your way along your path, you will come to the conclusion that there is great need to balance your karma and you will realize you do this also by the conscious choices you make. God will show you the path to liberation through forgiveness and gratitude, He will show you various ways of becoming more than you currently are as you illustrate to Him your readiness.  
Even though not every situation that crosses your path is meant to be viewed on a personal level, we witness so many dear souls taking nearly everything personally. Truly see and know that every action you share and witness is not always about you personally. It is important dear ones to learn how to let go of some of the disharmony that may come your way, and learn to counter other people’s negativity with love and compassion. It is the hardest thing for those that are sensitive, and that is to show love and compassion to those the ones that deliver harsh judgements or criticism. Every person that comes into your life is there for a very good reason and for your benefit, even the ones that cause irritation. Learn from within, with honesty why you felt irritated. Where was your emotional and mental state of mind before the interaction, what procedures did you take to protect your loving and fragile heart? It is important to remember and to understand not everyone is at the same level of awareness as you. Where they are, doesn’t provide always them with the ability to understand, they only know how to react. This is a challenge for the one receiving their ill actions. Remember as well dear ones; each person is a reflection of yourself and a part of God. What you see in another person that you like or don’t like helps you to understand more of yourself. You cannot make another person stop being critical if they are unwilling to see, but you can learn how to cope and how to manage by taking care of yourself. Give these ones your love, respect and forgive them. While forgiving them, forgive yourself as well. Learn from each interaction and become that much more knowledgeable as a result. Instead of seeing the harm some interactions can create, see the good that you can utilize now and in the future.
Every time you find yourself surrounded by a victorious moment, where God has led you through His Divine Will, celebrate yourself with God, for all the hard work you applied to get there. Even with God showing you the way, it is you that must take the effort to follow. Within each of you is a great fire and this fire lights your enthusiasm, fuels your love and passion that you share in all the many things you do. Through God’s loving direction, you learn just how much you can receive, when to share, and what to let go in order to make space for more of His beautiful Light that also warms your heart with His love.
When you are comfortable working with God’s Divine Will and you have embraced this as your own, you share His directions, His word as a teacher that is also the student at the same time. You understand God is an essential part of your life; His presence is part of every level in the foundation you have carefully constructed. Through you, He is able to spread His Light onto others that are open to receive. Unfold yourself to His Beckoning Light dear ones and allow yourself to be embraced by His Infinite Love. There are other sincere hearts ready to feel and see God’s Presence working through you. Unfold your divine beauty with all that are like-minded and help to being more peace, joy, compassion and love to the world.
Always know dear ones; I El Morya will always be your friend on this magical journey. My Presence on your journey will help bring you to further understanding of God’s Will, and His Word when you invoke my presence. Forever, God is a part of you. The moment you acknowledge this fact is the moment your life, your journey and all else changes for the better.
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya 
through Julie Miller

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