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Office of Poofness: The boys behind the scenes are taking steps to take those “in” power, “out” of power. You all want to believe this but some don’t. So it's okay but wait and see! There has been some holding off to make the final checks on all changes that have to happen before this whole thing is turned loose. You need to know that the “New World Order” is caving in and the “New Golden Age” is coming. The changes have been happening for a while now, and the world is actively engaged in a change of heart. Many things are scheduled to occur to make this a reality for all….

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!

The Office of Poofness

poof 1Stephen: This message was a bit delayed in being sent out from the Office of Poofness this week, possibly due to the ever-changing situation behind-the-scenes. The weekend just gone by was a long weekend for much of the United States (Columbus Day), where many banks were closed on Monday. This is what ZAP is referring to below by ‘banking holiday. We are already IN the week he is discussing. He says the reset is in “full swing”, but we are yet to see this as a tangible fact.

Greeting and Salutations,
Fortunately the Kabuki theatre is nearly ended, and the currency revaluation is beginning.  Pay attention to the activities after the banking holiday this coming week; I’m hearing it could be a very exciting time.
The best thing that happened in DC came from the chaplain of the Congress.    Here is his prayer for the Congress and the country:

Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, S.J. – Opening Prayer – 10/11/2013 –

“Loving God, we give You thanks for giving us another day. Lord, You know there are many Americans who look to the people’s House as uncertainty about the future of the economy and their livelihoods hang in the balance. Petty partisanship and ever politicizing rhetoric should have no place at all when men and women of goodwill come together to serve the common good.

We ask again that You bless the Members of the people’s House with the understanding that it is their work to develop the strategies and plans to assuage the fears of their fellow countrymen and  women.

We ask again that You impel those who possess power here in the Capitol to be mindful of those whom they represent who possess little or no power and whose lives are made all the more difficult by a failure to work out serious differences.

May all that is done today be for Your greater honor and glory. Amen.”

Poof said:
The boys behind the scenes are taking steps to take those “in” power, “out” of power.  You all want to believe this but some don’t.  So it's okay but wait and see!  There has been some holding off to make the final checks on all changes that have to happen before this whole thing is turned loose.
You need to know that the “New  World Order”  is caving in and the “New Golden Age” is coming. The changes have been happening for a while now, and the world is actively engaged in a change of heart.  Many things are scheduled to occur to make this a reality for all….
Here's ZAP:
Hi All,
Many questions this week; few answers as the process of reset is in full swing, and precious little inside info is being allowed out, but I will do my best to fill in the blanks here and there.

Q:  Dear Zap:  Thanks for everything you do and have done.  In your last post, you revealed that you are not American.  What nationality are you?

A:  We are celebrating Thanksgiving here, but my roots are European royals.  I have a particular love for the USA and for china.  Cannot explain it.  It just is there, so I speak of both as my own countries.  Feels right.

Q:  Countries do not need central banks.  Certainly, America does NOT need a central bank, especially a privately owned central bank.

A:  But we have one.  It is called the US Treasury.  At the moment, everybody thinks it is a part of the government just like the federal reserve.  Well, since the us government is actually a us corporation, what does that make the US Treasury?  This is distinct and separate again from the Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned corporation with shareholders like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Mellon, etc., in direct control of it.  The Federal Reserve orders money printed and loans it out to the US government at interest.  Nice arrangement.  (JF) Kennedy was shot because he wanted to dismantle this lucrative arrangement and put the us back on the gold standard.  Bobby (Kennedy) followed since he kept on that track.  Look at libya.  Gaddafi put in his own central bank with his currency backed by gold.  He refused to let the cabal in to take ownership.  Got a war in return.

Q:  Has the Federal Reserve really been made – or really will be made – no longer privately owned, but really a part of the UST?  May it be so!

A:  The plan is to amalgamate the Federal Reserve with the US Treasury.  If it is done under the new republic of the United States and the original constitution, with the US corporation dissolved, then it would be for the betterment of American citizens with responsible government in place.  Currently, the US corporation is bankrupt and has the ability to raise the debt ceiling (done already) and keep going.  It is a bubble that will break sooner or later.  Hopefully sooner.  Already, about 500 cabal members and us corporation staff have been arrested.  More to come as the reset continues.

Q:  Certainly there are functions like check clearing, etc., that the Fed has performed and that need to be performed.

A:  Get the bookkeeper at any competent business to do it. Probably do it better.  Or your average housewife.  She can balance checkbooks.

Q:  But what we DON T need is a central agency fiddling with and manipulating the economy.  Is it really possible that that function of the Fed will cease?

A:  Not cease; just transform into something that really works for the people, instead of bleeding them dry.

Q:  What we need is HONEST MONEY; money issued by the UST as stated in the Constitution.  And with no debt created each time a dollar is issued into the economy.  Is this really going to happen?  May it be so!

A:  Yes, it will really happen.  Alternative is the continuation of a bankrupt company.  Do we really need an enron running the country as it is being run now?  Similarities are there except for the name.

Q:  Without central fiddling, the currency of a country will naturally become more and more valuable (deflation).  This is what happened in the US during the 19th century: Purchasing power of the dollar increased in spite of the inflationary effect of Lincoln s issuing greenbacks to finance the Civil War.

A:  The economy boomed at wartime, right?  Why?  The great depression was the result of money taps being turned off to create an artificial depression that became real, and resulted in massive foreclosures and transfer of wealth to the cabal.  Once the war started (and that was a contrived war starting with the pearl harbor nightmare that mobilized the country), the money taps were turned back on.  Yippee.  The economy turned around. Money flow = prosperity at all levels.  No money flow = depression and lack.  (common sense and economics 101.)

Q:  The PTB (Powers That Be)have always engineered inflation as an effective and invisible way to tax the populace.

A:  Yes.

Q:  I would appreciate anything you are able to share about progress back toward honest money.

A:  Send $19.95 to me, zap, care of bob s bank at the corner of 49th and Vine (the  57 Chevy with the rolled down window aka the deposit slot).  I will send you a receipt in six months for your money.  And, rest assured, we will think of many honest ways to spend your honest money.  Or are you doing that already with the corporation you call the us government? But, realistically, honest money is being installed with the start of the historic asset redemptions, the global gold settlements, the rv, and the installation of the basel iii protocols.  We will be ok.  Many good people are working on humanity s behalf doing this effort.
Hope that answers your questions.

Stephen: I have removed a couple of unrelated superfluous questions here..
Q:  “There will be an 800 number given to people at banks for anyone that may not have been found.”

A:  This is something upstairs is looking after.  Nobody gets left behind.  So, whatever method that will be used, ALL will be looked after.

Q:  In the case I have not been found, I will not be sent to a bank and, therefore, there is no way I could get any 800 number.  And I wouldn t even know to what banks other people were being sent because of the non-disclosure.

A:  Not to worry.  Upstairs will make the appropriate moves to ensure that all will be looked after.  If for any reason anybody is not found right away, or there is a delay, you can write in; and we will do our best to correct the issue.  As I said nobody gets left behind.

Q:  You (Susan) and our dear friend, ZAP, are people in the know who know all the contacts.  I am sure you know the people in charge of the PPs, particularly of the Savage Program. I am sore that I will not be found because I am not in the United States; I am in a poor and remote country in South America.  That is the reason I need to know where or to whom I can write to send them my address, phone number, e-mail, etc., in order not to be left out.  I would appreciate it so much if you and ZAP would help me.  Millions of thanks for this great favor and for everything you are doing for all the people in the world.

A:  We will be here for you and give whatever helping hand is required.  Be well and know that all is well – always has been, and always will be – on this planet of choices.  The big guy upstairs and his son are the ones we can always count on.  They will not forsake us.  I think they love us a lot.  Wish we all would do the same & help.

In respect of the RV… Again, they have been trying almost every day to get it up on the screens and done.  However, it is my opinion that it will happen only after the us shutdown thing is resolved. If it is done beforehand, then the cabal will strike and rip us off again.  So, be patient as the reset unfolds, and the arrests continue.  The main event is still to come, and it will be televised.

In respect of the five-star trust that was to be a big helping hand for all, well, there are a few other trusts and foundations in behind that few know about that are the actual entities that will be giving the helping hand.  These folks are hundreds of years old and have been waiting much time for this moment.  They remain invisible until the rest is done, then they will come out and do what poof so often alluded to with five star.  No change really in intent, just mechanics.

In respect of project fundings, they are not far away now, and I believe all will be in place for that within the next 2 weeks as the funds flow.  Already, the first testers have gone in for the transfers to make sure that path works, and there are no holdups.  It has taken over a month to do one transfer so far, but the path has been cleared.  Next, transfers will continue along the same path but will, of course, be much faster now.  The main bulk of transfers in the many millions will follow, and then we can all get to work.  Christmas will be good this time around.

So, rest easy, and think good thoughts.  Help your neighbor.  Help yourself.  Plant a tree.  Hug one.  Write your congressman.  Take out the garbage.  Most of all, do not worry.  Worry sucks and releases tons of toxins into your system, so screw worrying and fear-mongering.  Just do random acts of kindness and pay it forward.

This coming week will see many visible and overt information coming out as the reset unfolds.  Be ready.

In love and light in our service,


From Susan:  I m facing a medical procedure that's not covered by insurance.  I would appreciate any donations you can make, large or small or in-between.  I can provide payment instructions if you drop me a line at  Thank you for whatever assistance you can send my way. acct:

Love and Kisses,
 Susan & Staff

From the “Office of Poofness”

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