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Time to Stop the Charade by Steve Beckow

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Time to Stop the Charade

Spy vs spy33We’re told that Italy’s spy watchdog COPASIR has recently learned details of large-scale monitoring of Italians by the US intelligence agency NSA.  As part of the program, phone calls and computer communications of “millions of Italians” are reportedly being gathered.
The acquisition of this sensitive private information “has as its sole aim the fight against terrorism,” one Italian intelligence source was quoted as saying. (1)
The violation of the privacy of millions upon millions in countries around the world is not a war on terrorism. It’s a struggle that had no original basis in reality. It was started and sustained by the same folks who brought us 9/11, the London Bombings, and every other false-flag operation foisted on the world.
They’re the terrorists and there were no other terrorists before they started their campaign of murder and lies.
There is no war on terrorism. Not really. There never was a war on terrorism. And there never will be a need for surveillance of the order, magnitude, or types that the mammoth security network constructed by the cabal foisted upon us.
The global charade is wearing thin.  With every fresh disclosure from watchdogs, whistleblowers and simply honest people, it’s being shown for the shameful campaign of terror that it really is.
The so-called “security” campaign has as its sole aim the cowing of the population and the extension of the rule of an Illuminati elite over the entire world. It has no other aim than exciting fear and establishing dominance and control.
This “security” network, sworn to protect us, is itself solely responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians and it kills, maims and incarcerates more each year. It’s the very source of havoc and murder in the first place and then it poses as our savior in the second.
This network has painted a whole people (Muslims) as responsible for the crimes the network did itself. Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11, the London Bombings, etc., and anyone who says they did, I’m afraid, is deluded.
Gradually and step by step, a network of white hats has turned this security network back upon itself and exposed its treasonous activities.
Now it needs to be completely stopped in its tracks and dismantled. The civil rights of all of us need to be restored and the folks who’d deprive the world of its privacy and freedoms need to be gotten out of the way.
The elite, which liked to think of itself as “masters of the universe,” is already a shadow of its former self.  We’ve corralled their wealth from every source, even from ships sunk to the bottom of the ocean with bonds and bullion in them.
So please, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, TSA, MI5, MI6 and all your confederates in the other alphabet agencies, know that we know. We know you, inside and out. And you won’t have our cooperation any more to blow up buses, trains and planes, kill, maim and imprison people.
We won’t allow you to invent and spread more manmade pandemics. We’ve taken apart your weather-warfare weapons. You have no ability to explode a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world and you know it.  We know your number and we have you cornered.
And to your underlings in the media, government, religion, medicine, and everywhere else, we say to you: It’s time to stop the charade.


(1)  “NSA Leaks: Italy Op Exposed – ‘Millions’ of Private Communications Intercepted with Govt Awareness,” Oct. 23, 2013, at
by Steve Beckow

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