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"Your Earthly Bodies will begin to take on a New Radiance ...As you enter further and further into Divine Union with your Soul."

Thank you once again, Lauren, for your elaborate and most insightful guidance!
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Sunday, May 22, 2011
The Phases of Embodiment

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"We understand the pull to resort to your old ways can sometimes be very strong, and by resisting those lower forces, rather, detaching from them, you are fully actualizing the divine template within you to become the master of worlds you already are. For that inner-strength, and for your willingness to exercise it, we are beyond delighted." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Crunch Time

With only 9 days left in May and while slowly being sucked into another famed eclipse sandwich (Solar Eclipse on 6/1, Lunar Eclipse on 6/15, followed by another Solar Eclipse on 7/1), we are officially in what I would call, crunch time. There is that familiar manic feeling of "so much to accomplish, so little time/energy" encircling us, in addition to some conflicting feelings arising about where this journey is actually taking us and what the collective cosmic shitstorm has really been about.

In the last couple days, right when the moon entered practical Capricorn, it felt like we prematurely bore a hole through our cozy cocoons and fell flat to the earth. This was/is a very sobering experience, one that is really grounding out any possible delusions or escapisms we may have bought into along the way as well as providing us with a much-needed backdrop of practical sensibility before we get vacuumed up into that wormhole.

I, for one, am grateful for the sobriety because it clears some long-standing confusion about whats real… but, that being said, it can also be difficult to grasp the higher-dimensional concepts from this grounded space which can bring up deep layers of self-doubt, leaving us feeling unsure/insecure about not only our next steps, but about the entire journey we took to get here. The Unseens say we are just joining worlds ...connecting the spiritual realm to the physical one and integrating a more visceral-based understanding of that, which in the interim can feel both real, and surreal at the same time. In other words, our physical bodies are coming to understand what our [hearts] have known for years.

On one hand, we are about to jump, face first, into completely unknown territory …territory that forces us to remain conscious and utilize our meticulously-honed skills in mastery …but on the other hand, we are being sorely tested in faith of our absolute truth so we can release any remaining limitations about what we feel is possible. This process varies for all, but one thing is true for every one of us… where we end up on the other side of all this will be a direct result of how fearless we dare to be right now.

This means we have literally been dredging up the putrefied (e)goo at the bottom of our human-made containers ...scraping down the sides of remaining karmic residue, which also means our uglies have been visiting again and definitely wearing their welcome out. And not just the usual uglies, but those sticky shadow parts of ourselves we secretly thought we could get away with ignoring, or that were so deeply embedded we couldn't even see them until now. Yes, for just a bit longer, we get to play in the (fun) house of mirrors, clearly seeing the multiple ways in which we are still polarizing ourselves by projecting, reflecting and exposing our remaining loveless parts onto each other. And a good thing too, cuz I always look forward to acknowledging yet another part of me that sucks.

Speaking of things that suck... we have had to work really hard these last few weeks to lay down our egoo. As with any toxic relationship, no matter how icky ugly feels we have a tendency to fight for its survival because the pull to resort to the familiar is so strong, so in'toxic'ating, that we find it nearly impossible to refuse its lure. The hilarious part? That everybody thinks that everybody else's ugly is uglier than theirs ...when in duality, the only ugly we can see is our own. There is definitely a movie wanting to be made in there.

The external manifestations of these recent excavations may be showing up in multiple ways, like in the ability to finally clean out and organize that intimidating part of the basement, garage, or attic you've been dreading since prom. Or maybe in something as simple as filing away your taxes from last year, cleaning out your email cache, sorting thru your itunes library, or finishing up those lingering projects that have been torturing you since the harmonic convergence. Whatever form it takes ...all.menacing. goo.must. go. And that means all things tied to the goo too.

The Embodiment Stage

In the last energy update, the Seven Sisters of Pleiades mentioned to me the middle of this month was a massive transition point and now they add we are in the process of crossing over to a higher dimensional speedway of cosmic intelligence that runs parallel to the lower dimensional highway of dross, but (luckily) does not intersect it.

They are calling this next step on our journey the embodiment stage, the phase of ascension that releases us from the old blueprint (perception) of service and transports us to the new/true/original/sacred/divine blueprint of co-creation. This new-human blueprint is activated in those who have neutralized polarities thru the merging of sacred masculine/feminine forces, expanded their energy centers (chakras) thru the clearing of karmic miasms and... once these templates are embodied by the forerunners ...the potential will then be available for all of humanity.

If it's helpful, think of these awakened and activated souls all over the planet as acupuncture needles that pierce the intersecting points of earth's meridians to restore the vital flow of universal chi. As these beings physically "light-up," they fire these scalar energies into the life, blood and body of this planet, energizing the human collective with the zero-point field of grace. This is not to say everyone is prepared to accept these energies into their lives and bodies ...but the potential to tune into this grid is now stronger than ever for those who choose it.


The Seven Sisters reiterate the second half of this year is very physically focused… the tender shoots of our new lives are breaking thru the freshly tilled soil that we painstakingly overturned during the month of April, lives that we will grow into the way a seedling grows into a fruit bearing plant phases. More specifically, they mention three distinct phases...

"The next steps toward the physical expression of divinity include: 1. the release of the pain/fear-body, 2. the realization of the divine body, and 3. the reunification of earth matter with etheric matter."

1. We know in order to unify spirit and matter, we have to first become the purified vessel by which divine energy can flow thru. Ultimately, we have to raise our physical vibration to match the vibration of our spirit body so the two can become one vehicle …which means we must be cleared of all discordance, to the absolute point of non-resistance, so the divine body (blueprint) can freely manifest in physical form.

2. What the Unseens want for us to understand is the physical apparatus (the biology suit) that houses the spirit body is actually as malleable and adaptable to change (transmutation) as the spiritual body itself; however, it is residing in the lower dimensions and is therefore governed by space and time. (Read: slowwwwww) So even tho Jesus Christ liquified into his plasmic lightbody in three days (???), down here in the trenches ...where we will continue to don these fat flesh suits ...we have to abide by the laws of physicality.

3. So, the spirit body… which is a replica of the physical body, but in its complete perfection ...consists of etheric matter and is therefore a malleable substance that forms the template for materialization. What is happening during this passage is our physical (divine) blueprint of perfection is meeting the human-made (egoo) blueprint and the two are merging into one.

I'm told this unification, or merging process happens in the space between cells first so that the cells are surrounded with the higher charge/intelligence of our spirit (light) body and eventually our cells begin to take on, or mutate to align with the higher vibrating source. **This is the law of resonance in action …a process by which a higher vibrating body of energy will automatically cause a lower vibrating body of energy to match or align with its frequency …think: Tuning fork.

The cells then undergo what the Unseens call a tightening process …they call it a tightening because for a long period of time we needed to inhabit two blueprints simultaneously …the human and the divine blueprint (which, of course explains all that eating for two). Both sets of plans are apparently in place so we can smoothly make the transition from one body to the next and as we do, we lose those extra 30 lbs the space that existed between cells begins to "tighten" up as the templates merge.

This process is actually more of a dissolution in the sense that we are dissolving a version of ourselves that is outworn, while simultaneously morphing into a spiritual adult …where the egoo identity (masculine/matter) and divine identity (feminine/antimatter) merge into sacred union.

The Phases

The Unseens also want to make it clear this process does not happen overnight (nor would we want it to), but in a series of sequential unfoldments, that repeat themselves and that have already begun.

"The remaining months of this year will enable you to temper a balance between the old world and new, it will be a transition of epic proportion and we assure you that you would not want to rush this process." -Seven Sisters

The first phase they refer to as "the release of the pain/fear body" is the first step in the emergence process and begins with an internal expansion:

1. "As the old template is released or dissolved …and this is happening now for the first wave of souls to embody the christed-human template ...the spiritual body will first begin to expand within the physical vessel. "

As these energies begin to flood the body and our focus is on the radiance of love, it can literally feel like being plugged into an electrical outlet …you may feel very "charged," like every cell of your body is alive and vibrating …hyper-sensitive, like wearing your nerves on the outside of your body… amped up, dizzy, jumpy, with shortness of breath, fluctuating body temperature/night sweats, irregular heartbeats and/or erratic sleep patterns. These symptoms can be off-putting, especially if they come on suddenly, but know they are just another delightful part of the process. If the charge becomes uncomfortable or overwhelming, then stretching, walking, breathing and even salt baths can help a great deal.

Likewise, we may also experience these waves of energy as bliss that undulate throughout the central nervous system …these purifying (kundalini) energies are at work to release all remaining density trapped within the body. As well, the body has created new systems based on the intelligence contained within each strand of activated DNA and the energy vortices (chakras) that enliven and govern each center are opening more to sustain these systems. (interesting that the feelings associated with the prophesied "rapture" are: Bliss, euphoria, freedom, joy, spiritual ecstasy, etc. hmmmm)

2. The second phase which they call "the realization of our divine body" is when the soul begins to experience itself in human form if for the first time. The term "reborn" applies here. This is an integration phase which enables us to ground into/fully occupy our bodies and is required so our crystallizing template can solidify in form. Thru this period of integration, we enable our connection to earth to fortify so we can stabilize ourselves as we become one with the cosmic heartbeat.

3. Once the integration period is complete we begin to physically embody the changes set forth by our divine blueprint. This is the phase where "spirit and matter are working as one" …where we embody the physical essence of our spiritual form.

During this phase we will also experience what the Seven Sisters call a "quickening." Kind of like the "moment of truth," when a pregnant woman feels the fetus move for the first time ...the Sisters also loosely describe this spiritual quickening as "the moment of truth," as in the bestowal of grace ...a term they use to identity the process that follows the unification of sacred energies inflow of divine vitality into the body.

"Your earthly bodies will begin to take on a new radiance, a new way of being that will phase in and out incrementally. You will recognize the new energies and then they will seem to fade away as your body adjusts to contain them in a series of in-breaths and out-breaths, and as you enter further and further into divine union with your soul. Each phase will have an energy, a distinct essence that you will want to experience fully. Take not these words as an indication of suffering, but as an indication of true liberation." -Seven Sisters

See you in the sandwich...

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