Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remember Success Feeds on Success: Be Kind & Loving to Each Other Which Brings Worldwide Awakening

The Golden Age of abundance will bring the fulfillment of all your hopes and desires
05/08/2011 by John Smallman

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To awaken from the nightmare of the illusion –-and for very many, it is a living nightmare-– is humanity’s task, and it will be achieved because it is your will and God’s. At present, you are receiving unprecedented help and guidance from those in the spiritual realms as the moment of your awakening approaches. There has been an enormous change in attitudes due to your intensifying desire for peace, harmony, and abundance for all on the planet, as awareness has grown of the vast and unconscionable gap between the wealthy few and the impoverished majority, a situation of which no one can be unaware as information about it is so widely available.

This increasing awareness of both the extreme poverty of billions of humans and the extreme wealth of a very few is leading to a strong, conscious desire on the part of humanity to redress this imbalance. People know the Earth can and does provide abundantly, and there is no reason why poverty should continue to engulf so many. Efforts to resolve this issue were started just after the end of World War II, which had displaced and impoverished so many. And since then, various organizations have been working to alleviate the misery and suffering that poverty causes. Unfortunately, many people chose to believe poverty was due to the indolence of those in poverty or to karmic debts being repaid, and were unwilling to address the unloving attitudes that encouraged these uncharitable beliefs. Consequently, despite the best efforts some have made to resolve the problem, extreme poverty remains an issue worldwide.

Nevertheless, the desire to redress this grave imbalance in living standards is strengthening as more and more of you begin to realize it is an issue that can be resolved –-and must be, if peace and harmony are to prevail across the planet. Great work has been done in Haiti, and is being done in New Zealand and Japan since the earthquakes there, and much has been learned about dealing with the results of this kind of devastating event. The speed with which this knowledge base is growing and spreading is phenomenal, although, on the whole, the mainstream media focuses on the errors in management and execution of the relief efforts –-a seemingly more interesting and attention-grabbing story-– than on the large-scale successes that have been achieved. Truly enormous improvements have been made in assisting those made homeless by natural disasters, and the knowledge and experience gained is being put to very good use all over the planet to relieve the grinding poverty that has been endemic for so long. Your loving attitudes melded with the divine energies pouring down on the planet are proving extremely effective, and because the will and the desire to bring peace, harmony, and abundance to all is now “going mainstream,” it will be achieved.

Make a point of noticing the good news, which is frequently not widely reported, and bring it to the attention of others so it does become widely known. Remember success feeds on success. The more people become aware of the satisfactory outcomes of their efforts in cooperative ventures to help one another across the globe, the more effective these ventures will be, and the more widespread they will become. People effectively helping people is inspiring and uplifting when it becomes known. It leads to further cooperative ventures being embarked upon. The sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction this provides is matched by the evidence of the wonderful results that generous, loving intent and action can achieve.

Truly you will awaken; the solutions to earthly problems will present themselves; appropriate action will be taken; and peace and harmony will prevail, as your natural state of oneness with each other embraces you all, and loving kindness washes away the stress, anxiety, and fear that has directed your behavior for so long. The Golden Age of abundance will bring the fulfillment of all your hopes and desires, as love replaces the endemic state of fear in which you have lived for so long.

With so very much love, Saul.

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THANK YOU AGAIN JOHN SMALLMAN AND SAUL for your ever-loving words of encouragement!
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