Saturday, May 21, 2011

You Were Created in Love to Experience Love: Even Though You've Been Enclosed in the Illusion with Its Pain & Suffering, You've Always Sought Love

Love is your nature!
05/18/2011 by John Smallman

(emphasis added)
You are all doing sterling work as you prepare for your grand awakening –-an awakening that was planned eons ago when you chose to enter your illusory reality and accept the limitations that state imposed upon you. As time passed, those limitations became increasingly burdensome as they continuously reduced your ability to retain your awareness of your true nature. Despite these restrictions, the divine Flame remained alight within you all-– although it was below the level of your conscious awareness. You mostly believed in god-like beings whom you imagined as some kind of super-humans with great power who spent their time observing you, were open to listening to your cries for help, and who enjoyed punishing you severely for what you thought of as grave sins you had committed against them. But they were just images you made up, of super-heroes in human form, with enormously inflated egos, with whom you dreamed of consorting and possibly even of joining their supposedly exalted and powerful ranks.

But these strange beliefs did lead you to a basic code of morality of acceptable behavior that enabled you to set standards which provided a stable base on which social interactions could occur. Over the eons, a number of simple ethical rules were found to work quite well, and civilizations developed based upon them.

You have now reached the stage where you can see very clearly the advantages of ethical behavior as a worldwide effort to establish human rights for all of humanity strengthens and intensifies. Many of you are discovering the wonders that loving kindness, compassion, and honest cooperation can achieve, and the peace and contentment you can experience when you let go of judgment and embrace forgiveness of yourselves and of others. In certain instances, reconciliation and forgiveness have allowed previously warring factions to live in peaceful proximity to one another, and as kindness and compassion replace intolerance and indifference, people begin to see and honor the differences that previously divided them.

The divine Flame within each one of you is brightening, and your inability to be aware of it is fading as these new ways of behaving towards one another become more widespread. The old days of intolerance, deceit, and betrayal that have been endemic for so long are drawing to a close. Many of you are experiencing peace and love in your lives which you are demonstrating to others, who now wish to embrace it themselves.

You were created in Love to experience Love, and even though you have been enclosed in the illusion with all its pain and suffering, you have always sought love –-lasting love-– and a few of you did find it. You know it is available, and you are now discovering you have it and can experience it by sharing it indiscriminately instead of withholding it while you make judgments about who might be worthy of it. Love is your nature! As you embrace it, share it, and offer forgiveness to all, and as you release grudges and resentments, the peace it brings you will amaze you –-and then you will remember that yes, you are Love, and nothing else.

The illusion will fade away as you awaken into Reality and see yourselves once more as you truly are: Divine, enlightened beings in eternal Union with one another and with God. Your divine destiny is becoming apparent to you, and you no longer wish to consort with or join the mythical figures you once played at believing in. Instead, you intend to awaken and be consciously One once more with your heavenly Father, and because it is His Will and yours no other options are available, nor are they desired.

With so very much love, Saul

Thank you, John & Saul, for reminding me of my ESSENCE!
*** GAH

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