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We NOW Have Ten Days in a Row that Open Portals to Increase our Wisdom: We Need Only to Pay Attention and Accept the Opportunity

I thank you once again, Rebecca & Cullen, for integrating the significance of the Mayan Calendar and its effects upon our lives and the Ascension process! Thank you for the instruction and awareness regarding these 10 days, and for delineating the 13 Levels of the Ninth Wave.
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Written by Dr. Rebecca Orleane & Cullen Smith Baird
Power of Love Anniversary Edition
MAY 27, 2011

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Today is the first of a series of Portal Days according to the Mayan Calendar, and we are midway through the 5th Level of Unity Consciousness, the level where we are learning about Empowerment. Portal Days are days that offer an opportunity to connect with deeper wisdom from the universe; they are days when all humans can open to increased understanding. We are empowered through greater understanding to move beyond the dualistic concepts that govern our belief systems. And so, we now have ten days in a row that open portals to increase our wisdom; we need only to pay attention and accept the opportunity.

This first Portal day holds the Mayan energy of two Cimi. Cimi means death or transcendence, and the energy of two represents duality. These energies arrive today under the influence of the Light Pulse, Chicchan, the perfect place for transcending duality. Chicchan is the magician, allowing us to see and experience both the highest and the lowest vibrations --duality in the extreme. We can feel the pull of the two of duality increased by the light pulse of Chicchan, which emphasizes the discomfort we may experience in our current situation and at the same time, the trust we have that we are being guided on our spiritual path. We have the opportunity to wake up and transcend all of the beliefs and ideas that have kept us stuck in judgment, fear, and separation. We have the grand opportunity to let those things die, as we move even closer to a more profound understanding of Unity Consciousness. Laarkmaa gives us the basics for Ascension (Purchase the mp3 here: ) and more in depth wisdom about moving beyond our limited, dualistic beliefs into greater understanding about who we truly are. They speak of Pole Shifts, Communication with other realms, and the Golden Trough of Light, while Mary tells us to stop living in fear (Purchase the mp3 here: ). A voice from the fairies encourages us to laugh, as we learn to accept our own power (Purchase the mp3 here: ).

This day is also very special to Cullen and Rebecca. We celebrate our anniversary today, and while a personal event for us, it brings our attention to the power of love, which is something we wish to share with you. While each of us individually followed our own spiritual paths, growing and evolving throughout our lives, it was not until we became a couple and for the first time experienced truly unconditional love that the portals of opportunity opened for us. Laarkmaa did not speak to us individually. Laarkmaa chose us once we had found each other and realized the power of unconditional love. We are sharing this story because it is relevant on our collective human journey towards unity. Not until each of us begins to set aside our fears, judgments, expectations, and beliefs can we really begin to experience the power of love. When the power of love is realized, we transcend all dualistic perspectives, all needs to cling to one polar view or another (being right or wrong) because it doesn't matter any more. All that matters is the love that is shared.

On this first of ten portal days in a row, this day that carries BOTH THE ENERGY OF DUALITY AND THE ENERGY REQUIRED TO TRANSCEND IT, let us collectively set aside all judgment, all blame, and everything that separates us. Let it all die. We no longer need to be right, we only need unconditional acceptance of each other. This is the power of love and the way to move even closer to Unity Consciousness. And so with deep reverence for all that each of you are, our wish for each of you is that you EMPOWER YOURSELVES WITH LOVE; USE THAT POWER TO TRANSCEND DUALITY AND TO DIE AWAY FROM ALL THAT SEPARATES US. We are each other.

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen


The 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness has 13 levels (from Beginning to Ascension). Each level is 18 days long and carries a specific energy; each level also is related to the energy of either Day or Night. The levels are truly like waves: the energy begins, then comes to a crest of intensity, then falls to a lesser intensity, allowing integration and preparation for the next wave of energy. Concentrating on the energy of each level can enhance your co-creative ability by surrendering to the power of the energy and merging your own intentional thoughts for co-creation. To best utilize the energies, we must surrender our need for control and learn to trust. Monitoring our thoughts and refusing to be ruled by our emotions allows us to step into being the divine humans we are intended to be.

Audio downloads for each level are available here -

LEVEL 1- Initiate; We Set Our Intentions & Earth responded
March 9- March 26
(Day): Midpoint: March17-18

LEVEL 2- Reaction- NOW- MARCH 27- APRIL 13

LEVEL 3- Activation- April 14- May 1
(Day) Midpoint- April 22-23

LEVEL 4- Stabilizing the Conflict- May 2- May 19
(Night) Midpoint- May 10-11

LEVEL 5- Creative Empowerment(notice all the Portals!) May 20- June 6
(Day) Midpoint- May 28-29

LEVEL 6- Create Flow- June 7- June 24
(Night) (Begin Core Days!) Midpoint- June 15-16

LEVEL 7- Reveals! June 25- July 12
(Day) (Ends Core Days- Notice the Portals) Midpoint- July 3-4

LEVEL 8- Connection! July 13- July 30
(Night) (Begins with Portals) Midpoint- July 21-22

LEVEL 9- Harmonize! July 31- August 17
(Day) Midpoint August 8-9

LEVEL 10- Challenges: Manifest Transmutation. August 18- September 4
(Night) Midpoint- August 26-27

LEVEL 11- Create Clarity! September 5- September 22
(Day) Midpoint- September 13-14

LEVEL 12- Create Understanding! September 23- October 10
(Night) Midpoint- October 1-2

LEVEL 13- Completion! October 11- October 28
(Day) Midpoint- October 19-20

With love and light,
Cullen and Rebecca

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