Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wonderful Reminder Our Sense of "Time" is Just an Illusion

Please enjoy this blog entry written by John Smallman from his Spirit Guide Saul ... I THANK YOU both for your continuing love and guidance!
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We are well aware of your sensation of time dragging slowly by.
05/04/2011 by John Smallman

Humanity’s forthcoming awakening is awaited with eager expectation by those of us in the spiritual realms who are honored to watch over you and to offer help and guidance when you ask for it. Although there is only the eternal “now,” we are well aware of your sensation of time dragging slowly by –-frequently its momentum is almost imperceptible-– as you hope and pray to awaken. When you awaken, as you most certainly will, the experience of limitation time imposes on you will be gone forever. In its place, although of course it has no "place" and is a purely ephemeral and imaginary concept, there will be the true experience of perfect delight in every moment, right now, eternally. There will be no memories of waiting, of struggling to achieve, and there will be no desires or hopes for future moments or events. Why? Because you have everything right now, eternally!

To conceive of that state while you remain asleep and dreaming in the illusion is impossible. You know God’s divine Reality of the eternal present is where you want to be, is what you want to experience, because you have not and never can completely forget your memory of that ecstatic state. You know what you will awaken into is a sublime state of limitless joy. It is what you hope for, what you strive for, and yet . . . your doubts, anxieties, and skepticism sometimes seem to overwhelm you as you think of the ongoing disappointments and dissatisfactions you experience as humans. However, your hope remains, and it is totally justified. Your present state is illusory, totally unreal, and your experience to the contrary will cease. Illusions cannot and do not last.

Because your awakening is assured, and because what you are presently experiencing as reality is an illusion that will fade away, rejoice you are alive to witness and delight in the new and magnificent mode of existence that is approaching for you. Know everything you ever truly desired will be yours in limitless abundance because it is your Father’s Will for you. Those of you who have children know what it is to delight in their achievements and their successes. Your delight, when you awaken, will surpass that by an immeasurable order of magnitude as you experience the wonder of your Father’s delight in your happiness, your achievements, and your successes, and this will indeed amaze you.

You can truly have no idea of the happiness, joy, and Love that is to envelop you and welcome you Home. You do know that inconceivable joy is to be yours, because it has been promised. Focus on this knowledge; release your doubts, skepticisms, and fears because they distract you from your task, the one your Father set you because He knows you can do it, and He trusts you will do it. And what is it? To accept and embrace wholeheartedly the divine energy field engulfing the planet, to feel the peace and security and Love it offers, and to be stable islands of peace, compassion, acceptance, and love, joining together across the planet, and sharing those uplifting energies gently and subtly with all you interact with. Then watch the energies spread as those islands do join together, and experience the ever-intensifying power of that energy field as it leads you Home. You are dearly loved, always, and nothing can change that, ever.

With so very much love, Saul.

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