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One Beauty of Shamanic Journeying, Dream & Vision Work is Transcending Time For Guidance from Future Selves to Heal our Planet

Thank you very much Sandra for your most practical and easy-to-follow meditations re-connecting us to our heart and Lady Gaia!
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June 2011 Transmutation News

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We continue to hold in our hearts those experiencing so much loss due to extreme weather and violence all around the globe. We hold the space for all as we radiate love, light, and support.

Last month I was very inspired to write quite a bit for The Transmutation News. I know there was a lot for you to work with and to continue to work with.

I also wanted to thank all the translators who translated this wealth of information into 10 languages.

I just finished leading a conference put on by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. We had such a wonderful experience!!

A project that the Society for Shamanic Practitioners has been passionate about is called Shamanism Without Borders. And this project has been a way to educate spiritual practitioners of how we can be in service when destruction happens through environmental events.

During this conference I wanted to bring in the aspect of building community as part of our work. And the format was one that I had not worked with before.

I invited Michael Stone to lead the group in ecstatic dancing to help us as shamanic practitioners become embodied and also to help us build community through dance.

As you know the theme of the Transmutation News has been that we can transform what is happening on the planet by being a presence of love and light. But in order to be a strong presence of love and light we must be embodied.

Instead of talking about building community we built community by dancing with the group for hours. And I believe we all got a deep sense of community on a cellular level.

Also I had invited Jose Lucero, an elder from the Santa Clara Pueblo, to work with our group. Jose also helped to build a strong community with ceremonies he led.

During our weekend we were looking at building personal communities but also learning about building community with the spirit of the elements and the land itself.

We spent one day hiking in silence at Bandelier National Park which was the home of the Anasazi Indians. The Anasazi lived in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. There are endless “theories” about what caused their disappearance and I feel strongly that they did not disappear rather they transcended to a higher vibration.

We spent hours hiking in silence to listen to what they had to share about how they dealt with environmental challenges as in their time they faced drought and famine and changing conditions. Yet they were a strong and peaceful people who lived in harmony in community.

And then we also focused some of our work on the Rio Grande where Jose Lucero shared with us that the Rio Grande is seen by the indigenous people as the main heart artery of the earth. He shared with us what is happening to the Rio Grande as so much nuclear material is now in the river.

As a community we gathered at a place on the Rio Grande where a couple of people went to the river and put some river water in a gourd that Jose provided. They brought the gourd to the group and we all put our blessings into the water. Then I poured the blessed water from the gourd back into the Rio Grande with the intention that our light and love would radiate throughout the river.

Those of you who have been reading the Transmutation News over the years know as a global community we performed similar ceremonies together. I asked you to collect water from local water sources – rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and transfigure into your divine light radiating light into the water and then bringing that water back to the source feeding all water in the world with our love and light.

This is work that you can continue in your local communities to give thanks to the spirit of water. As we show honor and respect to the elements they will through the principle of reciprocity reflect back honor and respect to us. This is one way to bring balance as we see a range from floods to drought happening around the planet.

In our work over the weekend we looked at what it means to be a presence of love and light and how that brings transformative energies to the planet.

We learned about community by being a strong community rather than talking about community.

We used the practice of deep listening to speak to the ancient ones to ask for guidance of how we can thrive through the transition we live in.

We looked at how to bring a daily practice of gratitude into our lives.

This is all work we have been participating in together as a global community as we have focused on radiating love and light and staying connected and supporting each other through our monthly healing ceremonies.

I first was introduced to Michael Stone when I was a guest on his radio show “Conversations with Michael Stone”. Michael interviews leading edge thinkers, authors, and activists in the environmental and spiritual community. He is a brilliant interviewer and also brings through his own deep wisdom on this show.

If you would like to listen to his interviews please visit: for more information.

I wrote about Jose Lucero in the May Transmutation News as I shared with you a conference of elders that he is putting together this June. Please read last month’s column if you missed reading about the important gathering Jose is creating.

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners has written a small book Shamanism Without Borders. We are self-publishing this book and it is now at the printer. I will post next month how to order a copy of the book.

And if you would like to learn more about the Society for Shamanic Practitioners please visit:

In May I was asked to write an article on “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts”. I am so excited to share with you that the article is now live on AOL/Huffington Post Media Group. The link to read the article is:

As you know it is so important for us to focus on the thoughts we send out into the world. For the thoughts we send out into the world end up the feeding the energies we are seeing in our personal lives and on the planet as a whole.

We must constantly be diligent to make sure that our thoughts are filling the air with love. Yes, it is important for us to continue to experience our emotions that range from joy to anger to fear. For this is our birthright as humans to experience a range of emotions that make us feel alive.

The key is to express our emotions without sending them like psychic arrows to ourselves, others, and to the planet.

Please review my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation. This book is translated into many of the languages this site is translated into. There is also a section on this work in Medicine for the Earth.

It is so important for us to create a practice that we can use throughout the day to transmute the energy behind our thoughts and attitudes so that we are being a true channel of love and light.

One of the beauties of shamanic journeying, dreaming work, visioning work is that we can transcend time through our practice. For when we travel into the hidden and invisible worlds we are outside of time. We can travel back in time and explore different lifetimes and events that occurred in our lives. We can also go forward in time to explore the future.

For about 20 years I have been teaching how to journey into the future in two ways. One intention I teach is to speak to a part of yourself who has created the life you always wanted, Another intention is to ask for guidance from descendants in the future on how to heal ourselves and the planet.

This a potent way to work as there is so much we learn about the steps we can take to change and heal our lives.

For those of you who have a copy of Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation you can look at what I wrote about journeying to descendants.

This month I would like us to utilize the gift of traveling into the future. You can journey to your future self or to descendants.

First I will share with you the intention and then I will give instructions.

We can learn much by traveling into the future. The intention you want to set is to travel to your future self where you have settled into a good life. Your spiritual work has led you to a wonderful place in life. And the work you are doing is also having a positive impact on the health of the environment and the planet.

Ask yourself the steps you took to get to such a good place.

You can also do this same work by traveling to descendants who live in harmony and have found solutions to create a healthy planet. Ask these descendants in the future what steps we need to take in order to create positive changes for the planet and ourselves.

If you have a practice of shamanic journeying you can just set your intention to meet with your future self or descendants and ask for the guidance you wish to receive.

If you do not have a practice of shamanic journeying you can do this work by putting on some nice relaxing music. Lie or sit down and take some deep breaths while holding your intention. Allow your imagination to take you in the future where you can get images, hear messages, or get a feeling sense of the guidance coming through.

You can also do some automatic writing as I describe in Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

With automatic writing you also want to play some music that expands your consciousness. Write down on a piece of paper your intention -–what is the guidance you are seeking.

Either keep your eyes closed or you can also keep your eyes open just a little bit. Allow your pen to just move not worrying where you are on the paper or how you are writing. It is amazing the information that will come through.

Let us use what we learn from our future selves and our descendants to feed the web of life with love. And let us continue to deepen our experience of who we are “beyond our skin” which is pure divine light.

June 15 is the full moon and is also a full lunar eclipse. Let us focus together and continue to weave a web of light and unconditional love within our throughout this great earth! Let us also continue our transfiguration work to support everyone in our global community.

If you are a new reader to the Transmutation News welcome! You can find the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony by clicking on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

June 21 is the summer solstice for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. And this day marks the change in seasons to winter as the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the winter solstice.

I asked for guidance from my helping spirits of what to share to celebrate this solstice.

I was told that this is a time for all of us to establish a practice of deep listening.

There are many environmental changes happening all through the planet. Some of these changes make the news and we tend to focus only on the changes that the media covers. But as we are all connected to one web of life there are not separate changes going on around the globe. The whole planet is experiencing changes leading to a transition.

The solstice marks a time when we all acknowledge a change in seasons. And a change in seasons has broad implications as this also translates to a change in season for our lives.

So much is occurring globally and shifts and changes will continue. To work in partnership and collaboration and cooperation with this great earth we must be able to listen. For in all true and gifted partnerships there must be a practice of listening.

Spend some time outside on this day and establish a practice of deep listening. This means be in silence and feel what the earth is sharing with you right now. Listen to any messages you might hear. Notice what images you get as you focus on listening to any wisdom the earth has to share with you.

During times of transition being able to receive guidance of how we can change to match the changes in the cycle of seasons is very important as we all search for how we can live from a greater place of harmony.

And during this day state your commitment to be in service to the earth and give thanks for all you receive from the elements of earth, air, water, and the sun so you may thrive and not just survive.

I wish you all a joyous summer and winter!!

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