Friday, May 6, 2011

UFO & ET Disclosure is a GOOD THING ...Don't let Government-controlled Media Mislead You

The dark elite are trying their damnedest to mis-inform people they have for decades --this is nothing new!

They try to convince us there is some looming catastrophic war of the worlds with an apocalyptic end to our world, giving credence to most religion's armageddon, which SIMPLY IS NOT REAL! When our extra-terrestrials FRIENDS & ALLIES arrive for First Contact, they come in peace. In fact, they come with financial gifts, with teachings about our forgotten history and our TRUE PURPOSE (which the dark hides from us), and with guidance to help us Ascend and rejoin our InterGalactic Community.

The FBI has posted many new UFO sighting videos on THEIR WEBSITE, as David Wilcock describes:
Every source I work with must prove their bona-fides on an ongoing basis. If I catch them lying, trying to use me to pass disinformation, or working a hidden agenda, I break off the contact. I only work with people who really want the best for humanity -- and are willing to pass along material that will help.

Both groups gave me the same approximate time window for when we would see these "major new developments." Administration sources said "two weeks" and the European sources said "within a month" -- all in the last week of March.

I was strongly advised not to say anything -- and I stayed quiet, knowing that I could ruin the whole process if I leaked any of the details.

The FBI released stunning new UFO documents almost exactly two weeks later. The NSA released nearly twice as many UFO documents a mere ten days after that. All of this happened "within a month" of when I had these conversations -- just as I had been told.

Both sources later confirmed these document releases did indeed represent the first stage of what they were talking about -- a formal, open, official 'government' Disclosure, approved at the very highest levels of the insider world...

The FBI documents appeared on April 11th, 2011... I waited hours for these documents to download -- literally. 27 different items appeared when I used the search function to look for "flying saucers" -- and I still haven't had time to go through most of them:

Literally on the same day these documents were released, the press jumped right in and wrote a series of interesting articles. Here are some links for you to explore at your leisure -- if you haven't already seen them:
UK Guardian: FBI Destroyed Many UFO Reports

Yahoo News UK: FBI Documents Indicate UFO Landings

Washington Post: FBI Releases Roswell Memo About Three Bodies of Human Shape

Again -- this is much different than a simple sighting reported by a witness, or hearsay from an alleged insider. These articles were all written in direct response to documents that appeared, for all the world to see, right on the FBI's own website.

The FBI has not formally, explicitly said the contents of these documents are true -- but they have not openly denied anything in these documents either.

The media has only scratched the surface of what is available in these documents -- once you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. I look forward to spending more time going through them myself.

Other Disclosure-related news stories soon followed -- apparently all as part of this coordinated effort I was told about. By showing the world that "celebrities" were meeting ETs, the "fear factor" could be further reduced.

MSN: Celebrity Alien Encounters>1=36010:D


You may already be aware that JFK's assassination occurred just ten days after he made an official request for information about UFOs.

Now, suddenly, this case is being blatantly and convincingly argued in the mainstream media.

Normally UFO developments like this are measured out in small doses, as far as the media is concerned -- but this was an impressive cluster. These articles are surprisingly rich in content and details -- far better than the standard "puff pieces."
Secret Memo Shows JFK Demanded UFO Files 10 Days Before Assassination

AOL: The JFK-UFO Connection: Bogus Documents or Unanswered Questions?


I also see the strike against Bin Laden as a tremendous foreshadowing of what Disclosure will be like for the average person.

In order for Disclosure to occur, some very great negative forces will have to be exposed and nullified. In the conventional Western media mindset, Bin Laden was THE ULTIMATE evil.

For many truth-seekers, "the ultimate evil" on this planet goes much farther than Bin Laden.

The exposure and nullification of these groups should ideally occur in the form of world tribunals rather than gangland-style shootings, as we apparently just saw with Bin Laden.

I believe there are many innocent people trapped within these groups -- and it would be a great atrocity to start new Salem witch trials and treat everyone as if they were equally culpable.

For now, the point is that Bin Laden's apparent death is a "very big event" in mass consciousness. Disclosure would be a much, much bigger event.


Again -- by this point I hope you can see that what these insiders told me has a credible, trackable story behind it. Not all of these elements I mentioned may be a part of it, but there are enough clues to make a compelling suggestion.

If everything I'm hearing is true, then Disclosure will be moving forward soon. And if [the USA] doesn't move fast enough, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will do it themselves.

There is a massive propaganda effort underway to make Disclosure as negative as possible --to create maximum fear of extraterrestrials once the truth is known. I will go into much more detail about this in my next article.

I want to see Disclosure move way beyond the simple idea that extraterrestrials are real. That's only the kindergarten class. We have the potential for a much more incredible body of information to come through.

I have been working as hard as I can to insure Disclosure can be steered in a positive direction --with scientific evidence that is undeniable, rather than hearsay, speculation and conspiracy theories.

Imagine what could happen if the concepts I'm about to share with you could become commonly known and understood. If my book gets the attention it deserves, everything I'm saying here is a logical outcropping of the science I present in it.

In the next part of this article, you'll get a deeper look at what the insiders have told me-- and how the scientific aspects I have arranged fit in. This will be coming soon --no more two-week breaks.

Believe me --I am very glad my schedule is finally freeing up-- but come August, you will find out the book will have been very well worth the sacrifices I had to make to get there.

Incredibly fascinating, please enjoy the article in full:

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