Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Spaceships Land From the Sky onto our Planet, and the Beings Introduce Themselves to Us As Friends & Allies...

...How will you be able to continue to deny UFOs are real?
...Why would you continue to trust our government?
...Then hopefully it'll dawn on you that UFOs are NOT the only issues our government has been lying about.
...and these Beings bring gifts of prosperity funds, debt forgiveness, and new models of governing, then how can you stay in fear?
...and these Beings assist at least 5 million people back to reconnecting with God, our Creator, through Ascension, then how could you still be afraid?

** The time has arrived for each one of us to take responsibility for our own destiny, to manifest WHO we were born to be! Lady Gaia is changing right before our very eyes as She continues Her Ascension process through Her facelift and growing pains of the many many natural disasters all of us around the world are experiencing, and we too have energetically changed ourselves --spiritually, emotionally, mentally and biologically. The long-awaited year of 2012 fast approaches, and there is NO MORE TIME for sugar-coating, NO MORE TIME for spoon-feeding, NO MORE TIME for protecting your ego, NO MORE TIME for pretending this is not real, NO MORE TIME for not being blunt with you about your true destiny, NO MORE TIME for avoiding saying things which may make me appear "crazy and have fallen off the deep end."

Ascension is possible for EVERY HUMAN BEING, but it is YOU who must choose it ...NO ON ELSE can do it for you. Do the necessary emotional work TODAY to address your fears to make THIS LIFETIME your last lifetime living in the 3rd Dimension. It is YOUR DESTINY ...why prolong the inevitable? Be brave and muster the courage to step outside your comfort zone to manifest the real you!

When spaceships land from the sky onto our planet, and these Beings introduce themselves to us as friends & allies...

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