Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stop Chasing the Materialistic Illusion: Remember YOU Are Eternal & Divine

The illusion is disintegrating and it will continue to do so
05/15/2011 by John Smallman

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Humanity is progressing beautifully as you all move forward towards your awakening into Reality. Your sojourn on Earth as physical beings, although in truth of only a momentary duration, has most certainly been experienced as a long hard slog through the eons of time, and has included much fear and suffering. Since the moment of your apparent separation from God you have been wending your way homeward, but that wending has taken you deep into the illusion and into the misery enclosed within it. It has been an excruciatingly meandering path as you sought out experiences that, before you engaged with them, appeared to offer thrills and delights that would be well worth the struggle required to achieve them . But in the illusion, your separate state of individuality meant you were always competing for something that was only available to the winners, the few who could deceive or crush all others as they chased this elusive delight that was always in short supply and therefore of great value. But setting yourselves against one another in this elusive quest for joy brought only pain, suffering, and disappointment. Yes, minor successes and achievements were enjoyed, but only briefly. In the illusion nothing lasts.

Awareness of this truth is growing; people are finding when they stop chasing the ephemeral delights –-and even empires and dynasties are ephemeral-– peace and contentment follow. To struggle ferociously for the rewards that the illusion promises only to experience disappointment is unsettling and disheartening, and makes you question the validity of your efforts, your planning, and your abilities, leading you to judge yourselves or others as inadequate. But you are not inadequate! You are perfect, divine creations in eternal communion with your Creator, yet your intense belief in the physical reality of the illusion conceals from you what you really are, as you strive and struggle to live for ever totally independent of God. Everything in the illusion disintegrates over time and turns to dust. History has demonstrated this to you again and again, but you refuse to believe it is true for you too. And of course, in one sense, you are right: You ARE immortal beings of divine perfection. However, you focus your energies and attention on the illusion, attempting the impossible: To make it everlasting. And why would you want to do that when all it provides is pain, suffering, and disappointment? Yet you try to convince yourselves if you persist you will succeed, and disappointment will be defeated. Nevertheless, you are becoming aware of the reality of this attitude as you start to acknowledge the illusion is disintegrating and it will continue to do so.

You are looking for an escape from the depressing inevitability of this truth and are finding unexpected peace as you release your need to maintain and support the illusion. As you do this, the divine Flame within you catches your attention. At first, it seems to be the merest flicker of light, but as you focus your attention on it, it intensifies. Then something draws you BACK towards the illusion, and you attempt to take this divine Flame with you into it. It does not work because, by defintion, you made the illusion to HIDE from Reality. You feel hurt and let down, and once more find yourself questioning your sanity. Is the illusion illusory, or is the inextinguishable Flame within you illusory? You do know the answer, but initially it is very hard to accept as that would seem to indicate you have been wasting your life chasing what is unreal –-an insubstantial dream. Whereas in fact, you have been trying to find Reality, the state of supreme joy you always felt sure existed. It is just you were searching in the wrong place.

Once you have seen the flicker of the inextinguishable divine Flame within you, you will never cease to follow it. You may take diversions or meander a little, but you will never lose sight of it, and it will lead you Home, because that is God’s Will and yours. You are One with God eternally, separation from Him is IMPOSSIBLE, and YOU WILL AWAKEN into that sublime Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

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