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Emotion Shows You Your Story, Not the Truth: Surrender the Story and Move Towards Compassion, For This is Where You'll Find Eternal Truth & Unity

Written by Dr Rebecca Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith
May 11, 2011

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According to the Mayan Calendar Waves of Energy, we have entered a period of night, the fourth stairstep on our climb towards unity consciousness. On one hand, this energy was experienced historically as a time of political conflict and acts of aggression. On the other hand, we have never been in this place with this energy before, so we have the opportunity to experience it differently. Nevertheless, as we stepped into the fourth level, we were met with old patterns of Nationalism and attachment to being right as many people celebrated the killing of a perceived enemy. That emotional pattern of exulting the killing of another is clearly attached to the energy of separation. If we are moving towards living in unity, how can we consciously rejoice and celebrate at killing another? No matter how much we blame another for the circumstances of our lives, ultimately it is our own conscious choices (the need to be right and support of violence in the name of our beliefs) and our reactions to what others do that define who we are.

As this period brings us the energy of conflict, let us really look at the purpose of conflict-- nationally and personally. Laarkmaa tells us conflict is the clearing out of emotions. What have the Pleiadians taught us about human emotions? That emotions are signposts pointing to what needs to change. When Nationalism rises up, our emotions are heightened. The opportunity being offered is to move away from ideals that support separation and move instead towards being citizens of the world, or better yet, in unity, citizens of the universe. We are challenged to release our beliefs that we are right and others are wrong, changing our beliefs to the larger truth that all humans seek love. Likewise, when the earth moves beneath our feet and the emotions of fear arise, we are offered the opportunity to transcend our fear and choose another perspective.

The energy that is presenting itself to humanity in the current wave offers great portals of opportunity for moving beyond our limiting beliefs and accepting our emotions as pointers to change. Laarkmaa tells us, that as a species, humans have the opportunity now to experience conflict differently than ever before and to understand it differently. It is our own attitudes and beliefs that contribute to changes that occur in, on, and through earth. As we quake with the potency of our own emotions, the earth quakes beneath us. Through the presence of conflict, we are presented with different perspectives in order to see the greater whole. Humans link emotions with stories attached to their belief systems-- stories that are irrelevant, inaccurate, and untrue. Emotions are available to purge us from those separating beliefs and point us back together. The Pleiadians lovingly show us we are DEFENDING OUR SEPARATION by clinging to our emotions and the thoughts we attach to the story of why we feel what we feel. They ask us to surrender our need to be right and to surrender our victimhood as we seek to prove the other is harming us. We harm each other through the stories we attach to our emotions and the words we aim at others to prove we are right, rather than simply allowing the emotions to point to our OWN work.

The emotions we experience are obviously pointing to what we must work on within ourselves-- each of us. How can we move to the larger perspective of unity consciousness if we are experiencing conflict at any level? The conflict is there to show us there is another perspective available, and we can begin to apply this understanding first in our own interpersonal relationships. The first step is to take responsibility for our own perspectives. We are advised by the Pleiadians to acknowledge the emotion, then ask where it is pointing us. These are steps we should take:

stop defending our position;
stop blaming others for what we are feeling;
don't attach meaning to the story around the emotion;
don't react to others' emotions;
stop needing to dramatize the emotions and the stories;
stop reacting, stop reacting, stop reacting!

Doing these things can prevent war and lead to real peace, within relationships and between nations. Laarkmaa tells us humans must learn to reach beyond our stories, for the stories continue to hold us in separation rather than freeing us into unity. They summarize the essence of how we can handle conflict differently by saying this:

"When you are experiencing conflict, the greater truth is best expressed through compassion and honest exploration of the other's view. There is very little truth ever available when you are expressing through emotion. Emotion shows you your story, not the truth. Surrender the story and move towards compassion, for this is where you will find eternal truth and unity."

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen

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I AM grateful to you both, Rebecca & Cullen, for your words and wisdom!
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