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Our Sacrifice, Suffering and Sorrow Were Great and Now that We Are Finished w/the Paradigm of Undoing, We're Becoming A New Paradigm For the New Earth

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The Path of Becoming

Most of our lifetime experience is focused on undoing karma. In fact, the only reason we are here today is to resolve karma and help the earth with the release of karma from the third dimension so we can all ascend into higher dimensions of being. This lifetime is so challenging for many of us because we have taken on many different levels and kinds of karma in one lifetime, where we usually focused on one, so that we could fast track the ascension process. And all of our lifetimes, from the very beginning, have been about moving from karma to forgiveness, from fear to love, from pain to healing. And here we are again, repeating this cycle but this one is different because as we end karma, and it is happening now for many of us, we are moving into a new cycle of experience, where we must release our need to undo karma and step into becoming.

I described the movement from undoing to becoming on the 11-11-11 Mastery Attunement program (which is available this week), and it is where we are today. We no longer have to participate in karma, although we can if we choose to do so. Instead, we are on a new path where we need to become, consciously and intentionally expanding our energy beyond karma to step into new potentials and possibilities. Without karma to undo, which means heal and release, we have to create a new path for our energy, one that includes freedom, joy, love, peace, no drama and no martyrdom.

For eons we have been the martyred healers, sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of our soul group and humanity, limiting our ability to be successful, to have abundance, to be whole and wholly in our own energy, so we could be the teachers and healers that were necessary at that time. Did we dare become healed and whole and if we did, what happened to our soul contracts for healing? If we didn’t martyr ourselves, would we complete our healing missions? What would happen to the earth and the promise of ascension? What would happen to our soul groups if we weren’t present for their healing? The price of failure was, in our opinion, to high to consider so we continued on our path.

The paradigm of the martyred healer has run its course and now we need to become ourselves, as soon as we figure out what that is. Our martyred healer paradigm has become another aspect of our being, one we have adopted and carried into each lifetime without wondering whether this continued to serve us, our healing purpose or our soul group. So many of our lifetimes have been dictated by our healing journey that we don’t know what else to do so we can feel useful, powerful and purposeful. Whether it through the family and soul group, relationships and partners, or the many energetic commitments we have aligned ourselves with, we have learned to identify ourselves with those things and without them, we don’t feel we have an identity or a purpose.

The path of becoming is unfamiliar to us and a little overwhelming because of our soul history as healers. We have, at other times of ascension, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, let go of this path and the world came crashing down around us. I write about the ‘Atlantean Guilt’ in Ascending into Miracles and it is a powerful reminder to us that we can never let go of our healing role. And we can’t, but it’s time for us to do it in a different way.

This is the time of the victorious healer, the whole healer, one who is wholly in its own energy and leading by example, not by suffering. We have worked so hard to ‘undo’ lifetimes of energy that we have done all we can. Now we need to set the example of becoming, of living powerfully, fully, wholly and within our own energy. We are in the new earth, how do we become examples of more powerful living? If we are no longer going to lead through suffering and drama, what does a suffering- and drama-free life look like? That is where we step into becoming, as we learn to live powerfully.

There is so much we have taught the world about karma and assisted in its healing and release, now we need to teach the world about karma’s polarity, which is harmony. We can be in harmony with the earth, each other and ourselves. We can also be in harmony with our own energy and allow ourselves, without fear, to be successful, to receive, to be in joy and enjoy life. We have had so many lifetimes of pain, it’s time to become the joy we have worked so hard to bring to the earth and to teach others about.

We have come full circle now, as we started the world as powerful beings with an important and powerful mission. Our sacrifice, suffering and sorrow were great and now that we are finished with the paradigm of undoing, we must begin becoming a new paradigm for the new earth. Who do you want to become? What does being powerful mean to you? Where are you willing to step away from your soul group healing and be an example of wholeness instead of suffering, to them? What do you want to see in the world that you are willing to create in your own reality? These are questions to ask as we step into becoming the light of the world and of our own lives and come full circle, back to the divine, courageous beings who began this journey so many lifetimes ago and are now ready to take it to the next level.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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