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Perspective on 2012

by Steve Beckow
Is it possible to divide the period between now and Dec. 21, 2012 into periods? As long as we understand that these are speculative divisions, I think it may be possible. These are my best guesses regarding the phases we may pass through before Ascension at year’s end.

1. The Time of Troubles
The Time of Troubles refers to the period during which the galactics and their Earth allies decisively turned back the tide of the dark.  While it might be deemed to extend as far back as post-9/11, the most heated period of chaos occurred after the explosion of the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs, Aug. -Sept. 2011), when the galactics intervened more and more decisively in terrestrial affairs, heading towards the final round-up and removal of the dark.

“There was always going to be an end time bringing activities on Earth to a halt, and that time has arrived. The cycles of life are pre-ordained, and it is not for Man to decide to hold them up. The final days of your present cycle are near, and are to take you away from the lower energies and set your feet upon the path to Ascension. Nothing short of a command from The Creator will alter the outcome, and you are assured that your upliftment will take place.” (SaLuSa, April 21, 2010.)

2. The Interval
The Interval refers to the present time during which the Earth allies are marshalling their forces for the Removal of the New World Order and other elements of the Illuminati.  Irrefutable evidence against the Illuminati has been gathered. The military are taking their places as the back-up to local law enforcement, which will make the actual arrests. The cabal have nowhere to hide and no chance of escaping justice.

“The time for the mass arrests of those of your world who have conspired against the people is upon you, and although we cannot say for sure when this event will begin, we can say that the final pieces have been moved into position and all systems are go” (The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles, April 13, 2012.)

3. The Removal
The Removal will see the extraction of the dark from all places of power, influence, and control. It will feature a round-up of all criminals and corrupted elements and their prosecution at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. It will also witness the setting up of temporary government and institutional administrations, the relaxing of unjust laws and the freeing of unjustly-sentenced prisoners.

“You are about to witness the capitulation of the dark Ones, who are now aware that they are doomed to failure. There is no way out and whether on or off Earth they will face justice, and also given to understand and experience the far reaching effects that their actions caused.” (SaLuSa, April 13, 2012.)

4. Abundance
Abundance will see the introduction of what has come to be known as NESARA, after the National Economic Security and Reformation Act in the United States.  This abundance program or wisdom economy will draw on gold that has been sequestered by the Illuminati or brought here from other planets. It will see the application of funds that have been started centuries ago, to come due at this time.

It will be introduced first into Western countries and then lightworkers will carry it to other countries. It will see borders disappear, debt cancelled, and income tax done away with. It is the beginning of the resuscitation of the suffering and the establishment of popular, representative governments in nations which have never had such governments.

“NESARA is legislation of the United States government that was designed by high light beings in conjunction with spiritual beings on the planet as the LEGAL means to usher in the era of peace, love and harmony on Earth. Because the United States determines to such a large extent what happens in your world, NESARA was devised in accordance with US laws rather than any other country’s.” (Matthew’s Message, Nov. 10, 2003.)

“Readers living outside the United States want to know how their own countries will fare. They decry their leaders’ actions that are against their countries’ constitutions; or despair at prevailing conditions of poverty, disease and starvation; or express grave concern about the plight of the masses of refugees; or ask when their despotic rulers will be replaced. To these dear souls, I say [that] benevolent changes are coming throughout the world. …

“The myriad reforms underway span the globe—WORLD transformation is what is occurring—and in time, every leader in every nation will be a lighted soul.” (Matthew’s Message, July 27, 2008.)

5. Disclosure
Disclosure will see the revelation that extraterrestrials exist and are all around the planet, removing the darkness from Earth and preparing us for Ascension. Disclosure will begin the education of the populace on who is here and why.  Many different Disclosure scenarios have been devised. The current one is a gradual and phased display of extraterrestrial craft culminating in an announcement of the galactic presence.

We’ll find that all galactics around the Earth at the present time are human, are our ancestors, and have been watching over the safety and security of the Earth for millennia. While allowing us our free will, they’ve been seeing that the dark elements on the planet do not destroy the Earth or enslave the populace.  They worship the same God as we do, exist in higher dimensions, and serve others rather than themselves.

“For us, disclosure will be seen as the pinnacle of success, as we can then involve ourselves directly with you and there is a lot to do. …

“Be patient now that we are so near to meeting, as exciting times lie ahead and we have planned some outstanding ways of celebrating it. Naturally you will want to see our craft in their hundreds, and a magnificent flyover is going to take place. That should eradicate fear, and when you see that we are members of the Human Race the link between us will be undeniable.” (SaLuSa, April 16, 2012.)

6. First Contact
First Contact refers to the arrival of our space family in numbers on the Earth’s surface. It will be followed by the meeting and coalescence of terrestrial with extraterrestrial leaders, the creation of teams for the Reconstruction Phase, and the introduction of new labor-saving technologies.

“Dear Ones, the Galactic Federation is fully prepared for First Contact, and soon the hard proof that we exist will be set before you. The believers do not need it but we come to help those who are not, so that they overcome whatever blocks their acceptance of us. … We come to make you our friends, and invite you to join us in the marvelous adventure that is about to begin.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2010.)

7. Reconstruction
The Reconstruction Phase will see the terraforming of the Earth and the removal of all traces of pollution, including oil in the seas, depleted uranium and other forms of radioactivity from the air, and nuclear wastes from under the ocean.

“From where we are above you and looking down upon your beautiful Earth, we are saddened to see the extent of the damage that has taken place. Mother Earth was once the Garden of Eden and one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe. With your help, we can undo all of the damage and make good everything so that it is restored to how it was in the very beginning.

“From there we will go further and add whatever resonates with you to make it into a wondrous planet that will be the jewel in the crown of God.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 13, 2012.)

8. The Time of Separation
The Time of Seaparation refers to the separation of Ascension from non-Ascension timelines and the beginning of the departure of those who reject Ascension.

“Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, the separation has begun. Gaia has entered the 8th segment of transformation; she is now in the point of no return.

“Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped. From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division and regrouping manifesting in your reality. Companies will split, friends will stop seeing each other, families will separate, groups will be divided, etc. And at the same time you will be witnessing the absolute opposite; you will join new groups, you will feel closer than ever to your loved ones, family and friends.

“This change is neither positive nor negative. It is existential.
“This is a natural step in the mass-ascension process.” (Emmanuel, March 16, 2010, at

9. Preparation for Ascension
The time of Preparation for Ascension will see the galactics and the ascended masters work with and mentor the populace to prepare it for ascending. There will be a great deal of healing of the sick and disabled in Cities of Light, healing chambers, and in new centers where advanced medical technology will be used. In addition, the rising energies will see a rejuvenation of the population.

“Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light, and the souls who accompany Earth will do so in their physical bodies. If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.

“In fourth density the bodies of aged persons will become youthful and live healthfully much longer than your current life expectancy, and life spans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

“Be assured that, if it is your intention to ascend, you will be helped all of the way until the final great day when you will ascend. Now you will realize why we refer so frequently to your Ascension, as it is what you came into this cycle to achieve. In so doing you will have proved victorious in overcoming your perceived separation from God. You will have identified with your true Self, a magnificent Being of Light.” (SaLuSa, June 11, 2010.)

“Once the stage is set the whole process of getting you in full readiness for Ascension will move very fast.” (SaLuSa, Dec. 29, 2010.)

“The most enjoyable part is to come when we can meet you and go the final stretch together, and do so as one family of Light. Your hardships will be over, and by then you will be fully aware of your true selves, your purpose and place in the Galaxy. At present you are but a shadow of who you really are, and have little idea of what it is like to be in the Oneness of All That Is. It is bliss and peace that you cannot imagine, but it is not that far away anymore and awaits your presence.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 17, 2012.)

10. Ascension
On or before Dec. 21, 2012, Gaia and her inhabitants will move in their physical bodies from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.

“It is Earth’s destiny to leave third density when a universal cycle opens an astral window at the end of this year.” (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

“The moment of fulfillment of God’s promise to humanity of a new Golden Age is shortly to dawn. When it does your joy will be stunning for you, as understanding of its meaning floods into your awareness — like the depths of winter changing instantly into the lushness of full summer.

“Your thoughts, your imaginings, even your dreams have given you not the smallest inkling of what is about to occur. Rest assured that the wonder of this approaching event leaves absolutely no room for even the slightest sense of doubt or disenchantment.” (Saul, May 12, 2010.)

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