Sunday, April 8, 2012

Once You Have Awakened, You Will Never Again Encounter Loneliness and All the Unhappiness that Goes w/the Unnatural Slumbering State You Have Been In

Thank you Saul and John!
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Be Prepared For Mighty Life-altering Events to Happen

Heaven’s intent for humanity is leading you all forwards towards this supremely auspicious event that will bring with it joy, happiness, peace, and prosperous abundance for all; and that event is, of course, your awakening into your natural and fully-conscious state. That moment is fast approaching and will not be delayed, even though it appears that many are still not ready to release the unloving and judgmental attitudes that, by their very adoption and maintenance, preclude them from accepting the unconditional divine Love that is constantly offered to them.

However, you light-holders are ensuring, by your loving determination to do God’s Will, that the necessary awareness of the insanity of those attitudes will dawn on the vast majority. A tidal wave of release will sweep through humanity as it at last embraces the incontrovertible truth that Love gently but inevitably conquers and replaces all that is opposed to it. Realizing that resistance is futile, and that it offers only further pain and suffering, the vast majority of humanity will surrender themselves joyfully into the loving arms of God.

And when they do, it will be a moment of supreme glory, and to use an analogy that cannot at all compare to what you will actually experience, it will be similar to the effect you might experience if you moved instantaneously from the depths of an unlighted coal mine into the brilliant midday sunshine on a tropical beach. And then a stunning and amazing sense of wonder will clear from your minds the last few remnants of the fog of doubt and confusion in which it seems you have been embroiled for so long.

The rate at which you are approaching this magnificent event is accelerating as the divine embrace, the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and all upon it intensifies and strengthens. There is no escape from God’s Love for you! And there is no escape from the infinite ecstasy in which It will enfold you!

Be prepared for mighty life-altering events to happen and appear before you as you awaken at last into Reality, for it will provide you with everything you need for peaceful and happy living in a most glorious and inspiring environment. All your creative talents and abilities will blossom as you start to express yourselves fully and with complete confidence in whatever field you find yourselves resonating with. And in that field, with all the amazing possibilities it offers, you will find yourselves surrounded by many loving companions with similar talents and interests with whom you can work synergistically and harmoniously to produce dazzlingly beautiful creations for the delight of all.

Once you have awakened, you will never again encounter loneliness and all the unhappiness that goes with the unnatural slumbering state you have been in; although, when the mood takes you, you will have no trouble finding a place of inspiration in which to be alone – in love, peace, and communion with Yourself and with God. Reality is a place of divine enjoyment where you can use to the full all the creative gifts with which God has endowed you, absolutely firm in the knowledge that everything you think, say, or do is a most beautiful creation of infinite loving intent that you will share enthusiastically with God and with all your brothers and sisters. And their enthusiasm for whatever you choose to create will equal yours, as will your enthusiasm for whatever they choose to create.

Truly, at present, you can have not the slightest idea of the wonders that are waiting to unfold for you. Anticipate your awakening with excitement and surety because what God has promised He will deliver, and no-one will be disappointed. For in God no such possibility exists.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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