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Groundswell of Awareness Is Flowing Across Planet As More of You Inform Yourselves Of the Devastation Taking Place...Almost Always In Name of Progress

Thank you Christ and John.
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The Resurrection Signifies Humanity’s Awakening From the Illusion

Easter is an excellent day on which to bring to mind God’s Love for all His children. It is a reminder of His Intent that all of them return to Reality – eternal life with Him in the heavenly domains – as demonstrated by the Resurrection. In Christianity, the Resurrection signifies Christ risen from the dead, but in fact it signifies humanity’s awakening from its extensive sojourn in the illusion, because within you all the Light of Christ Consciousness is burning to light your way Home, and it is now becoming impossible for you to continue ignoring it as you have done for so long. The time you have spent in the illusion has been arduous and painful, causing you much fear and suffering. It is the divine Will that you awaken from that unhappy state. And so you will.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that your present mode of existence on Planet Earth is unsustainable, and yet those who could start to make the necessary changes to alleviate the situation and help to move you away from the brink of self-destruction are apparently insufficiently concerned with the seriousness of it to do anything about it. However, that ongoing irresponsible behavior, demonstrated by those who are in a position to start humanity’s move away from what appears to be an inevitable world-wide ecological catastrophe, and who are refusing to act, will soon cease as they are persuaded to resign, and those with the ability, the competence, the technological means, and the intense desire to correct this untenable state of affairs replace them.

You came to Earth as guardians of the planet, but due to confusion and disagreements among you about who were the chosen ones of God, you became mightily distracted and forgot your role. Many began to believe that God showed favor to some and condemned others, and so you began to compete quite viciously for His favor. And right up to the present many continue to follow this insane but well-worn path towards mutual destruction.

As you have been told, and told, and told, God loves you all; there are no exceptions. And yet this message of divine Love has been constantly ignored as you fought among yourselves for His approval. The time for that behavior to end is finally upon you, and awareness is growing rapidly that your insane, and frequently traumatic ways of dealing with one another, person to person or nation to nation, must cease if you are to survive.

It is this awareness that makes it possible for essential alteration of attitudes and behaviors to be implemented on a planetary scale, thus enabling you to live together as always divinely intended – in loving, harmonious, and respectful cooperation. These changes are now being implemented most effectively all across the planet, and the wonderful results that are occurring are being seen and reported on. Intend to become aware of this information, share it, and become part of it as you release all the blocks and inflexibilities of mind that have prevented you, on occasion, from acting as lovingly and fearlessly as your honesty and integrity demands.

To live in integrity, honesty, and loving harmony is to follow the path out of the illusion. And that is what more and more humans are realizing. A groundswell of awareness is flowing across the planet as more and more of you inform yourselves of the devastation that has been taking place – almost always in the name of progress and with the suggestion that it is leading to prosperity for all, poisoning your air and water and destroying parts of the ecosystem without which life on Earth cannot continue.

This awareness is God-sent to arouse you from your slumber, and its success is assured because of its origin. To awaken is your destiny, and therefore you will awaken, and with the help that is now available to you, you will resolve the many major issues facing humanity, and repair the devastation that the planet and its ecosystems have suffered. A new age of enlightened living is approaching when all will truly understand and appreciate the beauty of your planet as you re-assume your role as planetary guardians. You are securely on the path to a life of joy, peace, and harmony, and the Earth will rejoice in her abundant health and fruitfulness.

Your loving brother Jesus
by John Smallman

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