Monday, April 9, 2012

Only When Collective Consciousness Reflects the Intense Desire & Determination To Live In Unity & Harmony Instead of Divisiveness Can This Come About

It's my understanding different frequencies cannot cross paths, and in this context, means Disclosure will not occur until humanity's vibrations are at the same frequency to meld together allowing all of us on Earth to receive such information at that higher vibration.

So it seems
we should, in essence,
spend some time each day...
in mindful intention,
sending loving energies to others
allowing those still unaware of these happenings
to begin receiving this information
at their energetic level...
Their Higher Selves
who --mind you-- are ALREADY aware of such worldly transformation.

Join me in setting an intention to assist those interested in Awakening that they manifest their desire to Ascend and be a conscious advocate for global change.

We are ALL in this together; that's WHY we're here chosen for this 2012 Ascension experience! We ALL have our own unique role to play ...even if you do not know what your role is at this moment in time, like me.

I AM a LightWorker, obviously helping spread the word, but I know there are more ways I have contracted to help ...but not sure at this moment (before Announcements and changes begin) how my role will change with our society.

I AM so stoked!
Meet you on the Other Side.

And so it is.
*** gavin

Thank you Matthew and Suzanne for this inspiring update!

Matthew Ward - April 1, 2012

CONTENTS: Light sources; fearful-sounding disinformation; honoring lightworkers; behind-the-scenes action; significance of recent tragic events; psychic damage of war; effects of collective consciousness; Obama's comments; ET introduction discussion; Golden Age misconceptions, actuality; prosecution of criminals

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The effects of the ever-growing light in your world extend way beyond the publicized shake-ups and shake-outs of corrupt ones in national governments and major corporations—this is happening in communities too, from villages to major cities around the globe. The effects go beyond the hands-on help and donations to people in dire need at international and local levels, and the increasing numbers of voices for peace, preserving animal life and the environment along with scores of other positive measures. Every time a petition is signed for a benevolent cause or to correct an injustice, the energy of the signer’s intention mingles with the energy of thousands, perhaps millions of others who also signed in support of that cause, and it is the same with every single loving thought, every feeling of gratitude, compassion, and desire for a better world.

2. If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds. Instead, you see that many still are suffering and saber rattling by war mongers, random acts of violence, crushing economic woes. We see this too, and in our unconditional love for all souls, the continuance of those situations even at this late hour is undeniably sad for us. However, we do understand this in its higher context: During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.

3. This balance does NOT include military action against Iran or a new field of combat in any other country. It doesn’t include damage to the planet so devastating that ETs will evacuate everyone and when you are returned, you will have to live in Inner Earth because the planet’s surface will be uninhabitable. ETs will not undertake lifesaving relocations of people from some places on the planet to others prior to massive destruction because such destruction will not occur. Nor will some within our universal family who are posing as benevolent betray your trust and enslave you. There will be no filled detention camps or application of ominous new or proposed laws, and none of the other fearful-sounding possibilities or claims will come to pass either. Those kinds of old or new reports keep popping up and circulated by individuals who feel they are being responsible by alerting others.

4. Yes, we have given similar assurances in previous messages, so why are we doing it again? Because even in the most dedicated lightworkers, fear streamers arise whenever it is perceived that the physical safety of persons dear to you may be in jeopardy. That perception and the abhorrent situations still plaguing your world arouse feelings of discouragement and anxiety instead of the joyfulness we wish you could consistently feel about the onset of Earth’s Golden Age within only months.

5. Beloved souls, not for a moment is this faulting you for natural concerns about ones dear to you—quite the opposite! We and other light beings throughout this universe hold you in highest honor. With inner strength you didn’t know you had until it came forth, you have dealt with grief and bounced back from despair; you have overcome hardships with ingenuity and perseverance, and by sharing your resources, you help those who are less fortunate. After disappointments and setbacks, you haven’t wavered in your determination to carry on; and even though the dark ones’ tenacity has delayed implementing extensive reforms worldwide, your conviction stands firm that promised results are being manifested. In short, you have been demonstrating the finest attributes of humankind along with embracing the reality that you are so much more than “this person” you know. We could describe this, albeit facetiously, as performing a most astonishing feat—you’re keeping one foot on the ground while letting the other foot soar far, far beyond this world.

6. Now then, after a flurry of activity—the forcible removal of numerous individuals from top level positions in major world banks and the closure of some of the Illuminati’s underground bases—it may seem that progress has come to a standstill. Oh no, dear family, it has not. Follow-up steps to the bankers’ arrest are grinding through your legal systems so this matter is handled legally and ethically; other arrests are imminent; technology aboard spacecrafts is rendering nuclear warheads dysfunctional; and remnants in the Illuminati ranks are running away or running scared.

7. Let us speak about some incidents during the past few weeks that are receiving significant international attention. While these are seen as tragedies, which indeed they are to the affected families, all the occurrences we shall mention happened for a higher purpose.

8. The shooting in France of seven Jews, including children, by a young non-Jewish Frenchman has touched hearts around the world, and it is a poignant example of how religious prejudice has caused agony and death to countless souls throughout your history.

9. In the United States, a black teenager was fatally shot by an older man of a different race. It is not for us to say if racial prejudice was the motivating factor in either the shooter or the police who didn’t arrest him, but the boy’s death has brought the world’s attention to the pervasive harm inherent in “racial profiling.”

10. That incident also is highlighting the “stand your ground” law, which could substantiate that the killing was legal so the shooter cannot be held accountable. This controversy is coming in tandem with airing the plight of individuals released from prison after proof of their innocence came to light, yet laws are preventing just compensation to them for their years of unjust incarceration. Both of these legal situations are increasing the awareness that unfair and cruel laws anywhere in your world must be struck down.

11. The shooting rampage by a US soldier resulted in the death of 17 Afghani civilians, and again, children were among them. What underlies the sergeant’s action is by no means an isolated reaction to the psychological effects of war—the stress of causing death and seeing comrades and strangers dying runs deep. Killing when preservation of self or the life of loved ones is not at stake is not the make-up of humankind. It is the opposite—the composition of every soul is love-light.

12. Killing has to be thoroughly taught, and it has been. Some countries’ citizenry have been conditioned by their leaders to regard war as patriotic, the defense of democracy and freedom, and this orientation has been relentlessly reinforced not only by the media and entertainment venues, but even children’s games. Some segments of the populace are taught from childhood that it is their responsibility to avenge the genocidal massacres of their ancestors, and in some countries, children are forced into soldiering.

13. Troops have to bypass soul make-up and suppress survival instinct to achieve the mindset that lets them willingly surge onto battlefields where they may die themselves while ending the lives of others. However, the psyche cannot reconcile mental pummeling in preparation for combat with the innate being, and as the troops follow orders to kill “the enemy,” their psyches incur profound damage. A situation as dramatic as the one we cited forces international attention on the immediate and residual effects of warring, effects that have permeated your entire society.

14. Everyone who was directly affected by all of those happenings we mentioned agreed to participate as they did. This doesn’t mean that prior to birth they all knew exactly what they would encounter and when, but each had chosen to be a “perpetrator” or a “victim” or one within a sorrowing family to fulfill third density karma. Soul contracts provide for flexibility in circumstances and timing when the same results will be accomplished, and in all those cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws. Many, many others chose the same kinds of roles in generations long before these recent incidents, but the succession of dark ones in power kept the peoples living and dying in situations born of intimidation and ignorance born of deception.

15. Only when the collective consciousness reflects the intense desire and determination of a civilization to live in unity and harmony instead of divisiveness and killing can this come about. After darkness entered this universe and the collective consciousness of some civilizations spiraled downward, only through one self-destructive era after another has a third density world been able to shake loose from its dark mooring and embark upon the pathway to peaceful, cooperative living. You all came to help pave that pathway on Earth and usher in a new, different era, the Golden Age.

16. Now we shall speak of a greatly different kind of significant matter, the comments between US president Obama and Russian president Medvedev that became public knowledge because a microphone was left open. There is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence! The universe operates in perpetual synchronous motion that keeps opening doors of opportunity, and that was one. While political analysts and members of the Republican party are having a field day with this “opened door” in a negative sense, that brief conversation is a glimpse of behind-the-scenes talks by two of the several world leaders who want to steer their respective nations toward international cooperation and nuclear disarmament. When the great majority in a civilization wants peace instead of war and deadly arsenals, the collective consciousness brings the desire to fruition.

17. On another international front, some of your leaders and members of high universal councils still are discussing how to announce to your world the presence of other civilizations. We know the delay is frustrating to you, and it is as well to our family members on and off-planet who have been waiting for years to work alongside you openly. But they know that every aspect must be carefully planned so they will be warmly greeted rather than feared. Although the Illuminati’s capability to threaten your safety and that of your space brotherhood has been greatly weakened, public reaction to strangers showing up with astounding technologies remains a sensitive consideration. It is essential that they not be perceived as taking matters into their own hands so the masses will welcome their assistance rather than panic about invaders from outer space, the way aliens are portrayed ad nauseam in films and games. Please remember, you have knowledge and discernment that most others in your world do not.

18. Even so, we need to address some ideas about what will happen at the end of this year. In previous messages we have said that there will be no pronounced differences between December’s last days and the first days of January 2013; however, some believe that the onset of the Golden Age heralds a sudden shift in mass consciousness and others believe the planet will shift on its axis at that time.

19. A shift in consciousness has been a gradual process that began seventy-some years ago, when Earth started her ascension course—clarity has come much sooner to some than to others, and many still are slumbering in unawareness. As for the planet, it has been shifting gradually throughout the ascension process to right itself and regain natural orbiting position. During the millennia of being mired in deep third density, Earth had become weakened to the extent that her orbiting pattern was so severely destabilized that without the monumental influx of light from distant sources, the planet would have flown out into space and certain destruction.

20. Along this line, we shall correct another misconception, that you will spend three days in darkness before the Golden Age begins. That is part of one theory about the photon belt, that Earth would spend three days in darkness, the “null zone” at the belt’s edge. That theory goes on to include Earth’s entering the belt itself and orbiting within it thereafter, and according to another theory, the planet will exit the belt at some later time. Only celestial debris enters the belt after it is rendered lifeless by close proximity to the behemoth belt’s overwhelming force that also prevents the exiting of anything it pulled in. That fate is not Gaia’s plan for her planetary body!

21. Please don’t expect to see all the marvels of the Golden Age at year’s end. We are not saying that eliminating all pollution and turning deserts into paradises, for instance, could not happen in fleeting seconds. Those could indeed be managed in the blink of an eye IF that belief were in your collective consciousness, but it isn’t, and that is why we have said that changes such as those will come incrementally, yet with a swiftness that will amaze you. However, during your journey with Earth through fourth density to her destination in fifth, your consciousness will continue expanding; you will develop your innate ability to co-create and innovate whatever you strongly desire and can visualize.

22. So, what is reasonable to expect at the end of this year when Earth leaves behind the last tendrils of third density energy streamers? Everything devised with dark intent—from random violence and corruption to laboratory-designed viruses and satanic worship—will end. By the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, the low vibrations of darkness cannot enter the high vibratory levels of fourth density. Because individuals who persistently refused the light have carbon-based cells that can’t survive in high vibrations, they will die and their dark activities will cease.

23. There will be no en masse exodus in December. Some in the dark camp have died, and during the remainder of the year, along with the souls who choose not to stay on the planet for other reasons, the rest of the dark ones will be leaving due to the same kinds of lethal conditions that have caused death all along. Some may live long enough to be prosecuted for their criminal acts, and yes, if a person died and clones carried on, the laws will apply to the last clone because continuing the person’s illegal or ungodly ways was the purpose of cloning.

24. When those times come, we urge you not to despise the persons, but rather their acts against humanity, and then let go of that negative emotion. Hatred, resentment and desire for revenge teem with low vibrations whereas forgiveness is so light-filled that forgivers take leaps in spiritual growth. All light sent forth to persons who became captives of darkness strengthens these weakest in our universal family, and that enables all souls to move closer toward reintegration with God.

25. So then, although not all the glories of Earth’s Golden Age will be sitting on its doorstep, the differences between this day and then will be stunning. Your world will be at peace. Only honorable, capable, spiritually aware persons will hold positions in governments, banking, corporations, educational institutions, health care, media, food production—all fields that impact life in your world.

26. Yes, much will remain to be accomplished. After reforms are initiated, the “mopping up,” so to say, will begin in earnest, and so will healing of the peoples and the planet. The high vibrations that will be prevailing—the energy of love-light—will restore peace of heart and mind to those whose lives have been in brutal circumstances. Technologies developed by your scientists but monopolized and misused by the Illuminati will be brought out in the open and, along with technologies introduced by other civilizations, will restore Earth to her original Eden self. Yes, incrementally, but in a period that will seem miraculously short.

27. Because long-hidden truths will have been revealed, everyone living in the Golden Age will know their inseparable connection with each other and with Nature, with God and all other life throughout this universe. Knowing that self-serving souls who succumbed to darkness started and perpetuated ethnic, religious, racial, ideological, cultural and gender prejudices, everyone will treat all others in the light of higher consciousness and spiritual clarity.

28. Beloved souls, stay steadfast and patient as the days pass while preparations are apace behind closed doors. When those doors open, and soon they shall, beneficial changes will come so swiftly that no amount of censorship can hide them from public view.

29. Light beings throughout the universe are singing your praises as you near the goal line of this unprecedented mission that you eagerly undertook and which, in the continuum, you already have accomplished.



Suzanne Ward

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