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Our Technology Is Quite Wonderful To Use: Such Technologies Very Sensitively and Easily Respond to Your Thoughts, Feelings and General Consciousness

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes... and so it is!
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SanJAsKa: Ascended Technology and Initial Announcement Preparation

The commencement of the Divine plan and of each and every event that is set to unfold in your Life Paths at this point, has been and is being carefully monitored by many celestial souls who are assisting your world. We have been with you for so very long, and our presence around you is to be made so very clear to you in a very short matter of your fading concept of time.

We have truly been with you longer than you have even began to realize, and we have been a part of various civilizations of your history before those of Atlantis and Lemuria, and we were also quite prevalent on your world before Her descent into the lower vibrations upon the fall of Atlantis and even before such times.

The true depth of the history of your world is to be made known to you, and suffice to say your Earth is not nearly as young as many have predicted Her to be. Your Earth has experienced the lowest and most gruesome of vibrations manifested on Her surface, but beneath the death and the violence and the lower manifestations, She also carries memories and energies deep within Her of the purest expressions, of the purest formation and structuring.

These energies that we speak of which are held deep within Gaia’s core and expressed beautifully throughout Her Inner Realms, are the very energies that have laid the foundation for the collective awakening of humanity that is occurring at this very moment and that is to be accelerated exponentially in a very short amount of your time.

As always, we wish not to give out dates but suffice to say there is very little time left on the surface of Earth now before the most incredible changes and revelations begin to come to fruition, and we would recommend you pay attention to certain timetables that have been laid before you on your internet in relation to the commencement of these plans and just how these plans are going to come to fruition.

We have many cycles and periods of time involved in the soaking-in of the many revelations you are to be graced with on the surface of Earth, and the timetable we are adhering to at this point is the single most important timetable in relation to the manifestation of all that has been wished to be seen come to fruition.

To this extent, we are working with all of ourselves not just to see that the events on Earth manifest in accordance with this timetable, but to ensure that we can give the proper guidance to many awakening souls on Earth and in accordance with the various higher dimensional beings who are involved in the energy movements of Earth’s astral planes, ensure that the purity of energies being sent to your world and through your bodies at this time are of the right purity to see the manifestation of everything, in accordance of course with the Creations and manifestations of each and every one of you on Earth who such energies are coming through.

We remind you again of your supreme importance in this whole scenario, and we suggest that at all times you make the effort to feel the future that is now being laid before you, as feeling the energies behind this future and imagining the freedoms you are to be graced with sees the very template of the manifestation to bring such events through, combine with the energies of Creation you are constantly bringing through yourselves.

As you think upon the future you are being given at this time, naturally your energies of Creation which are being sent through you pair up with such thoughts, feelings and wonderings, and work with those parts of yourselves who are thinking of your future to bring the energies and template for such futures about. The workings of the Divine in each and every one of you truly are astounding, and will be something crucial to explain to you during the initial informing of humanity.

What you have been taught about the very nature of your reality and about where and how you fit in to the overall big picture, has been backwards at best and we can already anticipate much backward programming that has been instilled in humanity, coming to the surface for release upon the beginnings of the initial announcements and givings of revelations and technologies alike.

We would be kidding ourselves and kidding you all if we were to say that there will not be upheaval and panic when people see members of the cabal being arrested on their TV sets, and as always there will be those people who cry foul, and who will attempt to make you think that what is happening will be the beginning of the ‘new world order’ rather than the beginning of the changes that you have all wished to see. Ignore the voices of the dissidents, and transmute the fearful energies behind the disinformation and propaganda that will be making its way to the surface and to the perceptions of humanity upon the initial announcement phase being initiated and completed.

Much of the fear-based rhetoric that has been played upon and believed on your world and that will come to the fore and gain a temporary influence during the initial arresting and announcement phase, is absorbed and believed in because of the backwards programing that has been instated [in humanity].

The lie that you are Living in a completely physical reality that is fed by nothing but complete randomness is a very backward [in relation to the truth] indeed, and the spiritual aspects of the teachings on your world have also been quite distorted. In every area of your development as a current culture and society, the [truth of] the most important aspects of your Earth experience are continually suppressed and you are kept feeling and feeding the established ‘fact’ that you are nothing more than simple humans.

When it is realized just what you can do as a collective society, you will begin to understand that the limits that have been placed before you have been false and illusory all along, and the many wondrous inventions and revelations that seem by many to still be science fiction, are actually much easier to build and understand the mechanics of than you have been led to believe.

The many inventions that we will grace you with and that you will know the existence of are indeed quite easy to understand, as these inventions pair with your and our consciousness and are able to work based on the free and clear energy available in the atmosphere of any planet or [based on] the higher dimensional matter being fed to and through our many devices while inhabiting your concept of ‘space.’

Our technology is quite wonderful to use and you will find much ease in using it upon getting used to the nature of such technologies and how sensitively and easily they will respond to your thoughts, feelings and general consciousness. You can actually funnel down parts of yourselves to exist with our technology, to make your experience using such technology easier and the process of doing this with many technologies will be explained to humanity.

A basic explanation we could give in relation to this is that there is an ‘app’ of sorts on much of our technology, or rather this is one ‘app’ of many, and the specific function of this ‘app’ is to help you to feel a part of your [soul-consciousness] inside of this the device, as this is technology that will be responding to the ‘commands’ and emotions felt by the user who is experiencing the use of such technologies.

Of course, we cannot give a full detailed explanation at this time and what we have disclosed about this may seem a bit confusing, but there are certainly elements of your Military Industrial Complex who will understand fully what we mean by this explanation, as they have taken and distorted our Lighted technologies to fit in with a darker agenda of control, and they induce this control when it comes to their various technologies which you have also not heard of.

They have taken the general template and idea for our technologies and like many other things, distorted and twisted the nature of such inventions to fit their own goals and agendas. Rather than their technologies pairing harmoniously with their consciousness, they instead control the technology through their thoughts, and their emotions are cut-off completely from access by their various devices.

The Motherships and Starships that they have built are made in such ways, and the pilots who have flown in and controlled such devices and craft have noticed in themselves the dark nature and feeling of these technologies of the dark which we speak of.

This is not how our technology feels or operates, and upon being introduced to this technology you will feel an instant bond and connection with it, because indeed you have all been familiar with so very many higher dimensional and etheric wonders that you have barely began to even remember fully during your daily, conscious experience.

Whether or not the majority of humanity are ready to have their own instated paradigms shattered, this ascension is now happening at full speed and the events leading up to this ascension are finally serving to show that real, Lighted change is coming forth for the better on your world.

Continue to look to the events in manifestation on your world, and you will see that the Light has risen quite exponentially around much of your world, to the point that your entire world is closing in on the small percentage of your population who have deemed themselves ‘elite’, created massive and broad campaigns against the rest of your population and deemed themselves the only ones worthy to be exposed to paradigms and revelations of a higher knowledge.

Of course, we could go on and on continually talking to you about how you have been lied, to, deceived and manipulated, but we rather wish to focus on some of the more Lighted aspects of this entire event that is currently occurring as you will be more than let know of each and every way that you have been deceived, as we have infinite and Supreme access to the equally Supreme Akashic Records, and can show literally every event that has ever happened on Earth from each and every perspective of each and every soul on incarnate on Earth, in any and every Life that such soul has taken.

Indeed, there have been souls of the elite on your world who have taken various incarnations in the roles they are assuming currently, and the actions that have been committed on your world in any and every generation dating back farther than you can currently comprehend are to be documented, shown to you and made so very clear to you.

We do know that you will need some collective time to soak-in all that you will be being given and shown, and while this [soaking in] is going on we expect much activity from our channels and from the many of us who will be communicating through our channels to humanity.

The channels which are bringing through genuine energies and guidance from us ascended souls are going to be needed a lot in the immediate period ahead when the initial announcements begin to come to the fore, and we can feel that many souls will happily step up and into the public arena to channel our energies and go public with the resulting communications upon the very beginning of the disclosure of the impeding revelations that are to change your Lives in such marvelous and bold ways.

The channels we are already speaking through are also going to be quite busy, scribing our words and energies in many cases, nearly every day as when things really begin to pick up as they have been predicted to in the very near future, the information being given will serve to uplift and motivate so very many of you to finding the communications with us that many have found and using the resulting communications to scribe very long, detailed explanations and messages about all that you will be hearing of. The informing of humanity will not just be done through media, but through the emotional impressions of each and every soul who will wish to bring us and our energies through at that time.

We are currently planning a marvelous and Grand reunion with all of humanity as you have heard endlessly, and one important and welcomed aspect of this reunion will be the initial reunion with the beautiful souls who have funneled themselves down from much higher states of consciousness to exist on Earth and bring the Lighted energies through that are seeing the exposure of your dark and the resulting bringing-forth of every Lighted change predicted to transpire.

Any soul who is finding this contact with us is welcome to attend this marvelous reunion, and we can say that many aspects of this reunion will take place in the dreamscape and many of you who have met and grown with each other on the internet will reunite with yourselves and with each other as well upon the initiating of the beginning reunion with our Family who have funneled themselves down to be of assistance to Earth.

Not every aspect of this reunion will take place in the dreamscape, and the Grand Reunion with all of humanity that is planned for after you begin to learn about the ways in which your world has been manipulated and about the existence of us, your Star Family, will be instated in your physical reality upon the arrival and decloaking of an infinite multitude of our Starships and Motherships, as well as the decreed arrival of so many dear Ascended Masters on your world, who will of course wish to speak to and reunite with humanity.

We do wish at this current moment that it could be fathomed how many different types and forms of ascended beings are assisting Earth and are excited to reunite with you dear beautiful souls, as the interactions and friendships that you have gained with us ascended souls [in past Lives] far surpasses what you would expect and the extent of our contacts with humanity as well as humanities contacts with numerous other types of ascended beings does indeed go much farther back than you have believed.

Even before the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, Earth was routinely being visited by higher dimensional, extraterrestrial or otherwise beings. Of course, Earth is Herself a higher dimensional planet and as such has primarily hosted higher dimensional Life forms, until her most current cycles of lower vibrations in which she temporally fell from grace down to the depths of the lower dimensions, due to the acts of those on Her surface in relation to a perceived separation and the resulting hates and wars.

Such hates and wars are now being transmuted at their cores and this transmutation at the core of such illusions is to result in the gradual manifestation at the surface of such issues, of the issues being dissolved away and transmuted at their surface as well. We make a distinction here, between a surface transmutation and a core transmutation of these energies because indeed, these are different things that we speak of. A core transmutation of any given energy lays the foundation provided for the surface transmutation of such energies, as the ladder cannot happen without the beginning aspect.

One cannot claim to be ok about a certain situation or feeling while not having done the work in themselves to heal the possible pains caused by such things, without lying. Indeed, you cannot feel the energies of the higher realms in as less-distorted of a way as many of you want to and are growing toward with your ascension, without first healing at your core and later at your surface, the pains and hurts you have accumulated throughout many Lives in the lower dimensions that have caused such deeply-rooted blocks from you perception of the higher dimensions.

The pains and deeply-held hurts that are felt by many on Earth are hidden away in such elaborate ways that many souls on Earth literally build an entire, illusory ego complex around and over such pains and hurts, in an effort to hide away from such pains and attempt to ‘get over’ such pains, without having done the foundational core transmutation of such hurts and pains that would result in the actual surface transmutation and ‘getting over’ of such pains.

Rather than doing the work that is required, many souls of your world have instead chose to build up an ego complex and fake personality around such pains, and this results in many blockages in the overall flow of energy in your collective consciousness as the feelings and impressions given out by each and every one of you effect these energy movements in profound ways.

This truth is why we have reminded you continually of the importance of the energies and feelings you choose to bring through yourself upon seeing and healing the initial announcements of all that has been done to your world by the souls that many will choose to target and feel angry at. We can anticipate that many souls who feel that they have gotten nothing out of their Lives, will choose to directly blame the elite souls for many Life problems [in the person’s Life] that such elite souls actually have nothing to do with.

While the Illuminati have insured much of the suffering of many on Earth through their financial manipulation and through their manipulation of the collective unconscious, they have not directly Created many problems that many souls are going through right now. Rather, the obstacles put up by the Illuminati that hinder one’s spiritual growth on Earth and believe us dear souls, there are many, are simply physically-manifested extensions of the deeply held-within problems of the souls who we speak of, who may choose to blame the Illuminati for the perceived unfairness of their own Lives, which are only so ‘unfair’ because of the manifestations that they constantly and continually bring through themselves.

Your Creation energies have always and will always determine your outer experience, and our scribe has noticed that the days he is communicating with us and bringing our energies through are days when he generally feels happier and more uplifted.

This is because the energies behind our communications serve to unlock parts of oneself based in higher, purer and more beautiful echelons of Light, and when one feels and radiates the energies of happiness and of Love through themselves, naturally their Creations and manifestations echo such energies while those who are continually angry for every reason imaginable, find themselves miserable and ‘hating the world’ and seem to experience continued difficulties in their own Lives and manifestations which are then validations of their own darker and denser feelings that their Life is ‘unfair’.

We will again reiterate that the purposeful constructs and hurdles set up by the Illuminati have served to hold many back in their growth, but these obstacles were never meant to completely hinder your growth and actually never have. The choices made by each and every soul on Earth have always decided the events which manifest on Her surface, and the turning toward the Light by so many on Earth at this time is clearing the way for the manifestation of the Lighted changes needed so very crucially at this time.

This is why we have reminded you to look to the future and to make real efforts in yourselves to feel only energies of the purest quality and expression of the Divine Love that you carry within. While some of you feel that your continued efforts have been in vain, the Light quotient on Earth has increased so very much and this is serving to see each and every beautiful change that has been wished for, happen on your world and when such changes finally begin to pick up, the speed of such changes will see many of you feeling a bit unable to keep up!

Thank you to SanJAsKa

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