Monday, April 23, 2012

Do Not Buy Into the Sense of Individual Helplessness that You Often See Around You Because You Are Not Helpless. You Are Transformers In the Process of Dissolving the Illusion and Bringing In the Brilliant Light of Reality

Thank you Saul and John... and so it is!

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You are the wonder-children of God

Waiting to awaken is difficult for you because it seems that you have been waiting for a very long time – and so you have – and yet you have no option but to continue waiting.  It is frustrating and challenging for you, and those in the spiritual realms are doing all they can to assist and inspire you in these final moments before the great event happens, as it most surely will.

By holding the Light on high you are making this triumphal event possible.  Without you it could not occur!  Obviously, God’s Will, His loving assistance, and ours are also necessary to bring this about, but it is not something that is being brought to you while you sit idly by.  Without every being’s intent and desire it could not happen.  What you Light-bearers are doing is truly astounding as you quickly release old confrontational and judgmental attitudes that you have embraced for eons, allowing the divine energy field of God’s Love to suffuse you and then be channeled through you to all those who still remain unaware and deeply asleep.

To awaken into Reality is humanity’s divine destiny, and you are making it happen.  During the time that remains before you awaken, keep reminding yourselves that what you are doing is absolutely essential to the process that is unfolding all around you.  Make a point of connecting with others who, like you, are heavily involved in this noble and demanding task, either physically, by phone, or through the worldwide communication system that is enabling so much uplifting information and news to be widely promulgated.  Doing so will inspire you as you “meet” with others on similar paths to your own, and at the same time you will inspire them.  Mutual support for one another is essential and empowering; it strengthens the validity of your inner knowing and your faith that despite any anxieties or doubts you may be experiencing all is going precisely as divinely intended.  After all, how could it not?  This mutual support immensely intensifies the power of the energy that you are all expending to bring the divine harvest to fruition.

You cannot fail to achieve your holy destiny because it is your reason for being on Earth.  You are divinely assisted at all times as you hold the Light as way-showers, healers, and comforters to all who are, even though unaware, preparing to release themselves from the deep slumber in which they have been enveloped.  You are the wonder-children of God, the ones who are burning with the enthusiasm that His Will inspires, and which you share with Him constantly because it is also yours.
Yes, sometimes it does seem to you that you are alone, struggling with doubt and anxiety, as the world around you continues seemingly unchanged and uncaring on its path towards apparently inevitable self-immolation.  But, as you well know, all that is about to change irrevocably.  So when you hear of new sorrows and suffering, remind yourselves of this, and focus on feeling the Love that surrounds you and is offered you constantly by God.

This is a time of transition, a time of transformation, and the wonders that are shortly to be disclosed will overwhelm you with joy as all your hopes are fulfilled, magnificently.  Do not buy into the sense of individual helplessness that you often see around you because you are not helpless.  You are transformers in the process of dissolving the illusion and bringing in the brilliant Light of Reality.  That is the divine Will, and it is unstoppable!
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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