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Indigo Children (and Teens, Young Adults and Their Parents)

I was born an Indigo and spent nearly all my life living in that intense energy of the Indigo ...bringing into everyone's awareness (everyone who would listen to me --LOL) the broken aspects of our society, all in an effort to move us toward change through increased awareness.

Finally finally finally, I've been able to get out of my stuckness this past year, and start shifting into the Crystal energy.  It is our believe that all three Star Children (Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow) are cut from the same cloth:  LightWorkers contracted to create the change this world seeks.  Given we are cut from the same cloth, we have the ability to transmute and evolve into the next higher vibration:  From Indigo to Crystal, then rise higher into the Rainbow energy!  Quite the beautiful and Divinely Perfect Plan of our Creator --as always!!

Thank you wecan and your Guides!

Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change…Malcolm X

Star children are different, thank God. As of now, our Star children have been divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow. Star children have chosen specific parents who will help them develop their natural abilities. So if you are a parent of a child you know is different, your child probably chose you to help them help others in their spiritual path. How lucky you are to be the chosen parent of one of these incredibly gifted souls here to help this earth.
The term Indigo Child was coined 17 years ago by Nancy Ann Tappe, a parapsychologist who developed a system for classifying people’s personalities according to the hue of their auras described in her 1982 book, Understanding Your Life Through Colors. According to her, auras have been entering and exiting Earth throughout history. For example, aura colors such as fuchsia and magenta disappeared from the gene pool 100 years ago and new colors began making an appearance.
Indigo children have been incarnating on the Earth for the last 100 years. After World War II, a significant number were born, and these are the Indigo adults of today. However, in the 1970s a major wave of Indigos was born, and so we have a whole generation of Indigos who are now in their late twenties and early thirties who are about to take their place as leaders in the world. Indigos continued to be born up to about 1970-1992, with outstanding and amazing abilities.
Indigos that started arriving during the 1970’s have distinct warrior personalities. They will stand up and fight for what they think is right and what they believe in. They also know when they are being lied to and manipulated and will not comply with any system that may be limiting or dysfunctional. Indigos also have little or no tolerance for dishonesty. They are here to show us that the archaic systems in schools, government, parenting, and healthcare are not healthy and must change or we will continue to fail globally as a civilization.
Larger numbers of Indigo children started arriving around 1992. In fact, if your child was born after 1992, there is a good chance you have an Indigo child. Remember that this isn’t a bad thing, you are blessed to have a Star child, so feel honored that you have been given this incredible gift.
Indigo children are born onto the Indigo Soul Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to clairvoyance and healing abilities, and have indigo blue in their auras. This means they have access to the gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are also able to access what may be termed the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness, while most humans have access only to the third and fourth (see chapter 9 on dimensional consciousness).
This higher dimensional access, together with the Indigo Ray soul gifts, means that Indigos are naturally more intelligent, more sensitive, and more clairvoyant. They are also creative and often able to access the left and right brains with ease making them artistically gifted, technologically competent, and adventurous. Their gifts also include psychic and healing abilities.
Remember that your Indigo child has chosen you for their parent or parents. It may be a difficult task, but you have important roles. In turn, your Star child has undertaken the task of raising your consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency.
The Indigo children are passionate in their beliefs, whatever they may be, and it can often be overwhelming for them. These children want to know the truth and want to break down the patterns of traditional thinking.
The Indigos have a specific purpose. Their purpose is to seek out the truth and change archaic systems of thought on the old energy grid. They are creating a path and unveiling lies and secrecy to help Crystal children who will see the world from an elevated platform of spirituality and a highly evolved viewpoint with complete and unconditional love. The Crystal children then make the path for the Rainbow children who will help instruct us on how to live in love and abundance in the ages to come.
Many Indigos battle depression in their young lives. They are such beautiful and brave souls. This is because they see through everyone with great intensity. What happens is these young children are told how wonderful life is. Once they hit puberty, they have hormones coursing through their bodies, changing who they are. They may not make straight A’s, they don’t get scholarships to prestigious colleges, and they don’t feel like they fit in, they fight with their parents, and then they fall into a depression. There are no rose-tinted glasses on these children.
Note to Indigos
To all Indigo children suffering from depression, this advice is offered. Never lose sight of who you are. Draw strength and courage from just being able to be yourself every day of your life and know that things will get better, and they WILL get better. Every second of every day know you are beautiful and worthy of being. Know that you are a blessing to humanity and are here for a purpose, to help us. Draw strength in knowing what your purpose is and be proud of that special purpose and who you are.
Your path is a hard one but you have been chosen because you are a soul who has the strength and the wisdom for this task. This earth and the people on it are lucky to have you here helping us. Never give up on your purpose and keep hope and faith always on your side.
On behalf of parents everywhere, we are sorry that our world energy parenting skills are falling dismally short when connected to our children of the 21st century. With the energy changing, we need to fine-tune our parenting skills and understand our psychic children. This means venturing into new territory that we are unfamiliar with. It is uncomfortable for us and we may be scared.
Please be patient, we will try to face our fears and try to help you with your purpose in life. We are not perfect and we are trying hard to do what is best for you although it won’t always be right. Find love and forgiveness in your heart and bear with us.
Indigo children have incredible specific attributes. They may act like royalty because they have feelings that they deserve to be here. They have great self worth and have difficulty with authority. They may be unwilling to do certain things and often see a better way of doing these things. They can get very frustrated with rigid systems with no creativity. They may feel alone, different, or even anti-social unless they are with others like them.
Indigo children don’t fall for the guilt trip and are not shy in letting you know what they think or need. They don’t care what others think of them. They may also be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
It is critically important that if your child gets diagnosed with ADD or ADHD that you don’t run out and join the medicated child bandwagon. Medicating these special children will severely inhibit their abilities. This is a really easy option for many parents who just aren’t patient or can’t handle their Indigo children. Try to look at the bigger picture. You and your child have both previously agreed to your arrangement before you even set foot on this earth. Know that children can be handled without medication.
This may be very difficult for some parents so consider joining a support groups or even better, order up an angel to help you! It’s a difficult journey but one that can be made through together. The problem with medicating Indigo Children is that it lowers their vibrational frequency. They will be unable to or find it extremely difficult to fulfill their life’s purpose at this lower energy level.
There are many ways to help your Indigo child. First and most importantly, respect them. Treat them like you want to be treated and you will have a great start to a good relationship with your special child. Practice unconditional love. In fact, we should practice unconditional love with family members, friends, and all people by opening your hearts. Give your child choices and give them reasons and explain why you have made specific decisions. Never say “just because” or “because I said so” to you child.
Let your child make his own rules and fair consequences for breaking them if you think it is appropriate. Don’t talk down to them and always be honest. Remember that they will know if you are lying. Don’t use guilt when talking to them and don’t try to manipulate them in any way. Provide emotional support and really listen to them when they are talking. Respect their privacy and teach them to respect others. Admit when you make mistakes and apologize. Be involved in their lives and use rewards to help them get through frustrating times. Give them responsibilities, choices, and natural consequences. Lastly, appreciate their strengths and be open and willing to learn from them.

A Mom’s Story

by Mary Foster
When my son Nathan was in the first grade, he was not doing well in spelling. His teacher took me aside one day and told me that I needed to go over spelling words with Nathan to help bring up his grade, which at that point was failing. That evening, I told Nathan to go get his spelling book. He asked me why and I explained to him that we needed to go over his spelling words. He told me that he didn’t like going over spelling words. I told him that he needed to do it so that he could pass spelling. He said he didn’t care whether or not he passed spelling.
I tried to use some guilt with him and asked him, “You don’t want to fail spelling, do you, Nathan?” He then looked at me and said, “Mommie, I can fail spelling and I’ll still be a good person.” — this floored me, but I was able to land on my feet, and I replied, “Yes, you’ll be a good person, Nathan, but you’ll be a good person in 1st grade next year.” His eyes got wide and he sighed. He looked and said, “You mean I can’t go to 2nd grade if I fail spelling?” and I replied, “No.” Then he said, very matter of factly, “well, why didn’t you tell me that.” We then went over his spelling words.
That same year, I was in a minor auto accident and was about 20-25 minutes late picking up my children, Sam and Nathan, from school. I was still a little bit shaken up, and was concerned about how they’d feel, since I was always on time. I was also concerned that they might be worried about me. I drove up to the side of the school and Sam and Nathan were there waiting. I parked the car and got out.
Sam came and hugged me, and asked me where I was. I could see he was upset (Sam was in 2nd grade). Nathan hopped off of the bench he was sitting on, stormed up to me, stood in front of me, hands on his hips and asked, “Where in the hell have you been? I’ve had to wait on you.” My jaw dropped. Another mother who was walking by looked at me and asked me if he was always like this and I said no. I told him I was in a car accident, and he wanted to see the proof. He told me never to be late like that again. I asked him if he had been scared. He told me that he wasn’t scared, he just didn’t like having to wait.
Parents who agree to support and nurture a child of the Indigo vibration have agreed to be the caretakers of a soul that carries a new form of energy to the planet. Indigo children are soul pioneers and their parents have contracted to join them in displaying new ways of seeing things and evolving new energy levels. The Indigo soul’s mission is to question and challenge old ways of doing things and create the pathway for new manifestations. Parents of these children have undertaken the task of finding ways to nurture this sensitive and beautiful energy these children have and to assist in developing the advanced gifts and talents of the child as far as they can.
The Indigo children, in turn, have agreed to be the teacher in new ways of doing things. But to do this they must challenge and undermine the old and outdated authority. They can do this in two ways. First, they will question and challenge every belief system or rule that you or anyone else seeks to impose on them. In this way they will show you what works for them and what does not. It is up to you as parents to listen and to learn, and not to try to force your will on them.
It is important to recognize that they are trying to teach us something new and we may try and resist it, as it may be scary for us. It is important to remember that we need to let our children pave the way for us and accept the changes that will be happening in the years to come. It is for our highest good to let these changes occur.
Indigo children will also be a mirror for their parents. They will take on the dysfunctional patterns that the parents have. These patterns are usually related to low self-esteem and non-acceptance of self. This is why so many Indigos move into self-destructive patterns of drug abuse and sexual promiscuity. They are reflecting back to their families and communities the self-destructive patterns they have learned from people around them.
Remember the old expression that what you give out comes back to you. If you have an Indigo child that is displaying self-destructive patterns, look deep within yourself and understand what is going on in your own life. Consider therapy to help break any bad patterns you may be dealing with.
This is also why so many parents of Indigos struggle with destructive behavior patterns of adolescent Indigos. Such parents should examine their own destructive patterns and begin to live out more loving and life-giving patterns that support themselves and their children. How many parents fill their minds and bodies with toxic thoughts and substances and spend their time in work they dislike, suppressing their true feelings, and not dealing with their issues? Your Indigo child will make you aware of this and will be your guide in releasing your self from these unhealthy habits. They may help you to wake up to who and what you are and what you are capable of when you are true to yourself.
Remember that there is a “good karma” piggy bank and a “bad karma” piggy bank. Every bad action and thought puts a coin in your bad karma piggy bank. Reflect on how many good and bad thoughts you have during the day. Make your thoughts as positive as you can. This pattern will be reflected in your Indigo children that are mirroring your thoughts and behavior. Positive thoughts and actions will bring you good karma in this life and many more to come so if you are kind to everyone, especially to those who are unkind to you, you will find true happiness.
There should be a tag that you have to tear off your child after they are born before you can hold them. This tag should read: Caution: This is not a vulnerable soul that needs to be controlled and shaped. Please learn from the wisdom and gifts this child brings you. Can not be returned or exchanged. May the force be with you.

An Indigo Case Scenario

“A Mother’s Dilemma”

By an anonymous mom on a message board.
Hi all. I have a 15-month-old son that I believe is one of these “new kids.” I love my son completely and could never hurt him or anyone else. But my son is driving me crazy! I have been around children my whole life and I have never encountered such a busy child. I can not get anything done with him. I can’t get him to nap. I can’t get him to eat anything except bread, yogurt, tropical fruit, and cookies. He won’t drink any milk. I can not get him weaned. He can not/will not sleep through the night.
I know these things I mentioned above are characteristics of just about every “normal” child, but my son takes all of these things to the extreme. None of the parenting advice that I have read, been told, or observed applies to my son. I have tried everything short of running away! I am a Reiki II practitioner (a form of energy healing) and I use it on my son all the time. I even had my son attuned to see if it would help and it hasn’t. I have spent hours at a time beaming him with my hands on him while he is sleeping. I have tried all the sleeping methods. I have tried letting him scream. I have let him wake up for an hour or two hoping that he may sleep in and he never does. I have tried rushing to him to pat him back to sleep. I have tried letting him sleep with my husband and I and none of these things worked for us.
I am dying for a stretch of sleep longer that 3 hours. After 15 months of napping I need some more sleep. I also need to get a job out side of my home to help support my family but I can’t with the way my son is and not being able to get enough sleep for myself to have a coherent thought puts that idea to a halt.
He is super intelligent. He has a vocabulary of more than 60 words. He willingly brushes his own teeth and does a fairly good job of it. Once he masters something he never bothers with it again. I have tons of “obsolete” toys, like shape sorters and duplo blocks. He understands Spanish (his father is Hispanic but rarely speaks Spanish to him). He will follow 2 or 3 part instructions (Where is the remote? Turn the TV on and give it to me). He can open anything. And he sees things that no one else does, if you know what I mean. He has never been sick. Never taken an antibiotic. He has all of his baby teeth short of the 2-year molars. He had his first tooth at 3 months and hasn’t stopped since. And he has eyes that can melt your heart.
I am near the end of my rope. Sometimes I have to sit him down and go off to blow off steam. I get so frustrated trying to figure him out. I know he understands not to do something because of the way he looks at me. I have tried explaining why not to do something, smacking his hands, yelling, crying, and removing him from whatever. Nothing has helped us.
I am desperately in need of advice from Indigo parents and other Indigos. I need to learn other ways to deal with these issues. I have read the Indigo Children book by Lee Carroll but it didn’t really resolve anything for me.
Steve Rother ( has been communicating for many years with a group of light beings who call themselves The Group. They speak of the New Planet Earth that is coming, and also have a lot to say about Star children. According to them, the Indigos came to shake up our old paradigms and to make room for the next wave in evolution, the children of crystal vibration. At the beginning of their messages in 1996, The Group said that if we could make the planet safe for their return they would come. Apparently, despite outward appearances, the planet must be getting safer, for recently they have said that the Crystal kids are starting to enter.
The following selections are drawn from Steve Rother’s internet site, where the unabridged version is available at
“Those that you call the Indigo children have already shifted the focus of humanity. Because of their work and sacrifice you are learning to make space in your reality for empowered humans. They have done well and will now begin to move into adulthood. As they do, they will shift the paradigms of all that is to follow. The Indigo children have begun the change of your systems that relate to children. Now watch the miracles that take place as they move into adulthood and change those systems as well. Imagine what the world will be like as the first Indigo world leaders take their place. As this unfolds, the New Earth will become firmly rooted in the balanced Crystal energy. You will see space created for empowered humans on Earth no matter their beliefs, sex, or origins. The work of those you call Indigo will be known forever as the great shift. They have come into a harsh world, shaken it up, and are making you re-think everything. These beautiful beings are direct and therefore may have appeared to you as abrasive. Enduring boredom is their greatest challenge. Blessed be the Indigo children for they are opening the door.”
Is Your Child an Indigo?
This list compiled by Wendy H. Chapman from her own experience with children and information in The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.
If you have more than 10 yes answers, your child is probably is an Indigo. If more than15, almost definitely.
To find out if your child is an Indigo, ask yourself these questions:
1. Did your child come into the world acting like royalty?
2. Does your child have a feeling of deserving to be here?
3. Does your child have an obvious sense of self?
4. Does your child have difficulty with discipline and authority?
5. Does your child refuse to do certain things they are told to do?
6. Is waiting in line torture for your child?
7. Is your child frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity?
8. Does your child see better ways of doing things at home and at school?
9. Is your child a nonconformist?
10. Does your child refuse to respond to guilt trips?
11. Does your child get bored rather easily with assigned tasks?
12. Does your child display symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder?
13. Is your child particularly creative?
14. Does your child display intuition?
15. Does your child have strong empathy for others?
16. Did your child develop abstract thinking at an early age?
17. Is your child very intelligent?
18. Is your child very talented (may be identified as gifted)?
19. Does your child seem to be a daydreamer?
20. Does your child have very old, deep, wise looking eyes?
22. Does your child have spiritual intelligence?
Jennifer Hoffman with the spiritual advice Uriel Heals website talks about Indigos and their struggle with thoughts of suicide. She says that Indigo children, among other children, follow through with suicide, leaving a trail of grief behind them. They have trouble accepting things and since many Indigos have had difficult childhood experiences, their wounds are often painful and deep. Their empathic abilities serve to amplify the pain that they feel and add to it the pain of those around them. Her son had many Indigo friends, many of whom were struggling with their own problems. She felt that he was processing his friends’ emotions as well as his own. They struggled for three years with this problem, going through counseling, drug therapy (briefly), and spent much time talking. The drugs seemed to make things worse. In many cases Indigos can have unusual reactions to drugs or be intolerant of them. Since they are prone to addiction, they can also become addicted to many types of medication.
While her son did not commit suicide, he had several friends who did. It was a very sad and difficult experience for everyone. Each parent whose Indigo child goes through emotional issues and painful experiences needs to understand that their children are unable to turn off their emotions as we have learned to do. They process the emotional energy around them, which they can believe is their own. Since they are highly empathic and intuitive, teaching them how to channel their empathic energy more effectively will help them to understand which emotional energy is theirs and which belongs to others. Effective communication between children and parents is helpful with Indigo children because they may imagine all sorts of things and have trouble distinguishing between reality and their beliefs and fears. Although they are highly intelligent, they also tend to be emotionally immature and need much more support than they will acknowledge. Through several years of talking, working through issues, teaching her son how to focus his empathic energy and letting him know that she was there for him, her son was able to get through this difficult period and is now doing well. It is a challenge that many parents of Indigos face but one that they can, with effort, help their children through.
Pain, confusion, and frustration are a common theme for Indigos. Indigo children who are in the 18-20 year old age range notice a particularly difficult time. Indigo children, who are supposed to be leaving home and entering the world at this time can’t because many of them are stuck and afraid to leave. They may be depressed, drinking and/or using drugs, or have simply dropped out and are not doing anything at all. Many of their parents were either in college or married at that age and are frustrated with their children’s behavior. Parents are overwhelmed by and frightened at the depths of their children’s depression, anger, and apparent inability to move forward or to move out of the black hole that they seem to be in. Can these children be helped?
Some Indigos are intimidated by what they see as a challenge to meet or exceed their parents’ successes. Their parents may represent a very successful generation. Others are afraid that they will not measure up to society’s heavy expectations of this generation. Some just want to do exactly the opposite of what their parents are doing, not because they are trying to be difficult, but because they want to create their own path in life. Still others simply do not know what they want to do and are overwhelmed by the vast range of options that they have and the challenge of choosing one thing and being successful at it, as their parents may have done. What if they don’t like it? Will they be stuck with it?
As a generation, Indigos are a very creative, intuitive, motivated, and they do everything with purpose and intention. When they get stuck, they do it well. But they can be moved out of their black hole, with help. One noticeable thing is that many Indigos were bullied by their peers as children and they may have suffered for being different. Whatever emotions they felt at the time they are carrying with them into their early adulthood. The fear of being bullied or of being persecuted for who they are, how they look or act seems to have re-awakened in many of them. The solution most often proposed for parents of Indigo children is to communicate with them, to talk about their fears, learn where their interests lie, to reassure them and to help them learn to be comfortable with their differences.
The Indigo energy will not conform to rules and regulations. They may not be able to work at jobs or careers that they do not like or that are not suited to their gifts and talents. However, they are creative enough to find alternatives that suit them, if they are supported in their efforts. Rather than being frustrated with them, although their behavior is frustrating, ask them why they feel the way they do, instead of asking them what is wrong with them. This is a challenging situation for any parent but it can be made less difficult by making an effort that starts with communication. The situation will not be resolved overnight, but it will improve over time. You can help your Indigo child climb out of the black hole, find their path, and blossom into their creative energy.
Indigo children, many now in their late teens and early adulthood, are reaching a crisis point. They are struggling with their purpose in the world, their ability to carry out their mission, and dealing with their gifts and talents. Many Indigos who contemplate suicide do so when they are deeply depressed. They can no longer make sense of their lives or themselves and see no future past their current situation. They do not know how to get from where they are to the next step in their lives. This is a generation that grew up on video games where they had to die to get to the next level. Are they taking that concept into their reality, not understanding its implications?
While the Indigo energy is wonderfully creative when expressed positively, it can be very destructive in its negative expression. That extends not only to the Indigos outer world, but also their inner world. They are often their own worst enemies, creating a host of problems and difficulties for themselves (and their parents). Indigos are a generation that requires involved parenting, where the parents need to be present in their lives in every sense, including emotionally. Most parents are stressed with demanding jobs and lifestyles and do not have time to be there for their children. This is when Indigos get into trouble. They seem to deliberately push their parents away at the time when they are in greatest need of their insight and attention. When an Indigo says, “I can handle this” it usually means that they are over their heads and desperately need help, even though they won’t ask for it and will accept it very reluctantly.
The tragedy of a child suicide is unthinkable, not only to the family but also to society in general. These children have much to contribute and teach us and parents and families need to be an active presence in their lives. When Jennifer’s Indigo son finally came out of his suicidal period, he wrote her a letter in which he expressed his gratitude at the unwavering love that she gave him, even when he was at his most unlovable. He told her that he probably would not be here if it weren’t for her efforts. She had convinced him that his place was here and that moving to the next level meant finding the best outlet for his skills and gifts. Together they worked on discovering what that was.
Parents of Indigos can help their children make the decision to stay by teaching them that the next level is attainable by becoming who they are, finding or creating their path, and living it with passion, no matter what it looks like. They also need to learn to accept the love and help of those whom they chose as their parents and spiritual teachers by knowing that they are there for them when they need it the most, whether or not they are willing to accept their help. These children eventually will accept help and the world will benefit from their experiences. They will also teach other Indigos how to get to the next level in their spiritual path by staying on this one. Parents of Indigos can help their children and help them get past this difficult period and make suicide an option that they do not even consider.
The Indigo children are the first generation to help humanity and are now represented in today’s teenagers. Indigo children are wise beyond their years. “I know that” is a phrase that they frequently use and while it can be frustrating to parents, the truth is that they do know many things. They are also very perceptive about others and are prone to saying the most politically incorrect thing at the most inappropriate moment. But social conventions are not part of their understanding. They know what has to be said and they are not afraid to say it.
Indigos are having a difficult time here on earth. They are called the Ritalin generation, because there are times of extreme behavior problems in these children that created mass prescription of pharmaceutical products such as Ritalin, Wellbutrin, and Adderal. But does the problem lie with the children or with the system that they cannot adjust to? These children were and still are unable to cope with the existing low-level energies and so did what they did best, they rebelled and created a revolution. The generations before them were accustomed to accepting the status quo. Not the Indigos. They represent the calm before the storm so to speak, because they have prepared us for the next generation of even more evolved children, the Crystals.
by wecan, January 24, 2013

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