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The Office of Poofness: March 4, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Greetings and Salutations:
As the dis-information and glimmers of truth blow thru our internet winds, it certainly demands incredible discernment on all our parts. Please keep in mind as you peruse thru the reams of printed data that there is certainly a war going on for your attention and your mind. As the dimensions of thought collide, we are being constantly challenged to our very core as to “What is our Truth.” We ask When Will this Finally End!! Or Perhaps When Will This Finally Begin???
Poof Said:
The whole thing is so enmeshed in politics and in snarled machinations that it is not so easy to figure out who is on top of the situation and who is holding things in abeyance. There are those who are making a difference in the RV and in the Global Reset. The people who are working on this are 100% ready to get it over with and those who are against it are pushing against the manifesting blessings that so many are waiting for. The needs that are essential to be addressed are many. The funds to make a difference are huge and the obstacle course that this has followed is far and away one of the most beleaguered ever known. Surely, by now you must know that the attempts have been many to successfully complete this work. I wish I had something more to say that would bring more peace and more hope to the forefront. I am quite sure all are tired of hearing the same repetitive story: It is Coming; It is on its Way; It is being Resolved.  But Do Remember: The War is Being Won and We Will be Victorious. ...Poof
Zap is saying:
Hi all
Sorry everybody, but I had to verify all the facts before I could say what I am going to say next.
As I explained in previous messages, the Chinese family operates on a numerical system for significant events, and such events are timed to the 1st of the 1st month, the 2nd of the 2nd month, the 3rd of the 3rd month, and so on. Yesterday was the 3rd of the 3rd month, and the event was the release of many trillions to begin the payments of the bonds, trades, and other transactions that were waiting for the release to conclude ongoing processes, and initiate new ones.
This release signals a great step forward for our humanity in that funds are now available for the many necessary and critical reconstruction project initiatives proposed by many groups and individuals around the world that care deeply for the human condition, and the health of our planet.
These initiatives will now activate fully, and be funded. One of the groups that we work closely with has been charged with the main initiative of global reconstruction, and they have created an internet presence to amalgamate its efforts under a cohesive and effective structure for the purpose of the projects. The website will be available for public release within the next ten days I was told, and will feature initiatives, events, forums, senates, secure pages for project participants, and funding request forms besides descriptions of projects, scope of efforts, technologies that will be brought forward, and what sectors will be targeted. Services will extend to project management, tracking, governance, and compliance functions. I have seen the test website.
The website information will be posted here to direct all project initiatives to the funding source. A major world trust is behind it, and is providing the fundings necessary for this effort. The well is deep.
Now that the stage is set for all events to complete like the RV [Reval], the PPP [Prosperity Programs], [historic] bond payments, successful shoe sales and the like, we can look forward to the end of the long wait this month.
There is a special meeting being held. After this meeting, the firm schedule will be announced for these events.
At this time, inside confirmation of the timing of the events tell me that everything, and I mean everything, will take place after the 15th of March. This year.
In the meantime, with the release, some historic bonds are being paid now. I know of several that have been paid out, and many more are slated to receive. Certain transactions involving private placement have been paid as well, and so have some currency transactions.
These verifications, some firsthand (the important ones), and some secondhand, are telling and confirm the release. The biggest item for me was the timing, but with the information and confirmations I have received, it all makes sense, and fits.
We are on our way.
The purple pigs are in the sky and flying well. Cute too.
Q: Blessings to you good people! I live for my tidbits from the friends of Poof. I have a question that no one I know can answer well, so I’m going to try and get it answered here! Or at least maybe you can help with my understanding…  If the changing over of the currencies and/or the GCR are going to cause social economic chaos, including the shutting down of banks, what happens to all the money in our accounts we filled at the exchange?
ZAP – I cut a deal with Bob’s bank. It all comes to me. Actually, nothing. It just sits there while the bankers take advantage and trade the crap out of it while they have it out of your hands.
I just read something where someone suggested to pull your money out…..something that will not be possible!
 ZAP – Pull money out? Yes, that would be wise, but don t do a run on the bank. You will need enough to get by for the length of time the system is shut down while it changes. Some say a week, and some say a year. Common sense has to prevail, and a month would be more than enough to see the system change over and the new us treasury notes to come out, right?
Please tell me my investment won’t disappear in a government hole!!
ZAP – It won’t. It will disappear into Bob's hole (sorry, it was there). The government, if it dared to do such a thing, would pay a dear price indeed, so I do not believe that will happen. They were paid enough to move forward, not to steal more.
Thank you for your time. And thank you for all you do! God Bless – HS
ZAP – Thanks. There are many behind me that deserve great recognition, and I wish I could do that for them. Maybe in time.
Q: Good Stuff:  They are still saying announcements in a few days giving Americans a chance to return from the Olympics first. Said that they are taking down Bank of America which will become Washington Federal. Said that the FRN will devalue by 50%, so like a loaf of bread will go to $11 for a short while and then drop to prices in the 1950s.
ZAP – That’s one view. How about: the us treasury note will be worth about twice what the frn is worth. Will that change the loaf of bread price? People will still pay equivalent value for goods i would say.
Money in the bank will be exchanged 1 for 1.
ZAP – No. I disagree. The ustn is gold backed. The discount will be about 45% on the frn.
If you need money for food, the banks will make you a loan until things change.
ZAP – That’s interesting. Will have to check that one out. Will they charge compound or simple interest on the loan, and at what rate. Will the food be used as collateral to support the loan if your credit is bad?
The most important thing said was “O” is on the run. He went from South America, to Australia, to Mexico, and now believe he went to Canada. They said he never thought this day would come. Remember that Zap just said about shutting down HAARP, “Maybe the next president will do it.”
BofA (Bank of America, also BOA) was involved in a lot of criminal activity on behalf of the Cabal. They were one of the places that they kept the Freedom packages which were by protocol to be the first Prosperity Program delivered as arranged by Bush 41 and they kept them on the road between BOA, Treasury, White House, etc., so they could not be delivered nor could any other of the programs that were to follow. They even had Homeland Security remove them from UPS planes on the tarmac when they were to be delivered and put them on the road again. When the money was traunched in to Leo Wanta’s account at BOA for the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, BOA sent them on to either JP Morgan or Chase where they were hidden in a secret account. When the Chinese were traunching in money for the RV, and sent money to BOA of which part was to be sent on to other banks, they refused and placed the funds in the “roll” program to make money for themselves.
ZAP – When banks get a big chunk of money, the guys at the top levels drool. They can do many things with big chunks of money, and you hit the nail. They go to trade quietly and make a killing.
They were involved in the fraud of the purchase of AIG. When they got the bailout moneys from the government, rather than move it to the economy making loans to businesses, they kept it for themselves. They had some honest bankers who were ready to do the right thing and had come to a meeting in New York. They were on Sully Sulenberger’s plane that ditched in the river because it was hit with a missile that was meant to kill them. They have been involved in so much of the cabal’s crimes that they deserve to be taken down. The Chinese even bought controlling interest in BOA before traunching in the RV moneys. It is now to be Washington Federal.
ZAP – The name is interesting, but why change the name of the bank is my question. The size of the marketing, stationary, and all the things that go into a name change is staggering. Is there something that wrong with the boa name they have to change it? Very strange, and does not make that much sense to me. We will see, I guess.
Q: Dear Susan and Zap, Good Morning. May you be feeling very well these days. Watching events unfold is quite fascinating.  On many levels, one can see and experience much change for the better.  Yet, from the 3D perspective, not so much.  So much of what we have been told we would see is not yet visible.  As February ends there is a sense, among many, of ‘What is really going on here’….”How could these major changes not yet have manifested’? So….I ask: what can we do out here to help facilitate this process? Who are the individuals & groups who continue to “pause”/”delay” the process? Perhaps by identifying them – and thus shining some Light into the darkness – we can help to push this across the finish line together. Will you talk about this in the next update? Many thanks for everything. Blessings & Miracles – SC
ZAP – Regardless of events that are transpiring, you must always remember why we are here in 3d. We are here for the experience of 3d. Only here can we breed (and we do dry runs all the time), experience this fascinating quality of humans called emotions, and learn stuff. Before we come here, we must forget who we really are so we can in fact do the experience. If we remember, we will not get the experience. So knowing that all things we experience, from war to joy to sadness to bungee jumping and the adrenaline rush, is all made of the same stuff: love. Hate, for example, is diminished love. Really diminished, but in the end, it is still love. It can not be otherwise by any logic examining this paradoxical scrutiny.
The events that go on around us, from delays, to payouts, to wondering what the F  is going on with the cabal and the rest of the world, are things we experience. This is why one person can change everything if they are passionate enough about it. History has proven this time and again, and books written about such people. We can change things. Always. We just have to choose that path and experience. At the moment, there are struggles between the cabal and the light. These struggles were great, and now they are diminished as we come to the end of this period of experience, and about to enter a different consciousness more attuned to love and helping each other rather than jockeying for position.
Yes, it is frustrating to be in some situations where the emotion of helplessness, anger, and similar feelings abound. But if you step back a bit away from these, and see the experience of these things, then it becomes easier to understand the whole, rather than the tree.
The miracle here is that we can step back and look at the whole thing and understand. By doing so, perspectives and paths shift. We are blessed with this ability and should take more advantage of it really. I have come to this realization a while ago, and this alone allows me to be stable in many situations rather than blowing a gasket (that’s the easy way).
In the end, the delays and other things impeding our progress to peace and joy and prosperity shall pass, and this period of experience shall pass and become part of us as we evolve. The dark serves the light. It serves the light by giving us the gamut of emotion and potentials that exist in the experience. This helps us understand the range, and can therefore measure the type, depth and breadth of the gamut of experience we are presented with to deal with, and learn from.
Hope that helps and that i have shed a bit of understanding on this all too familiar scenario and questioning.
Q: Zap,  Can you confirm this?  Thank you. – G
** FLASH ** Earthquake Strikes Crimea; Russian Troops Blame U.S. HAARP – Furious – Saying U.S. “Used a Weapon of Mass Destruction against Russian Military”. March 1, 2014  11:43 PM EST — (TRN) — A significant earthquake has struck the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine within the last hour and Russian military sources are claiming it was a deliberate act by the United States, using it’s HAARP Array,  in retaliation for Russia placing troops into the Ukraine. Although damage reports are not yet in, sources in Crimea tell TRN the quake was strong. Details at: “”
ZAP – Sigh. That is one experience we can all do without. Like war. HahaHAARP is no joke and can indeed cause such events (also other tech as well). Remember HAARP is designed primarily for weather control, but if you cool or heat the target ground, earthquakes can result. Small nuclear explosive devices, like the ones used on the reactors at Fukushima, can be strategically placed at stress points and trigger earthquakes much more easily. But the nuclear signature is easy to detect and point fingers on. HAARP is quiet. I have not had time to ask on this one, but the possibility and/or probability is good.
March 1, 2014, 11:30 A.M. Japan Standard Time Special news alert: About three hours ago Russian special forces engaged US ground troops in the Ukraine, according to Russian government and gnostic illuminati sources. This move was in response to the imminent bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board. “”
ZAP – And pigs can fly. Really they can. And i wear an aluminum cap on my head for obvious reasons, and they let me wear it to bed when i go back home from my day pass too. Actually, there is a measure of truth, and a good measure of extra information to sell the story better. Putin, God bless him, assured everybody that the 18,000 Russian troops, 2 tank battalions, and half the Russian air force were really only reservists too. If it comes from Benjamin, and I do not have pictures of the event, then I have a hard time co-joining the information with other information. Differs most of the time. However, anything is possible right?
OMG!! NBC News JUST NOW Getting Some Troubling News VIDEO Posted By: Lymerick [Send E-Mail] Date: Sunday, 2-Mar-2014 15:59:43
Will wonders never cease!! NBC News, Washington, DC is confirming that fish in the Pacific Ocean, off of Japan, are contaminated with dangerously high levels of radiation from the March, 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the radiation will reach the U.S. west coast “within weeks.” Better late than never – or NOT!! – Lymerick
ZAP – Wow. OMG. No way. Unreal. What is radiation? Is fish a food? Will Ii get pimples if I eat fish? What is a Japan? Answers to these and other important questions later tonight. Film at 11. So, finally, there is some measure of reporting on what has been a reality for a very very long time. I am so impressed by the on-the-spot reporting of this event, i could throw up. People on the West Coast are dying, wildlife is dying, marine life is dying, and there is finally a report that the head of agriculture in tokyo reported that fish caught off the coast of japan around fukushima had dangerously high levels of radiation. I am amazed. What will be reported next. Three eyed fish? I am just wondering when a real report will come forth. It should be of a similar magnitude as that of chernobyl at the least. (Stephen Again, please remember what Archangel Michale has said about this situation and how it is being remediated from above.)
Q: Re: …about the Poofness newsletter… G’day ZAP and Company from Western Australia. I know you are busy mate, but I just wanted to thank you and your family for the wonderful work you people do for us out here in the OTHER world where we rely on blokes like you for the news. I am a Dinar and DONG man myself, and I have made sure that I bought enough to help my community Aboriginal people here in Western Australia. Please be aware that we love you with all our hearts and may the Creator bless you and yours. Namaste – D
ZAP – Namaste. Glad to help. The dong and dinar will be revalued soon enough, and you and others will benefit greatly from this. Thank the Chinese royal family for thinking of everybody in the execution of the divine plan that they are part of. They are the keepers and guardians of the matrix wealth of humanity that has now been released to us. Good guys.
Looks like i am out of a jobs tending to pigs. They have taken flight and are busy now doing what they are supposed to do.
Just a brief background on the purple pig thing for newcomers here. Somebody asked me a long time ago when will it all happen. I answered, when pigs fly. I further supported the fact of pigs actually flying by citing the example of seeing a pig, a big one, flying. This was at a Pink Floyd concert. During the song, a spotlight focused on this massive blimp sized pig at one end of the stadium and it flew across the stadium to the stage. Then I noticed the zip line. But for all intents and purposes, I understood then that pigs can fly. So, the flying purple pig has become an icon for the signal that the time of humanity has arrived through the release of the matrix funds.
Cute critters. Was fun tending to them. Very well behaved, and played a mean game of poker.

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