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The Office of Poofness: March 23, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/ golden age gaia: It’s ironic to think that Poof passed on nine months ago and yet, according to ZAP, we have now birthed the new financial system…Read on. Oh, and just a quick heads-up: much of this  ‘update’ is ZAP critiqueing and sarcastically commenting on articles and theories proffered by others. Some find these ‘asides’ add little value, so if you wish to skip this week’s Q&A, the real info seems to lie in ZAP’s intro and his ‘Ending’ section.
Greetings and Salutations:
I chose this song (My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) by Neil Young) to honor Poof leaving nine months ago today.  Your prayers have guided me thru my ‘Darkest Hours’ of the loss of my soul-mate and partner. We began this ‘Prosperity’ journey together 17 years ago, committed to educating, providing information, and spreading hope and faith that we all could and would make a difference. Wow, what an unbelievable birthing process of change we have all been thru together.
The good news is the process has begun and the much awaited “Dream” is beginning to materialize right in front of our eyes. Poof may have left the building but he hasn’t left the cause. He certainly remains very close to all of our hearts. – Susan
Poof said:
The machinery moves. The wheels and the cogs are all in place. the things that needed to be jettisoned are being jettisoned and the proofing of the Basel III protocols and the banking cartel and the army of people needed to complete all of the paperwork is gathering momentum. The communications network is having glitches and the proper safeguards are again being massaged. There are interminable ways in which leaks can occur, and in which loopholes can get created. The world operates on bits and fiber optics. If you recognize how quickly you can have one computer corrupted or how a virus can do one in, then be aware of how a huge glitch at the time of transmittal can make the work a gargantuan effort, overheated, and hard to define where the break occurred. Remember that no one knows if they are in the system for sure; remember that all of this data is years old and many have been involved in transmitting not just once or twice but many times. Think about the F&P alone. So give some tolerance and some well wishes and add positive energies to the tasks that are in place. Never thought this would have gone on for so long, but then again? you will be well rewarded. Stop negativity wherever it is and that really begins with you. Again. Have fun. Let go. Enjoy your day. Every day.
ZAP says:
Hi all
Today marks the 9th month since James (Poof’s real name) passed. And today we can tell you Poof that the birth of a New Earth is upon us. Amazing timing when you left us and the timing of everything that is happening now. Upstairs has a great sense of humor when it comes to numbers, and this nine month thing is just another chuckle.
On March 17, the Global Reset was announced quietly. Numbers wise, that is the 3-8 = 11 (3rd month and 1+7=8). Double meaning on this one, as 38 is a special number, and of course the addition to 11 which is a master number.
The previous week, on March 11, pay order 1-11 (the number thing again) was announced by Sukarno’s son. Brief history: John F. Kennedy and Sukarno, the President of Indonesia signed the Green Hilton memorial agreement where the global matrix funds of the world would be distributed under the general plan.
Both paid with their lives as the cabal rolled out the machinery to stop them.
Sukarno’s son had a ceremony and signed a big sheet of uncut USD $2 bills, and signed other documents that release the matrix gold back to the countries. How this gets deployed is an unknown, but the gesture was made.
Yesterday, March 22 at 11:30 in New York, the USA finally signed the new USD agreement. The new dollar, the treasury reserve note (symbol: TRN) is here.
On Monday March 24, all funds are released for the purpose of the historic bond payments, the RV of the currencies, the reset, the PPP, etc. No restriction and the money will come out and the divine plan will get affected.
The purple pigs will drop their loads (sorry), and humanity will prosper.
Historic times indeed.
Q; Zap, all you are doing is appreciated so much… Thank you. If you could answer a few banking questions please.
ZAP – Sure, how much money you got?
Will the F&P be funded through the large banks or our local community banks?
ZAP – Carrier pigeons with us postal markings. They will drop money into the banks who will send money over to local banks.
Will we be viewing an instructional video at the bank?
ZAP – I think they still have the deep throat video, yes…the Watergate thing. Very instructional. What were you thinking? There may be written information, but video? That would be nice.
Will our names be on the bank accounts or will they have numbers attached?
ZAP – Bank accounts are numbers right? With a name attached to the numbers. Careful of people with names like Guido the killer pimp coming around to help you understand names and numbers.
Do we need to keep these bank accounts open for future deposits?
ZAP – Only if you want to. If you close the account, where will you keep the money? The mattress thing?
Can we move some funds to another banking institution, i.e. a non-federal credit union leaving some funds in the access bank? Do we need to diversify and spread the funds into different baskets?
ZAP – The nature of the money is that it is gold backed. It is useful and valuable. It will not make any difference where you keep it. It will be safe now under the new system and nobody will be able to rob you anymore. The smallest bank will be as safe as the largest bank.
Under Basel III will we be required in the US to give Social Security Numbers to open our accounts?
ZAP – I do not know this. Even if you opt to become a natural person, there has to be some form of recognition that the banks will accept when they contract with you to provide banking services.
There are participants who have moved out of the US since enrolling in the program, will they be eligible for the F&P and if so, will they need to return to US to access?
ZAP – Anybody that is registered as a beneficiary of any program is the final recipient no matter where they are. Location makes no difference. Remember only to be legal in everything you do, and follow the rules. You will not go wrong and the payments will reach you and you will be able to use them.
Will the banks be closed for a period of time after we access F&P? If so, approximately how long will we need to get some cash to carry us until they open.
ZAP – I would say they would be closed for some amount of time (hours? days?). It would be a good idea to have some cash on hand for immediate needs when this happens.
I just read something where someone suggested to pull your money out…..something that will not be possible!
ZAP – This I cannot answer as they have not told me details of bank closures and whether you can pull some cash out to have in your pocket. You will see tomorrow i guess. Take out some money from your ATM, and see what limits there are if any.
I’ve been looking for a 57 Chevy (hopefully a blue one) around these parts with the rear window rolled down but alas nada! So I’m looking to you to send one by…lol Where’s Bob and Bambi when you need them.
ZAP – They are very busy in Bermuda counting their…er…your money. But you can always reach fluffy at the main office…in between pole dances.
Thanks for your time in answering these questions and for all you do for the planet and its inhabitants. That praise is for everyone working on this endeavor.  Hugs –  L
ZAP – Yes agree. So many have worked for all of us for us to be in this position. So many. We are blessed by their work.
Q: Thank you for answering my statement/inquiries. It is obvious after reading my pieces my level of anxiety at this gargantuan struggle for our freedom. I wish I could command more outright “now presence courage.” I am trying. once again thank you for your answers. light and love – JB
ZAP – No big deal. Your path is only unfolding and knowing how you feel is critical to your understanding of your path. Well done.
Q; Hello all, Not sure if this is the right place to send in questions to you but I’m hoping I have the right place.  A couple of questions. 1) There is a man by the name of Cobra, of whom I am sure you are familiar with, who acknowledges that the GCR and prosperity packages are a reality but says that the release of these will coincide with an EVENT.
ZAP – The Event happened, and I flushed the toilet…
I guess this EVENT is part spiritual mass upgrade in consciousness, GCR, and disclosure that will be released en masse via all forms of media.
ZAP – The snake is astute.
He says that we are quite a ways away (he always says that) because this cannot take place until all the bad guys are done away with.
ZAP – That is part of the sequence, and already many have been taken away.
He maintains, and always has, that the Dinar and Dong revalue is “hype” that is being promoted by the three-letter-agencies. Supposedly they are doing so as a distraction. In his words, this Reval will not happen and is not the way things should be done.
ZAP – It is not hype. It is a currency that has been depressed for the 10 year stretch, and will now come out and be a recognized global currency and backed by metal. Common sense, not hype.
He seems to be well-respected.
ZAP – In what circles?
And, to be honest, I do notice a very “distracting” and disturbing pattern where Dinarians are hyped and prepared for the exchange twice a month – the 15th and the end of the month. And nothing happens. This week, I see quite a few people aligned in the belief that something big is happening (more aligned than before) and yet that lasted for about two days before word came out that this was being pushed back a week or indefinitely.
ZAP – The patterns were always there, but since nothing was in place, and the bickering and positioning was still happening, nothing could happen. Until now.
There was also talk of an announcement being made about the change on CNBC that never materialized.
ZAP – Wow. CNBC actually said something about it? I thought the US media control was better than that. Hmmmm…..cabal slip-ups, I guess.
And this seems to be the bi-monthly build-up pattern. I want this to come to fruition as much as anyone. I know you state that your sources are in the three-letter-agencies.
ZAP – My main source is the family itself, and all of that is then corroborated by the agencies. I do not go to the agencies first to get info.
Could, then, Cobra be correct that this is in fact a scam being used to distract energy and attention away from more purposeful objectives?
ZAP – Cobra, the dear snake, has best intent it seems, but information-wise the reality is that it is all happening no matter how much some do not believe. Time will tell always.
2) Should this Reval happen and prosperity funds release, how might one, who has no idea, business proposal or plan of their own, go about signing on to work with or these projects? How might one go about investing in these projects?
ZAP – Did I mention Bob’s bank? Wonderful bank. Easy to use. There are several websites already up and running, and the main project intake and funding site getting close to completion. I will publish these sites here for everybody to get in and get to the real work in about 2 weeks. There may be some preliminary sites i will recommend next week, but they are not quite there yet, and I have to do more investigation. There will be a few main sites to go to and give a helping hand. Many good people so far.
Many thanks – S
Q: Susan & Zap, Thanks for the last update. Things feel encouraging. Since the RV is unfolding a bit slower…does this mean that the Prosperity Programs will now roll out in the first part of April. Many people are not connected with the RV, just the PP.
ZAP – April is the target date for those.
As always, if there are any specific things you would suggest we now do to help out please let us know.  In Peace  - SC
ZAP – Websites coming up in next weeks for that. All good and on track.
Q: To add one more question: If the reset is soon to happen, how come there are reports in the news almost daily about the numerous moves the Federal Reserve is doing to help the economy? It seems like business as usual and yet with an impending reset, don’t you think they would be in a quiet holding pattern?  Thanks again,  - S
ZAP – Reset happened already on March 17. Now we are in the deployment phase of it all. When US Treasury formally announces the TRN (expected this coming week) the Federal Reserve will not go away. It is a distribution network for money, and the UST (United States Tresurty) will assimilate and use this system for such distribution and save a few bucks by not re-inventing the wheel. Common sense again, right?
The Fed has been living on borrowed time since its 99 contract was up last year. It has been kept alive until the reset to serve the purpose. It has now fulfilled that purpose, and the changeover can happen.
Q: Hi Susan & Zap. I hope all is well with you. Zap, I need an answer if such is possible. For years Poof and others have indicated that our PP accounts were set up in European banks as well as a 5 star trust. I always believed that our accounts were named and numbered and were growing. Also, we were told that our F&P accounts were being added to. Back in the day, no one had heard about or mentioned a Dinar. Now, all the hoopla is about the RV of the Dinar, with no concern about our PP deliveries. The latest that I heard was that we had to go first, and then the dinar. Now, to make matters worse, rumors are that China has run out of funds. Question: If our moneys are in bank accounts and the F&P funds are available, why can’t they be delivered? A lot of us will not live long enough to get any benefit from our funds!! Regards and thanks for all that you both do, AN
ZAP – The five star trust tried to do the right thing. But I have personal knowledge that the five star trust is not liquid, and not in program on the surface. Perhaps underneath, but that is hidden from me if there is such an operation ongoing. The RV of currencies, the payment or settlement of the historic bonds, and the changeover to the new financial system heralds the prosperity that is meant for humanity. The F&P and the PPP, I have little to say about as that is really not my focus, but I do get snippets of information that can help put the puzzle in perspective. China has not run out of money. That is broker crap. The payments for all things can begin this coming week with the advent of the TRN.
Q: I am forwarding a post that has a note of concern about the subject to which I should like to pose a question, True or not True?  Thank you and Blessings to all at your post. – J
The World Holds Suicidal America Hostage By JC Collins -  March 22, 2014
With March quickly coming to an end it appears there will be no passage of supporting legislation in Congress for the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.
On Friday, the House of Representatives introduced a new aid bill for Ukraine which did not include the reforms. An earlier version of the bill did in fact include the reforms.
We are entering into a situation where the G20 countries have told the United States that they have until the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting on April 10th and 11th to enact the required supporting legislation for the IMF Reforms.
This meeting is being held in Washington and it will certainly be a few days to remember.
Let’s recall that the G20 countries have stated that they will take aggressive measures to by-pass the United States and its veto power over the IMF Executive Board by the April meeting.
Let’s recall that Russia has threatened to dump its US Treasury Bonds and begin settling trade in other currencies other than the US dollar. As many have predicted, this will be the death of the petrodollar and reserve currency status of the American dollar.
America has but a few weeks to enter into multilateral agreements with the rest of the world and show its willingness to become part of a more balanced and centralized financial system. The financial power of the rest of the world has created a situation for the US where it is collapse or consolidation.
(ZAP – Consolidation)
While not paying attention to the obvious sovereign debt crisis the US will have the moment the dollars status is removed, television pundits and government officials will talk America into a corner by saying that they will not be financially held hostage to the whims and desires of corrupt financial institutions which are now controlled by a consortium of special interests.
Like Nixon taking the dollar of its 30% gold peg in 1971, the American people will never be told the truth of why and how international economics has given them a post WW2 life style with the reserve status of the dollar, and how that same lifestyle and image will now be reduced as the reserve currency status is shifted to the centralized SDR system.
(ZAP – Truth is coming and it will be very revealing.)
America is playing a dangerous game where it thinks that the level of Treasury debt being held in the foreign account reserves of other countries will protect it from a debt default. The consensus is that if the US dollar collapses so will the foreign assets of other countries. As such, it’s in the best interest of all countries to keep the dollar alive.
(ZAP – The US dollar has to be strong for the rest of the balances to work. There will be changes, yes of course, but Uncle Sam needs a ####, shower and shave and a new suit and be the shining beacon of hope he is supposed to be. I trust this will happen. Then true peace and prosperity will reign.)
One can’t help but wonder if the simplicity of this argument is injected into the social collective to enforce the forthcoming deniability of American administration officials.
There is way too much focus put on this component of the US debt and bond issue. How easy would it be for the rest of the world, represented by a disgruntled G20 and International Monetary Fund to aggressively restructure the US debt into the SDR bond allocation and composition system, while using the Bank for International Settlements as the clearing house for all transactions?
(ZAP – That is not the purpose of the original M1. UN, BIS, Fed etc. Structure, and all of that is being revised to reflect the global reset. The potentials here are quite possible, but with the reset, improbable.)
One can only think of such historical paradigm shifts as the Versailles Treaty and the end of the Ottoman Empire.
The US dollar will be removed from its current status as primary reserve currency and the world will move towards a centralized SDR system. Of this there is little doubt.
(ZAP – Possible, but…)
When even China and Russia are calling for the implementation of this very same system, and resource rich countries like Canada and Australia also supporting the IMF restructuring, not to mention currency swap agreements with China and the establishment of renminbi trading hubs, the transition becomes imminent.
America will cry victim. It has become the hostage to a world which it held hostage since 1944. It’s karma has come full circle. – JC Collins
(ZAP – USA Is the victim here…of cabal rule. That is all. The USA is a wonderful thing, but it has been used by the cabal until there is almost nothing left. It is time for citizens to understand what has happened, and get to work rebuilding uncle.)
Q: Hi, S –  No idea if we’ll see things in the next 48 hours, but there’s a general sense (rumors) that things will happen by April 1. :) I’ll send a copy of this reply to Susan for ZAP’s attention.  Blessings.  - H
Good evening H, How are you doing? Good, I hope. I did not have anything to email you with until I read all of the currency revaluation post this week. There is an enormous amount of countries that have revalued their currency this past week. They are not on the Forex as of yet but I would think they will post this intel at some point this week? How much longer can they hold that information after releasing this in the press especially in the Far East. Is there any chance that you can pass this email to Zap for me and ask if he is going to explain to everyone why we are seeing all of the countries RV ?
(ZAP – The answer is at the beginning. All countries have to rv to become Basel III compliant (I.e: they must be metal backed). Just like the Green Hilton which was to get that done and put the US back on gold. This time around, it is not the effort of these 2 presidents of the US and Indonesia, but the collective effort of all the countries now. It will be done this time.)
I see most of the BRICS countries are in the news as officially having a revaluation along with Kuwait this week? So, is it correct since we are last to RV that we can expect for all of this to take place in the  next 48 hours ? Please advise at your earliest possible convenience.  Thank you H. J God Bless,
Chinese President Xi Jinping begins key Europe visit
Chinese President Xi Jinping has landed in the Netherlands on his first trip to Europe as leader. He and his wife Peng Liyuan were welcomed by Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. His tour will include France, Germany and Belgium as well as the headquarters of the EU in Brussels.
A 200-strong business delegation is accompanying him on a trip expected to be dominated by trade. On the agenda is a possible order for 150 Airbus jets. Mr Xi is also likely to face pressure from Western powers to be firmer with Russia over its actions in Ukraine. China usually supports Russia in foreign policy issues, but last week declined to fully back its ally over Ukraine. Beijing abstained from a vote at the UN that would have condemned Russia’s takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region.
The BBC’s John Sudworth in Shanghai says Europe and China have a relationship often marred by friction. A tit-for-tat trade dispute, with China targeting French wine after the EU imposed tariffs on Chinese solar panels, was only resolved on Friday.
The Chinese leader and Dutch king were due to attend a dinner at the royal palace on Amsterdam’s central Dam Square. Amnesty International has organised a protest on the square, calling for attention to human rights abuses in China. Mr Xi arrived in advance of a G7 meeting on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in The Hague next week.
He is expected to discuss the situation in Ukraine with President Obama on the sidelines of the summit. Correspondents say the Chinese president is likely to repeat Beijing’s  call for “calm and restraint” in the crisis.
The Chinese leader will also meet French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on his trip, which ends in Belgium on 1 April.
One side issue of note from the visit comes from reports in the German press suggesting that the Chinese delegation had asked for an official visit, accompanied by Chancellor Merkel, to a Holocaust memorial. Berlin is said to have refused, fearing that it would be used by China as propaganda to highlight its complaint that Japan has not done enough to atone for its militaristic past. Der Spiegel reports that the Chinese delegation has been told that President Xi is free to visit memorials in his own time.
ZAP – With all of these stories we read, and world events taking interesting turns from sabre rattling to conniving attempts to stall the reset, you must look at one thing alone: this is the drama of the moment. This is here to support the paths that others took long ago to have the global situation at the stage it is in.
ZAP – Remember to not get caught in the trauma of the drama. What for. Despair at a situation that is of passing nature and interest at best? The reset is here, and the work to this end is continuing, and will happen. The dramas will disappear.
Once the dramas disappear, the only thing that will continue on is the underlying work of the reconstruction period we are in. It is inevitable that we will do this, and not drama like before. So what me worry? Being in this observer mode is very calming. Understanding that this is true, is satisfying. That leaves the mind clear for figuring out things to do for project side. And there is much to do.
By the way, this Russia thing – Russia needs the port access, and that is what this spat is over in Crimea, I see. They are both brothers, and family will have their spats, but Putin will not let port access disappear for Russia (as was agreed to in treaties and such). Trying to use that to precipitate larger action is a typical thing. Like the Ukraine thing happening when Sochi was happening, and Putin constrained to do much about it at the time. So that set stages all over the place for delay tactics through misdirection like a new war brewing.
The attempts to start wars are so self-evident, like the last one with the plane with the Chinese semiconductor guys that was tracked by Boeing satellite signal for 5 hours after it was supposed to have been destroyed over the sea. That one got found out real easy and a lot of embarrassed faces. There will be maybe one or three more attempts, but they are running out of plausible or semi-plausible stuff to pin it on. So the weaker the excuse, short of a full blown “big lie” of some sorts that will take a while to figure out (like 9/11), the less likely the cabal will actually succeed in their idiotic ideas of snuffing out 5 billion odd people.
So relax, know all is well, all will be well, and all was well to begin with, and that will transition you nicely to the next paradigm of peace, joy, and prosperity. Many are coming forward now in good intent to give a helping hand, and our other job is to recognize each other, say hi to each other, and get to do some work together. This pigs continue their rounds.
Thanks James (Poof) for being around so long giving yourself, and happy birthday on this baby. Now we gots to nurture and grow it. Much love and thanks.
Susan has also added this addendum:
I’m personally asking for your donations large or small so the “Poofness Newsletter” can continue to keep you informed on the progress of the upcoming “Blessings” and events which will forever change the face of  “Humanity.” Without your donations we can not possibly continue. Donations can be made thru, if Paypal becomes an issue please contact us, consultations are also available.You can not know how much your continued donations mean to me, truly means, in light of so many unexpected closed doors. -  Susan

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