Friday, March 14, 2014

Metamorphic Transformation by Peggy Black

Thank you Team and Peggy!
Peggy BlackWe are here, observing and supporting the process that many have labeled evolution. We acknowledge that you are personally here in physical form to support and assist the process.
If you are reading our words, you are aware of this. This news is not new to you, what we are offering in this transmission you already know, we are just gently reminding you, as well as confirming who you are.
However, we will remind you that once you assume a physical form in this dimension and reality, you are influenced by the vibrations and energies of this dense plane of existence.
As multidimensional Beings, you are capable of sensing vibrational energy offered in all its many forms. Many drop into or match the level of unconsciousness that is being generated by the collective. Many individuals live, experience this dense reality, and never expand into their divine awakening --that's a part of the risk you consciously knew you were taking when you signed up for this mission.
Remember first and foremost, you are a Being of energy that JUST HAPPENS to have a body. It takes incredible focus and courage to stay Awake and aware while you are swimming in the incredible field of lower energy and vibrations. The first tendency is to match the vibrations that are being offered, especially when they tap into or trigger some belief or some teaching that you have been given.
For example, if your parents were fearful about their financial success, they might have imparted those fearful feelings in words and actions as well as in the vibrations generated by their feelings of concern and worry. You as a child assumed these influential vibrations, these concerns and worries as a part of life. You can apply this principal to any limiting action, thought or belief you carry.
This is true of everyone. Remember like attracts like: LAW OF ATTRACTION. Everything is a vibration of energy, moving and flowing, interacting and reacting, merging and detracting. This field of vibrations is likened to an energy ocean. All emotional vibrations flow into this ocean; Some are toxic, some are pure and clear and some are being gifted from the magnetic and dynamic forces of your galaxy and the larger universe.
What is becoming common knowledge is that these energetic magnetic dynamic forces are constantly bombarding and showering your Earth home with charged particles from the Sun and your Milky Way. These charged particles, or vibrations, express themselves as solar flares, gamma rays, plasma rays or a geomagnetic flux.
These galactic gifts are influencing the evolution of consciousness for humanity. These magnetic influences have an impact, emotional as well as physical, on your human body. You as an individual will respond differently depending on many factors of your own personal dynamics. There are, however, common shared changes. You may experience feelings of fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, deep depression, body aches that move about your physical form from one place to another without clear cause. You can also experience confusion, agitation, restlessness and trouble sleeping soundly.
You physical body is responding to these geomagnetic and electromagnetic forces. The pineal gland, which is your cosmic connection and cosmic antenna, is sensitive to these magnetic energies. The pineal gland is an endocrine gland, like the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pancreas. These glands regulate and secrete hormones which regulate your body’s functions. The pineal secretes melatonin which regulates your sleep patterns and circadian rhythm as well secreting hormones for your physical and spiritual growth and development into a galactic citizen.
Every aspect of your physical body is undergoing a dynamic change, a metamorphic transformation. This is happening within every cell of your body. Solar and galactic particles and vibrations are shifting your body codes, activating dormant genes in your very DNA causing chemical changes in your very structure. You are personally feeling this acceleration.
Another aspect and change that is taking place within your body is the energy meridians. They are expanding so to speak to carry a higher frequency vibration. You could say that you are being rewired. Over time you will become aware that more energy portals and charkas are being revealed. This upgrade is connecting you more fully to your divine multidimensional self offering the integration of all your gifts and abilities. Some of the shifts within will be easy to integrate and others may offer a bit of a challenge. Remember to ask for divine support; remember to envision this acceleration coming to you easily and grace filled. Use your energy tools, clear old patterns and emotions.
The geomagnetic and electromagnetic vibrations offered by the cosmic forces are also interfacing with your earth’s magnetic field. This is triggering many of the dynamic changes you are witnessing at this time. Humanity and the Earth are shifting into a faster, pulsing vibration of the higher dimensions.
This information is coming forth in many forms and from many avenues. Everyone is on board for these tremendous changes in consciousness. It is happening whether you are aware of it, whether you welcome it or push against it. Humanity is in a process of cosmic alchemy that is transforming your physical body from the carbon-based matrix and blueprint to a precise, accomplished and elegant crystalline matrix and organism.
Many may find that this shift is physically challenging, you might be witness to this in others. You as a human have a morphogenetic field that surrounds you; we call this your energy signature. In your personal growth and development as well as the trials and challenges along the way, you have created a type of energetic armoring or blockage. This energetic armoring has a tendency to block what is being offered. If your personal circuits are shut down because of some fear it will be more difficult for your body to accept these upgrades to the system.
Within you is everything that you need to upgrade, it is a part of who you are as a multidimensional being. You are here to anchor this shift from carbon base to crystalline base. You have the necessary keys to unlock any aspect to limitation in your genetic codes. There is dormant DNA waiting to be activated.
You task is to be ruthless with yourself and your limited beliefs. Be a vigilant warrior in the awareness of how to interface with the limitations of the collective matrix. It truly is a sticky web of misqualified energy, beliefs, stories and emotions. Disengage from this sticky web as often as necessary each day, especially when your news or another is sharing a story that brings forth any form of constriction.
Allow your consciousness to claim its personal power to rise above this story or these events knowing that you can be the force for shifting that reality. Each time you do this you assist and anchor more light into the collective field and open yourself to be receptive to the blessings and the magnetic gifts being offer to you as well as humanity. Remember you are the alchemist as well the portal for all changes to come forth.
Allow yourself to own this responsibility with great joy and honor. Your work and service is a valuable part of all that is unfolding. Every time you shift a limited belief, transform some old personal fear or limitation, every cell in your body is aware and responds. Begin to connect with your pineal gland, your DNA, the very cells of your body; there is true consciousness within all aspects.
Imagine yourself welcoming these subtle changes, imagine yourself inviting more conscious light energy into your very bloodstream, your organs, into all the places where you hold tension, pain, physical malfunction. Establish a conscious partnership with your body. Together your multidimensional awareness and your body awareness will welcome the awesome metamorphic changes occurring. Welcome the energy gift of the solar flares gamma rays, plasma rays or geomagnetic flux.
Observe how you respond to these galactic gifts. Everything is connected, so as you expand and transform, you offer this portal of awakening to others. The extraordinary crystalline transformation becomes a part of your energy signature which can trigger the awakening in others that you interface with daily.
We acknowledge you for your true magnificence. These are exciting times and you are here in physical form, awake and aware, riding the cutting edge of all that is to be revealed. Remember that you have the support of the celestial realms while here on assignment. Call upon us as well as all divine beings of love and light to support and assist in what is unfolding. You are loved and appreciated beyond measure.
The ‘team’
by Peggy Black
©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

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