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The Office of Poofness: March 9, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age age gaia: This week’s newsletter from Susan, ZAP and the Office of Poofness features an unusually long intro from a previous Poof post. So I’ve moved it to the end so we can get straight to the key, current information most of us want to read.
Greetings and Salutations,
ZAP says: 
Hi all.
Many events have transpired, and are continuing to happen as we speak this weekend (March 8/9 2014). There are major meetings ongoing with the family, governments, regulatory agencies, institutions, banks, and the occasional waffle heads from the cabal. They are not handing out fluffy toys.
These meetings mean everything to the world and our humanity.
They are the final steps in the establishment and deployment of the divine plan for our humanity that was developed so long ago.
Although i know many details of this deployment, and the secret stuff surrounding the meetings, there is not that much i can say as the sensitivity here is so great that any chink in the armor may be taken advantage of and the process delayed.
So I will speak only in general terms and hope you understand the need for this secrecy.
Another site has good information, and that is the folks. They actually posted this info:
Per conversation with bond brokers and global depository institution facilitators, institutional investors, global clearing houses, tier 1 trading desks, agencies, and CME contacts, the wire transfers for the bonds have started and the rates on the Iraq bonds is at $3.71 as of today.
The Iraq private bond sale has been completed, and the rates, terms, and interest is fixed, locked and can not be changed or manipulated via sec guidelines and regulations, i.e. Forex probe (global currency manipulation) global system stabilization and security in conjunction with global security agencies and authorities.
Article 8 with IMF is completed for Iraq. Rates for other EM’s are locked and live today on bank screens. Global institutional investors now hold the bonds, via private placement and global bond sale. LSX, Euronext, Forex, and all global exchanges are on high alert and positioned today.
China has already made announcement to become a gold backed global reserve currency. BRICS and  mint EM’s are leveraged and positioned, and all gold certificates in conjunction with china & other i.i.’s, and countries are positioned today. Global currency swaps and central bank liquidity swaps, to circumvent USD are in process, as the petro dollar prepares to vanish and world & EM’s transition to direct oil purchases via direct currency swaps with country currency globally.
Tier 2 banks in USA are positioned, NDA’s have been revised and there will be no high rates, with the exception of groups with existing contracts. Environment is now cleared and stabilized for global reset.
Bonds were first step, then RV, and GCR will follow. Multiple bond confirmations globally from Tier 1′s, CME, all agencies globally. –
This last statement regarding bonds is bang on the button. First bonds; then everything else.
As of March 5, the following information was given to me from the meetings:
“Global RV just passed today. Everything is pushed back 3 days on transactions as a result.
“Today the new dollar (US Treasury Note) for the USD exchange is being announced, and the new exchange rate.
“This directly affects the bond purchases as when this is confirmed the bank will be able to issue the contracts for the bond purchases.”
There was further information, but this did not come from my direct source:
“The following information has been reported as of yesterday regarding the status of the Redemption Plan for the Historical Bonds for 23 countries. It is believed that the chronological sequence of events will take place as follows:
“US will bring forth their gold-backed currency, which will be issued by the US Treasury, not the Federal Reserve. The currency issued by the FEDs is a Fiat Currency (no intrinsic value). Apparently, the new gold-backed currency for the US has been already moved to the proper disbursement centers. The exact day for the release of the new currency is estimated to take place prior to March 17th. (Every estimated date so far has not materialized.)
“The RV/Currency Re-set can then take place since the 198 currencies involved will now be based on USD which will be gold backed. (Obviously, the RV could not have taken place with USD being a Fiat Currency.)
“Upon the completion of No. 1 & 2 above, the FEDs/U.S. Treasury will remove the restriction on the transfer of USD being used to pay for Historical Bonds. (All Historical Bonds will be paid in USD).
“The relevant “Chinese Funding Source” can now move USD to their designated Buying Groups and Trade Platforms so that Historical Bonds can be redeemed via “cash at closing” or PPP’s which takes 40 weeks or more. Note: Currently, a few Bond Sellers have been paid by taking the sale proceeds in a bank account set up for the Seller in the Funding Bank. However, these funds cannot be transferred until the FEDs remove the current restriction.
“The Trade Platforms will receive their “Basel 3 Compliance” approvals so that they can start trading with Historical Bonds being the “underlying asset”. Most of the Credit Lines will be provided by the Chinese since Platforms cannot get traditional Credit Lines on Historical Bonds that have no value. (Only when these bonds are converted into Negotiable Instruments will they have value.)
“The formula for the “use of sale proceeds” for the Bond Sellers appears to be unchanged: 70% for projects of the Sellers or Sovereigns, 20% for personal use by the Sellers,10% for Fees. All Facilitators, as well as the Seller, must pass Compliance. Facilitators could be required to place a major share of their fees into projects.”
These tidbits of information keep surfacing as the leaks continue to give us perspective. Remember to take most of these with a grain of salt, as there is misinformation mixed in with the truth. My information is direct from source, so i have no issues with that, and use that for verification of other information that surfaces, and pretty well a good 80% is accurate.
Q and A
Q: Hi Susan, I found a site that told me if I sent this on to you, then ZAP would receive it. Does ZAP know if the OP Compassion Prosperity funding set up by John MacHaffie will be recognized as part of the massive distribution of funding to help humanity? When will Prosperity Packages be going out? Thanks for passing this along.  – Arlene
ZAP – John MacHaffie has the heart and intent for our humanity, from what I see. Passed that, I know very little about the potential for further prosperity programs, as the trades for the others are closed, and will be paying out soon enough. If John is tapped into the programs, and receives an allocation, or has received, to distribute, then it will happen. But new programs I have not heard about. I can say new programs are not likely. We have enough released to do the job.
Talking about enough released, the family has let out over $54 quadrillion into the system in preparation. Good start, I think.
I do not know the timings for the prosperity packs, but rest assured it will not be long now.
Q: I was curious as to your involvement with these historic bonds that are being redeemed. Is this happening before the GCR or RV of the dinar/dong? I know many people that are owners of a lot of these assets and it has been months of waiting.
Thanks,  – C
ZAP – Interestingly, i was asked to give a helping hand in these matters many months ago, so my knowledge base in regard of these pesky things is good. The months of waiting is over. The family dropped 1500 trillion into the transacting banks to begin the payments, and some have already been paid. More this coming week as things progress. And as i said a few times before, the bonds had to be done first, then the rv, then the global reset.
IRS CONFIRMED RUMOR — Received from California reader. IRS Collection activities have stopped. IRS departments for same are closing down. IRS dogs can only bark but not bite. Tax liens are not being enforced. As mentioned here before and scoffed at — IRS serves the Federal Reserve Bank which has been foreclosed. No More Federal Reserve and No More Federal Corporation.
ZAP – True.
REPUBLIC TREASURY RUMOR — Republic Treasury has its own treasurer. The Fed Corp Treasurer will not be used.
ZAP – True.
RV — It did RV quietly and in private on Thursday evening.
ZAP – Yup. Thursday it was. But the Global RV was passed. Not the announcement of the ‘public’ RV. There is a big difference.
GOLD CURRENCY RELEASE — Gold Backed Currency was released yesterday and the banks are ready. We will be exchanging into Gold Backed Treasury notes next week. No chance of being stolen by the bad guys.
ZAP – No. It was released Thursday as well, but not announced at that time, pending other things in place before it could be. I take it from this ‘rumor’ that all is well here. I will check, of course
ANNOUNCEMENTS — Govt. private channel was used for Gold Currency Announcement yesterday.
ZAP – Makes sense then..
The day will come when charges of treason will be brought. slaver/ bankers with there debt notes will stand trial as well as the fools pushing the dark agenda. can you not see a debt note (current currency) is not money! or are you on the wrong side? a wise freedom fighter would be pushing for the silver certs! not more corp treasury bank notes! they are not new that is the same fake debt notes we had already had! please research the TRUTH about the SDR SCAM with debt NOTES
ZAP – The US treasury notes are the new dollar. They are backed by gold and/or silver. The fed debt notes are just that as you say, and not real money being the fiat animal they are. Complaining about the fiat stuff is ok, but if not for basel iii compliant currency that represents true wealth and a method of exchange, then what would be an alternative? I refuse to use ducks and chickens for money. I do not want to devolve to those times attractive as it may be. What is the complaint again?
Right now, i cannot tell you how happy i am for us. All is in the final motion for the reset and peace, joy, and prosperity for us all. So many have given their all for us in this effort it is truly amazing.
My own small efforts have contributed to the picture, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I get my kick out of helping others. There is nothing better in my book than to see a smile across a face as a result of something you have done.
May all of us experience this wonder in greater measure.
Be ready for the major changes as they get announced. The project website is being built as we speak, and the final touches being put in. The form fields are taking a bit more time than expected, but those secure pages will be ready when it all hits, and you will be able to go online and input your project and do the request for funding. We got rid of the requirement of putting a lien on your goldfish collateral and first born, so all OK.
Original message intro section:
Poof said:
I would like to make it clear that losing faith at this time is inappropriate? Don’t let go after hanging this line; Just say little and watch. Watch and be aware and be ready to do the wise, aware, and professional things that will be needed. The world is a lot more chaotic than you would know at this point. Just remember that chaos does lead to breakdowns and as you spiritual types know breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and so being aware of that you don’t get so caught up in the feeding frenzies that go on. Steer clear and keep your own counsel. It helps to recall that your investment in this is minimal, always has been. Well not for everyone but for most. If you view it that way then you can also entertain the idea that you’ve lost a lot more money in the stock market or the Forex or currencies or the casinos than you’ve ever put into this investment. So why would you lose faith now? Choose to step back and be objective and also use your instincts to see that none of this would be happening today if it were not viable and real and has something to offer. If it had been a scam or a scheme, there would have been far more monies extracted and the game would have been over. That has not happened. My family’s needs and my own have required your support; I choose to keep the communication lines open not just daily but hourly at times and handled more phone calls in a week than the average reader could ever have given thought. Why? Because like you we thought this world changing maneuver was going to happen long ago. And it could have. It should have. It did not but i also knew enough to know that it was destined to happen. No, I cannot tell you why I knew that at this time. The day will come when I will. But pick up the butt, get the faith back in place and realize you are going to be blessed beyond your wildest imagination. Most have misplaced their dreams. Time to pull those back up and rework them.  – Poof 

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