Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meetings with Remarkable Galactics posted by Steve Beckow

Thank you Steve for offering a platform for which we all can share stories and experiences!
UFO mothership 333So many accounts have come in of your meetings with remarkable galactics, after Archangel Michael asked you to write in with your stories, that we’ve made a page of it.
You certainly have proven to me that many, many people are having or have had experiences with star beings. Your accounts make fascinating reading. Thank you for sending them in.

Dear Steve ~ You’ve been posting wonderful snippets of meetings with ETs. I don’t have a meeting to report, only a sighting of a Space Ship. A month ago I was out walking my dog at around 9 p.m. The night sky was very clear and the trillions of stars were glittering like they do so beautifully it’s impossible to describe.
And because the night was clear, I could also see a few fat Chem Trails. I confess I first cursed them and then immediately thanked the ET’s for clearing them. I thought/prayed, “I don’t know if it’s true that you’re neutralizing these Chem Trails, but I believe in my heart that you are. Thank you so much for shining your love and light on Earth.”
At the exact moment I finished my thought I saw a Sky ship streak across the sky leaving a trail of light like a comet and then vanish into the night. It looked as if the ship had vanished into another dimension.
The only image I can equate it to is when the Star Ship Enterprise goes in warp speed in the new Star Trek movies. It just disappears in a flash. And so it was with this magical ship; it was fully there and then completely gone in a nanosecond. I knew I’d just seen an “Alien” ship–my first sighting–because a few airplanes were also in the sky and they were flying sooooooo sloooooowly compared to the ship that had vanished.
I was so happy and excited. I didn’t feel any fear. Just joy. And gratitude. ~ Thank you, Steve, for this wonderful site. Blessings,

A flood of unspeakable love & gratitude to you, dearest Steve… & the entire GAOG family!
So many remarkable experiences have been shared… but I will send this in case you are still adding to the galactic section of your library. :))
I Am still unwrapping a Gift offered to me Wednesday evening, February 12, beginning 7:20pm. I see it now in soft lavender, textured paper… with a wide, silver mesh ribbon. It becomes larger & more cherished with the passing of time… Boxes within boxes.
We had tickets to a keyboard concert (my husband Steve & I). A cough & a cold had persuaded Steve to stay home, so I invited my friend Lois.
The plan was that I would arrive early… pick up the tickets… put one on hold for Lois… then stand in line to allow for prompt entry & best of open-seating options.
As I walked through the entry area, I was unusually conscious of a tall older gentleman standing across the hall from the box office. Transactions completed, I walked to the line a few feet away.
He was standing peacefully, quietly alone… I felt blanketed by his sweet, potent spirit/aura. I looked over, smiled & engaged his vision… which felt like looking into a vast & bottomless pool. It seemed as though he knew so more of me than I knew of myself… A timeless Knowing.
There were other voices present within … to explain, dismiss & normalize.. But the sense of sacredness kept returning & increasing.
The line began to move quickly… Lois & I connected in our up front seats… lost in Brahms, Beethoven, etc.
Following the concert, Lois left for home, but I was enticed by a refreshment table in the vestibule.
As I was weaving my way through the crowd.. He was There… Just to my right… slender… dark shoes & slacks…. a blue pullover sweater… I looked up… taller now than I remembered.. his kindly face… white hair.
I smiled… he turned to the side in a courtly manner.. to guide me… to open for me a path to the table… his arm outstretched to the right.
I did not see him again… but he has been with me ever since. I quote now from another GAOG writer of galactic experiences: “I had a sense of total well being in his presence.”
I have inquired of my beloved telepathic friends as to the possible truth of this encounter. One shares perhaps a twin flame… the other, a galactic family member/soul mate to guide/prepare my way during this final stretch. Either one feels glorious to me.
To Heaven & the Unknown, Unfolding Wonders of the Universe!

Hi Steve, I am 100% certain and I am not sleeping, I am living it. wow.
It started around my birthday a few weeks ago. Very powerful and real but many are closed to the idea as was I until now so I keep the experiences to myself. Part of my experiences include physically feeling the massively intense energy vibrating the power poles in my yard after a long dark walk past a car on a back road near home late at night.
It was like a fear test. I felt that I should walk, in the dark with no flash light that night. Another night a star appeared on a high ceiling cloudy night when no other stars were present and then was gone immediately after I noticed and waved. I sensed that it was the bad guys watching me, pretty sure actually.
Many other events occurred too, guiding me through media like music and tv. Something is brewing for the better, amazing. It gives me shivers but I feel safe and loved and wondering why me. I have never felt so good about things….ever.
Thank you and love to you all. I am not sure what it all means exactly or what is expected of me so I will be patient as are all of you. Now I am wondering if I should be sharing this…oh well, here goes, I have nothing to hide or fear and must make my own decisions. For your benefit as I do not like unnecessary attention, thank you.

Hello fam at Golden Age,
I’d like to start by saying thank you for this very informative site, and all who contribute, I’ve been a reader for a while although it seems like just a few months. I was motivated to send some personal experiences of mine lately regarding where I am at this point in the ascension process, its amazing to hear what other readers have to say regarding dreams, Galactics, and other personal experiences.
My experiences go back a good while now, but most recently I’ve experienced the ‘good stuff’. Last June solstice, 2013, I experience what felt like heavioness, anxiety, and nervousness. It was very noticeable, very strong. During the same time I started to see flashes of bright lights throughout my room. I see those with my peripheral, almost daily.
Last November, I saw my first UFO sighting, ahem, sightings. The first craft I saw was circular basketball shaped, I was peeking outside my window looking at a redtailed hawk when I saw this flying object dipping down the sky, slowly making a 180 turn. This thing went through a patch of fog and disappeared.
I had my camera in my hand too, I was just stunted in awe that I didn’t want to miss a thing so I didn’t snap any pics. Right after that, I saw the heaviest air traffic I’ve ever seen in the sky, planes flying low and irregularly where they shouldn’t have been. That same day, I saw a fleet of orbs right above my house.
I thought they were seagulls the first time they did a round above, but they came a second time using the same path they took before, they were all bunched up very close together, I could see at least 12 of them. As they were in flight, a few of the orbs broke off from the bunch to make a triangle! It was so freaking cool! I was cheesing really hard ! I continued to have sightings into early December, thats when I caught a picture of a saucer craft make some type of dimensional jump. I printed a poster size of the image, outside of my window again.
My experiences the last few days are regarding thoughts. I’ve experienced some funny things regarding my thinking lately and its manifestation in real life. I’ve read a few articles regarding how we need to watch what we think and I couldn’t agree. Its very evident for me now. I have a few examples but, the one I will share is the easiest. A couple years ago I lost a lot of digital music. I purchased most of these but I didn’t feel too attached to them since I was practicing letting go to material items.
Yesterday morning, I had a particular song in my head, I know it wasn’t available anywhere but I decide to check YouTube and to my surprise somebody had uploaded the song minutes before I logged in..I was stoked. Following that, I went on my music library and somehow some way, my purchased music was all there!! Music I thought was lost years ago. Wow..ha ha.! It was the timing, just weird

Dear Steve, I have been hesitant to send this but reading everyone’s beautiful stories, I had to share my own.
Several months ago- sometime last fall- I was sitting at my computer and staring off into space. Suddenly a thread of remembrance ran through my mind. In my mind, I saw a small ship, approx 50 or 60 feet in diameter that had landed in my 3 acre backyard. I was suddenly at the side of this vessel and the door opened, upward I believe and 4 beings of smaller stature than myself disembarked.
The obvious “leader of this group came forward and I started to smile and could hardly contain my joy. The other 3 beings were lined up behind. We exchanged some telepathic messages- I don’t even remember what the content of those messages were. All I wanted to do is have physical contact with these loving beings.
I asked mentally if I could hug him/her/it and it was affirmed, although it felt some surprise at the request. That was the most joyful moment of my entire life! I remember the love that came from this little being as warm and loving and totally accepting.
Then I inquired if I could also hug the ones behind. They were a little more hesitant but also complied. As I smilingly hugged each in turn, I felt their reserve soften and their pleasure in our contact as well. I don’t remember much else about the meeting except looking at them wondering what color they were.
It seemed to be night or twilight as no one else was around and looking at my skin, it was a beige-gray and theirs was a bit darker than mine. They were about 4-5 foot tall had longer thinner arms and perhaps 3 or 4 digits on the end of their arms. Their faces were round, heads not really much bigger with almond eyes that appeared dark but were not like the typical “alien” eyes shown elsewhere.
They had very small ears and noses and a mouth that I could only describe as a smaller version of Darth Vader. Very small but like a series of vertical ? holes- hard to describe. I did not pay attention to any of this while in this dream state- astral state- whatever it was.
The only sentient thought I had was about our color of skin. I don’t really remember going there or leaving there, just this wonderful contact. After coming from this state of recall, I couldn’t hide my delight or diminish it. I just kept going back to it to get the warm wonderful feelings of mental and physical contact. Thank you AAM for calling for these wonderful recollections to share with others and thanks Steve for sharing these. It brings me back to that joy state again and again.

After reading “Calling in the Experts” and “More Meetings…,” I wanted to share my story too.
I’ve continually had lucid dreams my whole life, but in 2012, one particular dream stood out.
President Obama appeared with a few bodyguards surrounding him. I was with other women, dressed in white, not dresses, more like space clothing. Being neither excited nor impressed that he and his bodyguards showed up, we treated him like any ordinary person. The group of women I was with were guarding a light-filled chamber and we allowed Obama to enter into this chamber.
We just seemed to stand guard while he was in there. The following night, the dream continued, this time not only did Obama and his body guards show up again, but he brought his entire family with him. I recognised his daughters immediately. There was no fan-fare, no excitement. The family members seemed somehow unaware and unsure of where they were. Despite this, Obama reassured them to go inside the light chamber. Each, in turn, entered into the light chamber.
A few months after these two dreams, I had another lucid dream about the light chamber again. This time, Justin Bieber showed up. It wasn’t exactly clear, but it seemed he needed downtime, time to recharge himself and he entered into the light chamber alone.
We were to guard and be sure that no one else entered while he was in there. He could be seen with a guitar, singing, composing music and lyrics through what appeared to be opaque glass. At this point in time, after this dream, I thought I was working as a body guard in some etheric realm.
Anyway, a few months ago, in another lucid dream, I was helping a young boy with his math homework, being ever so patient and waiting for him to complete some problems. We were both inside the light chamber.
In January 2014, I had the light-chamber lucid dream again, but this time I was helping some young woman. She was Asian, a musician, and I found myself inside the chamber with a music “instructor,” but he reminded me of some old composer, white hair, etc. and he was giving instructions to this woman to practice a certain piece of music for a short length of time.
I was there to assist her and ensure she practiced the piece for this amount of time. I told the “instructor” that I didn’t have a watch, but he pointed at what I thought was a clock on the wall, but this was no clock. The woman seemed to know that she had to complete so many triangular revolutions on the lower half of the “clock” before she was finished.
I woke up, realising that all these lucid dreams were about the same chamber, a chamber or Temple of Light. At times I stood outside as a bodyguard with others and at other times, I was inside it, helping those who asked for help :)

Hi GOAG readers!
First of all a heartwarming thanks to AA Michael for inspiring us to tell our experiences with the galactics and of course a special thanks to Steve for providing us a platform. :)
For those who want to know ONLY about the experience I had with the galactics may go to part titled “the contact” the next few paras outlines my life , for those who wanna know who I am, may read on…
A little about me, I’m a 26 years old guy from India. I’m an engineer and currently preparing for entrance exams for jobs… I have been ‘awake’ almost all my life but came to know about the existence of the galactics only in dec 2012.
Before that I was ever fascinated with the Nature, Star Trek series, Star Wars movies and all other ET phenomenon related popular culture. I was aware of crop circles but never paid any special attention to it. I had always wondered the question of Stone Hedge and the Pyramids , Hindu mythological stories portraying flying machines and super weapons and clairaudience, clairvoyance and the likes. It was always a
mystery for me.Since seeing the movie Matrix I was convinced about the reality of ONE supreme creator .
Since I had a philosophical andspiritual bent of mind since my childhood, I had pondered over the similarity of the teachings of all major world religions …Hinduism,Christianity, Islam and in particular Buddhism attracted me the most. I have always been able to ‘talk’ to animals ,more like sensing their
feelings and needs. For some strange reason, dogs love me and I love dogs :) I have never found any dog who didnt wanna play with me ,however ferocious it may be.
I have always been able to sense people’s intentions even before they speak… This ability of mine had created a very disheartening experience for me for the better part of my life as I became more and more isolated with each passing year in my adolescence. I always knew if the person was lying and still trusted everyone resulting in multiple back stabbings. But Once I had made contact and understood the general scheme of things, about pre birth contracts, guides , Higher self et al… I felt the peace I have been longing for.
It all started with a friend giving me a link to Dr Emoto’s research on water molecules and their behaviour under emotions… Then I was led to the Spirit Science channel of Youtube , then to AndromedaCouncil.com, Sheldan Nidle and finally here. I still remember that night vividly as I watched/read information at a break neck speed till the wee hours of the morning… In the PAO website, there was a method to call the galactics for confirmation, a meditation of sorts. I had slept the other day reading about synchronicity and guess what I saw when I opened my eyes and looked at my cellphone screen ?? Only 0s and 1s!!! arranged in an order i cant recall now…
I then thought why not give a try to this meditation and bathed and went to a local scenic spot … It was sufficiently away from people and machines and I had a view on the entire valley in front of me… and the sun setting. It was a remote spot and I started my meditation. Within 15-20 minutes I felt that I was lying down in a room on a bed (sort of like a huge sofa). A man came up to me and sat down beside me, and told me that he is an Arcturian. It was all telepathic , of course… I asked him to give a confirmation and I was urged to open my eyes…
An there it was! Shimmering like a jewel in darkness, The mighty ship…. I may have glorified a bit because Sun was still shining , albeit dimly . But this craft which was a classic Saucer type had a ring of light so intense that it couldnt have been a human craft. The lights were flickering in a pattern we call the Doppler effect’ in sciences… It was breathtaking! Still not convinced that it was a galactic craft, I asked them to prove me wrong…(in my mind) the ship moved sideways to the right and disappeared , only to come back to its original position after a couple of seconds …!
i was ecstatic beyond comparison!! i was jumping up and down and I felt really really happy . The happiest I have ever been in my life, as if it was the last portion of the jigsaw puzzle for my life… I tried calling my friends to that point but they missed. Later I was told ( in my mind ) that they were not yet ready for that adventure ….
Since then I have learned a lot about my role here on Earth and also that I’m an Arcturian soul , and my real mission will start after Disclosure and Landings… A part of my mission is to simply be here and spread my light and share it with all… For me it translates to sending a electric blue light to each and every soul on the planet and to the Planet it self… I feel honoured by it all…
Om :)

I’d been reading the accounts of meetings with galactics and wishing for some type of encounter, when I remembered an experience I had about a year ago. It was during sleep time, but was very vivid and seemed very real.
In the dream, I appeared to be in a spaceship looking through some type of observational device and zooming in on a big piece of rock travelling in space. I was trying to aim at the rock so that I could somehow break it apart. In the dream, I seemed to know what I was doing and although I was not frightened or concerned I did feel a sense of extreme importance that this rock be disintegrated.
Even though I didn’t see or hear anyone around me, I do remember having the sense that I was working as part of a group.
I awoke with clear recollection of the dream but had no memory of what happened to the rock. As I was driving to work that morning, I heard on the radio that some meteorites had fallen in Russia. I got chills because I felt that my dream was somehow related.
I wondered if maybe I had not accomplished my goal? That night I saw a picture of the meteorite on the news and everything about it was the same as in my dream. I now realize that maybe “we” did accomplish our goal of breaking up the rock and that is why it came down in smaller pieces.
I do not know much about space and meteorites in my waking life and have no conscious memory of having heard about this meteorite prior to my dream. I feel like this dream was evidence for me that the galactics are assisting Earth and perhaps during our sleep time we are helping too!
With tremendous appreciation for all you provide on this website,

Hello all @ GAOG, thanks so much for all you do for us!:)
I’ve been channeling lots so I’ve gotten to see different forms of beings, usually in “their” dimension transposed on “ours”. About 3 years ago I saw 2 beings from other parts of the universe – I knew my brain translated them into typical ET appearances for my comprehension but that I wasn’t seeing their true forms.
They were observing the lightwork several of us were doing and 1 remarked to me, “Brave species” – his or her approval.
More recently in another gathering, I saw a being standing in the doorway of a massive space vehicle. I knew he and many beings were around us to contribute & I thought to him “Join us” but he responded “Not everyone could handle seeing us” – he conveyed that their energy doesn’t depend on our acknowledgement, to assist.
I’ve also seen green, red, and blue lasers move across the skies in response to drumming, and constantly see (again) green, red, and blue dots in circle formations around stars.
In December I was lucky enough to watch the light energies emanating from the stars travel – like a cascading effect – toward Earth! It reminded me of your posts to look to the skies for fireworks).
Also, with recent messages they’ve been telling me “It’s Time” to share the messages & your clarion call really resonated with that so here are the highlights, even though it doesn’t always look like it & our guides have to keep sending messages to remind us, our work is already done.
They have to constantly remind me that when we plant water & tend to a seed, we don’t dig the dirt up every day to see if it’s doing anything – we know to wait and trust it to emerge into our sight after a time.
They’ve also shown me that our concept of time was a prison for us but now that we’ve turned the tides it’s a buffer to keep us safe while we remember & adjust to our full capabilities. Some people are awakening to telepathy & manifesting in this buffer zone to work out the kinks.
There are many nuances & layers of thoughts in 1 person that are picked up by everybody — universal consciousness. We’re fine tuning the relationship between thought telepathy and manifesting so we don’t have 1 person think of a huge car accident and 20 other people pick up this thought and instantly manifest 20 wrecks.
This delay between the work being done and the fruits of our labor manifesting here in our timeline (another changing axiom) lets us learn to think and create only loving thoughts & possibilities – hence the Tsunami of Love’s help.
The buffer is also for our physical benefit. For several years I (and others but I’m only speaking for myself here) have been ascending and returning many times & it’s been intense to say the least. When my vibration is raised high enough to go to the White Light (Source / Nirvana / Heaven) I look like I’m having a seizure for hours at a time – all the molecules in my body vibrate at a higher speed so there’s lots of movement and lots of heat generated.
It’s been (more so initially) unbelievably painful & traumatic & I felt like I would implode. & BTW that Light is BRIGHT! – I’ve gotten excruciating headaches. It’s gotten much more comfortable each time – I’m not trying to scare anyone, actually that’s the point: I’ve been shown during these processes that if we’d all gone ahead with ascending on 12/12/12, most of us would have experienced that pain, and a lot of us would not have physically endured but would have gone through the death experience to reach Heaven on Earth in spirit form.
I’ve been shown that we collectively did all the heavy lifting work on schedule but decided to delay the event so more of us could have a gentle ascension process and retain our bodies (& us volunteers keep doing “preliminary runs” to add to cumulative energies for everyone’s comfort).
Still, I’m impatient so please can I offer all you other fidgety people this: that bright White Light / Nirvana place is so worth the wait! Words cannot describe the beauty, love, purity & abundance. If you’ve ever had a piece of art or music swell your heart to bursting & your eyes overflow with tears of joy, multiply that infinitely.
I’ve started seeing “that place” (it’s a place here created from our thoughts with love) establishing more noticeably on Gaia. When the old gets up in my face I’m grateful for confirmation of the truth, and GAOG has been my biggest source of confirmation and encouragement, so THANK YOU for that & the chance to maybe pay it forward  :))

Greetings to all!
I am Richard. My sister and I work on various projects with a group of nine Sirians. Following is a brief outline of our encounters.
Our first contact with our galactic family began in the mid 1950s, during our early childhood. In those days, my sister and I would be visited by “space people,” as we called them then. Memories are somewhat vague, although I remember conversing with them and receiving certain telepathic input. They were the most loving and humorous beings, such that each meeting would invoke in us immense joy, as well as bouts of uncontrollable laughter.
Those contacts faded through the 50s, with no further (direct) communication until early 1991; when, on a crisp February evening in the San Bernadino National Forest, I had a direct encounter with a brother Sirian named Ravik. I was escorted aboard what I believe was a Sirian mothership and met with seventeen Sirians, all of whom seemed to be direct family members or close friends. Yes, they look like any seven- to seven-and-a-half-foot tall, light-haired humans you might meet anywhere upon Gaia’s surface. They are unabashedly loving and joyous, and possessed of a refined and highly developed sense of humor.
After a heartwarming reunion, they asked whether I would like to receive some energy work, and I gladly accepted the offer. They escorted me to a large room, in the center of which was a pulsating golden ring of light, elliptical in shape, being approximately forty feel long and twenty feet wide. At the far end of the ring was a towering (twelve feet high by two feet wide), quartz-like crystal. At the near end was an elevated platform, sufficient in size for me to comfortably recline upon, which I did.
Upon my lying down, a beam of golden-white light emanated from the crystal, engulfing me in a kaleidoscopic, multi-D environment of transformative light. My hosts later informed me that the purpose of the session was to integrate certain “circuitry” to enable my physical vessel to receive, anchor and transmit greater amounts of Light. Following the session, I was taken on an R&R tour of the ship, enjoying the restorative tranquility of on-board lakes, streams and forests. (As a point of reference for the readers, I think this contact lies somewhere between the experiences reported by Sheldan Nidle and Suzanne Lie, both of whom have my utmost respect.)
Following that experience, regular contact resumed, and continued through the 1990s to 2009. We received more instruction and energy upgrades, and were recruited to assist in certain large-scale projects assisting Gaia to transform her grid and elevate her frequency (or so we understood). Beginning in earnest in 2001, I was involved in a very intense operation to create, open and maintain a portal to anchor the frequency and potential for personal Liberty, to help preserve that most blessed gift. Mercifully, those days are behind me.
A four-year hiatus ensued, and contact is now normalized. The latest instruction is to concentrate on establishing a direct and open link to our Sirian home world. My sister is a very clear Sirian channel, and I worked for years as a spiritual healer. The journey continues.
A multitude of blessings upon you Steve, Stephen, Alice, Andrea, and the entire GAoG team for your unassailable commitment, impeccable integrity and glorious love and generosity.
God bless us all, each and every one.

You asked for stories about meetings with Galactic Beings.
I could tell quite a few stories.
*** At a time in my life when I was in a lot of confusion with religion. I dont remember how we met but this ‘street’ person and I became friends in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We would run into each other and sit on the grass behind the boardwalk at the shore and just talk for hours. These absolutely beautiful girls would just walk up and join us as if they knew him well. It was totally loving deeply intimate yet highly respectable toward each other. Long story short – He showed up in places such as an appointment with another friend and always what was expected before his presence changed. Then he came in a fully conscious dream. He said the Father wanted him back. I said he doesn’t have to go back. There ia a lot to learn about all kinds of stuff. He held my hand gently and the love was intense and thick in the atmosphere. He said thanks but I must go to my Father. I never saw him again but many things he spoke of have manifested in my life.
*** I hitch hiked from Virginia Beach. A yellow Volkswagon ‘Bug’ stopped to give me a ride. The driver and I were like instant friends. He was like a surfer blond with deep rich intense blue eyes. We talked all the way to Connecticut understanding each other as if we had known each other for lifetimes. I wasnt sure of some of the directions but he drove me right up to in front of the Bar my brother had purchased. He took my hand and held it instead of shaking it and we both wished each other well and my heart was full of joy and happy that we had that time. I got out and got my backpack from the back seat. When I shut the door, I returned to normal consciousness. He smiled through the window and drove away. I couldnt remember a single thing we talked about except for my wondering where the place I was going was and his saying we will find it. It was as if I had been dreaming for the whole trip. Like the guy I wrote of above – I have never forgotten his essence.
***** I have had many dreams. I am in like major corporate or government offices just like those I have worked in in awake reality life. Mu ‘Job’ is various forms od such as standing in front of a large wall of computer screens. It is not exactly as the green data stream as shown in the Matrix movies but I seem adept at reading what is on the screens. I watch but apparently I am opinionated. I will see something and say “No” and reach my hand right into the screen and rearrange things. Awake I dont really remember any specifics of the ‘job’ part. I only remember the breaks where I have a ‘coffee’ with one of the females also ‘working’ at the facility.
-One of my amazements is that to me often she was someone I knew in awake life and when the rare occasion that we were together came I asked and she said she is aware of the same scenario in dreams.
***** The main thing I am writing to tell *****
There have been a few dreams of ‘Meeting’ held at a large round table and afterwards there is ‘social conversation’.
At one of those meetings I was sitting beside a friend and as other went out they paused to greet us and say goodbye as they left. Then there were just the two of us. My friend put his hand on my arm and said my first name to get my attention. He said he wanted me to know how he spelled his name. He took about a 2 foot by 3 foot piece of white posterboard and with a magic marker pen wrote boldly S a L u S a.
Then he held up a finger and took a piece of thin white styrofoam about the same size and used a diamond tipped pen such as used to etch on glass to write “Merry Christmas Happy New Year from The S___________’s” (For some reason I just got the thought that I shouldn’t write that family name) as he wrote it.
He put in my mind a green house with white trim behind a white picket fence. It all seemed familiar but I couldnt remember. It seems to me we were nearby neighbors and he was the son of the Family. The last name does sound familiar but I cant remember ever knowing a family with that last name.
So I woke and remembered that so went on computer and looked it up and discovered SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey. May I say here Many Thanks!! to Mike Quinsey !!
I have been reading SaLuSa for three years now and many times it seemed he was referencing something personal to me. I can almost feel his presence as I read him.
I have long bemoaned that I am on my own. I don’t get guides. Recently I was reading online about we are never alone. There was the statement “Ask out loud for your guide to tell you it’s name.” Well I am willing to try almost anything so was about to ask out loud when I heard in my mind “I told you my name” at the same time feeling that particular presence.

To Debra who wrote this entry for “Meeting Galactics ‘ on Steve’s Blog.
I saw them also. As I was reading this entry I said to myself ‘These are the same description of the two twin like entities I once saw.”
I was sitting in a cafĂ© at a casino in Detroit. I was sitting with my nonbeliever sister eating lunch and all of a sudden I saw them and I said out loud to my sister ‘ see those two people over there , they are aliens.” I have no idea why I said that or what made me say that out loud. But I did. my nonbeliever sister told me to shut up and eat cause she doesn’t like me talking about stuff like that, so I just stared at them and they eventually walked away.
There were two of them about 4 feet tall but adults maybe looked to be thirty years old. One female one male or at least they dressed like that.
They both had unusually big head for small person thin very long odd colored yellowish white hair . Unusually pale skin and the female has put outrageous makeup on her self like she was a child playing dress up they both looked like hippies from the 50s wearing a white t shirt blue jean pants and jackets with peace signs and bedazzled emblems, The woman carried a fringe 1950 type purse . They looked very friendly and I had this ‘ friendly pull’ to go talk to them , but since my sister was with me. I didn’t.
The minute they left I felt regret for not talking to them and looked around the casino to find them but I didn’t find them. If I had to pick an alien family I would say they were Essasani. (google it) . I know some little people(midgets ) and they did not characteristics of little people. They had child like skinny bodies not midget bodies. I think about them a lot. I hope to see them again. And I wont hesitate to talk next time.

Kia Ora Katoa! (Hi Everyone)
In early 2012 soon after I started coming to the 2012 Scenario site I found out that most of us are descendants from other galactic races and have come from other planets. I had no knowledge of this prior although have been awake for many years.
I found this to be fascinating. One night in bed I called in some archangels, my higher-self and guides, etc. I asked them to show me somehow which race/planet I came from. Then I let the attachment for it go. I am not strongly psychic in any way and expected I might get a strong feeling and resonance for a something/somewhere in the near future. Still in bed, only about 10min later, while trying to get off to sleep, a loud clear voice (that wasn’t my own) said “PLEIADES”. Wow, I was astonished in more ways than one. I had never heard of the Pleiades at that stage.
Several weeks later I had a clear, vivid, what I call, a waking contact dream [Steve: perhaps a lucid dream]. In this dream I was outside my house with husband and kids at night. I saw a light ship coming in. I was beside myself with excitement. Jumping up and down and yelling look, look.
The next thing I knew was that I was walking around with a galactic in some kind of evening festival. We walked together but didn’t talk. At one point we came almost face to face with a really negative human, staring at us projecting a large amount of anger at us. We just turned and walked away. At one point I asked ‘my friend’ “Am I a Pleiadian?” I received no answer and shortly after came back to my bed and awoke.
Only about a week after this I had another contact dream. It was very brief but very real. A small Lightship landed near me and I went on board. Unfortunately that was all there was to that dream.
I also had an amazing Past Life Regression which was before I came to Earth, where I was a Pleiadian working on a lightship. I worked on an energy grid for a planet but I don’t know which one. I also saw how it was that I left the Pleiades in preparation for coming to Earth.
I was lying down in a chamber and I was about to leave my body. I was in a lot of fear but the fear was there because I had chosen that my body would be completely dissolved after I left it. Therefore I knew I was going to be a long, long, long time and a great struggle before I would return to my true self again and to see my family and friends.
I believe the other option was to leave my body intact so I could return to it if I chose [as Ellie Miser has. Her body is in stasis on a Pleiadian ship]. I left my body easily and arrived in heaven/nirvana and was greeted by one of my guides. Immediately the fear was gone and I was filled with love and joy again. The regression finished here.
One more experience was in late January 2013. I was at a music, health and spirit festival in a very beautiful and secluded environment. On the second night, there were several zones carrying out love, light and earth activations. I had already asked the galactics to show their presence at the festival.
Our space brothers and sisters were also acknowledged in the activation. I was at the Tribal Zone and towards the end of the activation ceremony I looked up and back to the centre of the festival grounds to see a huge orange orb right there in the middle. I looked around to see where the moon was just to be sure.
Iy was way over my side and over the mountain we were on. Other people around me were also looking at it and pointing. I shared this the next morning with the friends I were camping next to and one of them had also seen it from the main stage area right across the other side of the grounds. At the time I estimated it to be at least 4x as big as a full moon. It was also really close in.
Well that’s it. I can’t wait to catch up with my Pleiadian family and friends.
Blessings to you all
Joanne from New Zealand

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn
Cdr. Hatonn of the Galactic Federation
Your stories of actual or possible contact continue to flow in. Here are more accounts. First a clarification from Anne on her previous post.
Allow me to clarify my previous post. Where I spoke of my “conversation” with my guides, I feel I was not specific enough about what the message was that they had for me.
They appeared as a group, although not in form, but rather as a “feeling.” I was seated on my back porch, albeit, winter and cold and snowy, I feel compelled to be on Gaia as much as possible, it is my calling.
The first words they spoke were” RELAX YOUR TONGUE’ relax your tongue (I have a loose tooth, and at this moment in time am unable to see a dentist, awaiting the reval to do so) and as we all do with a tooth problem we worry it with our tongue.
I immediately stopped my tongue movement. They told me a tongue is used to speak, eat, or drink. They said I would ” grow new teeth” and not to bother myself with the loose tooth, I still needed it.
They then said, not to be so concerned with world peace, it was already here!!. World peace has been my plea for a very long time. Then they asked how I could see myself embracing the entire collective in my green heart of pure Love, when I am not able to embrace that same feeling with my husband. That was a real wake up call!!!
Then they told me ” not to be concerned about the global reset of currencies, when AAMichael already said it was to come to pass “within the Sources Plan” Just let it go Anne, they said, and move on along your journey, with BELIEF in the One and the Mother.
Thank you for allowing me to be more specific, for I feel I may have left my first post with the impression that our guides are not caring, nurturing and LOVING us along the way, as they have been from the beginning of our journey a millenium ago.
In Love and Light and Service to The ONE,

I believe I met a galactic being at a birthday party for a friends father one summer day 6-7 years ago. He was never with this group of people before and I had a brief encounter with him that I found very strange.
He was somewhat short and slim with oddly colored yellowish blonde hair and very pale skin and was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt as if he was from the 1950′s. He was of average looks but had a very bright smile. We were introduced and when he spoke to me everything around me seemed to disappear.
I don’t remember what he said but I had the impression he was speaking in riddles. I do remember that he asked me if I ever saw anyone like him before but oddly enough I don’t know what my reply was. Shortly after he left and I immediately thought I had an encounter with an alien being. I had no fear whatsoever and have not seen him with these people since.
Thank you for letting me share this story.

Dear Steve,
A couple of weeks ago I had a very vivid part of my dream where I met some galactics. I have been reading other peoples’ experiences through your site, thinking ‘I wish I could meet some’ – then I remembered :) I told my friend at the time (who was silent).
I was on a train and it suddenly diverted into a dark tunnel and travelled a bit further, and I remember thinking and feeling that I was being taken somewhere off the expected route. This was one of those dreams where I was more or less awake, and quite calm.
After a minute or two of letting the train take me through this dark tunnel, I turned to notice a group of silent, but very thoughtful, people standing to my right. One guy was the ‘leader’, and he had both men and women around him – I think 7 in all, to either side and behind.
Their facial expression was dead blank, and did not speak. They looked mostly human, but had greyish skin and hair, and their hair was short and straight, thinnish, brushed straight down to the middle of their foreheads like Frankenstein and short around the ears and back. The top of their heads were kind of flattened, not rectangular, just like ours but flattened at the crown.
Their eyes were dark and their face was more or less like an Earth human, except devoid of expression. Their clothes were very plain and again, grey and white. I had the strong impression they were ‘feeling’ me – all their attention was on me, otherwise alone in the train carriage, they stood still and we just looked at each other.
But there was some kind of mental communication, and my feeling that I was not afraid was conveyed, and I told them telepathically ‘I know you are aliens’. They said they were taking me somewhere (I think they said that? I’m sorry I don’t recall – but they did communicate something to me. It was a group thought, coming through the lead male and his thought was more prominent).
The scene changed and we had entered a living room, where the group’s ‘leader’ was seated on a couch in front of a TV. I knew he was the group’s superior in some way. He had a female with him (who seemed a bit wary of me??). I walked up quite boldly with my hand out, saying ‘I’m not afraid’ and ‘Nice to meet you’ telepathically at the same time.
He was a bit taken aback at my boldness and even stepped back half a step. The dream changed from then – I don’t recall anything else, except I sat down with the group at a table and I think we talked a bit, but the atmosphere was like playing cards. (Sorry, but it was a couple of weeks back and this was the end of the awake part of my dream).
These people had quiet minds, deep intellects, not emotionally ‘labile’ as we on Earth, and they were interested in my emotional response to their presence. I knew in the dream they were galactics who had come to visit me in order to test my reaction, and I recall feeling pleased with myself that I was totally fearless and happy to ‘show myself’ if that makes sense. I felt glad I had made contact.
Thank you so much for everything you and the crew do for us,
Andrew from Sydney

In November of 2012, I was living in my home in Dewey, AZ and preparing for the December 2012 experience along with others in the Lightworker community. One night I was called to awaken from a deep sleep.
“SUSAN. SUSAN. WAKE UP,” the voice called out in my bedroom.
I wokw up and saw a hole in my ceiling to one side of my room that was approximately 2’ x 3’ large. Strips of paper, like ticker tape, were silently streaming through it. I got out of bed, walked to the spot and walked around and around it, examining the strips of paper that seemed to have strange calculations on them. I kept thinking, “What is this? What is this?”
After a few minutes I seemed to have the answer in my mind. “This represents the downloads taking place in the mass human consciousness at this time.”
Satisfied with the answer, the “vision” of the ticker tape went away but was replaced by ships coming and going out of the hole that I was told was actually a portal that had been opened for my benefit, in order that I could be a part of the “mission” of the Galactics in my conscious, waking mind.
Each night I would awaken and look at the portal to see ships of all sizes coming and leaving through the portal. I never “asked” to go on board because I knew, that at some level, I was already part of the crew.
Life changed over a year and a half and I had to give up my home and move. I felt sad about having to leave my home and the portal experiences. Before I moved I was awakened again by the sound of my name being spoken aloud. I woke up and saw a vision in a far corner of the room of the Earth, gleaming and beautiful, with millions of ships of all shapes and sizes moving toward her.
I was told that my experiences were mine and that even with my move, experiences would continue to find me, I was connected to and with them.

I have had a few dream experiences where I met galactics that have occurred over the last few years. In one I remember it being night time, seeing people outside holding candles, it being peaceful, and then I think I walked to a ship of galactics, went inside, shook their hands as I was introduced to them.
They looked just like us in that they were slender, had dark blue bodysuits on, the men had short brown hair, the one woman I saw to my left had light brown, blonde hair, put something in my left arm. One of the males asked me if I was scared and I said, “scared no, excited yes.”
Another dream I had I was face to face with what appeared to be the grey aliens but they were blue. I was a little scared because they don’t look like us. They sensed that and said, “It’s ok we are not going to hurt you.” They kept their word and then disappeared from view, which must prove that the negative ones aren’t allowed to be around Earth anymore.
In both of the above examples I was talking telepathically to them because I don’t recall ever seeing their mouths move.
I also had another dream where I was in a total white surrounding and having a conversation with a higher dimensional female. Maybe she was galactic. I don’t know but I remember saying to her very sincerely from the heart, “you are so beautiful” and then looking at her and she was higher dimensional because while I could see her face smiling very lovingly.
She appeared a very bright golden light and had like orange hair or something like that. I don’t remember much of the conversation except she said something to do that was good for my stomach. Obviously we must have been communicating telepathically since it was in a dream state, higher dimensional environment.
When I met the blue ones that otherwise looked like the greys I was in a dark, black environment and could really only see them. I felt at total peace when I was with the higher dimensional female in the total white environment.
Much love,

Hello, Golden Age of Gaia Team! I bow to You in appreciation of what You do for all the souls upon Earth. My name is Sandra and I live in Poland.
I’m a regular visitor to this website, it helps me to gain hope, strength and balance in my everyday life, so for all your good work and good hearts I thank you. This series of articles about meetings with our galactic friends encouraged me to tell you my story as well:) So here we go…
My hyper, turbo, fast awakening started around September 2011. I started my studies in England thinking that I finally have my life in my hands, when peculiar things started to happen.
The keyword for my process of awakening was “Global Awakening”. I just spotted it somewhere on the internet but the feelings and sensations in my mind, in my heart and in my body were pushing me further and further to get to KNOW what is this all about.
I started to be like a sponge, just absorbing information, more and more, all I could find on every topic that caught my attention.
Extraordinary dreams about missions, and people and places I didn’t know and not long later, the sightings of ships and blinks in the skies. I knew it was them, because it was always a specific situation that they would appear. For example, when I was going through the doors and something ‘clicked’ in my head to look up.
And when I did, just in this moment there was a bright light which disappeared a second later, or a blink and they are gone and just a trail of them going warp speed left for another 2 seconds. It was happening daily for many months.
But there are two situations that were serious and I remember them very well. The first person-to-person meeting happened around November 2011. That’s when i met the ‘bad guys’. Yes, I first met the black hats before the white hats. ;) and it went like this:
I went to bed around 11pm. Fell asleep really fast. I woke up suddenly. I didn’t know what time it was. I felt like I was out of time, but ,just when I regained my consiousness, I noticed that I’m not in my bed, but hovering above the floor! (in a standing position – watching my feet).
That surprised me, but I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t able to move my body, felt like I was paralysed, except my head so I decided to look around.
When I turned my head left I saw a big Reptilian Guy (he was really big and tall. I still ponder HOW he fit into my tiny room. :) He was looking at me intensely.
His eyes were yellowish-red. Then I decided to turn my head right, towards the window, and right in the window there was a Grey alien guy also looking at me intensely with his black eyes. I started to grasp the seriousness of the situation and I could feel that they want me very much. It was somehow important, and that it was supposed to be a piece of cake for them, so they were not careful at all.
I started to get really frustrated but in very CALM, unusual way. I was looking straight into the eye of the Grey guy and I just said one sentence “Leave me alone, now.”
After this everything happened really fast, like in a millisecond. I saw a smile, but not a nice smile on the face of Reptilian. Then I felt huge energy pouring out of my heart which was hidden behind the simple words “Leave me alone, now” towards them.
It felt like my free will was fully present giving them a hard time for trying to break the rules and hurting me. I think in this millisecond, they just perished in this amazing powerful energy. I woke up a second later in my bed.
I couldn’t even say it was a dream, everything was clear and sharp, just like reality. I felt pulses of energy in my heart and around the room. They never tried to get so close and bold ever again.
Second big meeting happened at exactly 17.06.2012 – I have it written in my dreambook, and yes it happened during sleeptime. Here it goes:
There was some kind of excitement going on among people. I was doing something around my house when someone directed my attention towards a huge spaceship hovering above the forest. I was jumping and laughing with happiness.
I saw a smaller shuttle landing on the field so I ran there. A man came out of the shuttle, who said that he just wanted to recharge his vehicle and he will be going.
There was a lot of people gathering around him, and I didn’t wanted to nag him so I just said ‘hello’ and went my way.
A bit later, the same man came out of nowhere and stood right in front of me. He was wearing a silver-blue suit. His hair was short brown, but his eyes were blue.
But there was something about his eyes, a calmness, stillness, like no emotions, but at the same time full of wonder and shiny.
He was just looking into my eyes and he asked me if I’m ready to see something. I said with smile that I’m ready, and there was really no fear, just excitement.
He showed something that looked like a small waterfall, like the one you put in your garden, but it was like a small copy of real, natural waterfall, full of colors and crystal water.
We went through this waterfall and I felt a change in pressure, my ears popped, colours changed. Literally we went through the veil.
I found myself in a small city, full of small people, satyrs (half man, half goat) and many other small creatures who happily came out to greet me, happy and joyful.
In the sky I saw a blue sun, some little clouds. The temperature was just perfect. A while later, after greetings and laughs, those kind and lovely creatures asked me to sit down around a big wooden table.
I saw a man, who came out of a wooden house, who also greeted me very respectively, I guess he was the “chief” in this city, but not in the way we understand that.
Anyway, while I was sitting there, the ‘chief’ and many little creatures gathered around started to ask me questions, many questions, about Earth, about what’s going on on Earth, what is she like, etc.
I was telling them about Earth, about humans. We were discussing happily. There was a lot of laughing, but in one moment I started to cry. I told them that the Earth suffers, how much pain and lack of love is to be found upon Earth, and how hard is to have peace here.
When they saw my sadness they became kind of sad too, but I knew that they didn’t understand what suffering really is. They didn’t experience any lack. They didn’t get it or grasp the idea of ‘not being happy’, because they were, fully happy, completely filled with love, peace and simplicity.
I asked one of them, how do I know that it is not just a dream, and he became sad again, because he didn’t understood my question, my way of thinking. But then in one second after this question I understood that till now I was the one who didn’t know what a dream really was!
I regained consciousness fully and understood that it is my will to remember,. If that’s what I want, it shall be that way. I walked back to the border. We exchanged goodbyes, smiles and hugs and I went through a dark tube, where pressure, colors changed again and I woke up in my bed. Right after waking up a asked where I was.
First I got the feeling of this place. I can recall it even now and then the feeling changed into words in my heart – it was Agartha [in the Hollow Earth].
There were many more adventures, but I wanted to share with you just those which were most important to me during past months and years. These gave confirmation of what I felt my whole life but just recently had the courage and will to acknowledge and live as my path of life.
Thank you, and may the force of light and love be with all of You, my beautiful friends. See you all soon in these new and different circumstances.

UFO 1Since the insertion of the Golden Age of Gaia, it has been my life line to the Truth, so with that being said, please allow me to relate several “visits” from our Galactic family. All my visits happened during my dreams, the first one was a few years ago, when I saw a huge white light and a very tall individual standing in front of this glowing light.
He, and I assumed it was a man, was dressed in a dark grey all-in-one suit, like a flight suit. He did not speak, but I had a sense of total well being in his presence. I had a feeling that he was trying to judge my reaction, since it was not fear, but rather excitement at his visit.
I then felt more will visit me now, and they did, since then I have been visited by several “children.” I say children, judging by their size, but each one had a very unusual face, one whose mouth was extremely wide and large, one who had a triangular shaped body, with “stick” arms and legs,that were loosely joined to the body. Another one was a “dog” body that had rows and rows of metallic sharp teeth.
As I write these visions, I am thrilled to say that not once in any of my “visits” was I the least bit frightened as to what I saw, rather I keep asking for more!
Now, to the really exciting part, I know I have encountered at least two meetings of our Galactic Family members in person! Wow, how cool is that!
Both encounters happened at the grocery store. The first one occurred as I was reaching for a container of coffee creamer, and I felt a presence next to me, I turned and a man stood there, he was very short (I am six feet tall, so everyone is shorter than me). However this man was still very short and rather round, with a very round face and very dark, dark peircing eyes that looked straight into mine.
I asked him if I could help reach for the item he wanted, and he said it was on the very top shelf and then smiled a smile that lit up his face.
Naturally I assisted him and we both moved on. However I was left with the impression that he was not from our world. Do not ask me to explain. It is just a feeling that we are all coming to understand AND willingly embrace that we have visitors as anxious to meet us as we are anxious to meet them.
The second encounter happened a few days ago, again grocery shopping. I was looking for peppercorns when the lady next to me asked me my opinion on Rosemary, which she explained she needed to cook a big meal.
This was not an unusual request, but the lady was most definitely a Galactic, as she had yellow to strawberry to white hair that was very long, drawn up into a pony tail that was just wild, thick, almost like a horses tail in thickness and texture.
She was wearing a bold black and white print shirt and silver cats eye glasses with rhinestones and lightning bolts on them, but again her eyes caught and held mine for several minutes as I explained how to crush the rosemary to release the flavors.
After she thanked me and walked away, I just stood there as her presence left me spellbound. Finally I gathered my sences as I was blocking the aisle.
I am absolutely positive that I met two of the millions of beings that have transitioned here, according to the Mother and AA Michael, to assist us in the transition into our Ascension.
I shall continue to hold the Light for ALL humanity, the collective as we each in their own way make the journey “home.” I cannot give enough gratitude to the Source and the Mother and the Archangels and the angelic realm and our star brothers and sisters and our personal guides.
Speaking of our guides, they came to me yesterday while I was reading Linda’s book,The New You, and reading about the 7th dimension, and they spoke rather plainly and honestly and, yes, boldly about what was needed to be changed in my thinking.
They were blunt, BUT very correct. This “talk” during which time I had a completely open mind, not one other thought came in (I closed off my monkey mind) has allowed me to reach the 7 the dimension where I allow being, love and acceptance. I now feel I can communicate with Christ consciousness.
I relay this so that others will know this Ascension is All about “letting go” and allowing the Source to guide us.
Please accept my apologizes for such a very long missive, but it has been building up for a very long time and I am so very grateful to share with All.
Let me leave you with these words, which I am sure many of you have heard before.”May the long-time Sun shine upon you, on your way..May all Love surround you, on your way. May the pure light within you guide you on your way, on your way.”
Blessings to ALL, Anne

And one encounter with the departed.

Hi Steve-
First of all let me thank you and all who work with you to produce this website. I monitor this site daily as the articles and stories you put out are for me are like the lighthouse in a sea of confusion at times and help to explain and ground me during this ascension process. Much thanks and gratitude.
My story is also from dream state. My wife passed over to the other side a little over a year ago so in the dream I was trying to find her. I was flipping through a phone book trying to find her cell number but was having trouble using the book.
I was firstly going page by page under the letter before her name and then jumped ahead but to the letters after her name, just couldn’t seem to find the right page. Very frustrating, I thought, I do know how to use a phone book!
I then heard a woman’s voice from beside me ask what was I trying to do? I told her and she simply said that my wife was on vacation. I turned to look at who was speaking and saw her looking directly at me.
I only remember her from about the shoulders up. Very human in appearance, roughly in her forties, shoulder length extremely wavy, sandy brown hair parted down the middle. Her eyes never left mine the whole time we stood there and the look on her face was that of someone of high intelligence, purpose and no nonsense but with a pleasant manner.
I can’t be 100% certain if communication between us was verbal or not but my sense here is that it was telepathic.
She said her name was Mora specifically with that spelling. Now I usually don’t get names coming through like that in dreams. Either I know the person there or it just doesn’t become an issue.
I have remembered from channellings a while back saying we are to be introduced to our galactic mentors at some point. Could it be? I do hope to hear more from Mora.
For what it’s worth Steve. I do hope this is helpful in some way.

A story from one of the archangelic ground crew.

Hello Steve,
It is a great pleasure to be speaking with you today. To answer your question; I should hope so for they are my kin after all.
I can tell you that I have strong connections with the living art clan, Gratosh Zawaba and the spiritual heart logic clan, Batuk … I have a strong resonance with what you may know as the Seraphim and all Elementals. The first-born of Dragons has been my mentor for quite a long time; I believe you know him as St. Germaine.
I have been here on my beloved Gaia’s surface since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.
Now, to your question, my dear Steve, what has been my experience with my kin?
My experience with them is endless… As of late, I usually work alongside them and the Ascended Masters and Elementals and Gaia as well. My current work involves Magic and Alchemy… (Energy manipulation/directing and energy transmutation).
However, if you permit me, I’d like to share a scenario with everyone that may give a glimpse of what it’s like to work alongside our brothers and sisters of/from the stars.
Imagine if you will that it’s your first day and You’re welcomed to your new team… A team that is a part of an even bigger team and so forth…
Each of your team mates turns to you individually yet simultaneously and tells you the following…
Always know, my dearest, first and foremost, that I Love You… I am in Love With You… Now when I say Love I am talking about True Love… The Love that is unconditional, always… That is Eternal, Absolute, kind and sweet… The Love that accepts You completely as You are, that always thinks of You as being Perfect just BEing You… The type of Love that respects You, that admires You and looks up to You… The Love that treats You as My most Sacred and Precious of Treasures… My Heart of hearts…
Now flash forward a bit and imagine that every time you’re together, regardless of what duties you and your team members are performing, you’re in the highest spirits. Laughing, giggling, and having fun as if back at kindergarten yet performing the most serious and demanding of duties…
As you work, you know deep within your Core-Essence, within the Totality that IS YOU… That you are protected, watched out for, loved, cared for, admired, respected, and honored. Your entire team Knows You, Understands You, Absolutely Accepts You, and Loves… Loves being around You… Imagine then after working alongside Individuals with the Most Immense of Capacities and Potentials… Reflecting Your Own Magnificence right Back at Ya…
The You approach the end of Your Shift and must say your See You Soon. You Embrace each of them, Deeply… Whisper to each other how you will dearly miss each other even when it is only for a few hours… You say your farewells for now…
Then You wake up in your current 3D/4D, now shifting into 5D, form here on Gaia’s surface… With Your entire Recollection fully sealed Yet Your Awareness Intact…
And repeat this Everyday…
I hope You enjoyed this scenario and Thank You… Truly, for Everything… I AM now and will always be Eternally Grateful To You…

Billy Meier
Billy Meier and his Pleiadian contact, Semjase
One evening in January I went outside with my dog and my binoculars. As I waited for him to finish, I counted the craft in the sky (their lights are mostly green and red and they move at different speeds).
Under a clear Caribbean sky I can easily spot twenty of them, or more, on any given night. At the time, I was feeling particularly bored and bogged down by three-dimensionality and decided to direct my thoughts to the crafts’ occupants. Essentially I said/thought, I could only imagine the sight they enjoyed and expressed my desire to get a glimpse of the planet/Universe from their point of view.
Before returning inside, I engaged them in a specific request: “If I can’t go to you, maybe you can come to me.”
I repeated my wish for a few consecutive nights. Following that, I would go inside to watch TV. It was always hard to concentrate, since my mind kept kept drifting back to them. The last night I sent out my petition, I woke up to find a man in my bedroom. He spoke to me (I use the word “spoke” even if I don’t remember hearing voices; neither his nor mine), but I think our exchange was telepathic. I will attempt to describe what transpired.
He stood between my bed and the closet and did not move. He appeared to be somewhere in his early 30′s. His blue eyes had a soothing effect, like floating in the ocean or focusing on it. His skin was white and his short brown hair was was parted on one side. He had a beard, about a couple of weeks old. He wore a cream-colored garment (it wasn’t a shirt), with a round neck and no buttons. His lean figure reminded me of what men looked like before big muscles were stylish.
His presence felt totally relaxing and calm. As if he made everything in my environment wonderfully soothing. I could see him clearly, even though it was nighttime and the lights in my bedroom were turned off.
His visit lasted a few seconds, but I’m uncertain about the time. What he had to say was brief: “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.” I remember asking his name, his answer was “Joti” [Steve: which means "Light" in Sanskrit].
After that, I pulled my blanket over my cat-print pajamas and turned on my side again. The next morning, I googled his name and this is what came up: 1. “A traditional music from Spain.” 2. “Light.” Two months or so later, I can still remember the sensations of Joti’s presence. I will never forget his demeanor or his
message, which I wanted to share with you, lightworkers, for all it’s worth.
In Light and Love,

Galactic: Asket, Timmarian mentor to Swiss contactee, Billy Meier
Asket, Timmarian mentor to Billy Meier
AA Michael asked that you send out a clarion call for those who are having interactions with Galactics. It seems of late that I am getting a variety of messages from a variety of Beings, all whom are expressing an interest in our Ascension as well as preparing me for my “emissary duties,” once the clock strikes midnight.
I am intrigued by these interactions and at the present time, have been asked to practice and hone my skills, not to necessarily pass their messages along.
But it is with great interest and excitement that all of a sudden, my home (at my invitation) suddenly has a revolving door, with lots of visitors. One night I felt as if I was being watched and sure enough, I was. His energy was so strong that I immediately picked up on his presence.
All of them are of the highest light and love. I have never had an interaction that created fear in me. Maybe more disbelief at times, but not fear. It seems “I am no longer in Kansas,” and the rules have changed, the veils are lifting, and I am being exposed to those whose love and light are here to accelerate ours.
Awhile back and during a very crisp January morning in NY, my husband and I saw a beautiful pillar of light in the sky. I stopped the car and took some pictures with my cell phone, and when I expanded the pics, we both noticed a number of orbs located in and around the pillar of light. One was a brilliant green, while the others, much smaller in size, were white. I wanted to send them to you, to your cell phone, but was afraid to ask.
I took these pics in two different locations and found different results, but the orbs were still present. I do know the shear beauty of the pillar of light was enough for me to take pictures, but I was obviously surprised and excited to see much, much more once I expanded the pics. Call me crazy, but maybe I snapped a picture of a whole fleet???
So that’s my story. I’m about as grounded as anyone can be, but still these experiences can stretch my wild and vivid imagination. I hope my story helps assist others in your clarion call and I would be delighted to hear back from you.

About 2 years ago, I was laying in bed, I looked at the foot of the bed and saw a small person about 3 ft tall climbing up on the bed.
I occasionally see spirits and have all my life so I was not alarmed. He climbed to the head of the bed and with his hands on his knees looked out the window. I reached out to touch him and he faded away. As he did the bed shook.
I work with the mentally handicapped and he looked a little like someone with down syndrome so I assumed a spirit of one may have followed me home. The next night the same thing happened but this one looked a little different so I knew he was not the same one. He climbed up on the bed and opened a large book. He looked at me and then back at the book. I reached out to touch him and as he faded the bed shook.
The Third night same thing, a different one and this one looked at me and smiled and as he faded the bed shook. The forth night I was prepared and watched. A very tall man, maybe 7 ft stood be my bed. He had blonde hair, very kinky hair. He pointed at me and just stared. He then faded away though the bed did not shake.
I am sure they were Galactics though I don’t know why they visited. About a week later I saw blue flashes in the room. Grabbed my camera and stated taking pictures. I got a series of 5 pix that show a blue orb type thing. Not a spirit orb as it looks much different, I put these pics online and someone in Australia blew one up. It doesnt look like any other orb I have captured. This was a very profound experience but I don’t really know what this was all about. If I ever doubted that the Galactics were interested in contacting us I no longer do.

Hi Steve,
I’ve had so many ET experiences, beginning as a very young girl, sitting on my front steps and telling my mom, “I’m waiting for the space ship to pick me up, but don’t worry, they’ll bring me back.”
More than a few have been extraordinary, from being awakened by a booming voice saying, “I am St Germaine, but you know me as brother”, to a being from Mira who appeared in my bedroom, telling me in a very excited voice, that my fellow Council members were waiting for me aboard the star ship and I needed to get on with it. Once transported there, I ‘remembered’ that I was a facilitator for the Council of Seven, one of whom was Archangel Michael, whose purpose (simply put) was to create an ascension bridge of love/light to Nova Earth.
I have been in the presence of the Divine Mother and Ascended Masters, the Galactics, Archangels, and Collectives of energy many, many times, but still, like so many of you reading this, wake up each morning thinking; “Is today the day?”
Yet it never fails to amaze me that whenever I ask for signs of encouragement from above, it always comes to me in the most magical, mystical ways.
So to answer your clarion call, I shall relate these two experiences that I feel are significant for both disclosure and chemtrails.
The Blue Being
I awoke into an extremely lucid dream; in fact the most lucid dream I have ever had, that’s how intense the energy was.
I was in the foyer of my childhood home, the same one where I had sat, waiting for star ships to come.
I looked out to the tree in front of the house and saw a transparent ball of light. As I focused on it, it began expanding, and then started floating towards me until it was inside the foyer and right in front of me.
Suddenly the light became a figure, which to this day I find difficult to describe.
It felt decidedly masculine, a bit taller than me, whose energy was overwhelming, and seemed to resemble one of those transformer toys; rectangular angles, with an almost robotic appearance.
It was covered with the most beautiful light blue metallic looking skin, or fabric, or coating (couldn’t exactly tell what it was) only that it shimmered and was breathtaking.
I was fascinated and petrified at the same time. My entire body started shaking and shivering. I was trying to speak, but my teeth were chattering so much I couldn’t make my jaw work.
Everything in the room was vibrating; there was such intensity, a hyper awareness that I find it hard to put into words.
Intuitively I knew he was there to ‘retrieve’ me, but my ‘human’ thoughts were running to, ‘maybe I need to get a coat because I can’t stop shaking’.
Suddenly, he extended his hand to me, and as soon as it was close enough to feel his energy, a wave of love, peace and serenity came over me. And as I have been in the presence of galactic beings before, I understood this was the crystal clear vibration of PURE LOVE.
In that moment, I also understood that I was shaking not out of fear, but because his vibration, his frequency, was so much higher than mine. I could literally feel every molecule in my entire being vibrating.
Telepathically, he communicated to me that if I, who spend so much of my time with higher vibrational beings was initially taken aback, then imagine how those who have no concept of ET’s, other than what they have been programmed to believe, would respond. And that’s why disclosure has been such a delicate and complicated process.
I reached out, in trust and love, to take his hand, and as I did, what happened from then on was gone from my memory.
Cleaning up the Chemtrails
I awoke inside a massive star ship, in a room that was huge and seemed bigger than a football field. It had the feeling of a hanger, or docking station of some kind. The light was very dim.
To my right, was a being of light that had no form, just a very, very bright light, and I felt this was the guide who brought me there.
Standing in front of me was a tall man who seemed very human looking, and even though the light was dim, I could clearly see that he was wearing a blue jump suit, some kind of uniform, with an insignia on it. Although he didn’t say it, I had the feeling he had the rank of captain.
He began telling me that he and his crew were in charge of cleaning up chemtrails, cleansing the air of pollutants and nuclear radiation. He telepathically showed me an image of graphite colored ships neutralizing the poisons. He referred to a meditation I’d had where I saw three cylindrical ships following chemtrail planes, letting me know, yes, that was real.
But it was the way he presented this information to me; with such an air of pride that he and his crew were doing this work to help our planet that it fairly exuded from him.
He assured me not to have any fear about the chemtrails and the radiation in the atmosphere, that most of the work was done at night as there were fewer planes in the sky. One of the methods they used was to speed up wind velocity, to collect and de-materialize the pollutants in the air.
Again, he spoke with a great sense of pride that this was how they were contributing to our planetary ascension, how they were helping humanity.
So you can imagine my delight, when a few days later, I read an interview with Sheldan Nidle where he described the Galactic Federation of Light:
“They usually are dressed in different color jumpsuits, but the Galactic Federation sets it up that each star nation has a different color. They all have different pastel or dark colors.
And (they’re) mostly in jumpsuits, and they go from a very bright blue to a very pastel light blue, to all different colors.”
This certainly validated my experience, and helped me move from frustration over chemtrails, to sending love to the pilots of the planes so they may feel love for and from Gaia.
Blessings, D

All my experiences occur during sleep time; when I’m free of the physical body, many things occur. Indeed, I find I’m often quite busy during sleep time, and I sometimes wake up almost as tired as when I went to bed. Unfortunately, the waking mind can only remember snippets of what occurs, usually immediately prior to waking.
One such occurrence involved a conversation on a starship of some kind. I found myself becoming lucid while sitting at what I would call a cafeteria or “break room” table, white surface like a glossy synthetic material, in a small well-lit room with white walls and just a few tables with chairs. I had a sense of “vending machines” in the room, but that may be my imagination at work. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly as I found myself talking with a woman sitting opposite. We were discussing matters of the practical operations in a large ship. At that moment, we were discussing what we would call, on Earth, shipping-and-receiving procedures. The galactics also move materials from one place to another, inter-ship or more frequently ship-to-ground, and they have areas that we would call “warehouses” on board; from Star Trek, you’ll remember “cargo bays,” but these spaces are actually much larger than the ones portrayed on Star Trek.
Boring stuff for some people, perhaps, but I’m interested in the pragmatic details sometimes. The really interesting part was the woman with whom I was having this conversation. She was very pretty, very intelligent, and very cordial. She was “fully present,” as we sometimes say when interactions are attentive and sincere and caring. The unusual bit was that her eyes were remarkable: They appeared to be many-faceted crystals where one would expect an eyeball. They sparkled and emitted bright light, like a pure diamond. There was a feeling of relaxed joyfulness and ease when looking into her eyes.
From that detail, I assumed that she was/is “AI,” artificial intelligence or an android, like Mr. Data from Star Trek, but in every other respect, she seemed completely humanoid, of average height, athletic and feminine physique, blond, Caucasian-looking, and in perfect health. However, another possibility that occurred to me later is that this assumption may simply be my waking mind trying to interpret the “bright light” of a high level of consciousness shining through.
She offered me a tour of their shipping-and-receiving operations – their “cargo bays” – but my ability to hold dual awareness (there out-of-body and here in-the-body) was destabilizing, and except for a brief glimpse at the warehouse areas and the personnel, few in number and mostly men, who worked there, there’s a blank in my recall until I found myself on my road, in the night (shortly before dawn) about 200 yards from my house. I looked up to see the bottom of a round disk-like craft (perhaps 50-80 feet in diameter) which had delivered me there, about 40 or 50 feet above me. Had I “beamed down”? Was it a “shuttle craft” or is it a case, like Dr. Who’s “Tardis” or Harry Potter’s tent at the Quidditch World Cup games, in which the interior can be vastly larger than the exterior? I don’t have answers to that, but I’d love to visit again in a more conscious state and find out!
The craft silently sped away into the sky until I lost sight of it, and I walked home (observing that I didn’t feel the cold or the wind, these being physical-body experiences) and awoke in my bed with the vision of my companion’s beautiful crystal eyes lingering in my mind.

Let me first say, that I get a great feeling regarding AAM’s ‘clarion call”! I sense that it could provide us lightworkers with some desperately needed uplifting in our lives, as we all still eagerly await the more obvious signs of our burgeoning Nova Earth.
As we all share our wondrous experiences about being with our galactic family, both through dreamtime, and 3D (or 4D!) time, it will help immensely, to raise our awareness to the fact, that our galactic family, are indeed here, and are more than ready, and available, to assist us, love us, and encourage us. I don’t know where I would be, both spiritually and even physically, without my amazing ‘friends’! (that includes angels, spirit guides, elementals, and of course Archangels and Ascended Masters).
So, lets start a new blog, or whatever fits this burgeoning effort – our “Galactic Renaissance”, if you will, and let the magic begin (or become even bigger and brighter)!
So, as we share our exciting experiences, more lightworkers will be ‘on the lookout’ for galactics; in the grocery store, in their dreams, etc – and then voila, there will be more galactic “communication” happening – which I know our galactic family very much desire! And, that can only lead to more and more awareness of our Nova Earth and our upcoming ascension!
Having said all that, I would like to relate my favorite “story” regarding my Pleiadian brother, Jeron.
I was introduced to Jeron several months ago – I am most “open” to spiritual and galactic communication when I am walking, out in nature. I would also just add, that I have been channeling uplifting messages from various celestial beings, for a while now. So, I feel very blessed to have all of these wonderful “friends” around me, basically on a daily basis, or whenever I am open enough to receive their wonderful tutelage and love!
I am usually able to “feel” the presence of a spirit or galactic, or to “hear” them (I actually love hearing “voices in my head”!). So, I was making a two-hour drive home, after a medical appointment, where I had received an “adjustment”. Consequently, sometimes I feel a bit yucky on the drive home, as the adjustment processes throughout my body.
Well, as I was trying to stay focused on the road, and “just get home”, I felt Jeron’s presence with me. This time though, I felt his presence right next to me, in the passengers’ seat! How cool was that! He told me he would keep me company for the whole drive home. I was soooo grateful!
I am able to “see” Jeron enough nowdays, to know that he has his long blonde hair, in a ponytail! He told me that, like me, he enjoys “being different”, too! Like brother, like sister, I guess!
Well, basically, for at least a half-hour’s time, Jeron and I “chatted”. I can’t remember the specifics (I think that is how it works with higher-evolved beings – you remember the wonderful feelings and emotions, instead of specific words), but I remember that I asked him a lot of questions about the galactics (you know, like what do you eat, drink, and what is life like on your planet?). It was great.
Most of all, I truly felt his “company” on the whole drive home (just as he had promised) – and, as many others report in their stories, I was filled with Love and Joy! It was a wonderful feeling!
Then, after we had come to a lull in our conversation, I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention to my driving – whoops! But, as I focused on the road, and tried to concentrate solely on driving, I felt a strange sensation. I found I was unable to focus my eyes on any particular object in front of me. It was like my eyes felt “blurry”, but they weren’t, really.
Well, I began to panic a bit about not being able to see anything, then I noticed that as I quit trying to focus on a particular object, my eyes kind of “pulled back”, and were seeing the “big picture”, literally, as I was driving. So, there I was, the scenery whooshing by me, and my eyes not really “seeing” anything, but I felt fully aware – in the moment. It was truly a most amazing feeling! I believe, that with Jeron’s help (and possibly others!), I was driving in 5D! I yelled out a big “Thank You!!” to all, and thoroughly enjoyed the “journey” – I was “in the zone”, and was amazed that I was able to still drive safely, while not really “paying attention” to the road!
As others have expressed on the Golden Age of Gaia, it is very difficult experience to describe, but it is a feeling, and experience, I will never forget, including the wonderful time I spent with Jeron.
(As an aside, I have been told that my Pleiadian name is “Jelosha” – and as brothers and sisters do, I now call Jeron, “Ronnie,” sometimes, and he calls me, “Losha” – I love it!)
Well, that’s my story folks, and I’m stickin’ to it!
Love and Light to all! – J

Summary of my journey
1. It started from what I remember only recently when I was between 7 to 13 years of age
2. I used to astral travel around our neighbourhood at night whilst my physical body was in a resting state
3. I distinctly remember leaving my bedroom which was an outside room, flying around over the roof of the house the church opposite our house and over huge jacaranda trees lining both side of our street.
4. I also remember venturing from my bedroom further and further with each venture out of my physical vessel.
5. Recently I also remembered the capability to breath under water…I cannot remember much detail on this event
6. These outer body travel capabilities deteriorated once I reached puberty. I guess the female anatomy became my prime objective
7. Then school (fool system) work, military service and paramedic interest took my attention away from the metaphysical development. This however was all part of the path I laid out for myself.
8. The next prompt I received to the metaphysical world came at trance parties where I took mind opening – bending drug acid. This made me see things I really wanted to see some more of and also reminded me subconsciously of our psychic capabilities
9. About 14 years ago I was on my way to Cape Town from Pringle Bay and on the N2 between Somerset west and Khayelitsha I saw an UFO
10. I pulled off and watched the blimp like shape approximately 3km high hover in one spot for approximately 10 min. I then got tired of looking at it and left it hanging there.
11. It had very bright lights, even though it was daytime. It was silver and approximately the size of a commercial airliner.
12. At that point I tried to explain the sighting away in a logical manner….”it probably was only a blimp”. This is totally impossible, as it was a windy day and the energy I got from the craft was unknown to me at that point in my life.
13. I then shifted this experience into the back of my mind
14. In 2000 I met a guy that came to my Bush Bar and created some ill energy. This was resolved by me booting him and his more troublesome friend out of the bar. His name turned out to be Konstandt (His involvement will become clear later)
15. In Jan 2010 my house burnt down.
16. Dealing with insurance companies I realised the complex fraudulent system we live in.
17. Although I always knew within me there is something very wrong with religion, school universities, governments and all affiliated departments, corporations and banks
18. I started researching the commercial lien process to take on the insurers but got completely side-tracked by the government and banking system enslaving mankind without their knowledge
19. This forced me to unlearn and relearn everything I thought I knew about the world we live in. Included in the research and the subsequent knowledge I gained, is also the world and universe that has been hidden from us.
20. The different extra-terrestrial species their history, influence on the human species and their objectives.
21. In Jan 2013 I officially met Konstandt again in a sober and very pleasant state of mind.
22. We got chatting extensively about healthy living and alternative energy resources. I informed him of my solar and wind generating setup and invited him to visit and check my system out.
23. In April 2013 I got a call from my dad’s wife that my dad is not going to live much longer as he is bed ridden and can hardly speak.
24. I got onto a plane on round about 19 April 2013 to go make peace and greet him and also wish him a pleasant journey to the next world/vessel. It was the most amazing time I spent with him ever even though he could hardly speak.
25. On 23 April I got onto a plane back to CT.
26. I hate flying so I decided to meditate to kill the boredom of flight.
27. It was a rainy day is JHB as the plane took off
28. As the plane broke through the clouds it was the most beautiful sight seeing the perfectly flat tablecloth cloud cover covering the entire Gauteng.
29. But there was something really strange about 30 degrees to the left front of the plane on the cloud cover
30. It was a perfect cylinder of cloud standing vertical about a kilometre high
31. I could not believe this as it is absolutely 100% “unnatural”.
32. The plane got closer and closer to this phenomena
33. I was so excited and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I could not wait to tell everyone of this strange cylindrical cloud.
34. Then it got more abnormal ….as we got closer the cylindrical cloud was actually 6 smaller cylinders spaced evenly apart in a circle
35. In the centre of these 6 cloud cylinders appeared two space craft.
36. They were about 500m long and approximately 40.80m wide (I estimated this at approximately 10km away from the craft
37. They were standing vertical I could not make out the colour or shape as it was too far away and the sun was behind them creating a silhouette
38. The perfect backup to this sighting would be some pictures.
39. This was not to be….. I took my blackberry and tried about 30-40 times to take pictures…it would not take a single picture
40. Then the strangest and most wonderful thing ever happened
41. I received messages….
a) No pictures…we do not want the people to panic
b) We are here in peace
c) We are influencing the people to be out of fear and stress
d) We are here to calm the people down
e) We are revealing ourselves to you Ed
f) This was also a confirmation that the first UFO sighting I saw was real
g) We are showing you how we conceal ourselves within the cloud cover there are six electromagnetic devices that force the cloud/mist upward and then ultimately around the craft
h) Do not bother to show us to any other beings on the plane they will not believe what they see
42. This was the greatest moment in my life to date(I thought)….this confirmed just about everything I have resonated with the last three years regarding the fraud of the present system the hidden metaphysical world and too many matters to mention
43. At that point after about 10-15 minutes the plane was starting to pass the cloud structure and two craft and I looked back at the cloud cover over the entire Gauteng area.
44. I could not believe what I saw then……As far as I could see(it was limited as the window is very small and probably allows a 70-90degree view and the major part of Gauteng was out of sight I counted another 8 cloud towers with 2 vertical craft within each column(this was all I could see and I know that there was way more craft than what I could see…WOW (even today thinking about it)
45. Then finally the cylinders and cloud cover disappeared in the distance and I took my blackberry and took a picture of my feet in the plane(nothing wrong with the camera)
46. I then very excitedly told a few friends about this encounter and they shared their excitement. Needless to say there are the glazed eyed ones that does not believe but it is ok I do understand.
47. Two weeks after the incident I received an e-mail from a channler from Cape Town and he sent the following message.
48. The message is to Ed
49. The being that I saw was Daruis
50. And it was his fleet of craft that I saw
51. He is from Sirius
52. He is the Lord of Peace
53. He is here to keep the peace
54. He was at that point in time over Egypt (Egyptian protests 33mil people)
55. Can you believe my excitement…but I knew there was more
56. Then enters Konstand again. He came to see my hydroponics and solar power system
57. As we sat chatting for an hour or so his entire face shape shifted right in front of me….his face changed into an angelic Nordic looking being. Blue eyes blond hair red cheeks
58. I do not know if his face stayed like that for 5 seconds or 5 minutes
59. It did not freak me out or even upset me…..as a matter of fact I thought him to look very beautiful.
60. Anyway, his face changed back to what it was when he arrived and he finally left after 3 hours of very interesting conversation…(that is for another day)
61. Things at that point just started falling into place completely effortlessly.
62. I got material on how to develop telepathy (Helen Engel)
63. I practiced a few techniques and incorporated it with my meditation schedule
64. On one very fine day I meditated and attempted to connect with Daruis
65. It happened YAY
66. I then asked a few questions: Where am I from before Earth?
67. Pleiades
68. How are we related?
69. He, Daruis, is my higher self
70. Where are you now?
71. I am still over Egypt
72. Daruis informed me that the day when Konstandt’ s face changed in front of me was due to Daruis changing Konstandt’ s face to let me see what Daruis looks like.
73. I was ecstatic about this information and could see my path clearer than ever before.
74. I have now met with a group of beings that is there to show me very interesting things that I need to know to fulfil my destiny.
75. I have subsequently been on a roller coaster ride thrown into a crash course telepathy course connecting with many ascended masters, angels, elementals and Prime Creator.
76. I am able to connect effortlessly at this point and I am enjoying every second of the ascension process taking place

Hello Everyone and thank you for all that you do.
In 2011 I had someone – I’ll call him S – contacted me from the other side. We had been in an intense love relationship almost 30 years ago. He had passed suddenly and young in 2003 which I was unaware of, so this contact came as a very big surprise.
He asked me to begin writing to him. I had already been practicing this for 10 years with another being as well as a group – a type of mutual conversation – I ask questions and “they” respond. My comfort level with this type of communication was already well established so I just continued it with S.
Soon after, I began seeing starships and have been seeing them ever since. All I have to do is look up into the sky at night and they appear – blinking lights, tripod shaped ships, etc. I have been awakened and look out and they are there.
In May of 2012, in the morning, I awoke to a presence in my bedroom and Ashtar presented himself within a haze of white light. I startled and then apologized because I knew who “he” was because “the group” that I have been communicating with for years has been the White Brotherhood.
He visited me on a snowy evening in February of 2013 to let me know that I could visit the ships whenever I choose.
I am open to doing this but have no recollection of actually being aboard one although I have very interesting dreams.
I have had several where I am helping anonymous children in very difficult situations.
The beauty in all of this is that I was one of the very disappointed when there wasn’t a mass ascension on 12/21/12. The continual seeing of starships has buoyed my hope, faith, and trust that there is much beyond what we currently see. It keeps me going through all of the emotional, physical, and mental releasing and processing as well as the many changes that have occurred over the last few years.
When I sense that someone is even the slightest bit open I share my story so they will then share the story and so on and so on. I always say that all of these experiences have happened to me because I am open to the magic in the Universe.
Please know that from the depths of my being I am very grateful to all of you. The loving service that you provide through this website has connected us all when we need it the most no matter how far apart we are geographically. Wishing you blessings of love and peace,

GuitarHey, Steve n gang! My name is Jeremy, I’m a musician and recording engineer, and I want to briefly respond to that ‘clarion call’ that you and AAM sent forth. I Am So Very Here and so much entrenched in my goal to be of perfect service to the All!
My obvious ministry (as it has been all my life) is through music – uplifting through encoding ‘my’ work with the highest possible energies I can muster – but I do wish to share and assist in any way that is needed.
I will also say, and I shared this with a friend in deep conversation just last night, that I feel that I am Right on the brink of a major breakthrough. I described it as feeling that I long to be ‘snapped in half,’ though perhaps it’s better put that I long to be cracked open.
I’ve spent the last bunch of years tunneling, seemingly at faster and faster speeds, down the rabbit holes of hidden and coded knowledge, but it’s now I find myself living in a new situation (in relative isolation on Cape Cod) that my knowledge is being forced into action and my faith is really being tested and stretched.
I’ll say, in closing, that I am as ready and open as I’ve ever been to step into a New World of prosperity, equality, and Total Unconditional Love, and I see it mirrored all around me more and more; in graffiti, in art, in the general demeanor of the people I come in contact with. We are making the shift. There is nearly no doubt in my heart and mind, and any doubt that still exists is fading fast.
With Love and Such Excitement, Jeremy
p.s. Please feel free to contact me any time to be of service in any way! And check out my band (Pretty & Nice) if ever you feel the urge!

UFOI just wanted to add some of my experiences to help the collective. I read your website daily and have since I awakened more fully in warp speed November 2013. I thought I was losing it but thanks to your website I found where I belonged and where the thoughts pouring into my head were coming from.
Just about 1 month ago I had to make a trip to the bank to keep my account from being overdrawn. I went to the overnight depository. The next day I checked my balance and my funds that I deposited did not beat the overdrawn charge that I knew was coming, needless to say I was bummed out but knew I had to make another trip to the bank and deposit enough to cover this.
I was thinking to myself, I can’t believe I will be driving to the bank every day to keep this roller coaster going! More or less I was just pouting! So I got over it and left to make deposit #2.
I always drive the same route to the bank and back home but this night I was turning right to leave the bank as I always do but I got a STRONG feeling I needed to turn left. I have learned after many years to always listen to these messages/feelings.
So I turned the car around to go home a different way. When I arrived at the light to turn into my neighborhood I saw these 2 very white and dense cloud-like structures and I thought, wow, those are the strangest looking clouds I have ever seen, what is making them “glow” like that?
I was completely overwhelmed by curiosity and my mind was racing, what IS this?? So I make the turn because I am going to get closer. That is all I knew. I needed to get closer, now!!!
So I lost sight for just a second and they were gone but I felt that they were not really gone so I keep going in the direction of my house. As I went up the street (my house is on a hill) I looked up at my house and said to myself “Oh, well, there they are, right above my roof. Now I will be able to tell what they are!”
They looked like 2 beautiful moons just hovering above my roof and I am still not connecting the dots here since my mind is still racing in excitement. I speed up to make it to my house faster and look away for a split second and look up again and gone!
Well, the light goes off in my head finally and I realize what I am seeing now. I decide to drive even further and went several blocks to what I thought was a dead end street and I see them again, higher in the sky now and flying away at a slow speed while flashing beautiful blue colors like a comet tail. One disappeared and the other became very bright and glowing before it too disappeared.
I was in awe and in such peace. I knew then that my trip to the bank that I was so upset about was SO worth it. I was actually grateful for that trip. So first I see 2 cloud-like mushroom caps, seconds later looking like 2 big moon-balls and then third looking like 2 bluish-glowing orbs in flight with light tails all in the matter of minutes. Amazing, I was seeing the ships I read about!
My most recent experience was yesterday, I was in my yard and noticing several chemtrails in the sky with disapointment even though I try not to dwell on them too much and try to send them healing light. I walked around to the side and see a very dense chemtrail being deposited right above me and am standing in sad silence looking up and thinking I hope we are being helped with these.
And no sooner did I finish my thought when I spotted a space ship appear to the right side of the trail, zip right under the dense tail of it and disappear after it passed to the left side. I know in my heart it was a confirmation that we are being helped and we are being protected. I sent them a thank you very much in my head and am now writing this to you today.
I have more to tell and will send more messages soon.
Thank you to everyone at this website and to all our star brothers, archangels and all beings helping us, they are really helping us and I am seeing them with my own eyes now.

Gosh, I feel so inspired by these accounts that I will tell my own. – Steve

I awoke in my sleep tPleiaidians 33o find myself on a space ship. I was in a kind of lounge setting. I was talking to a bunch of people that I felt I knew when suddenly I became aware of a youthful man with a pony tail speaking from behind me.
He was addressing us all and his voice had such a melodic and kindly tone to it that I turned around and gazed at the man. I asked him, “Are you Archangel Michael?” And he said that he was.
Well, that was all I needed. I packed my things and moved to a seat closer to the front of the room, where he was. At one point, as I was listening, two galactic beings walked past me. One came so close before I noticed him that I did not see him.
The second had a very white face and, when he saw me, assumed a surprised expression and said “The formless representative has taken form.” I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about (I have found out since) and I turned back to listen to Archangel Michael again.
Suddenly AAM rose into the air and drifted over top of me and breathed something into my mouth. I drifted into an experience of love and then awoke.
In a subsequent reading, I asked AAM what he had breathed into me and he replied that it was love and that it assisted me to remember the experience.

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