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The Office of Poofness: March 31, 2014 – “Happy”

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: Today’s posting of the the latest Office of Poofness message features the main ‘meat and potatoes’ only. Much of this week’s long, long Q&A section features ZAP rebuffing criticism by people who wrote  to him about his perceived sarcasm, as well as his detailed personal analysis of others’ articles. We don’t normally do this, but Steve and I both felt this added little to the key messages, so the Q&A is edited this week. If you wish to read the full Q&A I’ve supplied a link to the full transcript on another site at the end. Today’s message title and accompanying song is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Cheerful link also at the end.
Greetings and Salutations,
“There is a place within us where a worship service is constantly being held.” I believe that in this Temple of Spirit within us, prayer is ever flowing from bottomless wells to revive, to heal, to prosper, and to sustain all those who have ever been touched by our love or conscious awareness.” – A quote from Charles Fillmore, a mystic of the 20th Century.
Poof has said:
The movement and the energies for shifting everything to the end game are moving along. The intentions and the coordination of effort is strong. The power to bring this to final disbursement is still tied in with protecting the funds once they are out of the Elders hands. So of course they are being very conservative and putting more stop gap measures in place and requesting more input and yes there is a major piece of this coming down that is not yet known, a piece that will make the powers that be sit  up and take notice. So take things easy and be a little more lenient and less judgmental. You must understand that all along much has been done to demonstrate the control and the strength of the Elders and to make sure what they intended does happen. The mass amount of people that are behind all of the big banks and the larger corporations that control the flow of funds is even larger than ever and the chess game going on is demonstrating the yet high degree of power that is being curtailed. The end game is approaching, review your plans and rest in your knowingness.
ZAP says:
Hi all
On March 28, the Treasury Reserve Note (aka TRN, new US dollar) was effected. This is an historic moment for our humanity as the funds that were released globally are now live and denominated in the new us dollar. The TRN is on screens.
The Fed dollar is being exchanged in Europe first, and that is occurring before the US begins the exchange this coming week. The old dollar will devalue somewhat, but it will not be (at) a high rate (of devaluation) and is expected to be at the (minus) 3-4% mark only.
The old Fed dollar is expected to be discounted about 45% against the TRN, and being gold backed, the TRN will actually prevent the economic collapse predicted by so many, as it offsets the devaluation and keeps the devaluation to a small percentage, as (indicated) above.
All financial events are confirmed for next week inclusive of the re-valuation, the formal global announcement of the TRN, the Global Currency Reset.
The global reset has occurred, but it is quiet at the moment while they position everything for the formal public announcement.
The formal announcement is scheduled for Sunday April 6, 2014. The news will be carried by CNN and others.
The amounts of funds coming out of the system into mainstream economies will ramp up very quickly into the expected hundreds of billions figures.
The arrests are coming as well, and they have well over 500 arrests to make on various charges. As we all know, the actions perpetrated by the ones in power range from treason to theft to conflict of interest to sedition to beating up puppies. You do not beat up puppies.
Paymasters are busy now, globally, as they prepare to send out the first wires to various organizations and individuals that will begin the reconstruction projects, including us.
The BIS released the funds last Thursday, and the next day, on Friday, the TRN was signed in by the USA. So all the major transfers that begin the reset to the various governments and top level organizations were effected. Today, the RV is to be continued to the next level, and tomorrow, on Monday (today), Reno will be very busy.
Truly the historic times are upon us.
Oh yes, expect banks to be closed for 24 hours when the reset is effected at the global financial level. It will not be a week or month as some predict.
In respect of the other items that are to be done like the ppp and f&p, a question came in:
Q: Dear Zap, I have a question about something you said in your last post, which is underlined and in bold print below:
ZAP – The Five Star Trust tried to do the right thing. But I have personal knowledge that the five star trust is not liquid, and not in program on the surface. Perhaps underneath, but that is hidden from me if there is such an operation ongoing. The RV of currencies, the payment or settlement of the historic bonds, and the changeover to the new financial system heralds the prosperity that is meant for humanity. The F&P and the PPP I have little to say about as that is really not my focus, but i do get snippets of information that can help put the puzzle in perspective.”
I thought the whole reason the Poofness came to us every Sunday was to engage us primarily with information about the prosperity programs, and also the F&P as a part of that.  He talked about other things, but as it related to the prosperity programs we are involved in. If you “have little to say about as that is really not my focus…” then what is the purpose of your postings if not for those of us in this program?  There is information all over the place about the dinar and RV and everything else.  We, who are only involved in the prosperity programs, come here to find out what we can about the program WE are involved in, as there is so very little (if ANYTHING) out there at all!  Thank you.  PH
ZAP – I understand. That was Poof. He tracked this, and kept the information flow going. As I said, the F&P, the PPP, dinar, dong, arrests, new republic, the mouse club,  etc. Is not what I do. When Poof passed, I wrote a message honoring his passing. It was not my intention to do any more than that as i was not there to take over his job. Since I am in a peculiar position as far as information flows, it was only by request that I continued to write every week. Please remember that the PPP and F&P are tied directly to the RV, reset, new republic etc., and to ignore this information in favor of only the sliver that is the PPP and F&P is a bit narrow. You must know the bigger picture to know reasonably accurately the stage of the PPP and F&P. I hope my information helps you and others in that regard.
As indicated above, we’ve edited out the rest of Q&A at this point before continuing with the end of the post, here…
…. ZAP – A dear mountain animal (presumably Mountain Goat) who reports well, said something of importance here for all:
“We heard about all the testing issues and delays. We all thought that the RV was going to happen at any moment, as we did not understand the total plan and scope of all the reforms necessary prior to any currency revaluations. We were only focused on our goal of becoming rich and not understanding or wanting to understand the big picture.”
She is bang on the button. I have seen too many now that do the ‘aw shucks, no money again’ shuffle. It is not about the money. It is about people. The process will take time to complete, but now it is being implemented. That is wonderful news for all of us.
The epitome of strength is patience. Be patient.
The pigs are calling and I must fly. Talk later.
You can read the full Q&A section here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=303937
Happy by Pharrell Williams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCtwe9g_SEM


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