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Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!

poof 1Stephen Cook/ Golden Age Gaia: I feel there’s some honest, good-hearted info in here – as well as some stuff that seems to completely contradict itself, especially in regard to timings. At various places in this post we have the RV as “this coming week” and, later, “not until next week”. And RV rates also remain unknown. Additionally, I’m not sure I agree with the anecdote given about international money transfers. But I also know we all read things differently. In reality, none of us know what will actually happen until it is all happening… That said,  I suggest you read the info here as research; take it in and use your own discernment…
Poof said,
You are getting ready to see a major shift in the way the world does things. The pieces are coming together and the power brokers are doing all that they can; The engineers for the new world order are working diligently to get this whole thing moved off dead center. Hang on to your boot straps, it should be a very interesting ride!
Here’s ZAP:
Hi all. This coming week is the beginning of the money flow.  The projects that are on the books will start, and first funds to many of them will be forthcoming.  The logistics of money flow and deployment are going to be addressed, and believe it when I say that it will be like pulling teeth from a rhino.  The bankers know that it is inevitable, but they are so fearful of handling billions at the moment that getting the mechanisms in place for the disbursements will be a challenge, but we shall get it done.  It is inevitable for the projects to be funded, and this coming deployment battle is the last step that we have to go through to ensure the benefit to humanity.
The other money matters, like the historic bonds and the dinar and the release of the matrix funds, are pretty well said and done, with more being said than done, but all is proceeding to the inevitable conclusion.  It will not be long now before we see the first multi-millionaires at the street level. That, in and of itself, scares the shit out of the regulatory agencies and governments, and why the freeze on international transfers out of and into the USA (for example).
Now this is a valid concern because, think of it:  John down the street gets a few million or billion, now what?  He wants to transfer some money to his buddy, Bob, who is losing his house in another country.  He wants to send 5 million because bob is his long-time buddy, and his family is in dire straits.  He does a wire transfer.  The bank freezes it until they “investigate” the transaction to make sure Bob is not a drug dealer or worse.  Bob loses his house; and he and his family are on the street, homeless, without food or shelter, and totally broke.  But bob is a clerk at the local supermarket and works like a dog to support his family. He does not even own a gun, and the strongest drug in his vocabulary is Tylenol.
So you see the problem here.  Money movement is going to be a nightmare (Stephen: I’m not so sure about this, we will see..).  It is a valid response for the system to freeze and/or curtail large transfers until they know who is going to be in receipt of the funds.  You do not want a bob to be the front for Escobar who is doing his thing laundering money, or bin laden who is buying AK-47s in the bulk.
What a pickle for the authorities having these kinds of funds in the hands of millions who, for the majority, have nothing but good intentions in helping friends and family.
What to do?
Well, this is a situation that I do not have a ready solution for, much as I would love to.  However, the solution that I do have is simple and on the corporate level.
We get a few billion.  We flow the money to the trusts and foundations that will be doing the projects.  We begin funding the projects.  Part of the funds we allocate for the first tranche of money to the project is destined to give a personal helping hand to the project principals.  So let’s say the first tranche is 10 million.  Out of that, we expect the principal to take 10% or 1 million, and pay his mortgage, credit cards, buy a car, help his immediate friends and family, and breathe.  The 9 million left is for setting up the project, offices, fleet cars, staff, furniture, etc.
In this way, the funds are instantly justified, and we have given a helping hand to many without the problems of who is Bob because the amounts for the help is distributed to many in immediate need, and they are not stupid amounts.  They are reasonable and easily justified.  That is our solution, and it is only one of many that can be done with the approval of the authorities.  It is common sense, and is designed to get the focus on the reconstruction, while looking after a whole bunch of people around each project.
Now, if we have many such projects (thousands we hope), then we can reach out to many and give that helping hand corporately.
But that does not solve the problem of sending the 5 million to the good Bob and his family.  We are working on that one.
All of the above is in preparation for what is to come now, as the money side is pretty well wrapped up, and it is only a matter of some time measured in days or a week or so before this kind of money starts hitting the streets.
We are preparing for this now.  As I said, the pigs are flying already and have been spotted in isolated areas, but they will be all over the place shortly.  And way before Christmas is upon us. There is a magic date for this event.  It is in the first week of December.
Right now, the first magic marker moment is on us this week with the dinar thing.  The historic bond thing is already in motion, and many have been paid now, and hundreds more in the next weeks. Why the authorities are freaking out with regard to bob the family guy, or bob the front man.  Understandable.
This week was large with questions.
Q:  Hello, thanks for all the info that you are disbursing.  It means a lot to all of us.  However, one thing bothers me every week. I quote from today’s letter [Zap 25 11/11/13]:  “Asset redemptions happening now after many months of confusion. RV – any day now, and probability approaches 1 that it will be in the next day or so. Package receipt within a week or two at most, in best case. Possibly, as late as just before Christmas but, probably a tad earlier as you do not want to disrupt things so close to holiday time. Or the middle of January. That is my best guesstimate. As I said, the main downloads are happening now, and will take place right after the final big meeting by the councils and elders. We are weeks/days away, not years/months.”
The thing is that I am in several of the PP’s and have no dinars.  You mention that the RV is due any day now, but then you always expand the PP packages to a later date, even up to mid-Jan.  It was my understanding that the RV could not be done until a certain piece of the PPs was done.  Now, again you have them going ahead in a day or two.  Can you elaborate a little more on my comments?  Thanks for all that you and Susan do.  Best regards, AN
A:  The dinar sequence is different and apart from the PP sequence.  One has to do with the global reset of currency (dinar) and the other has to do with the deployment of monies to the economies for the purpose of reconstruction projects, and the general well-being of humanity by cash infusion.  They are interrelated, yes, but separate from each others’ process.  That’s why the time lag between the two.
Q:  Hi this question is for Zap:  Thanks again for all the information you and Susan are giving all of us.  We are really living magical moments as all our natural abundance and prosperity are about to unfold for all of us. I know this is a consultation.  Please bill me for this, and I will pay with my credit card or PayPal.  I am a Canadian citizen and have bought a fair portion of Iraqi dinars and, you just said in today’s [Zap 25 11/11/13] posting that, for North American citizens (Americans and Canadians), we will able to get the double-digit exchange rate.  My question is how will this materialize in reality?  Do you know at which bank in Canada we will be able to exchange at that high rate and by what mechanism will we see this rate?  Thank you so much and may God bless both of you and the rest of the team. – R.
A:  Sorry, I do not take money for what I say, but Susan lives on the good graces of those who donate by consultation, and this is OK as she has the most current information available from the right sources.  I am just a small source of real information, and specific to the project side.  I leave the politics to others more savvy, although I do understand quite a bit – and do share what I know with her – but not in these newsletters.  Not my job.  To answer, all banks that are tied to Forex and the new system will be available to the general public for the exchange.  This exchange will be in the $3.40+ range.  The private side (private placement contracts) delivers much more because of the nature of the pp, but these are fully booked already from a long time ago.  The public side is forthcoming this week from the information I received, but the private stuff is closed.
Q:  Dear Susan, Was wondering if you had the opportunity to discuss the issues of the trust or structuring or security with Zap because he certainly has not addressed it in the newsletter.  Wondering if you have any insight?  Secondly, Zap has addressed the PP packages timing, but has not said anything about the F&Ps.  I know that you had mentioned when we last visited that the F&Ps would be released coincidental with the RVs.  So needing some clarification.  Are the F&Ps still going to be released about the same time as the RVs?  I am assuming that the timings of several weeks or before Christmas or the first of the year that Zap is discussing is actually the program funds?  Anyway could clear that up for me?  If it would be better to talk to clear this up, let me know and I will set up a consult time tomorrow or the next day.  Trying to get my ducks in a row and clarify expectations.  Thanks – S
A:  The F&Ps will coincide with the pp.  They are linked at several levels.  They are not linked timing-wise to the RV.  Two different animals, but both are a species of purple pig.  These are the ones that will be before Christmas or, latest, in the New Year.
Q:  Hi.  There is scuttlebutt going about that the government has the right and will confiscate our money once it is in our accounts from the r/v and/or programs.  All accounts will be zeroed out, and there will be no debt.  My assumption has been that the r/v global reset was being done to go back to a precious metals-based currency and that we would be back on a type of gold standard instead of the fiat-based currency and the money put into the common mans’ hands was to reinvigorate the economy and the world.  Are people to hold back and wait and see what happens before they cash-in?  Public announcements of mass arrests wouldn’t hurt either.  Thank you – C
A:  Yes, the government – by laws they passed – owns you, your account, your safety deposit, your dog, and your goldfish.  They can, by invocation, seize what you have.  Sad but that’s reality.  If you own stocks, it is more difficult to seize.  Or the gold coins you have bought and are keeping in your pocket.  Or the money from the ATM that you have in your dresser drawer/mattress.  But confiscating the funds from the RV?  Or the programs?  No.  Sure, the government appears to want to have some sort of civil unrest so they can invoke martial law and seize stuff, so don’t let it get to that point.  And do cash-in.  And take care of that pesky mortgage, and buy food and a car.  Do not allow yourself to succumb to the lottery mentality.  Be frugal and wise with investment, and ensure you do the right thing for your circumstance.  Help others close to you.  The new money is coming in two stages:  the first is the nice polymer money you see now. The second is the money that has “us treasury” instead of “Federal Reserve Note” printed on it.  That money will be backed by gold and be Basel III-compliant.  Public announcements of arrest will be forthcoming very soon as well.  We are in the midst of massive change.
Q:  Hello Susan:  Glad you are doing well and thanks for getting the updates out.  The info helps us have a little hope.  However, I want to complain just a little.  About a year ago, Poof said we are all going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, then it was going to be the best Christmas ever, and then we would be dancing in the streets for New Years.  Well, one year later, and here we go again.  By November, then before Christmas, or early January.  And, before that, the year before was the same message.  So does anyone really know?  Been in for about 15 years and, like one of the folks that sent in a question on Monday, time is indeed running out fast.  We have all held on for so long, seems like some of the smart people upstairs or somewhere could figure out how to get us a portion of what is due us even if they cannot do the whole thing.  Thanks, MH
A:  Yeah, I know that feeling all too well from about 20 years back when I first got into this information and what was in store for humanity. After a few years, I decided to do something about it myself, and so began a long trek into a place that had no roadmaps.  Here I am now actually in a position to give a helping hand, and so my own dreams of the things that could be, and are forecasted to be, have come alive.  Now I am the change.  Part of it anyway.  This is all any one of us can be.  It is simply a willingness to do the work and persevere in the face of reverses, and have the patience to see it through despite all of the shit that is thrown at you, and that is not a small obstacle as we all know.  I am firm in my statements that now is the time of change for humanity, as I have seen some of the changes first-hand.  They are real.  Hang in there and keep the faith.
Q:  Hello Susan & Zap, I want to say, Susan I’m glad to hear you are on the mend, and I hope you will be better than new very soon.  I appreciate all you have done through the years to help educate us all, also.  Zap thank you for taking up your position and jumping in to help also.  As for the person who is tired of the wait and losing people, it is, of course, understandable.  I have been reading Poof since the middle ’90′s when he was Sardu Pendragon, then Truth Warrior, so I am either very gullible or confident, but I have also quit trying to update the few folks we ‘put in’, but I have hope we are near completion as you feel.  As I told Poof once, my husband and I have talked many times about all of the money there is in the world and how mismanaged our planet is, so although this is a huge undertaking, I feel it is possible.  Thanks so much to you both. – A
A:  Bless you A.  You are bang on the button.  Be confident.  This has nothing to do with being gullible, and everything to do with hope and the reality of the divine plan that has been set in motion for us all.  We are all part of this plan, and its unfoldment is the responsibility of those that have chosen to do this work.  It is a free-choice planet.  The grand experiment.  So, yes, the money is more than possible; it is a reality.  Personally, it will be wonderful when the money thing disappears and is replaced by the next evolution of this concept.  It’s called love. What a currency…
Q:  I really wish this could be confirmed!
(Stephen: This section, quoted below by the questioner, is from a post that ran on Nesara News Blogspot -parts of which have so far proven to be incorrect. However, I have left this section in as it serves a purpose for ZAP’s answer.)
NESARA UPDATE: ” NESARA LAW WAS ENACTED”, 15 NOV 10/15/13  6:30 AM  “NESARA LAW WAS ENACTED at 1:30 am Reno Time on 11/15/13 by Judge Roberts of the Supreme Court. Multiple announcements to follow.”  Per John Machaffie athttp://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2013/11/important-nesara-intel-updates.html
Friday, November 15, 2013
Important NESARA Intel Updates
I am getting intel now hot and heavy. Very concerned as to what intel info may interfere with operations and security of our White Knights. “Loose Lips Sink Ships!” as they say in the Navy. I am revealing only the tip of the intel ice berg at this time.
Ongoing now are:
1) Dinar RV Global Reset supposedly happened at 7:00 pm est on 11/14/2013. This is still not confirmed.
2) We “May” be able to do exchanges at the banks this weekend.
3) Toll Free numbers per exchange appointments have not been distributed yet still waiting.
4) NESARA Law was enacted this morning 11/15/2013 at 1:30 am reno time
5) Gold Back Currency and Basil III banking was enacted
6) Republic was enacted
7) Republic has been financed and treasury in place
Arrests of the ‘Bad Hombres’ is ongoing.  Over 30,000 in the USA in recent days and still in progress.  This is a Global Event and arrest activities are on going worldwide.
Bottom line – The GOOD GUYS are winning
Your Prayers And Support Is Requested
Posted by FORO DINAR GURUS at 6:15 AM
A:  Right.  Couple of things:  Dinar RV not till next week.  The republic is already in place, but not announced officially.  The surface government (the corporation) still has to be there; otherwise, chaos will reign.  The changeover has to be seamless, and all is in place for that and awaiting a few more items before it goes public and the changeover happens.
Like Mountain Goat said, the soup takes time.  Eat it now, and you will get a tummy ache.  Yes, arrests are on-going.  Yes, the debt will be wiped (like the accounts of the cabal members just recently), and all will shift in the new system that is designed to help, not steal.
When pigs fly, is the marker for these things…that is why I have made good friends with the purple ones and the guys in the control tower.  I want them to fly far and wide bringing good cheer to all.  And, like I said, a few have already flown in remote places and will be over regular air space very very shortly. They’re cute too.
Always remember one very critical thing:  Uncle Sam has to be strong and proud and a beacon of hope to all by example.  The armed services most of all wish this to be as their mandate of defending the constitution is first and foremost, and they are particularly proud of their uncle.  They give their lives for him – and what he really stands for – and are pissed at wasting themselves on crap wars and dirty tricks.  They should be.  Uncle is absolutely wonderful and, despite being a tad ragged around the edges and needing a shit, shower, shave, and a new suit, he truly does symbolize the best aspects of our humanity in protecting the weak and defending truth.  Watch them hold up to that.  They are getting beaten up by the world, not because of their actions, but because those actions are brought about by the idiots in power that tell them to go die and commit things they would not do otherwise do – much dissension in the ranks – but they still follow orders as they must.
I have such a deep respect and admiration for the boys and all the white hats in the agencies and police forces that think this way. Go white hats go!
Keep strong, help each other, and smile. We are just about there.
In love and light in our service

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