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HAARP Decommissioned, Scientists Gone by Steve Beckow ...it's a beautiful day when HAARP is gone!!

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There’s so much that is hopeful and helpful message in Matthew’s Message yesterday.  The item I’d like to focus on is his latest report on HAARP (High-Altitude Auroral Research Project).
HAARP was the Illuminati’s weather-warfare weapon, responsible for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, extreme weather, and many other anomalies which devastated areas of the world and injured or killed many people. Matthew Ward explains how and why HAARP was used.
“Yes, the unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of your world, including heavy snowfalls, flooding and temperature extremes, are man’s handiwork. It is not necessary for the scientists who are doing the Illuminati’s bidding to initiate each incident anew – once elements in the atmosphere have been strongly set in motion, the domino effect takes over. When conditions start to ease as the energy within them dissipates, weather control technologists set off another disruption, and the same is so with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
“Your off-planet brotherhood reduces to the extent possible the intended harmful results of all the manipulated happenings while still enabling their full release of negativity.
“[Suzy:] Why is the Illuminati controlling weather and creating ‘natural’ disasters?
“To produce the negativity that arises out of high death toll, grief, fear, chaos, widespread destruction, disease, economic disasters and hopelessness.” (1)
HAARP is not the same as scalar weapons, according to Suzy Ward.
“HAARP sends out electromagnetic waves over a wide area and scalar weapons beam at a specific target. The latter was developed by Tesla but not for harmful purposes — he refused to use it in the disastrous Philadelphia experiment but one of his associates did.” (2)
HAARP was used in conjunction with other technologies to cause the Japanese Tsunami of March 2011, Suzy Ward said.
“[Hatonn] said that in Japan, one of HAARP’s several capacities in various locations has been used in conjunction with developments from Tesla’s inventions and discoveries to produce destruction from above and below Earth’s surface.” (3)
The weapon was developed from a technology the little Greys (Zeta Reticulans) gave to the American government, Suzy said.
“As for HAARP: In the decades since the Little Greys shared their weather control and other technologies — which the Illuminati took over and have used only for negative purposes — other technologies have been developed from the Little Greys’, also from Tesla’s and Rife’s inventions and probably many others’ inventions that I don’t know about.” (4)
Commander Hatonn, who speaks through Suzy, told us back in March 2011 that plans were afoot to decommission HAARP.
“‘Hatonn here. … Discussions at the highest levels of the universal council are going on as to dismantling that grid system, what the counter effects may be with our various technologies. It’s not a matter of if, but how we shall prevent more destruction to the planet by that diabolical means.’
“[Suzy speaking:] Hatonn said there’s no time line on this, but we’ll know because future quakes or eruptions will be fewer and milder – most of the negativity that Earth had to release already has been. He said that’s the paradox about that particular use of HAARP – it’s intended to create massive amounts of negativity but has been releasing much more than it creates.” (5)
Apparently, HAARP was tied into the power and communications grid and so could not be closed down without prior planning.
“Even with ETs’ advanced technologies it’s not a simple matter to dismantle all of the Illuminati’s equipment without interrupting essential power and communication sources that serve us, not only the Illuminati. That’s why discussions are going on at the highest levels of the universal council as to the best way to proceed.” (6)
We knew that HAARP had been decommissioned by May 2013. Sanat Kumara told us that in An Hour with an Angel.
Steve Beckow: if I could get you to comment, please, on … whether HAARP has been decommissioned or neutralized.
Sanat Kumara: HAARP has been decommissioned, as you would think of it.  (7)
Archangel Michael confirmed this in An Hour with an Angel in August 2013.
Steve Beckow: [XX] would like to know if HAARP has been deactivated.
Archangel Michael: Yes, it has. (8)
Now we hear from Matthew Ward one probable mechanism by which HAARP was decommissioned: “The removal of weather-manipulating scientists by space family members living among you.”  (9) Some people may wonder whether the law of freewill has been abrogated. No, the Divine Plan takes precedence over matters like freewill. Sri Ramakrishna reminds us: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (10) When a divine deadline has been reached, our star brothers and sisters can intervene to abrogate the ability of malignant forces to cause further destruction. SaLuSa referred to the matter often:
“We are bound by Universal Law to apply ourselves in a way that does not interfere with your freewill, so we cannot just speed up events by imposing ourselves upon you. The dark Ones know this and still interfere because they do not acknowledge the Laws as we do. However, if matters do not proceed within a certain time frame, we will be authorised to take more direct action.” (11)
“The Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required. ” (12)
“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it.” (13)
In this case the galactics appear to have made the first move and removed the HAARP scientists. Even if in earlier times they could not abrogate freewill, the galactics, as Matthew told us above, could and did intervene to redistribute the impact of extreme-weather events.
“When the Illuminati cause a geophysical event, the crews lay down an electromagnetic grid that distributes earthquake or volcanic activity and lessens destruction and death toll without reducing the amount of negativity released by those events.
“In the case of Illuminati-created weather, the crews decrease the wind velocity of violent storms and steer them away from heavily populated areas along coastlines.”  (14)
The galactics also intervened to ameliorate other impacts than weather-engineering from HAARP, as Matthew told us in 2008:
“You also are encountering the effects of low frequency emissions from HAARP and other surveillance systems, the radioactive fallout of weaponry, cell phones and electric power stations in addition to the proliferation of pollutants in your air, soil and water. If we can say ‘that’s the bad news,’ we hasten to give you the ‘good news’: Your benevolent space family is using their technology to ameliorate to the greatest possible extent the damaging effects of those toxic ingredients.” (15)
Now weather events are under Gaia’s control and, while some cleansing and clearing still takes place in areas of the world where it needs to, these events are no longer tied to HAARP. The development of HAARP was only one approach the Illuminati used to try to achieve world domination. Manmade pandemics like AIDS, SARS, and avian flu were another; financial warfare, the erosion of civil rights, the threat of martial law, media censorship, religious manipulation, assassinations, the control and spread of the drug trade … the list goes on and on. The most heinous plot was to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to start World War III, planned to lower the global population from 7 billion to a more manageable 500 million. The stopping of all of these plots has seen the friendly galactics play an indispensable role.
by Steve Beckow


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