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Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!

poof 1Posted by Stephen Cook/Golden Age Gaia Today’s ‘update’ still seems to contain a lot of the same information that can be found across the various dinar chat rooms, where rumours abound – including rumoured (and I repeat: rumoured) public (again, I repeat: public) rates and dates. So, as always, use your discernment and take it as informational rather than factual.
Poof said:
“The time is at hand.. The headhunters are out in full force. The Feds are searching for all the noisemakers they can find. The ways of the less than nice are abounding, and the kickers of the proverbial ball are out kicking. The financial mess is increasing and the ways of the so-called sane is beginning to shake up the ones who have been ignoring reality. It is hoped that they can be shaken and that you all can see that the end game is near.
“For it certainly is. The whole world is out of kilter. We can do better.  Work is being done to fix this situation.
“The needs of the masses are starting to get the attention of the governments and the governments are recognizing that they are vulnerable. That is all good. Make no mistake about it. The needs of many are starting to cause consternation and upset. And that leads to more discussion and more concerns. And so the ability of the questors is coming to the forefront, the monies that are coming are only part of the answer. The rest is for all to learn how to clean up negative thinking and how to learn to discern truth from all the rhetoric going on.
Make the most of the time you have. Do what you can to make it clearer and easier to navigate among the masses and to be seen as the leader that all surely will be. You have a job to do. . . So figure out how you can clear up the passage ways, for this is the corridor for the transition which is in place and the way paved for it to happen.”
Here’s ZAP:
Hi All,
OK, so now the reconstruction of Iraq is underway with the new 10-year plan, and now the dinar will be RV’d.
What price?
There are several prices depending on who you are, what contracts you have signed to get in on the higher numbers, and what you intend to do with the proceeds.
The public price is estimated at $3.40+. The prices in Iraq are reflecting this for contractors, and around the $1 mark for others.  Whatever it will eventually be, it will be happening very, very shortly as there is nothing that stands in the way now, and all are pretty well in agreement on the process.  So, it is happening and patience is required as they fulfill their mandates.
Reno is busy though.
The global reset is very much underway, and the full force of this event is slowly starting to come out now.
Mountain Goat, as always, is bang on the button.  Bless her.  She is truly connected in, and I do not have to repeat things.  Go read her. (Stephen: If you wish, you can find Mtn Goat’s various posts via many of the dinar sites)
In Chinese dealings, remember a while ago I said that they work on the lunar cycle and numbers are extremely important to them?  So doing a significant business transaction on the first of the first month, the second of the second month, the third of the third month, etc., is the dipstick of when to expect changes.  So November 11 is a significant date:  the eleventh of the eleventh month.
I have so much to say but, right now, if I spill anything, the repercussions could adversely affect what is happening, so excuse my silence this week.
Suffice to say there will be many changes, and many millionaires and billionaires newly created from various transactions, not only focusing on the dinar stuff.
The projects are coming.
There is one salient email that I will answer this week.
Q:  Dear Susan and Zap, you mentioned in your newsletters that we should contact our political reps about the banking limitations and the chemtrails in the sky.  You say the cabal is no longer in power.  Then why are they still doing their dirty work???
A:  Yes do contact them.  The more the better.  The power of the pen is truly mighty and, in the end, when all the truth comes out, we will see which politician indeed heeded the voice of his or her employers.  Yes, the cabal has lost their power financially.  They still have residual political clout, and the cloak of secrecy that they have woven is unraveling, but it is not quite at the stage where it all blows wide open.  Not the time yet I would say.  But it will blow open and the chemtrails will stop all of a sudden, and people brought to task.
Q:  My experience has been that by telling the political reps how we feel and shining a light on the their wrongs only gets us on their shit list.  Then we get attacked by various agencies.  And, since they have unlimited funds and we have little or no money, they totally destroy us,
A:  Yeah, first the deer-in-the-headlights look, then the mumbled “gotta go and take care of business”, or the popular “no comment” and the machinery still in place (but without the oil of money) still grinds out the attempts to silence the really noisy ones.  Be assured that the money for that shit has “disappeared”, and they are running on fumes.  They are desperate now but need to keep up appearances.
Q:  So it appears that until the coin gets flipped, the real truth is we are defenseless.
A:  Not so.  The white hats in the agencies and the armed forces are dying for all of us every day combating this crap.  We will win in the end.
Q:  I have been part of this since 1988 and have had many good conversations with Poof.  One can only hope that things will change soon or it will be too late – between Fukushima and chemtrails – many will perish.
A:  We have technologies that will kill the radiation poisoning of the area and the waters.  Need much money that is already allocated for this, so we will be OK.  The chemtrail thing is another matter, but there are technologies to clean that as well.  Just money.
Q:  We do appreciate your hard work and efforts.  We are not bitter just weary. Thanks for your response, E.
A:  Sure.  Happy to answer.  And it is really all of us that are working for the benefit of our humanity that we have to thank.  I do my small part, but so many others do so much more.  We all owe them a lot.  And I, too, am weary…very weary.
Going to be an exceptionally busy week as the rats are scurrying.
God bless, and be well.
In love and light in our service
All who have submitted ideas to DHINTAKE@gmail.com can expect to hear from us within the next thirty days.
Love and Kisses,
Susan and Staff
“The Office of Poofness”

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