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How the New Society and Ascension will be Achieved by Steve Beckow

Thank you Steve and all your Guides!

Sacred Unions 45The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael are giving us more and more details about how the building of Nova Earth and our Ascension will proceed, details that we had no idea of earlier.
In this article I’d like to look at some of the new details we’ve been given.
Jesus through John Smallman told us recently:
“God’s plan is brilliant, beautiful, perfect. Here in the spiritual realms we are in constant delighted amazement as it continues to unfold just as He intends.
“For you on the Earth plane, engrossed in your illusory reality, it is and will remain totally beyond comprehension – in fact, the vast majority of you are unaware that God’s plan even exists. …
“Your guides, mentors, and channels in the spiritual realms have been keeping you up-to-date on the aspects of it that affect you directly. So pay attention, listen to their advice and guidance, take it to heart and act on it.” (1)
Part of the Divine Plan is apparently for us to be bathed in successively more intense energies of love that will lead us to draw together in sacred partnerships as the basic building block of Nova Earth; then in sacred circles; then in projects. The Divine Mother said in last Thursday AHWAA: “The plan has always been one of union and reunion.” (2) I asked:
Steve: Is it your plan both to teach us unitive consciousness and to reconstruct society by first having us reunite with parts of ourselves, and then unite in sacred union, then in sacred circles, and then in projects and so on? Are these the building blocks of the new society?
Divine Mother: Yes. And that is what we have channeled, that is what we have written, that is what I teach, that is what I say. Yes! How do you love the unknown stranger across the planet if you have not known any form of union with yourself and with your beloved?
For some — and I do mean a few — the beloved may be a friend or a child or a parent, but for most of you — and you are seeing this explosion — it is a divine partner. It is your sacred other that you choose and that you finally are seeing and recognizing, because you are seeing and recognizing and accepting and cherishing yourself. …
So yes. It begins small and it continues to expand out. It is really a very simple plan. My plan is for the entire group of humanity to fall in love. And I do not mean in the old way, I mean in the cherishing, the freedom, the liberation, the co-creation. And it begins two by two. (3)
So this drawing together of people is how Nova Earth will be built and Ascension occur. In an earlier program, Archangel Michael said.
“First, the union with yourself, the union with the Divine, and the union with your partner. For some of you, because your personality — we do not wish to destroy delightful personalities! — so, for some of you it is on meet-up sites, or meet-up occasions. But when you feel the urge to go and do something, then do so!
“Do not say, ‘Well, that’s ridiculous. I’ve done this before a million times and nothing ever happened.’ Or do not say, ‘I’ve never done this before. I’m not going to start now.’
“No! Listen to your heart. You are being divinely guided and inspired. You have asked us for the tools. Well, this is one of them.
“Now, there will be many, what you would think of as simply synchronicities and meetings. For those of you who are aware and open to it, that is how it occurs. And it is occurring every single moment, all over your planet. Because you have said ‘Yes’ to love.
“Many times you have said to me, ‘Michael, how will we get 6, 7 billion people to ascend?’ And I say to you, through love, through freedom, and through the desire to travel together. So, yes. Do not avoid each other. Engage as you see fit, and, please, your guides, your guardian angels are working to bring you to your lover. Yes, your lover!” (4)
On another occasion, he explained:
“Yes, this [drawing together] is happening at an unprecedented rate, and it is happening in terms of unions of friendships, of groups, of what we would call partnerships or sacred unions. Even family members are beginning to recognize one another.
“Strangers across the lands, across the continents, are realizing, ‘I need to be working. I need to be talking. I need to be playing. I need to be in a form of relationship with that person, or with that group of people.’
“This is only going to intensify, because you are willing to stand there etherically naked and be seen. Because Earth and many of the illusions of your world — and I use world, not planet — have been perceived as so dangerous, many of you with good common sense remained hidden.
“The time of hiding is over. When we have spoken to you, oh, now for several years, and certainly recently, we have emphasized not only the importance and the readiness but the imperative of stepping forward now. …
“So, yes, this rainbow collective, you are finding each other at the speed of light and the speed of love.” (5)
He said that our sacred partnerships would serve our missions and purposes in being here.
“You are seeing that in the sacred unions that are being formed, that are bringing people together in partnerships that conjoin not only the hearts, complement the minds, the emotional fields, but also intersect on mission and purpose — again, not completely, not totally, but the way that you intended it when you designed your part of the plan in conjunction with us, in conjunction with yourself, with each other.” (6)
Our sacred partnerships and circles will be fun, he assured us.
“We are going to play, we are going to laugh, we are going to work, we are going to cry, and we are going to continue on and create Nova Earth.” (7)
He also told us that more and more people would join lightworkers until the Earth became one family of men and women serving the Light. Here is that conversation:
Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.
Steve: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?
AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (8)
The final piece of this puzzle is how the unitive consciousness of Ascension will arise.  Unitive consciousness lies within us and is overburdened, corraled and imprisoned by our sense of separation. It isn’t something we achieve; it’s something we uncover.  I asked the Divine Mother:
Steve: [I had a vision] and it seemed to show me that the way to unitive consciousness was that love would arise and sweep away separative consciousness. Unitive consciousness was always already there. It was just overburdened with separative consciousness. Am I correct in that?
Divine Mother: Yes, you are. That is the way. Love will sweep you and the planet, and in many ways, dear heart, that is Ascension. Because what it also does is implode greater consciousness. You do not live in the old realm. Is there more? Yes. But yes, that is the way that you move forward. It is the way that you experience.
And it does sweep you away. That is what I mean by the surrender and the bliss. And, make no mistake about it, you do leave your body. And you inhabit your body.
You explode and you feel all the energies of the universe. And then, because you are becoming attuned to that feeling, that ecstasy, it steps down, and then you anchor it within your expanded field.
But each time you do the connection, it expands you more and more and more, and your capacity to love, to create, to do, to be, to connect, more and more and more, until there is no memory, no experience, of separation. It was an illusion. It is a false grid. And it has been the shackles. But it is not real. So, yes. (9)
So both the building of Nova Earth and our Ascension itself are to be achieved by this coming together of concentric circles of union – first spiritual partnerships, then sacred circles, and finally lightworkers united in project to build Nova Earth. The increasingly-intense baptisms of love will build partnerships at broader and broader levels as lightworkers unite to change the way of life on this planet, to sweep away separative consciousness, and to bring about the planetary shift to unitive consciousness that we know as Ascension.


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by Steve Beckow

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