Friday, November 15, 2013

Heavenletter #4738: Oneness of Good Fortune ...BRILLIANT!

Thank you Heaven Letter!

Cornucopeia 2839

God said:
I have many beautiful gifts for you. They are in the wings, and they are addressed to you. Much good fortune is awaiting you.
Come pick up your good fortune. Good fortune is yours. It is meant for you. I want you to have it.
Have a peek.
It is not possible for one person alone to have good fortune. Whatever good fortune you receive, everyone receives the benefit of yours. Whatever raises the spirits on one coast is also received on every other coast. There is Oneness, and there is Oneness of Good Fortune. Whatever benefits one, benefits all.
Whatever pulls one down, pulls all down. Whether you know it or not, this is the case. Water rises. The world cannot be selfish. All is shared.
Keep your spirits high, if not for yourself, for the world at-large.
One who wakes up, wakes up others.
One yawn travels.
Like it or not, there is no living for yourself and yourself alone. Whether you like it or not, you share your wealth.
You live in a land of plenty. You are the one I count on to raise the consciousness of the world.
Everything is a miracle, and nothing is a miracle. All is amazing, yet nothing is amazing. Miracles are natural events. There is not one moment of life that is not a miracle. Every breath is a miracle. You are a miracle.
Poverty in the world comes from poverty of spirit. Don’t blame those who are poor. Those who are wealthy may be poor in spirit. One who is poor may be wealthy in spirit. You don’t have everything figured out. I might go so far as to say that you have nothing figured out. Better to know nothing than to think you know it all.
In Truth, everything is known.
How contrary is life in the world. All is known, and nothing is known. All is in plain sight, and nothing is as it seems, least of all you.
You would like to be enlightened, and yet you may not want to open your eyes. You want to stay the same. You want change, yet you do not want to change. You want to hold on to your opinions. You like them, yet your opinions aren’t worth much except to you.
Life, in which all things are possible, you are sometimes impossible. Staying in the same place is an impossibility, yet you hold tight, refusing to let go. However, the life force is stronger than your will, and grow you will. Let go, you will, even as you hold on. Try as you may, you hold on to nothing for long.

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