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The Nature and Impact of Continuing Energetic Downloads Part 1, 2

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energyWhen I had a reading with Sue Lie’s Arcturians on Nov. 8, 2013, they said:
“As you have felt, the energies of your months of October were very intense. They will only intensify as you move though the remainder of your ‘time.’ …
“Hence our leaders are having to totally hone this mastery of energy NOW.” (1)
Archangel Michael also predicted that:
“As you have discovered, as you have been filled with the higher frequencies, with the endless downloads, it is not a matter of a download here, a download there, a frequency adjustment and attunement.
“You have been penetrated 24/7 for years, and it is only increasing. It is only going to continue to increase. The clarity gift is one of many. So yes, get ready.” (2)
From Blossom’s sources we’ve been hearing much of “the Event.” However, on Nov. 13, 2013, the Divine Mother reminded us is not simply one occurrence.
“The event is not simply a singular moment. And you already have been experiencing these waves. And what I suggest to thee, all of you, is as you experience these waves, return to them, bring them back, call them forth again and again and again. You will feel in and out of body, and there is nothing to fear about that. It is the process of becoming.
“So the event as you are referring to it is the wave of love that is sweeping the planet.
“You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (3)
The Pleiadian, Electra Ossara, speaking through Natalie Glasson, tell us that the recent downloads are affecting the way we work and process energy and information.
“Many of your energetic systems and bodies are moving through major transitions in the way that they work and process energy, wisdom and the reality you are now experiencing. Each of your systems is preparing to embody, hold and allow a greater flow of light within your being.
“Each time your energetic systems and bodies prepare for a new light surge, this attracts a light surge of a quicker vibration and heightened awareness to you which in turn creates a reaction of a new process of preparation. It is a continuous process where your energetic systems and bodies are constantly recalculating and recalibrating in order to become truly aligned and grounded into the new era of love that has manifested upon the Earth.” (4)
For many, life will seem like a struggle. But we are not being beaten down, Aisha North’s sources say; we are being lifted up.
“As you have perhaps already ascertained, this quickening comes in many shapes and forms, and for some of you, it has been almost overpowering at times. Again, we hasten to remind you all that even if you at times may feel like you are down on your knees, unable to even think about getting up again, you are not being driven further down by these energetic shifts that keep battering you ceaselessly.
“No, you are simply being elevated further in vibration with every single blast of these energetic missiles, but still, it might not be as easy to remind yourself of this selfsame truth. For many will be struggling with themselves now, and so, it can be hard not to look into the seeming abyss in front of you and think that you are heading ever deeper into it. But this is not an abyss dear ones, no matter how deep you find yourself sinking as these energies keep swatting you around the ears.
“For what will seem as an endless quest for retaining your balance, is simply a sure sign of energetic upgrading, and as such, the elevator is indeed going up all the time, even when you feel the surge in your stomach that seems to signal you are in a free fall ever downward.” (5)
Wes Annac’s sources tell us that “upon evolving you’ll find your desire to serve increase dramatically.” (6)
Aisha’s sources agree.
“Through this process, so many new connections were secured and opened, and now, the light will have a much easier time reaching the targets, and so, it will be able to deliver much larger quantities of information directly into you all in ways that will enable you to fulfill your quotas much faster. …
“You are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet, and each and every one of you will serve in one specific area, where you will be asked to perform according to your abilities and previously agreed upon plan.
“And now, as this last download was so successful, we will crank up the tempo of it all once again.” (7)
Thus a wave of energetic downloads and upgrades is hitting us initiating far-reaching changes, causing us to lose balance, and quickening our desire to be about our missions and serve.


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by Steve Beckow

The Nature and Impact of Recent Energetic Downloads – Part 2/2

DNAArchangel Michael through Celia Fenn said that light codes were being sent us that have started change in us at all levels.
“But, even beyond the natural laws of Growth and Change on Earth, there are also Changes taking places at a very deep level of Consciousness and of Creation. The New Light Codes that enter through the Stargate portals accelerate and activate energies at the atomic and subatomic levels, that we would call the ‘God Particles.’
“These nano particles are the Divine Cosmic Intelligence as it manifests into Physical Reality. As these particles evolve and change, so they initiate Change at all levels of Creation.
“So, Beloved Ones, we would say that Change is occuring first at a very deep level in the Fabric of Creation and in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth. But, you will also feel this Change in your Physical Bodies and in your Collective Experience as Communities.” (1)
The Pleiades High Council speaking through Anna Merkaba explained the impact of these energies on our bodies.
“All of this is occurring on your subatomical level, and thus your consciousness is not aware of the various communications between your cells and the cosmic rays from the Central Sun that passes through the seven heavens of the Pleiades and arrives in your own sun and then delivered to you through the rays of the sun and offshoots of the moon.” (2)
Wes Annac’s sources tell us that the energies are opening our chakras.
“Rivers of energy are pouring into your opening and expanding chakras at this time.
“Feel the whooshing and rushing of this energy as it comes through your chakras and helps you adjust to purer states of consciousness, and remember that we’re always and forever with you, offering guidance, advice or a shoulder to cry on when you require it.” (3)
The waves of energy are also awakening dormant layers with our DNA code, they tell us, Anna Merkaba’s sources tell us.
“And so when such cellular conversation is taking place, your consciousness is not aware, but is only aware of the emotional component that comes with these waves of energies.
“For the waves upon wave of fresh new information which carries within it the vibration of truth that your body is simply not accustomed to is activating the dormant layers within your DNA code. Thereby increasing the activity of cells that have not been active for EONS!
“These are the cells within your DNA structure and chromosome structure that were responsible in times past for your direct connection to the divine, for your direct connection to the source and the memory of all that was, is and will be.” (4)
During this process, they caution us, we can experience fear and be somewhat jittery and volatile.
“And so the cellular structure of your energetic portals, and the energy field around you are acting as magnets, repelling each other. Until such moment when both will stabilize and the truth will finally be delivered to your consciousness, you will experience fear.
“This whole process is what is causing you to feel fear, for a new way of life, a new understanding of the cosmic laws of creation and existence are being introduced into your systems. New ways which are replacing the old ways, and your body is naturally resisting to this change, for it knows not what is to come, and is holding on to the only thing that it knows and that is 3D consciousness. And as this process is happening in your body it is causing you feel jittery, insecure with no knowledge of where you stand, for truly you are not grounded as this occurs.
“This is what is meant when we say to you that you are receiving another DNA upgrade. And we are noticing that to many of you this process appears as something of a volatile nature, for you are experiencing much discomfort, nevertheless please understand that such discomfort is indeed necessary for your bodies to restructure themselves into new modes of “transportation” if you will.” (5)
We may feel slightly off-balance and have difficulty navigating, Aisaha’s sources said. But nothing is amiss.
“And so, many of you will feel slightly off balance after such a huge surge of energy coursing through your being. For these storms always throw up so much in their wake, it can feel a little bit difficult to navigate through it all during the first few days afterwards.
“So remember this, that even if you do feel slightly out of sorts these days, there is nothing amiss, you are simply in the midst of adjusting to these new levels of vibration that came embedded within these energetic particles that showered you all so generously only a few hours ago. (6)
The awakening cells push out all untruth.
“The cellular memory is reactivated, and is replenished with information that serves the purpose of your cells to awaken, and to communicate with the rest of your body. This activation forces your cells to push out all the ‘untruth’ that you have learnt throughout your present incarnation and the incarnations of those that came before you and whose DNA memory you carry within your human vehicles.” (7)
The master Hilarion reminds us that each soul is being filled with love from the higher dimensions and beginning to demand change.
“The world teems with newness amidst the crumbling ashes of the old. Every living being and consciousness is being blessed with healing and renewing energies that come from the cosmos. Along the path of each soul, miracles are abounding! Everywhere one looks there is evidence of the higher realms being felt and in many cases, being seen.
“The greatest miracles are taking place within each soul as they are being filled with the spirit of love from the higher dimensions. Each soul is beginning to express their higher version of themselves and this is having a wondrous effect upon the whole planet. Humanity as a whole is realizing the power for positive change that they carry and are utilizing and mobilizing into positive works that benefit the higher good of all.
“Many brave souls are standing up to speak their truth and make their claim for that which is rightfully theirs. Throughout the world, those who have been oppressed are rising up and finding their voice. They are demanding change that includes the return of their sovereignty upon their lands and in their daily lives. They are peacefully and through the current legal systems asserting their right to live in peace without threat of violence, abuse or exploitation.” (8)
These energy downloads and upgrades are awakening us on all levels, opening our chakras and causing our dormant DNA to stir. They’re causing us to find our voices, reject untruth, and demand change.


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by Steve Beckow

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