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Office of Poofness: November 11, 2013

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!

poof 1Stephen Cook/ Golden Age Gaia: This message is basically an RV update and while the deadline ZAP has given below for the RV has come and gone – no matter where we live – things are still looking very good from many angles in relation to the RV. But remember, for those who are involved, it hasn’t happened until it has happened.
The original message also contained an answer ZAP gave to an email question that simply does not make sense in light of the fact that ANY currency revaluation would be global. So, to avoid any confusion and possible misinformation, I’ve simply edited that section out. No point causing alarm. As usual, the intro comes from Susan…
Greetings and Salutations,
The theme this week that I’m seeing is about accountability and cooperation and coming in from the cold. If you have been in isolation for a while, are you feeling the desire to meet up with like-minded/hearted others Awakening and coming out of seclusion, too? Are you tired of going it alone? It’s like the "splitting of the worlds" Poof often mentioned. It’s saying enough to war and competition and lack and limitation and fear.
Like the Buddha who sat under the Bodhi tree, declaring he wouldn’t budge until he attained enlightenment…are you feeling your inner Buddha; doing that with the conditions in the world in which you no longer want to participate? What’s different this time is that the energetics are supporting this upliftment. It’s saying, “I won’t be a slave anymore. I won’t give away my power to others whom I have been conditioned to hold above myself. And I’m not afraid of you anymore.”
We’ve all been, more or less, conditioned to be this way. This is why change must start within each of us. You don’t need to march in the streets or call undue attention to yourself. Sitting in the quiet and privacy of your own home accomplishes the same thing. Live your knowing. If you work in a place that has been part of the waning energies, then you are in the perfect position to carry out your part by bringing that stable, centered energy to these places which have been things in place. You are shaking the foundations that are leading to the inevitable loss of power, break-up, disappearing of the constrictive structures that are way past their due dates. Another Poof truism.
Wishing you all a magical day as we walk through this 11:11 portal.
Poof said,
Chaotic thought-balls of slime are being thrown out to humanity to be used for Malice Purpose.
Look around you, have you noticed people in your life, family, friends, co-workers, Government’s which you swear are running around with a whirlwind spinning above there heads? That folks, is the slime’s negative effects in Full Regaliary
The word for today is “transformation.”
No one can avoid the “slime”—but everyone has the opportunity to transform the slime into a positive change for the World.
“Now Is The Time. You Get To Choose Your New Realities.” A new reality not of whirlwinds of chaos above your head but to chart a path to improving the world beginning with your own vision.

Here’s ZAP:
Hi all
Holy stardust, there are purple pigs in the sky! And the banks are running out of money, they say.
It is true. Certain banks that have been doing the redemptions of the historic assets have run out of money to pay for them. However, that is a small issue, as the elders are coming back to top-off the accounts. The reason is that some countries waited until the last minute and flooded the buyer with tons of bonds out of nowhere. But no big deal. Only a week’s delay for that, so it does not affect any other timings, thank god.
The dinar is ready to go as well. Yes, it is about that time now, and all is in readiness from the top down. I expect the announcement today, actually, so we will see if the screens come alive. No reason not to see them, otherwise, now, as the servicemen in Iraq called their wives and friends all excited that the RV was done in Iraq. Putin booted the m guy to do a second speech announcing this after he failed to do it in the first speech. Way to go, Putin! He is truly behind the effort to give humanity a helping hand. Surprised? Don’t be. He has been working to clean up his country and to help the others get on the ball. Huge effort on his part. Same with the Chinese elders who are behind this effort to help the USA be the strong and shining beacon it is supposed to be.
The global gold settlements are just about to be announced, and that will wrap it up so the new system can be activated. Yay team! Our work is about done at the moment, and the real work ahead is about to start. Yes, i am talking about the reconstruction projects. Finally we are ready for that one. I thought we would already be there, so the message went out a couple of months ago – and the response was wonderful – and then it stalled because of the pesky delays we have experienced. But, no matter; it is happening now. And, shortly, we will be answering everybody and giving them a heads-up.
Many questions this week, and much frustration in these end-times.
Q: We are hearing so much information about the RV, but nothing really about our Program. Your e-mails on Sunday are the only ones I know of to look for any kind of information. The RV seems to drag on and on, but no one is talking about the Prosperity Packages, particularly Omega. Since SOME people have exchanged, are there also SOME people who have received their prosperity packages? Does anyone really know when ours should be coming? (Particularly West Coast?) Thank you, PH
A: Yes, some have exchanged dinar in the groups, and that is good. That is the precursor to the RV. With respect to the programs, yes, they are about to kick in as well; and it will not be long now, that is for sure. The packages are ready, and have been for a long time. And the trades behind have piled on top of themselves, so the amounts ready for distribution are quite massive. I anticipate the program funds to be starting to be distributed maybe – i say maybe – by Christmas. If not, then middle of January is the other timing for that to begin after the bulk of the bankers get back from holidays. Be patient; they are coming.
Q: There has been much talk in these newsletters, but I see little ever happening in this country or world, on the positive side at least. I feel like that is all I’m going to hear for months yet to come. Talk is cheap and easy to give. How many more months are we going to be listening to this droning? This is very disheartening. More times than not, I have negative thoughts about all of this and have progressively come to believe that this talk is all a cover and a massive delaying tactic, much like our politicians who won’t be honest about reality. – D
A: You should get out more D. There have been many, many positive changes evident, and not so evident, that have happened. Just look deeper. If you are disheartened by the constant droning, get out a bit and start making noises of your own. Write the politicians. Set up a lemonade stand. Stand on a soap box and convince passers-by you are not to be taken away by men in white coats (that will be an eye-opener). Give out a few bucks to the panhandler. Pet a monkey (i want a video of that one!). Or do anything but grumble at the seeming lack of progress. Now, I sympathize with you to a great extent that we do not see very much positive stuff happening, but do believe me as I am directly tuned to the inside events; and all I can say is ‘wow’ with wonder and gratefulness at the monumental efforts by so many, and the concrete results we are about to experience. Remember, that all is perfect anyways, and God’s timing is not ours. We can wish and pray for it, but all good things take time to cook, and you do not want to eat soup that is half-cooked. You will get the runs most of the time and be sequestered in a bathroom for a while. Again, be patient; it is all coming together.
[Removed question and answer...]
Q: Susan, first of all let me say that I wish you a full recovery and a long life. Secondly, I enjoyed my hundreds of email exchanges with Poof since 2000. I learned a lot. I have been involved in this ‘fiasco’ for 20 years now. I got involved because of several conversations with MK. I put exactly 101 people in this…paying the way for many who couldn’t afford it. About 20 people put in $3,000 to $40,000. I’ve lost over $200,000. I have also watched 27 of my friends and family die waiting for this to happen including both of my parents. Out of those left maybe 5 or 6 still have any interest. Very little interest. No one even calls or talks about it anymore. Originally, we all signed up through various people, using different program names, for a piece of the Wanta funds. All of those funds were stolen. And then they weren’t stolen. And then they were stolen. No one knows what to believe. If the Wanta funds were stolen, then we shouldn’t ever expect to see a dime and our lives as slaves will continue to our graves.
A: they were stolen. And returned. And the bad guys found out the Wanta funds were inviolate. They are only a small part of the whole picture, though. The reality is that these programs were to take effect many years ago and released. They were blocked by the cabal because, if not, then the cabal would have instantly lost their power and been forced to change. They managed to continue in power until now. The money that was taken away from them proved the power of the real powers that be. They folded. So now the Wanta funds can get on with what they are supposed to do. Again, patience works despite the terrible waste of time, and the deaths of those who waited.
Q: Now we have this ridiculous story about the RV of the dinar. Those in the programs don’t have any dinars so this has nothing to do with us. Should we have purchased some dinars? I don’t think it makes any difference because there is absolutely no evidence that any such thing is happening. NONE.
A: Whoop. I strongly disagree here. Much is happening, has happened, and will happen. I know. I am involved right now in an exchange, and know details of others. Quite real.
Q: I know, you can see it every day, that the bad guys are running this country into the ground. They aren’t afraid of anyone or anything. Obama, the socialist, will back them up and their every move. They aren’t scurrying. They are counting our money.
A: Crap. They have learned that they cannot screw humanity and get away with it. Many have lost their lives; others their money. All their confidence in the cabal to protect them and their status [has crumbled].
Q: To close out, I was middle-aged when this started. I’m a senior citizen nearing my demise, like nearly everyone else in Omega. I need some peace in my declining years. I want to forget about this, as it will never happen for me or anyone I put in it. I will not be forwarding any more updates, so please remove my email address from your mailings. They need peace as well. They need to know that the pipe-dream is over. Thank you.
A: Sadly, I do understand this state of mind. However, we are in the last mile and this coming week will see the first visible and tangible changes taking place. Today is 11/11. This is a markedly special day for all of us. Not only is it our time to honor those who have fallen for us, but also it is the singular time for the consummation of a contract according to tradition of the Chinese family. They, and upstairs, love their numbers. When this is done, stay in touch. We may be able to give you and the others a bit of a helping hand. And never ever lose hope. You are as precious as anybody is, and I would not appreciate seeing you go out like this. Please.
Q: Hi Zap, interesting about the technologies to clean up the mess of chemtrails. Does this include soil for agriculture and forestry? I am working in this area for about 500,000 farmers and over a million has in over 10 different countries. Would be nice to hear more about this technology. Would you be interested to share? Cheers.
A: Yes, very much so. We have the technology, and we will put it out. It is our collective responsibility to clean up this blue ball of ours regardless of the mess and who did it. Actually, making some special people go and pick up all the depleted uranium bullets by hand is not a bad start. Wonder what they would use to pick up all the nanotech that was sprayed on us. Microscopes don’t work too good either. Microfiber handi-wipes? A really, really thin ice pick? LOL. I can just picture that.
Q: Hi Susan and Zap, Susan, I am praying for your complete recovery. Thank you for all that you have been doing to keep the light shining and you, too, Zap. Could you or Zap answer this question: What is the time lag between the events of the GCR and RV and our receiving our packages? Can you please answer in the newsletter, too, as I am sure everyone would love to have some idea. Does it happen right on the heels of the RV/GCR? I look forward to your answer, if you know and can share that detail.  Thank you so much. Hugs, S
A: Sure. Asset redemptions (are) happening now, after many months of confusion. RV any day now, and probability approaches 1. That it will be in the next day or so. Package receipt within a week or 2. At most, in best case. Possibly, as late as just before Christmas. But, probably a tad earlier, as you do not want to disrupt things so close to holiday time. Or the middle of January. That is my best guesstimate. As I said, the main downloads are happening now, and will take place right after the final big meeting by the councils and elders. We are weeks/days away, not years/months.
As I said, I have seen the pigs in the sky, and it is good. Flying bacon is not an everyday occurrence.
In closing, all of you who have submitted project ideas, plans, summaries, be ready. We intend to begin the formal process of engagement shortly. We know the funds are en-route for this effort, and we are working like mad to get the system finished off (so) that (it) will provide for intake, processing and funds disbursement for the first run of projects. I anticipate this to happen for us within the next 20 to 30 days now, and before Christmas.
So, be well, God Bless and keep you, and know that we are dearly loved, every one of us.
We have won. And the kids will smile…. Our payment for our efforts.
In love and light in our service
Thank you, for all the healing energy, it has truly assisted in my continual healing process. Hugs, Susan
Love and Kisses,
Susan and Staff
“Office of Poofness”

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