Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Do Not Downplay or Underestimate the Power of your Loving Intent by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!

Jesus postingHumanity is awakening, the signs of this marvelous advance in your spiritual evolution are to be clearly seen wherever you choose to cast your glance. Be aware of the suffering that many are undergoing, but focus your intent on sending Love, healing, and compassion to them rather than joining sympathetically in their misery and fear.
They need a lot of help and there are many people and organizations doing their utmost to provide it, but those of you far removed from the physical scene of these ongoing trials and crises can assist enormously just by intending to send Love to those in need.
You are spiritual Beings and as such you have the power to send healing, loving, and compassionate energy to whomsoever you choose. Focus on those areas of the world where you think that energy is most needed and intend to send it to those who are suffering and in need there, and your Father will mightily honor that intent, enormously amplifying the power of your individual intents.
You know that all sentient life is One with God, the Source of all existence, all consciousness, therefore you also know that your intent to send appropriate energy to those in need is extremely effective, because what the One intends all intend and then experience. If you are not physically present where disasters have struck, then know that you are not meant to be there, that that is not your path, and that your path is to assist by sending energy from afar.
In your three dimensional, physical, illusory world there are many forms of energy, and each one of you have unlimited access to at least one of them – Love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, material, monetary, to name just a few – so intend to freely share the one that is your strength and your talent or competency with those in need, and I assure you that the effects of that loving intent will be most useful and usable.
Do not downplay or underestimate the power of your loving intent, because no matter how far you are physically from the area in which help is needed the astonishingly powerful effects of your intent to send the necessary energy to those places will be instantly received and appreciated. It is because of this explosion in loving intents by so many of you that so much has been achieved by you on Earth in recent years.
Everyone on Earth has a divine purpose, and if yours is not immediately apparent to you, even if it never becomes apparent to you, that purpose is active at all times. By focusing on it and intending for it to be divinely directed you mightily strengthen its effects, but even if you do not, because you set the intent before you incarnated for this particular life time, that intent continues to express itself through you for the good of all.
You are Beings created in Love from Love, the divine energy field in which all that exists rests eternally, and therefore you are always fulfilling your part in the ongoing task of healing humanity. By intending to be aware of the life purpose you came on Earth to fulfill while living your human lives, even though it seems that you are unaware you are, nevertheless, carrying it out.
You made a commitment, before you incarnated for this Earth lifetime, to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and nothing can prevent you from assisting as intended. However, if you can become aware of this commitment while living a human life within the illusion, under a bombardment of illusory distractions, you will carry out that commitment far more effectively and powerfully.
Daily, when you enter your quiet inner space to commune with the guides, mentors, angels, and saints that you have chosen to have as your associates and assistants during this Earth life, remind yourselves that you are the “boots on the ground,” the primary resources that have entered the Earth plane at this most auspicious time in its evolution to bring the divine plan for humanity to fruition.
You are constantly being provided with everything you need to carry out the divine tasks that you incarnated to perform, so do not allow the distractions of this illusory environment to persuade you otherwise. God in His infinite Wisdom chose each one of you specifically for the tasks on which you have embarked, and if He chose you to carry them out, then there is no one more qualified to do so.
Do not allow a sense of false humility to persuade you that your efforts to assist others by your prayers alone are not very effective. They are effective, very effective, and the sense of humility that suggests otherwise is just another of the illusory distractions that attempt to break your focus from the task at hand, so that your effectiveness may be substantially reduced.
Do not be misled by these false senses, or other similar ones, that would persuade you that you are not good enough, not effective enough, and that you should get out of the way so that others, who may appear to you to be far more capable and effective, can replace you. No one can ever replace you, because you were placed in position, in this precise position, by God your loving Father Who understands you perfectly, and Who placed you, and no one else, precisely where you could be most effective.
Accept life as it flows through you and by you, and remind yourselves that you are, at all times, divinely guided, and that any apparent inadequate aspects of yourselves were taken fully into account when your life path was planned for you with your full knowledge and agreement. You are at all times precisely where God and you intend. Relax into the truth of that, and enjoy your journey.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallman2. Wordpress.com

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