Friday, September 16, 2011

God Gave You Free Will, And So It Is:Please Do Not Stop and Remain Stuck In the Illusion, Go Ahead Self Confidently and Trusting In God's Arrangement

"If you get your very Soul into too much Negativity and Troubles, you will make your Path to Ascend into the Heavenly Spheres harder by CHOICE. I cannot force you, nor can I force LOVE onto you. You must WANT AND WISH FOR IT."

Thank you Archangel Michael and Susan!

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Archangel Michael about Planet Earth

Dear beloved Souls on Planet Earth

I AM Archangel Michael 777, and I come to you today through my beloved Channel, to assure you, that everything is going according to Plan, even if it might sometimes seem frustrating and uncertain for some of you.

Planet Earth is going through intense Changes, and every Moment, the Energy is intensifying more and more, the Light coming from Heaven is getting stronger and brighter in the Blink of an Eye.

I would like to address a very important Issue: The global Economy.

For a very long time you have been thaught, that Money is Power and Security. Most of you, still rely on it, and feel like they have no Ground to stand on whenever financial "problems" unfold in your Life, or you loose your Job.

Have you ever considered, that sometimes, you must loose something which no longer serves your Soul's highest Good, to be able to find a new Door to enter into your Future?

Today's Economy is to say it gently, very sick. It needs a lot of Healing, and we are here to assist you during this important Life Changes.

You hear a lot about the so-called "powerful and rich". This is all an illusion, a lie, they have built, which in many ways equals rebellion against God. Powerful and rich, is GOD. Powerful and rich, are YOU, when you trust in God, and the richness and Power of your Soul.

When you find Love inside your Heart, and remain in this wonderful Energy, YOU ARE POWERFUL. What determines if you are rich, is how much you have inside YOUR SOUL. Not deceptive Papers made out of Tree Leafs, or even worse, imaginary Money they trade with today, which they do not even HAVE.

Do you want to know, how some of these People get to the "top" of the Economy?

They spy, they steal and they lie. They tell you, that you are doing something "wrong", because you are not like them, when in fact, behind closed Doors the Truth lies somewhere else.

What will be important in the coming Months ahead, is that you understand, that the only Way to keep up the Economy is to introduce a SPIRITUAL ECONOMY, based on the Laws of God, not Man.

For example, Money should never be made on the Costs of other's Tears, nor should Economic Systems benefit few, and leave out many. This is imbalance, and SPIRITUAL ECONOMY, means to balance GIVING AND TAKING. What you do, coming out of your pure Heart's Desire to do GOOD for others, makes YOU RICH automatically.

The Truth is, that even if Money was "invented" seemingly by Humans, it still is under God's Control.

Try to always remember this and disconnect from Illusion and Fear, don't listen to what they might say in the further Collapse of the "dirty" Money Systems!

Now, another Point I would like to address is the relationships of Souls on Earth, and in Heaven.

Separation is Fear, Unity is GOD. Meaning, to connect to each other connects you to God, more and more intense. God created all of you, all Races and different Cultures came from God's Will. And so, it is only an Appreciation actually of GOD himself, when you LOVE EVERYONE, no matter what Skin Color or Gender or Age.

All this is an Illusion, to give you a Ground, a School for Learning how to see the Truth of God's variety. It is a Preview for what is coming ahead, where many next advanced Life Forms are waiting for you, and this type of variety expands even more. In order to ascend into new Dimensions, it is crucial for you to learn how to LOVE, unconditionally.

If you fall for the Illusion, you will have to go back, as many Times as needed, to understand the Lesson. And at some point, just like in a Race, it might get harder and harder for you to follow the others ahead. Life always moves, it never stops. Please do not stop and remain stuck in the Illusion, go ahead self confidently and trusting in God's arrangement of the Universe and Life itself, eternal Life.

You might ask yourself now, why would Archangel Michael say such things?

Remember, FREE WILL is where the Trick lies. You can DECIDE to move ahead, or decide to stay standing on the same Spot. God gave you free Will, and so it is.

Like your physical Life itself, you have many Situations where you can grow and make something out of yourself, or you can become passive and "live in the past". Some Stories you have heard and seen, where People get into so much Trouble, it seems impossible to get out again. Right?

Now, apply this same Logic to eternal Life. If you get your very Soul into too much Negativity and Troubles, you will make your Path to Ascend into the Heavenly Spheres harder by CHOICE. I cannot force you, nor can I force LOVE onto you. You must WANT AND WISH FOR IT.

Whenever you need assistance, or someone to listen to you, I am here and you can lean on my very strong Shoulder anytime. Anything is possible, keep that in Mind and in your Heart. And God is famous for Miracles, so no matter how deep you feel stuck in the Illusions of the World, God and we, his Archangels, your personal Guardian Angels and all the Heavens, see you and feel you all of your Time, and we are glad to be called into ANY SITUATION.

Cry if you have to, let all the Pain and Questions go, and let LOVE GUIDE YOU. If you are one of these "rich and powerful" People reading this, I have a Message for you:

It is never "too late" to let LOVE into your Heart. Nothing makes God and us Angels, prouder, than to see one of YOU change Path and experience emotional Enlightenment. You too are LOVED, and if God can forgive you, YOU CAN FORGIVE YOURSELF. Ask for me, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, to come and cut all Fear and Greed and and Negativity from your Soul, all the Pain which led you to become something you can't love in your Mirror, and I will be very happy to come help you with your Healing and Cleansing. I mean it. Do it, now, reach out for me and you will be surprised at how much Beauty you have INSIDE OF YOU. Your Soul is all that matters and I believe in you.

I believe in all of you, if you are a spiritual Master or not, if you are rich or not, if you are young or old in your physical Body, I AM HERE FOR YOU.


With much Love,
Channeler: Susan Elsa

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