Monday, September 26, 2011

Many Choices Are Available & ALL Supported Energetically: How Powerful Do You Want To Be? How Much Joy Can You Embody? Do You Want To Live 'In Love'?

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer for this poignant message of empowerment!

And so it is.
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Uriel's Message: The You Within is the You Without

The physical presence you embody was planned according to your soul's healing path for this lifetime. Every detail, from the sub-atomic to the most specific details of your physical appearance represents your soul agreement for healing in this lifetime. Each step of your path was also planned, including knowledge of the many different potentials a lifetime, from the choice to embody no learning to achieving the highest levels of mastery and beyond, were also included in this plan. This is the you within, which becomes the reality you know as the 'you' in the material world.

In every moment you are accessing every detail of this life plan to create your reality. There are no possibilities that have not been planned for, there are no situations, relationships or encounters that do not have a specific connection to your soul's plan for healing, learning, transformation and ascension. The many different paths available to you all represent an aspect of living that you can embrace or reject and all are perfect.

What you know as your reality is a shifting paradigm, representing your choice of which of the 'you within' potentials you have selected. When fear is present in your emotional body, you choose those aspects which reflect and respond to your fear. When powerlessness is present, which is a result of your fears, you choose the aspects which do not empower your life and living. But when our divinity is chosen, the path becomes a limitless flow of abundance that resonates at the highest levels of your energetic being.

As you consider your next steps, remember the answer lies in the 'you within.' Which of its aspects do you want to embody? There are many choices available and all are supported energetically. How powerful do you want to be? How much joy can you embody? Do you want to live 'in love'? Choose those things and the corresponding 'you without' will reflect those results. Be mindful your outer reality cannot be greater than the 'you within' and all you need to create the powerful, joyful, abundant and fulfilling life you desire has been created within the potential embodied in your highest energetic vibrations. And all are available to you when you choose from within to create your life.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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