Friday, September 30, 2011

Millions of Souls Have Requested to Be On Earth During These Extraordinary Times:Take a Moment &Feel How Deeply Honored To Be Part of This Great Shift

Thank You St Germain, Lady Portia, Kamala and Sharon for this most inspiring channeling!

And so it is.
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Co-Creating a New Golden Age, Part I ~~September, 2011
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Souls are now awakening to their true purpose in tremendous numbers during these extraordinary times of change. And instead of getting caught up in fear of the personal and planetary changes and predictions, more and more of you are simply moving right through them with your spiritual eye focused on how things could be done differently now and in the days ahead. We applaud each and every one of you for being the pioneers of your new Golden Age.

Masters St. Germain and Lady Portia:
As the great Love and Light of Source keeps expanding your own Divine Blueprint in these magnificent times, many of you are choosing to love free your past and the fears you may have had about the future--or your future. Your own God Presence is inviting you to return to your sovereignty and to truly walk in your mastery. This means that the authority of your being will no longer be coming from your limited thinking minds, yet rather from the unlimited consciousness of your heart in its original Divine encoding from Source.

Your world is transforming out of its density as surely as you are moving out of yours. This is happening as more and more of you realize yourselves to be inseparable facets of God. As you release the duality programming that has long been woven into your lives, your mind will be free to think new thoughts and your feeling nature will be open to the ecstasy of the Divine as you simply go about living your daily lives.

As the feminine energies of the Creator come forth to balance out the male forces of authority that have been such a dominate force in your previous cycle, you are all being offered the glorious opportunity of co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom. The feminine energies allow you to live as heart-centered beings. These energies are within every soul regardless of their gender. The Spiritual Heart you are being invited to live from in your new Golden Age is the One Heart shared by all. Sharing in the One Heart does not mean that you will suddenly disappear into oblivion. What may disappear are the limited parts of your ego that are no longer serving your true purpose in being on Earth. When you live from the One Heart, you see every person as a part of the same Source, the same Love and the same Light that created everyone and everything you see around, within and above your world. Your heart is your key to being at home within yourself and within the Great Self that you do indeed share with all of life.

As you begin expressing your passion for living on Earth in equality, your unique gifts will be seen and appreciated. Your soul never needs to be compromised or seen as less than someone else, as there is no other being exactly like you.

Millions of souls have requested to be on Earth during these extraordinary times, so take a moment to feel how deeply honored you are to be a part of this Great Shift of the Ages. Just by being here, you are automatically invited to be part of co-creating the new Golden Age. Every person has a soul contract, yet not everyone is aware of what is in their contract or why they are here. This is rapidly changing and it is truly divine for us to see how many of you are becoming increasingly aware of your purpose as the old duality cycle comes to an end.

A totally new era is being born. That new cycle or era is a Golden Age. After 2012, spiritual progress in every sector of your personal and collective life will become noticeably easier. You will realize that the enlightenment and guidance we have been offering humanity over many thousands of years has always been part of your own deep knowing and we have simply been stimulating your own remembrance. We will continue to be with you as you move through your ascension and into the freedom of the 5th dimension. And we invite you to take an active part in the conscious creation of your new Golden Age. You do make a difference—of that you can be assured!

Through Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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