Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Moment Where the Veil Thins and You Become At Peace, At Oneness w/the Cosmos: Your Divine Sacred Union As Human & Spirit Will Come Together As ONE

I thank you Brad and the Divine for this snippet of information!
*** gavin

The 11-11-11 Gateway

Can you speak on the purpose of the upcoming 11-11-11 date? There is much talk of it being an enormous cosmic gateway opening and the firing of DNA encoded filaments that will greatly accelerate this further. Can you touch on this?

We would be happy to. What you understand as your 11-11-11 cosmic gateway is simply what you would know as an acceleration of divine cosmic energies that are interacting at a threshold given at the precise synchronous timeframe that corresponds with this date on your linear calendars. Upon crossing the threshold within your synchronous form of time ratio, your own personal veil, shall we say as well as the veil amongst the collective consciousness, will reach a point of deterioration to where it will become more ‘transparent’ rather than foggier in a manner of speaking.

You will experience a form of timelessness. You will experience what you know as a supernatural form that will become very natural to you throughout the shifting of these energies upon your world. You will move into a higher spectrum of understanding as the deliverance of this acceleration of crossing the galactic plane will intensify, and all that you know of who you are as human and earth, all dimensions, all patterns, all future, all past ...can be available to those who are open to such knowledge.

This will be the moment to where the Veil thins and you become at peace, at oneness with the cosmos. Your moment of clarity with the divine sacred union as human and spirit will come together as one. The opening of a gateway, the firing of your light encoded filaments igniting your DNA strands, first, second and third. This will come into being. You will have more clarity on where you are going, where humanity is going, where your planet is going …it will reconnect you to the essence of your own spirit itself. This, from our perspective, is what we are happy to share with you to where many of you will experience what has been discussed through this reality in some form that is appropriate for your vibration to comprehend.

We thank you.
Channeler Brad Johnson

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