Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remind Yourselves No Matter What Occurs, You're Always Infinitely Loved By God: It's Your Divine and Inescapable Destiny To Awaken Into Glory

Thank you Christ Jesus and John!
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A Glorious and Triumphant Celebration Will Envelop All Of God’s Creation

We are riding on the crest of a gigantic wave of Love that is sweeping across the planet and enveloping all in its divine energy. The purpose is to fully open the hearts of every human so that each may respond by sharing and extending the love within them with all others. This is happening now, even though many remain in conflict all across the planet. Needless to say, because it is our Father’s Will, our love joined with His will prevail and all hearts will open fully. This wave of Love is so vast that its purpose will be achieved easily and rapidly because the moment for your return to full consciousness, where you are one with us and with our divine Father, is almost upon us. As it arrives, a glorious and triumphant celebration will envelop all of God’s Creation in the brilliant Light of divine Love. Creation is Light and is Love and is where all sentient beings – all of God’s progeny – have their eternal existence.

As you have been told innumerable times, God is all that exists, and therefore all life exists within Him, at one with Him forever. Your apparent experiences to the contrary are entirely illusory, but due to the power He gave you as an eternal gift, which was given in infinite Love, you were able to construct an imaginary environment with ephemeral, dream-like qualities which – as you experience them – seem to you to be absolutely real. However, they are not . . . and deep within yourselves you do know this. But that knowledge remains below the level of your conscious awareness while you play your games of an unloving nature and cling tenaciously to attitudes that separate you into disagreeable and competitive groups seeking power and mastery over one other.

These attitudes have been prevalent among you for eons, and you have become so accustomed to them that they seem quite normal. For you to awaken into full consciousness you have to let them go. They are part of the illusion, and to hold on to them is to hold on to the illusion, which is not what you want. As individuals you have the egoic aim to be right, perfectly right, and you see others as anywhere from almost as right as you to totally and unconscionably wrong. You are constantly judging, blaming, and condemning others – frequently, as you see it, for their own good – to confirm your own rightness, and it is this that drives the vicious illusory belief that you are separate from one another. But this is impossible because everything that you think, say, or do affects everyone else without exception – because you are all one with God and with one another.

In the illusion, you each seem to have your own individual energy fields, and because of your conflicting beliefs and attitudes they are constantly interfering with each other and causing disturbances that are unsettling and threatening. Many of you have at times experienced personal relationships that were very harmonious and that consequently felt very safe, very peaceful, very creative, and very loving. But in the illusion, something always occurs that unsettles them, thus reducing the sense of peace and harmony they provided and damaging that sense of trust and safety. And that something is inevitably the need to be right and, in the process, to make the other wrong!

The only way out of this trap, this enslavement in the illusion is to cease judging, to accept whatever occurs in the moment with the lessons that it brings, and to forgive all, especially yourselves – and then revel in the peace your changed attitudes bring you as love fills your hearts in preparation for your awakening. When you embrace acceptance, forgiveness, and love, the signatures of your energy fields change dramatically from disturbed and perhaps riotously stormy to calm and peaceful, and then they act like oil on troubled water as they engage with the energy fields of others, spreading peace and calm.

Recently, many of you have been repairing and upgrading your energy fields by releasing any remaining attitudes that are less than completely loving, and by focusing your intent on being loving in every moment. Obviously this takes lots of practice, and initially you will often fall back into old modes of behavior, particularly when you are tired or feel threatened. Nevertheless, the peace and tranquility you enjoy when you succeed will strengthen your intent, leading to further success. So, as you practice being a loving presence, forgive yourselves for the occasions on which you judge yourselves as having failed. Also, let go of that judgment and recognize it for what it is: an awareness of being in that moment or situation you were not totally loving, and accept it without self-recrimination, as you remind yourselves of your successes and congratulate yourselves for the progress that you are making. And you are making progress, of that I can assure you.

Keep up the great work you are doing to assist in the awakening process. Know every loving thought, word, or deed you engage in has very powerful and far-reaching effects. Remind yourselves no matter what occurs, you are always infinitely loved by God, and it is your divine and inescapable destiny to awaken into the glory of His brilliant Presence.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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